My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Set Ups

   The puppets seem to be very active lately and trying over and over again to lure me out of NH, possibly to set me up for some sort of crime, which I hear is a regular practice for them!
   I had a dream a few years ago, that forewarned of my being framed for a crime - a sexual assault crime with a boy/child. And I believe I may have just evade this, thanks be to God and that dream. 
   A man (TI) called me and offered a free expensive hotel room or apartment - all expenses paid as well as organic food...etc. He was laying out a royal red carpet "just to help" me....and had also offered a part time job tutoring his son, "just to help" me get back onto my feet. Hard for a person in my situation to not leap into it! But my gut feeling was not a good one, so I listened, let him talk and observed. . .and eventually it came out that he was a diagnosed "psychopath." Red flags went up at this point, because Targeted Individuals display symptoms of paranoia, which is different from being psychopathic. The perpetrators display psychopathic behaviors - preying on other people and creating chaos and pain...etc. The TIs are scared and wounded victims of such behaviors...etc.
   It didn't start clicking together, until after he got angry with me for saying that I needed time to think about it. Then, the next morning, his ill intentions became clear when he proceeded to angrily slandered me in a TI support forum, because I felt uncomfortable with the way he was pressuring me into IMMEDIATELY heading down to RI to accept his offer. The site owner supported him and asked me to leave the "support for Ti" forum.
   After the slander, I got angry and brazen enough to call and leave a message asking him if he "has the courage to come up and meet me face to face...instead of being the coward puppet/perpetrators are." 
   I think because I know they want me to continue being scared, I sometimes get a bit too bold. But I meant what I said to him. 
   I hear that the best of these puppet usually just blindly follow orders and then hide behind the deceitful bully groups. Usually dozens of them against just one of us! How fair and courageous is that? 
   If just one puppet, out of each organized stalking group, had the courage to come and meet me, and talk to me and see who I really am...they would have the chance to realize that they are attacking innocent people. But none seem to have the courage or the Heart to do this. Its insane!

   I'd had a website advertised here, which suddenly changed into a page that said, "restricted porn site..." (the link was to www.icaact.org)  Ironically, the site seems to have changed back to its original form, since I posted this announcement. I'm not sure what to think and do not know if they orchestrated this change within only my computer....or on the web. PUPPET GAMES! This is a typical example of the types of mind games they play. Always invading our homes, vehicles, computers....moving things, changing things, creating mind boggling chaos.

Please let me know if anything else I have written or posted seems changed or weird.