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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day of Validation

I just got a batch of validation for my precognitive dreams, and my recent insights that these increases in natural disasters are NOT all natural, but are being created by those who are leading this holocaust.

I feel, to core of my soul that reports of criminal created mass murders under the mask of "Natural Disasters" are true.

I can't explain how I feel as I find this validation. Tears came flooding in and more puzzle pieces are clicking into place. My inner child is wanting to say, "There. See! I'm not COMPLETELY nuts."  But the rest of me is having a good old fashioned cry, because I feel this to the core of my soul - THIS IS HAPPENING! IT REALLY IS - Storms are being used to inflict harm. And this is why I'd suddenly started having all those disaster dreams in 2005, and is probably at least part of the reason why they have intensely aimed to silence and discredit me since then.
   Many more of my precognitive dreams, I now realize were about this holocaust also. These criminals are doing a lot more than natural disasters, in order to harm and/or control citizens of the USA and also other countries. According to my insights, the oil rig fire in the gulf in 2010 was no accident...etc. And the gory list goes on. . .

Wake up citizens of America.
For God's sake!!! Wake up!!!
We can stop this!
We can.
Humanity is in serious danger!
Something needs to be done ASAP.
PLEASE listen to me.

P.S. There is an unbelievable amount of military aircraft flying overhead this morning.

I used to wonder why I had suddenly started dreaming of "natural" disasters....and why they were cutting into my heart so deeply. This was not normal for me. Each time one happened, I felt like I could feel the pain of those who were lost and those who were left here to grieve. I have felt a connection to all this that I have not understood. And this morning is the same. I feel that I have a deep calling here, but fear that it may be too late. (God, please don't let it be too late.)

I feel, in my heart, that I am meant to write about this, but my hands feel tied right now. The only writing I can do is on the web and there is mass interference here and in my own computer and also in the remote electronic targeting of my brain. There is not much I can do right now. (It feels like my brain is being monitored through every night - like they are trying to interfere with my dreams.)
   I've guarded my food...etc., so closely that I've not been drugged for a while and feel more clear right now, but I'm still trapped in the technological darkness they surround me with. I'm still under almost constant surveillance and electronic intrusions. I'm still not safe.

Will someone help me? - Will someone finance my protection and a safe place to produce my writings. . .and then a way to distribute them, which I hope can help bring this holocaust into deeper levels of public awareness? The world needs help. . .and I need help.

Time is of the essence here.