My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, February 13, 2012

Message for Humanity


 There is a serious and critical crisis happening, which can not continue to be ignored or unrecognized without lethal consequences for ALL of humanity! Seriously. 

    I know this is going to sound a bit too "sci-fi" but PLEASE give it the benefit of your doubt.

   PLEASE bear with me here, because there is proof of technological capabilities and scientific data to back it up. 
   I am an "Innocent Targeted Individual" who has searched for answers to what has been happening to me, for over two decades, with serious escalations in 2001, 2005 and then absolute hell since Oct, 2011 due to my new realizations of the technological part and my aim to go public with my story. 
   Though I am still figuring things out, through my experiences and research I have realized that this situation extends way beyond me and into many people whom I'd been close to. Some are victims of mind control. Some have been killed in ways that appear to be accidents, suicides and natural deaths. Some have been inflicted with brain damage. Some grope to understand what is happening to them and some remain oblivious. ALL of us are suffering - ALL of us are being hurt and we need protection from further harm.

   The methods being used to control, isolate and harm unsuspecting people are being done Hitler style, with family members and friends, being manipulated against the target and against each other. . . Although everyone who is close to the target gets targeted also, the goal appears to be to isolate the primary target and leave him/her with no person to turn to for help. . .prior to abduction, painful technological experimentation, psychological destruction or inconspicuous murder - forced suicide. (There have been several attempts to abduct me and also to end my life.)

The freedom we boast of in the USA 
Has is being secretly torn away!

    It appears that many of the victims, who have become aware of what is happening, are being mis-diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, when they try to seek help and protection from the electronic harassment, gang stalking, satellite surveillance and relentless psychological torture, which IS REALLY happening to us?  http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7123

   Can you imagine the effect this has? Its the ultimate psychological death, which is preplanned, in efforts to prevent us from being believed by the general public. Its indescribable. Its like desperately screaming "HELP", on a busy city street. . .and nobody listens or helps.
   What is being done to us is so outrageously inhumane, that the natural human response is to slip into denial and overwhelm. There seems to be a numbness in humanity on this subject. Most people do not want to hear about it or deal with it or look at it. BUT WE MUST FACE THIS CRISIS FOR ALL OUR SAKES. WE MUST SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
 I want to scream, WAKE UP PEOPLE! FOR GOD'S SAKE! WAKE UP!  We are crying out for your help!  We are like caged animals who are being mutilated, tormented and murdered while surrounded by people who just turn the other cheek! PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP STOP THIS!

 We are unseen victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the fading ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

I fear that I have realized the scope of this too late for myself, but feel that it will not be too late for most of the population.

    Do your own research and listen closely to your instincts as you brows the web, because it appears that some sites are being raised by the perpetrators who are putting out misinformation, and valid sites are being interfered with or torn down to prevent public awareness.

   Estranged family members, neighbors, friends and strangers of "Targeted Individuals", including medical, media and political professionals, are being called to find the Heart, and the strength, to resist both past and present manipulations. . .in order to save our lives and humanity's future.

 Some journalists and authors, who have the courage to speak out about this, say that they are being targeted also. . .but I feel that this would stop if it is brought out on a large enough scale.
In my Soul I feel that
This will end up OK -
That the HEART of humanity
Will save the surviving race
Before COMPLETE control
Falls into place.
Lets let it.

Whether you think I'm crazy is neither here or there.
The proof of what is happening is already here.
All it needs is for you to find the Heart to care.