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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still in Desperate Need of Protection

One of the devastating parts of this holocaust are that if we say that we feel sad we are labeled as "depressed". . .and if we say we feel scared or leery or uncomfortable we are labeled as "paranoid." Its all so dysfunctional and damaging that we often have no choice but to hold back and protect ourselves from possible institutionalization or forced drugs/medications that would merely cause more harm. Those of us who have already been completely isolated from our families (especially when our families have been brainwashed against us) must be VERY careful.

FYI: People who are being targeted - stalked, threatened, shot with directed energy weapons and blasted with mind control technologies...etc., ARE naturally going to feel scared, anxious, hurt, angry and even sometimes confused. We are going through a hell that most of you can not even imagine!!! Tacking a false label on us and leaving us to the wolves is NOT healthy for anyone. Please help us instead of judging us. Please.

 If people continue abandoning judging and wrongly labeling Primary "Targeted Individuals," they will continue failing to SEE the TRUTHS and failing to address the REAL issues and. . .ALL of humanity could suffer indescribably. 


I am getting hit with a lot of microwave energy since yesterday. Prior to that there had been a bit of a respite during the days, (for about a week) although it felt like my brain was still being lasered at night. My physical health is staggering lately. I sure wish someone had the heart and ability to stop criminal use of, or shut down, the technologies these criminals are using to inconspicuously harm us. This seems like our only hope right now.

I am still in deep need of financial help so that I can gain some sort of protection from this. I value my life and my mind and prefer to recover from this instead of continuing to be destroyed. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.

 Nobody can ever again say that I have not been helped, because I am "too proud or too independent to ask for help." I've flown past that issue and have been literally begging for the help I now need.

Again, many of  my writings have been either altered or erased. Among the things erased are my reporting of being mailed TWO licenses by the NH DOT and that one was stolen shortly after they arrived. . .and the parts about possible Fire Department involvement in the 2001 fire in my home...and the posts that contained the gang stalker website address, which had accidentally been sent to me...etc. I have tried to keep up with fixing the changes but its like a full time job and I am sure there are things I am missing. (BUT THESE CHANGES SHOW US WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO COVER UP.) I am still being blocked from some of the functions on youtube and fb.

I am also being blocked from the internet most of the time, lately.  
Not much I can do.

   I have recently updated the info on my Technological Holocaust site, but it is being tampered with and sometimes does not load the way it is supposed to (This is the site that had been advertised in the "Public Notice" News Paper I printed). The last time I checked there was still a false link to it, which is what search engines are finding. (They seem to quickly change these sorts of things directly after I publicly bring attention to what they are doing.) My web provider  made a shift with the location of my websites and I do not know if it will be supportive or not. An employee there had told me that the shift was an "unusual" one and he didn't know why it was happening. But there is nothing I can do about this either. The perpetrators of this holocaust seem to have other Targeted Individuals convinced that I am one of them, so I have been being hit from BOTH sides! They are truly heartless masters of deceptive cruelty.

It is difficult to stand so alone in humanity.
All I can do is the best I can and put the rest in God's hands.

 PLEASE print out and share this "Public Notice"