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Monday, January 23, 2012

Stones in My Road. . .

2/7/2012: Woke in a puddle of tears this morning and wrote,

Dawn of Validation 
Sharon R. Poet 
Pieces to these puzzling decades of my life
Still clicking into place as tears sting my face.
Oh, if I could pull out their evil piercing knife
I'd heal into helping our fading human race.

Fading TIs
Sharon R. Poet

A little respite from severe attacks
Brings me to pains of looking back.
Pieces clicking into voids of confusion.
Is this real or just an illusion?
Those thoughts and feelings
I knew were not mine,
Confused me until
This sad point in time.
Tears rush in to release
All that's still gone -
The life I used to lead
My children, friends and home.
Violation is too small a word
For this torture and intrusion
That no belief has heard.
Alone I was
Alone am.
Doing the best
That I still can.
But they took my dream!
My trust!
The core of us!

But thankful that they didn't
Kill the heart in me.
Oh how I cry
For all I did not see,
And for this groping part
Of our fading humanity.
God, help us!

3:06pm:  In the last couple hours my computer was infiltrated while having my email and this blog open. A few aspects of the layout were changed. A "System Restore" to my computer seems to have brought it back, but am hoping entries in my blog were not changed. Please let me know if you notice anything unusual. I have back up files of everything posted and can re post if need be.

4 +-pm:  Today the stalkers have switched to flying by blaring horns. About 7 of them in the past few minutes alone.

2/6/2012: I let my tears write this poem, shortly after I woke. This really happened when my daughters were trying to have me institutionalized.

"I want my Mother back!", she cried
As they pushed me away.
I am out here dieing
And they think I'm just insane.
I cry. Dear God! I cry.

PM: Being hit steadily! Feeling like my head is burning up - same feeling as having a high fever, yet when I take my temp it is way BELOW normal. This has happened often in the past ten years. Sent an email to my daughters, with a copy to FBI, of a THIRD letter asking for Law Enforcement help.

2/5/2012:  Perhaps my remaining away from my daughters is not keeping them safe from this, but there appears to be nothing I can do. I pray over and over again for this cruelty to end, for my daughters to get the help they need, for them to not end up like me - scared and alone and fighting for the courage and strength to survive each round of torture. I have pain in my back and chest and left arm. It subsides when I move to different location. I have to keep finding different places for Internet, because they keep jamming my access points.  

Major Targeting events. . . 

  Between the following events of the past two decades of my life, there have been countless other unusual and unexplainable things suddenly happening to my daughters and I. (I don't say much about them, to honor their privacy.) But they have been effected in ways they do not even realize.
   Between the things listed below I am being stalked/followed and harassed in various ways, including with blasts from what seems like some sort of microwave energy or painful, more localized, shots to my head or chest. . .these cause severe pain and rushes of heat in my body as well as ringing in my ears. Also sudden, unusual chaos going on around me when I am in public as well as people whom I do not know treating me rudely for no apparent reason. (There are many things missing from this list. Its hard to recall it all at this point. But am doing the best I can.)

2/2 - 2/3:
Am hit with SEVERE electronic attack after getting pictures of several stalkers and posting poems on my blog, while heading back to NH. (Felt sudden flashes of heat in my head behind my right ear and down my neck. Severe head-aches after blasts of heat.) I'll gladly undergo testing to prove whatever they are leaving in my system.

1/27 - 2/2: Electronic attacks during every night, while starting a new job. They now seem to be trying to deprive me of sleep. I used to sleep well, but am now waking with ringing in my ears.

1/26/2012: They left a knife in my car and then sprayed it with something I could not help but smell. My car suddenly has a strong cat urine smell, which had not been there prior to leaving it at a garage to be worked on. (This may have been done when it was parked on the blind side of the garage waiting for the mechanic to bring it in. Don't want to believe that the kind mechanic did it.)

1/25/2012: A bolt is suddenly, freshly missing from the valve gasket cover on my vehicle, causing an oil leak, and the oil filter was loosened to the point of almost falling off. (It also seems that I was infected with some sort of bacteria this month.)

January, 2011: I've had two more jobs sabotaged - one by organized stalkers within the company. The next attempt happened before my new co-workers told me that a mysterious/slandering phone call was made, just a few days after I'd started working. I just want to continue with my own work, but it has been severely sabotaged as well.

November, 2011: I got a call from an Arizona Police officer, informing me that the back window in my stored truck has been smashed out. Man at motel I go to is following me around and says, "Your daughter will understand when she goes through it." (He may have said "daughters - rather than "daughter".)

9/9 - October 2011: In a desperate attempt to escape severe levels of being stalked and what appeared to be attempts to abduct me, I ditched my van and jumped into my unregistered car and raced across the Canadian border just to be surrounded by stalkers on the other side! Though the ones in Canada were less threatening, It was clear that I was not safe there either.

9/9/2011: The start of a massive, severe attack on EVERY possible level!!! Too much to get into. My mind, my life, every fiber of my being filled with terror. Fear takes control. I freak out and grope for validation and helpful information on the web. . .end up unknowingly finding bad sights posted by stalkers and fall into the trap of showing them to media and people I beg for help from. . . I end up just looking crazy to those who do not help me. God saves me. But I am now completely alone in my fight.

Early September 2011:
I find out about "Gang Stalking" and "Targeted Individuals" and start fitting together puzzling pieces to this horrible nightmare I've been living. . .after a woman who claims to be a private Investigator offers to help me, keeps me at her home for one night, fires gun shots around the camper she puts me in, and then tries to convince me that my stalker did it and that he is just one person, whom she will kill for me if I can't do it myself. . .!!! (I reported this to several police departments.)
I begin realizing that I can no longer trust my dreams, (which I'd previously documented and had grown to understand and trust), because some of them seem to be not from me. I begin to realize how my family of origin and I had been manipulated against each other - they seem to have used our existing issues to pit us against each other through various forms of fabrications and manipulations.

2009 - 2011: I am homeless and keep moving to different areas. Weird things keep happening! I am being constantly followed and badgered. Vehicles and belongings being tampered with or objects being left on them or moved...etc. There are repeated attempts to run me off the road...etc. 

2008-2009 winter: I run from stalker to Arizona, where I become very ill and end up running for my life from men who try to force me off road or lure me away from the public places I stay in...etc. I aim now broke so I aim  for another Job, where I am drugged and raped again. After leaving and visiting a woman who was connected to creation of a best selling book that stole ideas from my writings, my truck suddenly looses its breaks due to BOTH brakes on rear duel tires being "over adjusted". (This same woman had lured me to a place where she said she'd send money to help me out. . .the money never came, she never answered her phone, and I was suddenly being followed and approached my a man who definitely had ill intentions toward me. Within the same few days my NEW battery suddenly keeps going dead and the engine is suddenly destroyed. (I am VERY lucky to have had good people 'just happen' to come along to help me and interfere with only God knows what!) My truck ends up in an Arizona storage yard and I end up completely stranded with no money and no vehicle and too much to list. Its a miracle I am still alive.

2007 - 2008: I move to different area, start feeling a bit better, but still extremely fatigued and sudden severe head aches. I feel bad/dark energy being directed at me and assume it is from some sort of dark spiritual occult. I fight to continue my writings - my work. But there is unexplainable interference with everything I try to do. My home is broken into, my computers are invaded...etc.

2006: Year of pure hell! I feel like I am going crazy. Am getting very ill. I don't understand what is suddenly happening to me. I end up in hospital emergency room several times. I have sudden open sores on my back, even though I did not hurt myself. Extreme fatigue, hair loss, joint pain, body swelling, loss of sight and hearing, warped depth perception, sudden weight gain...etc. Feel like I am dieing.

2005: I realize that I am being stalked/followed and harassed in various ways, including with blasts from what seems like some sort of bad energy. My work is being slandered and interfered with. Printing machines and computers repeatedly break down. Flood wipes out the town I just moved to, and I am held for over a week in a place where I am drugged and raped. (Hard to admit this.) I assume that my stalkers are a dark occult, due to the nature of their threats and psycho games...etc.

2003: I am feeling physically ill - fatigued and nauseous...etc., and spend thousands of dollars on medical tests, which show nothing wrong with me. I go on trip with daughter and the electronics in her car are suddenly malfunctioning.

2001: My dog suddenly dies of unexplainable illness. A man from DC is zooming in on my daughter and trying to brainwash her through late night phone calls...etc. Two of my cats are suddenly missing. My friend and future neighbor suddenly dies of a heart attack, someone is entering my home and slamming doors in the middle of the night...etc.Then a suspicious fire raged through my home. . .destroying my life's work (writings) and my most precious personal belongings! Within a month after this fire, another fire suddenly starts in the Self Storage units where I have stored the remnants of my belongings!

Mid to late 1990s: My oldest daughter suddenly wakes with severe neurological symptoms - her speech is slurred, she is losing control of her limbs (was unable to dress herself to go to the hospital) and is experiencing uncharacteristic bursts of anger. . .etc. (Doctors could not find the cause.)

1993-1995: State of New Hampshire DOT took my Loudon, NH home through their "Rights of Eminent Domain." This process was handled in ways that were shocking and was surrounded by unusual things. (I share more about this in my "Through the Years" statements.)


(I am thankful for the ways God is leading me to the validation I've needed and the little miracles that have been helping me to survive thus far.)

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