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Monday, May 7, 2012


   Modern technology seems to support criminals more than helping the rest of us. The perpetrators of this crisis do some shady manipulations with emails, cell phones and even through leaving phone messages using recordings of a victim's voice. It appears that they can actually send emails and phone calls, which appear to be from another person. Recent use of cell phones as well as changes to email and blog settings make dishonesty and criminal behaviors too easy to perform and hide. Through technologies that most of us are not aware of, it is said that these criminals are able to project voices that can be heard only by the person they are aimed at and can say anything they want to project. Can you imagine the psycho games that can be  played with that? This is VERY sick and dangerous stuff!

FYI: the new email process of clumping emails together, which have the same subject, allows previous emails to be changed and prevents the retaining of the original ones. So if you get a questionable email, print it out BEFORE you respond to it. Or change your email setting to receive them separately.

Lately, I have been getting messages from my web provider - as if I had sent a message and was getting an automatic response back. I just realized that this may be because of mass mailings, which are being sent through my email account by someone else. (These sorts of manipulations probably happen to many Targeted Individuals, without us ever knowing about it.) So, I ask that anyone, who gets something questionable, from one of my email addresses, please either disregard it or forward it to me and let me know about it.
In 2003, my relationship with my father 
was again destroyed by this sort of tactic.

Through that experience, I learned that the perpetrators of this holocaust can only win with these sorts of manipulations when we blindly believe their lies and remain silent, instead of openly questioning and exposing unusual occurrences.

PLEASE find the heart to speak up. If you get a questionable email or phone message from someone, contact them and ask them about it, instead of just believing it. And if someone tells you something, that is negative and questionable, about someone else. . .either go to that person and let them know about it. . .OR. . .just be wise enough to disregard it, instead of letting the manipulation succeed, ESPECIALLY when that manipulation can cost a person their job or their relationship with a valued friend or family member. This is an extremely important thing for us to learn during this deceitful targeting. 

Hitler destroyed millions of lives using these sorts of manipulations to break up families and friendships. Lets learn from that and speak up and give people a chance to defend themselves, instead of writing them off and letting the dark side win.

These times are filled with lessons to listen to our HEARTS and 
our own deeper instincts, instead of just other people's words.

Gossip hurts!
P.S. I can't tell you the amount of times that I have had jobs, friendships or relationships that suddenly turned sour for no apparent reason. I now understand the unbelievable powers of the mind control technologies that are being used on the people I get close to, but I also know that some of these situations were caused by the classic habit of cruel organized stalking group members telling lies and gossiping against me. And in my heart I know that they would not be able to fully succeed if we ALL just listen to our hearts above all else. Lets do it - listen to our HEARTS instead of them. Our Hearts know the Truth.

I had been concerned for the elderly woman who gave me this temporary room I am now in, because the puppets and higher perpetrators have already shown a pattern of also targeting and harming anyone who helps me. Suddenly her husband fell, (literally flat on his face) and then the exact same thing just happened to her elderly brother. Coincidence? I hope so.