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Sunday, March 25, 2012

From the Heart of Yesterday's Post

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded, begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

   In 2005 I began publishing my precognitive dreams, which were about destructive "natural" disasters. I published them as "forewarnings of disasters" and had not known, at the time that I was foreseeing what criminals were doing.
    I used to wonder why I had suddenly started dreaming of "natural" disasters....and why they were cutting into my heart so deeply. This was not normal for me. As pieces to this puzzle click into place, I am realizing that many of my prophetic dreams were about the destruction these criminals are orchestrating. . .like the oil rig fire in the gulf, I am sure was NO ACCIDENT...ETC. I believe that weather modification technologies have been used as tools for mass murder. And this is why I'd suddenly started having all those disaster dreams in 2005, and is also at least part of the reason why they have intensely aimed to silence and discredit me since then.
Since 2005, there have been several direct attempts on my life and the criminals who are targeting me, have aimed to discredit my "Dream Forewarnings" through the media and on even larger scales - through drugging me and attacking me with directed energy weapons, each time a small storm was coming in. . . creating anxiety that would not normally be there, around literally EVERY storm, rather than just the dangerous ones. Because I did not know I was being drugged..etc., I assumed that the anxiety was because something bad was about to happen, and then put out some false forewarnings of floods.

I feel, in my heart, that I am meant to write about this, but my hands are tied right now. The only writing I can do is on the web and there is mass interference there and in my own computer. There is not much I can do right now. (It feels like my brain is being monitored through every night - like they are even trying to interfere with my dreams.) I've guarded my food...etc., so closely that I've not been drugged for a while and feel more clear right now, but I'm still being heavily targeted.

Erasing of the Truth

As I took a small break from editing the previous post, my email was taken over - pass word changed, and this statement erased: As pieces to this puzzle click into place, I am realizing that many more of my prophetic dreams were about the mass destruction these criminals are orchestrating. . .like the oil rig fire in the gulf, I feel sure was NO ACCIDENT...ETC. "

PS. I am noticing more changes to previous posts! This is getting impossible! They obviously have complete access to my computer and all of my emails and blogs, EVEN AFTER I CHANGE PASSWORDS! And I don't know how to protect my writings.