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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Judgment vs Support

   The biggest problem we face as Targeted Individuals is actually not the tortures or gang stalking...etc. The most difficult part is not being believed or supported by people we love, and not being believed and protected by law enforcement agencies. PLEASE let your hearts listen to the following words, when you hear about this Holocaust or a victim's statements. . .

"It is not your place to play prosecutor, and make a victim prove their story, in order for you to believe it!!!"* by unknown
Please find the heart to accept what we say and be supportive.

What we are facing goes beyond what can be called inhumane. Its indescribable. I'm usually good at describing my feelings, but this has me at a loss for words and every time I try to find them tears flood in to cover them up. Its too much! Its just too much.

* I found this statement on a post for victims of rape.