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Monday, May 21, 2012

What Ever Happened?

Some have been encouraging Targeted Individuals to file law suits. I started buying into this out of desperation for the tortures to end. . .but I have felt uncomfortable with it. I've never liked the ridiculous law suite craze, and my feelings have not changed. And I keep wondering. . .

How can these criminals be held responsible when no one
even acknowledges the crimes that are taking place!?!  

What we need is good old fashioned help and protection, instead of law suites!

We need our Freedom to be restored.
What ever happened to people wanting to help instead of judging and falsely labeling victims of crimes? What ever happened to our constitutional right to freedom and peaceful enjoyment of our own lives? What ever happened to honesty and compassion? What ever happened to integrity? What ever happened?

 We need these things back.

P.S. Because my blogs are being interfered with - altered, I am also adding more info about this "Technological Holocaust" on  http://www.targetedinamerica.com/

I have gone to print with a physical news paper form of the "Public Notice". We'll see what happens. These criminals have already manipulated things to make me look insane and have tried to frame me for crimes...etc., - anything to prevent people from believing me and realizing the Truths about what is happening to me.

My anger wants to blast out with:

Only foolishness labels its own ignorance as someone else's insanity.

Only cowardice gathers in groups to fight wars against a defenseless individual.

In my heart I can understand, but this is just all so frustrating!