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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ode to Jerry E. Smith

   Jerry E. Smith has done lectures, videos and a few books about the dangers we are now facing. When I tried to contact him, I found that his body died, on March 8, 2011, by causes that appear natural. I cried when I found out that he was gone, even though I did not personally know him. I feel a connection to him and I feel something wrong with his death. 
   It sounds like Jerry fought hard to let us know what is happening. One can not help but wonder whether or not his death was indeed natural or another inconspicuous murder of those who try to expose these crimes. His research focused primarily on HAARP, but there are many other technologies, scattered around the world, which can be used for the mind control and weather modification...etc.

Links to books on his site did not come up on my server, but one did through a google search. I wish I could buy them, but can't right now. My situation is still severely financially deprived. Although I called in an old favor for a short stay in a motel room, I will soon be back to living in my car. 

   I want to let you know that one of the dreams I'd had in 2005 and 2006 - the one that had me so concerned, was about a disaster of a magnitude we have never experienced before. The HUGE cloud I saw coming over us was literally pitch black and so thick that the sun could not be seen through it. Others showed water rising at astronomical rates, WITHOUT FOREWARNING, in the middle of the night. . .leaving a whole city completely under water...etc.

8:15pm: Someone interrupted me while I was posting this info and then when I returned to it the program was not working and internet connection had been lost. I got it back, but am concerned that changes may have again been made to my blog. I do not have the time or energy to keep combing through it. Please let me know if anything looks off.

   I STILL feel that we are going to be hit with something that is too monstrous to even imagine, UNLESS SOMETHING IS DONE TO STOP IT. This will not be a natural disaster - it will be  technologically generated. I believe that this is why I was having dreams about it. It IS preventable! 
   But prevention NEEDS criminal use of the technologies to be stopped. Surely there will be deeper investigations if enough people started asking questions and making complaints. There may be no time to spare. Please help pass the word on this. THERE ARE MANY OTHER TECHNOLOGIES SIMILAR TO HAARP, BUT HAARP IS THE ONLY ONE BEING BLAMED. INTERESTING.

Books on Mind Control by Jim Kieth

Jim Keith. Haarp & Mind Control

   After being blocked from my Sharon Rose Poet Facebook account, I turned to a poetry site and started sharing my poetry. . .and was hit hard again last night with remote energy blasts.
   This attack was a slow invasion, which made me extremely weak, dizzy and nauseous and room spinning...almost as bad as the one I experienced last spring, which landed me in an emergency room after being lifted off the floor in a department store and delivered by ambulance.  Stalkers have already found me on that site and I have had to block a couple of them. 
   Here are the poems I'd been writing. . .sometimes for contests. I wrote "Pretending" after I started a "Healing Hearts" group, which I will probably not be able to continue with. But those few hours of fantasizing about returning to a normal, un-interfered with writing project brought me a bit of temporary peace.

Here I am
All is OK.
Its Not.
Pretending I can
Pick up
Where it cut off,
Supporting others
Opening hearts
While mine aches
Too much.
Puppets aren't here
Slandering walls
They are.
It is there -
Care for me
And how I feel.
About what
They don't believe
Is real.
There is a future
For my yearning pen,
The one I dreamed of
Since childhood.
I cry.

Dreams I dream of

FREEDOM - from all that harms and binds,
CRYING - until all the pain is gone,
HEALING - for humanity's invaded minds,
PEACE - like gentle waves in rolling sea,
LOVE - the kind that comforts and cares,

SOLITUDE - the kind that just lets me be,
I dream. . .


The Save

This is a world being secretly torn apart
Through breeches of mind and blocks of heart.
Light will rain as pure as Spring snow
To Save us from the final blow.
It must!

Dawn of Truth

They lurk in depths of
Spine shadowed weed
And carve withered skulls
Into broken sawed off trees
They play cowardly games

To harm both you and me.
Even with the storms
They kill us to succeed.
Truth will soon dawn
Within this early mourn
To shine upon the freedom
That needs to be born.

The Key Hole
I approached a bit hesitant at first
But drawn by my hearts thirst
I bent to peep inside the door
Where my past was coldly stored.
It saddened me to no end.
I could not find my lost friend.
But high above the dark I see
A Light that still shines for me.
I no longer need the key.


Technological Holocaust

They aim lasers at each head
Until Targeted people's
Tortured bodies lay dead.
Weather rages into storm,
Said to be "global warming"
Though from evil hands born.
But after more can realize
Light will pave the dark
And humanity's Heart will rise.