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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Burst of Courage

   Though I had a bit of a break from the more severe levels of remote electronic attacks, in the past few weeks, it had continued on periodic mild levels and again intensified the day before yesterday.
   Today, I went into an area, where I'd been heavily harassed by local organized stalking group members,. . .and passed out the Public Notice to the Police Department and local News Paper that had printed an article about me in May of 2006.
   I hadn't thought much of that article, because I can understand normal disbelief and it was not too obnoxious. (I was using my pen name - Namatari Neachi, at that time.) But I now wonder where the editor/reporter was coming from, because of today's experience:

I walked in, handed the same editor the Public Notice and asked him to NOT give me any publicity, but to just find the heart to become aware of the targeting and harming of innocent families and individuals in our communities. . .and that on the lower levels of that organization there is a dangerous rise in criminal organized stalking...etc. I asked him to please help bring public awareness to the general situation. He got a bit fidgety when I mention "organized stalking" and nervously said that it was "out of his realm" and "probably nothing he could do."  I stood my ground after he started drilling me and said, "I know for a fact that there is a large organized stalking group in THIS community that is harming people. . ." He got so nervous that he cut me off and again stammered, "There is probably nothing I can do" as he walked away.

FYI: His negative article was kept on the internet under my name and the retraction had been quickly passed through only the local paper. The media's negative manipulations are usually subtle enough to avoid being held responsible, but strong enough to manipulate public opinion. Its all VERY sneaky.

Among other places, I also went to the police department, where I'd previously encountered TWO police officers who are OBVIOUS members of the local criminal stalking society. . .and, (thank God) TWO officers who were good decent people who really wanted to help me, but couldn't. The first one who was helping me has left the police department. Today I was told that the second GOOD officer is now also leaving the department. Coincidence? I wonder if he'll get the paper and the "Thank You" I left for him and his secretary.

This was in an area where many of the local stalking group members appear to be part of some sort of dark/satanic occult and engage in far more criminal activities than just the usual harassing, bullying and stalking.

A few years ago, shortly after I opened a PO box in a neighboring town, was when the gruesome "Mont Vernon Murder" took place - an act that appeared to have been done by proud satanic gang/group members. Coincidence? Either way, you can see the mentality of the criminals in that area. Prior to this, Mont Vernon was the kind of community that many didn't even feel a need to keep doors locked in. It was/is a nice little town.
   Is it also a coincidence that, in 2005, I was blatantly slandered on the internet by my own sister who said that I am "evil..." and that "disasters happen everywhere I go". . .and then disasters really do start happening, in many of the places I go, AFTER that statement was made? This is too weird!