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Transcription of Important Information

Transcription of a Video, which Helps Expose
the Technological Targeting of Humanity
Sharon R. Poet March 23, 2018

   I transcribed the following quotes are from a video, whose link is at the bottom of this article. They are parts of an interview with Bryan Kofron (aka Justin Carter), who says he worked for a company who was involved in the technological and psychological targeting of humanity and experimentations and tortures against Targeted Individuals (TIs) like myself. The things Bryan witnessed were in Seattle, and in the company he worked for, but there are (no doubt) many other organizations and places where similar things are happening, around the globe. In this interview Bryan gives a LOT of good information, about the technological targeting and enslavement of humanity. I hope it will help validate Torture Victims - Targeted Individuals and our families as well as help inform the rest of humanity of what is indeed happening and must be stopped as quickly as possible.
   I have most of this information scattered throughout the past seven years of my blog at www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com. But I have not done a very good job with putting out the information, due to being too heavily targeted as I slowly figure things out in between rounds of being harassed and tortured. So, I hope it will be more believable coming from a man who has experience in the technological side of this situation and is not being too heavily targeted to speak about it clearly and concisely. He does a really good job with presenting it and he explains a lot about what is happening to TIs. But there are a few important things, which he does not mention. So I have added some of my own comments. There is a lot more, to the harmful targeting than what is here, but this is a good introduction to it. Please feel free to print and share this paper. A link to the video, which the following quotes come from, is at the bottom of this article. Everything in bold, italic quotations is Bryan’s transcribed words and the rest was written by me, Sharon Rose Poet.

On the subject of Targeted Individuals Bryan said, "People are selected from all over the country. . .for many different reasons, often it is because they are isolated. They don't have a lot of money, friends or family and they also tend to be people that are highly intelligent. The aspects of this technology that [the company he worked for] is interested in improving upon has to do with cognitive processes - processing information and as a result they want highly intelligent people to be targets of this program. . . Once these people are selected they will have the entire gang stalking - voice to skull program run on them. . . They will have organized stalk. They will have career sabotage programs run against them to ruin their job. They will have character assassination campaigns run against them in their neighborhood, be isolated from family and friends as those individuals are turned against them. They will be isolated slowly over time, using the technology itself. . . often times they end up going to see a psychiatrists and a false diagnosis of schizophrenia, manic depression, delusion. . .are rendered against these people and it turns out that that’s a loophole in the law that they are using to take away people's constitutional rights. . . Once you are deemed as mentally unfit to care for yourself. . . the state or the federal government uses that as an excuse to come in and say that they have to care for you. [These false diagnosis are also to force victims to take pharmaceuticals, which aid the technological mind control part of the targeting. It can also enable our controlled or deceived or unaware families to have us institutionalized or take over our homes and businesses…etc.] So, I would warn all Targeted Individuals out there - please do NOT go to a psychiatrist and allow them to render a diagnosis against you, because that is a dirty trick they are using to take away the rights of people all over the country. . . Each individual fits the general profile that I am describing; so they are highly intelligent. They are able to be isolated by whatever means. They normally have some sort of a. . . free mind - people that aren't part of the crowd so to speak, in the way that they think. . . This kind of profile that all Targeted Individuals fits is empowered Individuals. . . The actual program I am whistleblowing on involves the actual abduction of TIs. . . They are shipped to Seattle where they are made homeless. They live in one of the homeless shelters where they are housed and experimented on with voice to skull technology and then they. . . There are at least three to four hundred individuals, in down town Seattle that have been abducted all over the united states. . .and are being housed in down town emergency housing center. . . and being experimented on 24/7. The number of Targeted Individuals that. . . have not been enslaved completely. . . I heard is between one to two million. . . The tactics that are used by private security companies and gang stalkers at large are specifically designed to avoid detection, not from the Targeted Individual, but to avoid detection from the general public. . . They actually WANT the Targeted Individual to know their being followed, because it has the maximum psychological impact. While at the same time they want to do it in a way that your neighbors and your friends and your coworkers and your family do NOT know that they are doing this to you, because the entire point of the program is to convince everybody else that the TI is crazy.”
I feel that those of us who are being tortured and stalked are not as controllable as others or have refused to join the covert program. I think both reasons are the case with me. It appears that those of us who have certain levels of creativity, and who naturally tend to follow our hearts above other people’s suggestions, are less controllable and more susceptible to being put into the torture program. Some of us do not get the V2K (voice to skull transmissions of sound). With me they have done more with projecting dreams into my brain and no voices in my head, except as I wake, as if it were in a dream. But it seems like they have sometimes used V2K on people whom I have sat or stood near, in order to make them think I said something that I did not say. I experience periods of the technological tortures, which is remotely done with laser weapons, as well as the general painful microwaving…etc., and sometimes debilitating interference with my brain and body functions at strategic times. Its all too horrible to even fully describe and make people understand the scope of what is happening to us. When I even just think too much about what has been done to me, and people whom I love as well as others, it hurts so much I just want to cry and am afraid that if I fully break down I won’t be able to stop and that those who watch me will use that as an excuse to have me shoved into a psych ward, because they have threatened to do this to me. Many of our loved ones are hurt in various ways as well, mostly through being completely enslaved or brainwashed, but some are tortured in ways that appear like natural inflictions and some are forced into surgeries where they may have been inflicted with some sort of device that makes them more controllable and less caring…etc. The microchips they were using in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s were large enough to easily show up on Xrays. A doctor/acquaintance of mine had found one in me and he is now a Torture Victim and may have been completely enslaved since 2014. I hear that the microchips are microscopic now. There should be places where we can go to have them safely removed, but there isn’t (that I know of) and certainly not for victims like myself who have already been isolated. It is true that they torture and isolate and sabotage literally every aspect of our lives. I used to own a nice country home and I am now destitute and living in a vehicle that appears to be on the brink of being disabled. I’m scared.

How the technological targeting works; Bryan said that, “The way it works is a device broadcasts a radio frequency, lets say at an individual, and that radio frequency will hook up with the resonant frequency of the individuals mind or body or DNA. And what happens is, once the resonant frequency is found in the Targeted Individual. . .those two frequencies interlock and they can be thought of as one frequency or one energy. . .once they are resonating together a super highway of frequency, along which information can be sent, is created. . . You can send information back and forth. And that is exactly how you can manipulate someone's thoughts, send voices into someone's head. They manipulate their emotions. They manipulate their behavior. And then that's also how they receive back from the individual in real time, the vital signs, the emotions, the thoughts, what the person is seeing, what the person is hearing and then all that information of course is rendered on a computer elsewhere and it can be monitored and tracked in real time. It can literally stop your own thoughts from happening and replace them with other thoughts by sending thoughts to your head. And its so sophisticated that you cannot tell where these thoughts are coming from. There is no way to discern that they are coming from somewhere other than your own mind. So you can realize how bad this would be for people that don't even realize this technology exists. And their having these thoughts, which they think are spontaneous. . . I am just amazed at the way it works and I know that the thoughts that they beam into your head originate from the exact same place in your mind that your own natural thoughts originate from. . . It can be used to sway people, in terms of their opinion, to make them go along with a certain agenda. It can be used to turn groups of people or individuals against each other. . . Actually, this exact same technology can be used to not only influence the thoughts of someone, but also the voice box of someone. . . This has devastating effects on the physiology of the human being. . . Its not only the general population, the homeless and TIs that this technology is being used against - Its being used against military families - people who proudly and bravely serve their country and sacrifice everything so that you and I can be free. At least we WERE able to be free before this technology started being used against us. . .

What technologies are being used against us and the rest of humanity
? Bryan talks about ground based technologies like radar and cell phone towers and this is surely true for some parts of the targeting. HOWEVER, the torturous types targeting of individuals is clearly being done with laser weapons in conjunction with satellite surveillance systems. My experiences have proven this to me. I ran tests that confirmed it and was threatened for doing so. And it only takes a little bit of common sense for anyone to realize that if satellites can be used to shoot radio wave frequencies down to our towns, homes and businesses, for the purpose of internet access, then they surely can be used to shoot frequencies into human beings as well. There are possibly even other space based technologies, being used to harm or torture or control human beings. I feel that the space based technologies are the primary problem and that it must be realized, in order for criminal use of them to be stopped.

On the subject of the gang stalking, which Targeted Individuals experience; Bryan said that, "a lot of X military and X police officers are hired by companies who are targeting us and that they are used to stalk and intimidate the victims. He said that most of the paid stalkers are >i>"decent people" who are just "doing their job” and that they are lied to and told that we - their targets are terrorists or criminals. He also stated that those who are paid to stalk us are sometimes threatened into obeying and not standing up against the covert program. I have sensed this to be true. I have also witnessed them also using unaware mind control victims, in order to do covert messaging stuff, like store clerks…etc., who do not even know their minds and words are being controlled and that they are being used to harass us. Many community members seem completely enslaved and are not aware of being used against us. There also appear to be people who do not get paid and chose to join the covert program while thinking that it is a good thing – that it is to protect our neighborhoods or to fight for freedom against terrorists…etc., and do not know that we are NOT terrorists and NOT criminals. (Various levels of active law enforcement departments are also used in parts of the targeting.) Some are used to abduct us and seem to think it is a good covert “rescue,” but its not – it definitely is not and I have good reason to believe this. Bryan said that the hired professional looking part of the gang stalking is used to intimidate us. I have found this to be True and that a lot of veterans are used in this process. There is also an extremely criminal part of the stalking. I think that prisoners may be being enslaved into the program and some maybe even pain for committing crimes against us or our belongings or our loved ones. Bryan said that, “They want you [the victim] to believe that your country hates you. They also want you to believe that you are in danger all the time. . . Psychologically this is going to have an effect on someone very very quickly, if they are under the impression that the military, their own government and then a bunch of thugs are following and chasing them around the country it has a devastating psychological effect. . . This is very very evil, the way they are doing this. . . Everything that is done by this program is meant to have a psychological effect and the psychological effect is meant to compliment the effect that the technology is having on the individual, so that they are brought to a place in their life where they’re isolated, they’re broke, they’re unemployed, they have no family, they have no friends and nobody in the general public can track or trace anything that is being done to them, because the technology is remote and its wireless and there is usually no physical signs left on the individual. . . And. . . there is no physical evidence that any gang stalking ever went on. They are all specifically instructed [to not leave evidence of the targeting]. The point of the program is to have a maximum psychological effect and leave the minimal amount of evidence.” This is all very true, but they do get more obvious after they have isolated us and/or have our loved ones controlled enough to brainwash them into disbelief. And they do make obvious mistakes and then rush to hide the evidence. Though there are criminal elements in the stalking, I feel that many of the gang stalkers are unaware mind control victims who are enslaved in the program and do not know about the technological torture and mind control parts of the targeting. I even feel that some of them, especially the professional/official ones, are put through a form of technological “protection” that actually slyly enslaves them and turns them into what I see as ravens – enslaved mind control victims whose hearts and instincts and consciences are blocked, so that they can be more easily used. Many of them are victims too.
Bryan stated that those who take part in the gang stalking and technological tortures are pressured into feeling that they are part of a cool group that is on the "right side" and that, as long as they obey their leaders and do their jobs and do not betray the program they will have a pretty good life. I’m sure this is true, because, as they try to get me to join them they keep saying to me, “you are on the wrong side.” I tell them that they are the ones who are on the wrong side and that the right side is openly and peacefully standing up for freedom from all that controls and harms. I have tried to tell them that they are probably enslaved and just being used to harm innocent and harmless people, but I do not know if any of them have believed me.

The dangers of the technological targeting for ALL of humanity; The mind control part is not just happening in America and not just to torture, isolate and deprive us primary victims - Targeted Individuals. This is a global problem that is already hurting much of humanity and appears to be aiming to completely enslave all of humanity and has already accomplished too much through the past few decades. Bryan said that, "The mind control part is not just happening in America and not just to torture, isolate and deprive us primary victims - Targeted Individuals. This is a global problem that is already hurting much of humanity. Bryan said that, “The technology that is being researched and developed. . . utilizes emotion manipulation and behavior manipulation without the gang stalking and without voice to skull aspects. And so, this use of the technology can be done very covertly to the point where the person its being used against will not know that this technology is being used against them and that is one of my main concerns. . . This technology could potentially be being used against tens to hundreds of millions of Americans every day. . . [They can also] create a general field of frequency in a geographical area so that everybody within that geographical area is feeling the effects of the technology. . . When you consider that use of it and the fact that it is used for emotion and thought and behavior modification, we could potentially be looking at many many millions of people across the country that are under the influence of the technology right now. . . They can broadcast a frequency that effects human beings. . . and can induce a general mood of happiness or sadness, anger, agitation, peacefulness. I have seen this done and it is remarkable how effective it is. . . It can be used to induce riots for example or to stop riots. It could be VERY very dangerous. . . This is messing with the innermost part of human beings - their emotions and so you can imagine how irresponsible it is to actually manipulate someone into being in a bad mood and manipulate everybody in town into being in a bad mood and then they get in their cars and drive around and their own safety and other people's safety is at risk. Its a HUGE huge problem. . . The entire point of this social engineering program, that has been researched and developed for DECADES now. . . is that this program is going to be rolled out nationwide and it will become the norm. Every man woman and child in America will be under the influence of this technology. Every man woman and child in America will be one decision away from having gang stalkers turned against them. . . If you are not a part of this program. . .there is a very real risk that you are going to become a full blown 24/7 Targeted Individual. And this technology, at that point, when it is nationwide, will be used by automated super computer software programing that will manipulate the emotions and behavior and the thoughts of everybody in the united states of America and it can all be done remotely. Its like the microchip kind of tracking, the new world order, this control grid that is supposed to be rolled out against the American people, someday. And I’m here to tell you that ITS ALREADY HERE. . ." 
   I feel that the technological control and enslavement of humanity Truly already has been happening since at least 1970, even to children. The dangers of this cannot be overstated. And there is a pharmaceutical part of this that is extremely dangerous. Many people, who are not Tis have been being falsely labeled with things like “depression” and put on meds. These medications aid technological mind control. News reports, in 2008, stated that those types of pharmaceuticals were found in over twenty four major public water supplies in America. I feel this is NOT from “run off” and is for the purpose of human enslavement. Even if it were from run off, this indicates a serious problem with the amount of pharmaceuticals that are distributed - if just what is not used can cause such contamination of water supplies there is a serious pharmaceutical problem. The greatest danger is that technological and pharmaceutical control of our thoughts and feelings has been preventing the natural process of personal growth, blocking people’s hearts and instincts and intuition and the harm in this is worse than physical inflictions. normal;">These are horrible holocaustal crimes that are being committed against humanity. Many victims will probably not be able to recover, especially those who were inflicted with the pharmaceuticals and technological mind control when they were young children. Please help stop this from continuing.

There is serious parasite part of the targeting as well. Heavily Targeted Individuals are inflicted with unusual types of parasites, which just helps to make them look crazy, even though the parasites are real. But it appears that the rest of humanity has been being inflicted with some of these organisms as well, and that some may be causing symptoms that are being called something else, as they continue harming unaware victims. Natural remedies, like organic garlic, have been becoming hard to find in stores and replaced with a type that does not work…etc. Basically, all of humanity is in serious danger, except for the top leaders of these crimes. And I hope awareness, about ALL that is happening to harm or use or control unsuspecting people, spreads so that more can be working to bring it to an end and safety can be regained as quickly as possible.

On the subject of technologically inflicted illnesses; Bryan said that, "Frequencies can be used to manipulate someone's DNA and then help to bring about what is a otherwise natural tendency within their genetics." In other words, technological targeting CAN inflict what appears to be natural physical illnesses. Microwave expert General Barrie Trower had also stated that almost ANY illness can be intentionally inflicted with microwave weapons (frequencies) through effecting bodily functions. I know Torture Victims, including myself, that have been technologically inflicted with things like COPD, asthma, heart attacks, organ failures, leukemia, cancers, tumors, flu type symptoms, diabetes, neurological problems, especially mysterious illnesses like lupus, and other things that appear to be natural, but are for the purpose of either murdering the victim or forcing them into taking pharmaceuticals that will aid the success of the mind control technologies. I feel that MOST Targeted Individuals are not aware of being targeted and are not trying to seek help and are suffering horribly. This all just has to be stopped as quickly as possible.

On the subject of the abductions; I know this to be true for those of us who become aware of what is happening and possibly others as well. There have been ongoing attempts to abduct me, since I have been isolated, under the pretense that it is a good covert “rescue,” performed by officials. I have felt it to be bad and that it would not lead to a good place. They have even repeatedly threatened me into going to what they call “home.” “Its Over,” they kept saying as they started this in 2013. I experienced uncountable numbers of rounds of painful and terrifying torture and threats, just before them swarming me with vehicles they were instructing me to climb into, in order to escape it the torture. They have also aimed to abduct me from a hotel room, but wanted me to agree to leaving my life “forever” before taking me. I refused to. I had prophetic dreams warning of this “rescue” by people who are actually part of the same organization that is doing the targeting, many years before it started actually happening to me. This is the pattern of the satanic ones – to torture and then be the “help” that zooms in. But, in the beginning of the obvious rounds of this happening, I was so hurt and so scared that I wanted to believe there was something good in it, but there wasn’t. They have enslaved and used people whom I knew in my past, in order to try to get me to trust the abduction to be a good “rescue.” I think that many victims have been torn from their lives and evidence of their existence wiped out. And what is happening to them? Its all just too painful to even think much about. And it appears that there is none who has been keeping track of the genuine names and identities of Targeted Individuals. I have asked on the web and was shocked, that they have been just vanishing without a trace left behind for all these years. They have even tried to erase proof of some of them from my writings!
Some of the abductions involve staged deaths of victims who are then completely enslaved and used in the covert program under a different name and after having reconstructive surgery on their faces…etc. It appears that this has been happening to common people who start becoming aware and are too much of a threat to wait for them to be tortured into isolation so they can just vanish without a trace. I believe that my mother was technologically induced with leukemia and that her death was staged. I believe that my little brother’s “accidental” death was staged, and that a similar thing happened to a friend of mine. The rush to cremate people helps to hide these horrible crimes. But there are some empty graves and lots of proof if we are able to get officials to be here for us BEFORE the evidence is all hidden or destroyed. Time is of the essence, because the criminals have been covering things up. It appears that a lot of evidence has been destroyed in my situation, as I wait for help.

When did the targeting start? I feel that the planning stages of the enslavement of humanity started in the early 1900s, around the time when Nicola Tesla was experimenting on the effects of frequencies on the human body and mind. . .and then lost his work in a fire, which probably was a cover up for the theft of it. My experiences tell me that experiments were being remotely performed on unsuspecting families by 1970 and that it has grown into a catastrophically dangerous threat, which has been enslaving humanity since then. I feel that my whole family was experimented on with these technologies in the 1970s and 1980s and that, since then, it turned into aims to completely enslave us. I feel that the “experiment” stages of the targeting have been over, for decades, and that it has been full blown enslavement of humanity since then.

Who is Bryan?; I don’t know who Bryan is. I wish there was a picture of him to back up his stand. I wish his website were not being taken down. And I hope he is authentic. There has been a pattern, in this chaotic mess, of perpetrators being the ones to expose their own crimes AFTER others have already done so. But whether Bryan is or isn’t, is not up to me to judge. He gives some VERY accurate information about the plight of Targeted Individuals, and the technological targeting, which is something we need more of, since too many do not seem to believe it coming from TI’s who are being falsely called, “Mentally ill.” I want to believe Bryan when he said, "In my mind it just came down to the victims - it came down to Targeted Individuals all over America who are suffering every single day, who are crying out for help, who are curled up in a ball in a corner in their bedroom, in horrible physical pain, in horrible emotional pain, and nobody will help them. Everybody calls them crazy. Everybody says there's something wrong with them. Friends and family abandon them. Their relationships with their significant others are ruined. Their kids are taken away from them. . . Some of the most brilliant people I've ever known in my life are now homeless and they have no way to get out because their DEFC is specifically making sure they can't get jobs and they can't find homes. . . They're tearing families apart. They're doing it to children as well. Its completely out of control. " I started crying as I listened to this. I know too well the kind of suffering he is talking about. He said he hopes to inspire other people who are involved in the program to step out and stand up against it, for the sake of saving America and the torture victims - Targeted Individuals. I hope he succeeds with this. I got a lot of validation from many of Bryan’s words and I am thankful for his stand, even though I may not agree with everything he has said.

Hope for the future; Bryan said, "I also have people whom I am in contact with within the industry - potential allies that are sympathetic to our cause and are behind the scenes waiting for the right moment. . .hoping that the general public will become more aware of this issue and will give them the impetus that they need to start to move behind the scenes to make progress. There are a lot of people who are against this program and that support TIs, but they are in highly classified positions. They are threatened if they speak out and they also of course have family and friends to think about." I hope this is true. I know that many are aware of what is happening. But, knowing there is genuine uncontrolled help, that cannot be reached as the torture continues, sometimes feels like part of the torture. If there truly are a lot of high ranking officials who care about us and want all aspects of this hell to end, (especially those who have the capability of protecting themselves) I hope they quickly find the courage to fully stand up, expose the targeting, and start a ball rolling for others to do the same, so that freedom can start being regained and awareness can help people, especially targeted families, to start pulling together to support each other, instead of continuing to suffer…etc. We need officials to be fully HERE for us and America and the rest of humanity, as quickly as possible, because uncountable numbers of individuals and families are already suffering indescribably. I hope they can and will be. ALL of humanity needs to start regaining freedom and safety from that which harms us in the worst ways – from that which harms us through breaking our Hearts and Spirits and minds and robbing us of the Freedoms, which we need, in order to be safe and healthy and to grow into all that we were born to be. Please help set us free.

Website of Bryan Kofron (aka Justin Carter); https://gangstalkerwars.com
Video these quotes came from; https://youtu.be/RSwTJMdaivI

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