My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Important Notice

   There are many organized stalkers - perpetrators, who zoom into our lives or stalk us on the web and pretend to be friends or fellow Targeted Individuals, while creating chaos and confusion and interference between genuine Targeted Individuals - preventing us from gathering into FUNCTIONAL groups...etc. Most real Targeted Individuals know well, this painful reality. . .and have probably remained isolated because of it.
I received these links this morning, from a fellow TI - validation for the precognitive dreams I'd shared about a silent takeover of the USA. . .from the inside.  I pray that it is not too late to regain our freedom.

God, help us.

I erased the videos that were here, because I now feel that they may have been from perpetration.


 PM: I am feeling a little better than I did this morning. As I rested this afternoon, I dug into some of my old writings in my computer (the seven issues of "The Personal Journals") and found that the dates on them have been changed.
   I produced "The Personal Journal" and delivered its seven issues approximately every other month through the year 2005. . .with the seventh one distributed in January 2006.  (The date for the TPJ #1 one now reads, December 2005. (Its amazing what they can do with technology!)
  Apparently the writings I shared in those seven booklets are important to the leaders of this holocaust, or are some sort of threat. I am not sure if it is because a popular book had obviously drawn ideas and even names from them or if it is other things in them that are a threat to those who are targeting me. I wish I had the energy to look through them and figure out more about why they are being broken - hidden, sabotaged. . .along with me. And I wonder if these criminals have also targeted the subscribers who received the seven journals through the year 2005.
   I do remember writing a "pretentious fiction" story, in the journals, called "Heights of Wisdom", which sometimes felt like it was coming from beyond me (like from God) and was about darkness taking over the world. . . and the need for Light to shine in and save humanity...etc.

   This afternoon I watched a show on Nostradamus and the "end of the world" and found myself shaking my head at those who speculate and do not see that it is ALREADY happening - that the 3rd antichrist, if it exists, is surely the leader of the secret holocaust that is ALREADY happening - that the predicted mass destruction is ALREADY being done through radio wave technologies. I feel to core of my soul that. . .

I hope people unite and use past 
predictions as tools to prevent their success.

What I am saying is being validated by MANY people, who are from different walks of life and time periods. We have ALREADY been repeatedly warned of what is happening! Are we going to keep numbly letting it happen or are we going to find the heart and courage to STAND UP and stop it?

Lets stop it.


 P.S. I am getting swarmed from all directions in the past week. I've had sudden bouts of feeling really sick, but they usually subside. please copy and print my writings for me, in case they take down my blogs and websites. Thank you.