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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Memory Dislodged

   I did volunteer work in two different shelters, in the aftermath of Katrina and Rita. . .and was utterly appalled by the ways that the controlling organization treated flood victims. . .and the ways they even trained volunteers to fear the victims as if they are raging savages. . .not to mention sometimes even actively preventing them from getting the support and supplies they needed. 
   The truth was that the savages were those who refused to help people who were just fighting for their lives and getting angry about being treated so cruelly at a time when the opposite was desperately needed. My experience with this organization's grossly inhumane treatment of disaster victims is what inspired me to write this article, in 2005. 

Personalized Disaster Relief

   These same sorts of public manipulations are also being done with Targeted Individuals. The perpetrators cruelly target - harass, drug, deprive and torture us, and then if we respond with anything but perfect love and acceptance, we are portrayed as being the ones who are bad.

P.S. I am sorry if this offends anyone. But it needs to be exposed, because this exposure seems like the only way that positive change can take place. I am just one of MANY who can attest to what was happening. It is VERY possible that this organization is a decent operation that is merely infiltrated with the same criminal operatives. Either way, hiding it will not fix it.