My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Targeted Premonitions

   Little puzzle pieces are still clicking together. I imagine they will be for a long time, as clarity seeps into this long confusing batch of years. 
  I am thinking that my precognitive dreams held more clout than I'd realized. . .and that the reason why I was drugged and/or electronically anxiety induced each time a small storm was coming in, (in the years following 2005) was to make me react in ways that would completely discredit my REAL premonitions. (It unfortunately seems to have worked) 
   I had never been a person who was prone to the types of anxiety they induced. And I'm still not, even with what I'm going through now. It appears that the only times that I've had extreme anxiety has been when I'd been drugged or my brain had been lasered by them.
    It was obvious that something unusual was happening to me connected to my precognitive dreams of disasters. . .and I feel that I have finally figured it out and am working hard at keeping myself and my food and water safe enough to prevent more of this.
   But I can't tell you how difficult this is. Like John Hall had shared in his book, we can't always take all our food with us every place we go. The puppets are so many and so persistent, that it makes it an almost impossible battle to just prevent ourselves from being drugged. . .let alone dealing with the rest of it. 

   Discrediting those of us who are a threat to the criminal mission seems to be a strong focus, within the operation.

   Anyway, I am still feeling that my precognitive dreams about storms and disasters, were NOT about "natural" disasters, but were about what these criminals are doing to us - killing masses of people in ways that appear natural, even with the weather. . .and that this is at least part of the reason why the Targeting got so severe at the end of 2005 and seemed to focus so intensely on discrediting my "forewarning of disaster" dreams.

  I know its hard to believe, that technology can cause storms and earthquakes...etc. My mind has been having a hard time believing it also, because of my own technological ignorance. But my instincts are saying, "YES! ITS TRUE! Even my dreams say it is. . .and have been doing so since 2005. I hope I am proven wrong, but until then please give this the benefit of your doubt, because. . .what if it is true?