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Through the Years – A Targeted Individual's Memories

Through the Years – A Targeted Individual's Memories
Statements by Sharon R. Poet
My maiden name was Sharon Y. La Bree.
My married name was Sharon Buck.
By pen name was Namatari Neachi.

   Most of the experiences I share here are just the more obvious and tangible parts of the targeting, which I remember at this time. But please don't discount the technological parts, because the technological tortures and mind control that is aided by pharmaceuticals, are the most dangerous parts, for ALL of humanity, but especially for those of us who are being singled out and hit harder than most. We are being hurt most, by that which is not obvious to anyone else.
Its the technological tortures and mind control being performed on people whom I was close to, on top of our lack of awareness, which has enabled the success of too much damage in my life as well as that of others, through all these decades. And I am sure it is the same for other targeted families. More people need to become aware. Please help spread the word.
   What is in this section should be basically the same as what is in my "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual" and "Targeted in America" books, but with a bit more added and some light editing. In my 2017 edits and additions to the statements below I am doing my best to be extremely objective and state the primary facts and not assume anything or get into too much detail. All the details are too difficult for me to do while still being targeted and not having the freedom to look through my journals and have time to process my feelings...etc.
   This is just a general logging of some of my most obvious difficult experiences, which I now believe were instigated by the targeting. I may not be able to prove most of the things I list here. But they all did honestly happen. I hope they help validate other long term victims and show that there is too much that has happened to me for it to all be shrugged off as "just life" or just coincidence. The targetings are really happening. I'm sure there is more than what I have here. Puzzle pieces have been slow to click together, due to still being targeted, and sometimes even threatened and tortured as I try to figure it all out. Sometimes I forget things almost as fast as I remember them, due to the targeting's effects on my brain and my own state of overwhelm. It is very difficult to look back, especially under these conditions. This list has taken me years to do and to keep trying to perfect, in between rounds of heavy targeting and through my computers being infiltrated and some things being altered or erased. And I hope they remain the way I have expressed them, this time, even though it is surely not perfect, under these conditions. Its the best I can do right now.
   Of course I realize that "life" happens - that accidents happen...etc. But there is so much that has happened in my situation, which is surrounded by chains of other strange and unusual things, that it just cannot ALL be cast aside as coincidental. I feel that my whole family has been a victim of sadistic covert and technological targeting since at least 1970. Below is just an overview of some of the most obvious things.

Around 1970 - Unexplainable Nerve Damage; My sister was suddenly inflicted with nerve damage in one eye. I now believe it was caused by her brain being lasered. I have noticed the same type of drooping of one eye in other severe mind control victims.

Around 1970 – Mysterious Hernia; I suddenly develop a painful hernia just above my pubic area, even though I was not doing heavy lifting…etc. The doctors wanted to operate, but my parents could not afford the operation. It caused me a lot of pain for a year or so, and then just vanished.

1970 - The Blue Coat Mystery; Around 1990 I had a few dreams that showed something bad happening to me, when I was around 11 years old, and that a pale blue coat, that was given to me by my fifth grade teacher, was connected to it. At first I thought that something may have happened to me while I was wearing the coat. But, I now have reason to believe that the danger was probably the woman who gave it to me. Around 2014 this woman was hanging around my car, trying to get my attention in a parking lot that my car had been remotely disabled in, forcing me to stay there. She had oddly, looked at me and repeated, "You were so good. You were just so good." Around that time I had been wondering why I was being targeted since childhood and this appears to have been the answer. She used to keep me in her class room during recess. I do not remember her doing anything to me. But I now believe she did something.
   It appeared that this same woman was waiting for me in another parking lot in 2017. I'm not sure if it was her because I was being heavily tortured at the time. I was in a lot of pain. But it looked like her. She was with a man and they seemed to trying to provoke me. I think they wanted me to react violently toward her. I didn't. Its not my nature to do that, even with someone whom I believe hurt me as a child. My primary focus was on tolerating the pain I was in. They each gave me a folded up $20 bill that I now think may have contained some sort of chemical or drug that later had an odd effect on me. I'm not sure, but I feel that they were a serious danger to me that day.

Around 1970 - Horrible Asthma Attacks Started Happening to Me; I had a really difficult time, for a few years, with asthma attacks, which I am now 200% sure can be inflicted with microwave weapons. I now feel that the asthma was a form of torture that was being inflicted upon me. The asthma attacks were often surrounded by the deprivation of help from family members, which can also be inflicted with the mind control technologies.

Around 1970 - Microchips Installed When Tonsils Were Removed?; A doctor had told my mother that all of her children had to have their tonsils surgically removed, in order to prevent infections. And we all went to have it done. I remember the nurses being mean to me at the hospital. I now believe that we may have all been microchiped at that time. And I was later told that I still have my tonsils.

Around 2009 and 2010 I, woke (more than once), feeling like my throat had been cut, like the way it felt when I had my tonsils out. Something did happen there, because I had coughed up a pussy scab from it. Did they remove a microchip or try to?
Around 1973 - My Mothers Unusual Dreams; My mother told me that she was suddenly starting to have odd dreams and was baffled by them. I now feel that they were what I call "projected dreams" - instilled with psychotronic weapons. I think my mother was hit pretty hard, because she and I were close.

Around 1973 - TV Turns Off By Itself; I was at my neighbor’s home, taking care of an elderly woman when the TV clicked off all by itself. At the time it seemed really strange. Now I think it was remotely clicked off by those who target me.

Around 1974 - Dune Buggy Bursts Into Flames; The gas tank of my older brothers stripped down Volkswagen dune buggy suddenly burst into flames while my youngest brother (Kevin) was sitting on it. He had severe third degree burns on his back. It was never fully determined what had happened. It was one of those odd things. The poor kid was isolated in the hospital, on his stomach, for a long time and they had to do some skin grafting.

1974 - Microwaving in Nursing Home and Threatened by Spiritualists; In 1974 I worked as a nursing assistant at the Hillsborough County Nursing Home in Goffstown, NH. I witnessed some odd behaviors in my patients, and had experienced unusual headaches, while working there. The headaches stopped after I quit the job. I was recently told that many long term employees ended up with similar types of cancer. I now believe that this nursing home was being microwaved. . .perhaps also due to technological experimentation on poor people who mostly had no loved ones to turn to. I had initially wondered if the targeting had followed me home from there, but I am now sure that ti began long before 1974.
I later remembered that, while I worked at the nursing home, a couple of women, who called themselves, "Spiritualists" had tried to rope me into their spiritual group. I had gone to one meeting and then backed away and reported them to a minister at a church I attended. After this, one of them threatening me. She said she'd put a "curse" on me. I don't believe in the effectiveness of curses. I think these women may have been part of the dark occult, which was already targeting me, and were being used to try to make me join them. It is possible that the head aches were my being technologically tortured for not joining them and for reporting them.

Around 1974 - I Was A Passenger in Car Crash; My sister’s vehicle was struck by another vehicle and shoved into a phone pole. I do not remember much about how that happened. But I was in the back seat on the side where the car was shoved into the phone pole.

1975 or 1976 - Car Crash; I had crashed my mother’s car into a tree as I drove to work. This “accident” was odd. One minute I was driving and the next I was hitting a huge tree. Just before this a dog had run out of my neighbor’s house at the car. I had blamed the accident on the dog, but remained unsure of what had really happened because I hit the tree too far after the driveway for it to have been to swerve away from the dog. I now believe that my brain was probably lasered to cause the crash, which was serious enough to total the car. I walked home with blood gushing from my head. My mother rushed me to the hospital.
I’m glad she was not angry about my destroying her new Jeep Wagoneer. She bought another one and that one was also quickly destroyed in a crash that she was in - the car rolled and she was lucky to have survived it. This “accident" was odd also. I remember police trying to figure out how it had flipped over.

1970s plus – Watches stop working when I wear them; I started noticing, when I worked at the Hillsborough County nursing home, that watches would stop functioning very quickly after I put them on. I have never been able to wear watches.

1975 or 1976 - Run Off the Road; I was run off the road and ended up in a serious car crash that destroyed my car, broke my collar bone and gave me a concussion. There was a witness to this. I must have gone unconscious for a little while and, when I came to, a police officer was standing at the door of my car and a woman was crying out, "they just ran her right off the road!" (This happened on Rt 101 in NH.) I was taken to the hospital and tortured by a doctor who had two orderlies pin me down, without ever explaining what they were doing, while the doctor shoved my collar bone back into place. (This same doctor also tortured my little brother through stitching his head with no Novocain...etc.) My mother must have sensed something wrong, because she came to the hospital and took me home, against doctors orders, while I was so drugged that the details are a bit foggy. Shortly after this, my mother was diagnosed with leukemia and we lost her just before Christmas in 1977. (Christmas is a day that I have often had cruel and unusual things happening to me.)

1976 - Mysterious Brake Loss on Car; I approached a stop sign, went to hit the brakes and the pedal went to the floor - I had no brakes! I flew right through the stop sign, almost hitting a truck, and then plowed into a snow bank in order to stop the car. This happened in Goffstown, NH at the intersection of Bog road and Rt 13. Exactly why the brake fluid had suddenly drained out of my car was a mystery and the mechanic who had worked on the car, prior to the brake loss, assumed that maybe he had absent mindedly left a wrench on the bleeder and it had loosened the bolt as the car bounced over bumpy roads. None of us had even considered the possibility that someone may have intentionally drained the brake fluid out of my car, because I had no idea that I was being targeted or that anyone would want to harm me. But I now believe that this is most likely what had happened. I have learned that the targeting is often set up to place blame on someone else. Tampering with my brakes after a mechanic had just worked on them would be the type of timing they’d leap to take advantage of.

1977 - Motorcycle Accident; In the 1977 summer, while my mother was in the hospital, an elderly man pulled out in front of me. My bike, struck his car sending me flying over it and landing hard on the pavement where I remained, in horrible pain, until an ambulance came. The arrival of the ambulance ended up being an extended period of time, because, one of the EMTs suddenly started having heart attack symptoms and the driver was forced to turn around and bring him to the hospital, instead of picking me up. (This happened in the center of Goffstown, NH and was on the front page of that weeks local news paper with a picture of me being hauled off on a stretcher.) Meanwhile it had started to rain and a couple of police officers were holding a tarp over me until a second ambulance could get to me. Another unusual thing about this accident is the way someone, who had witnessed the accident, had run out yelling and screaming at the elderly man who’d pulled out in front of me. "Look what you have done! You've killed her!" he screamed. Now, in looking back at it, it seems like this was all staged. A police officer later told me that the old man who hit me was so upset that I should go visit him and let him see that I was OK and I did.

1977 - Unusual Broken Foot: I had an odd experience where a TV had fallen on the floor near me. I was fine. I was not hurt. I was even talking to a friend. And then I started walking and all of the sudden I was in excruciating pain and my foot was broken. I now wonder if the break was inflicted with a laser weapon. A similar thing had happened to my arm when I was younger. And another similar thing also later happened to my youngest daughter, when she suddenly had a severe sprain, although she'd not twisted her foot or done anything that caused it.

1977- My Mother's Death; My mother had been diagnosed with advanced stages of leukemia and was in the hospital through most of 1977. At one point she had literally escaped the hospital and run away. Exactly what happened to make her feel a need to do this was never clear. But something obviously happened to make her feel uncomfortable or unsafe. She was not a fearful type of person. My experiences with being targeted in hospitals leads me to believe that she was probably terrorized by stalkers who did things like setting up conversations for her to overhear outside her room. The same types of things have happened to me at two different hospitals. In December 1977, after a nine month hospital stay, she decided to stop medical treatment and wanted to go visit her family in Canada. I had a sudden strange accident that broke my right foot and ended up having to drive her to Canada while using my left foot for both gas and brake pedals and propping my cast on the hump between the seats. We returned for Christmas.

On December 24, 1977 after helping me bake pies for Christmas, my mother, for no apparent reason, suddenly became extremely agitated and insisted upon being brought back to the hospital. My father and I brought her back and she behaved as if something bad had happened - as if I had said or done something that she was extremely hurt and angry about, although nothing had happened between us. This part of it has always baffled me. After we got to the hospital, her last words to me were a disgusted, "What are YOU still doing here?" This was not like her. I numbly left, not understanding why she was behaving this way. (I now believe that he mind was being effected by psychotronic weapons and/or may have heard a remotely projected voice transmission that made her think that I had said something, which I didn’t say. This sort of thing appears to be periodically happening to me since then also and seems to be a regular part of the targeting process.) Later that night my father got a call from a doctor who stated that she had just died. She did not seem ill enough to die.
For her wake there was an unusual insistence of a closed casket, cremation and for her family of origin to not be there, which was also odd and had no valid reason behind it. Due to dreams I've had, and recent covert messages I've gotten, I have started believing that my mother may not have really died in 1977 - that her leukemia may have been microwave inflicted and then microwave fixed after her abduction. It appears that some heavily targeted victims are forced into enslavement during a staged "death" or after forced isolation from loved ones and "rescued." I believe that she may have been tortured, abducted and brainwashed. This appears to be the pattern of those who target us. They torture us and then try to zoom in to be the "rescue" or try to recruit us, or brainwash us into going with them. (Attempts of similar things have been happening to me.)
I now believe that my mother (being from the Montreal Canada area) may have been an MKULTRA victim if she was not later targeted, along with the rest of my family, for the purpose of technological experimentation, by the mid 1970s. Around 1973 or 74 she had told me that she was suddenly starting to have odd dreams...etc. All of which I now know to be typical of the mind control targeting process, which pits family members against each other and tries to make us feel unloved.
On the day of my mother’s funeral in 1977, a "friend" called me, all upset that I was not there for HER on this day and persisted to give me a hard time even after I told her that I was at my mother’s funeral. This was strange that ANYONE would expect a person to leave a parents funeral to go console someone else’s little issues. It should have been the other way around, but these sorts of shocking heartlessness have often been inflicted upon me and I now believe that most of those who do this to me are victims of technological mind control.
Shortly after my mother’s death, my father was hit with a HUGE medical bill - the insurance company suddenly decided that part of her nine month hospital stay, was not going to be covered due to some small technicality that had just been realized. He also experienced being audited and a devastating fire within the next few years.

Around 1977 - My little Brother Suddenly Forgets How to Read; My little brother was going into eighth grade when he forgot how to read. The whole family was baffled. Everyone was asking, "How did he make it through all those years of school without being able to read?" The answer never came. But I now think his memory was effected by the technological experimentation on his brain.

Around 1979 - My First New Car Destroyed; My first new car was a Honda that quickly ended up in a 4 car pile up after I parked it on a Manchester street. A car hit it and shoved it into the one parked in front of it. It was destroyed in a four car pile up when I was not even in it. Now that I know I'm being targeted, and that they can create "accidents," I wonder about this.

1980 - The Mill Fire; In the spring of 1980 I was between 7 and 9 months pregnant, and at my father’s home babysitting my twin niece and nephew, when a fire suddenly broke out in my father’s shop. I saw the smoke through the kitchen window and rushed upstairs to get my little brother. (We were the only ones there - my father had gone shopping.) While my brother raced outside I picked up the phone, but it was dead. (There was no reason for the phone to have not been working - the fire was not near the house or power lines.) I was unable to call for help so I rushed outside, where my brother was trying to access the building and move my father’s trucks. I yelled for him to take my car to a neighbor’s house and call the fire department, because I was caring for my little niece and nephew. He raced off in my cougar. Then our closest neighbor drove into the yard with two other men crammed into the cab of his truck. "You’d better move that gas tank or the house will blow up with it," he called out as he turned around and all three of them drove away, leaving me there alone, VERY obviously pregnant and with my sister's two scared and restless 4 year old children. Fear gripped me at this point. The flames were circling around a diesel fuel tank and getting closer to the larger gas tank he’d referred to. I rushed the children to the other side of the house, in case it exploded. Every minute felt like an hour while I waited for help to arrive. There was no way that I could move the gas tank by myself even if I did not have to take care of the children.
   Meanwhile, a tire fell off of my car while my brother was racing for help. (The lug nuts had been unscrewed.) But someone happened by and the fire department was eventually called and arrived after the building was mostly burned down. This was an old chicken house building that was about 200 feet long and 50 feet wide. I’ll never forget the look on my father’s face when he pulled into the yard. It tore at my heart. He not only lost his business and saw mill, but also a dream or two in the antique cars he’d been restoring in the back part of the building. The cause of the fire was never determined. Nobody, that we knew of, had been in the building for about an hour, and so it was assumed that it may have been caused by a smoldering spark from a grinder that my older brother had been using before he left.
   Rumors spread that my father torched it for insurance money, which added to the distress. He’d have never done such a thing. The building, his business equipment and antique cars were not insured. But there were a few decent people who knew the truth and helped him to continue his business, in the barn, until he could pull things back together.
   At the time, the three men leaving me there alone and the phone not working and the tire falling off my car seemed VERY odd, but there were so many other things happening that not much focus was put on these confusing details.
   Now that I know we are being targeted, it’s like another puzzle piece clicking into place - it appears that the fire was set and that the phone and vehicle were disabled, in order to prevent help from arriving. (This property was a large farm and was 4 miles from the center of a small town's fire department.)
   The false rumor is a typical pattern of the type of targeting I’ve been experiencing - the exact same rumor was spread when my home was destroyed in a suspicious fire almost two decades later. I had no insurance either. No insurance money was ever collected for either fire. Its was all just mean, false rumors.

1980 Home Difficulties Around the Birth of my Children; In May 1980 I gave birth to my first child after a pregnancy that made me so ill that I lost 16 pounds between my third and sixth months, which was not usual and had concerned my doctor, although he could find nothing wrong with me. As an infant she was breaking out in odd rashes. We were forced to move just before her birth and were temporarily staying with my father. In the months after her birth, my husband and I moved to an apartment where people were starting false rumors and accessing our apartment when we were not there...etc. I caught them on one occasion. Then we were evicted, for no good reason, while I was giving birth to my second child.

1981 - Attempt to Force me to Abort my Second Child; In 1981, during my pregnancy with my second daughter, a doctor told me that my child was dead and that, because I was not miscarrying he should perform an abortion. I believed him and went for the appointment, but at the last minute - while sitting on his table, I suddenly had a really bad feeling about it and decided not to go through with it. He became angry and told me that I was putting my own life in danger if I didn’t have the abortion. As I walked out of the office he angrily said something like, "You'll find out the hard way." I walked out of his office and had a beautiful baby girl about 6 months later. But she was born with a few minor birth defects that were probably caused by my being targeted with radio waves/microwaves in the early months of my pregnant.

1982 - Unusual Birth Defects in my Second Child; My youngest daughter was born with a minor heart defect, four breasts and her baby teeth grew in rotted. I now believe that it was from my being microwaved during my pregnancy. Or were they experimenting on her in the womb? The thought of them targeting pregnant women and unborn children and babies soars beyond horrible! It now appears that the doctor was trying to make me get rid of her, because those who target me probably already knew that certain types of microwaving could cause birth defects. I have also heard that these sorts of birth defects are a common symptom of microwave targeting of a pregnant mother. There is no history of birth defects in my family or my husbands that I know of. (They have tried to erase this statement from my writings)

1982 - Forced to Move Directly After Giving Birth; Around the time of my daughter’s birth we were forced to move out of our apartment. The birth was unusually long and VERY painful and I was forced to be packing up our belongings and moving through the next few days, due to being evicted while I was in labor. There was no reason to evict us. We had pain our rent...etc.

1980 and 1982 - Unable to Breast Feed My Children; With both of my children I experienced severe pain in my breasts each time I tried to breast feed them. At the time, this felt abnormal to me and I now feel that it was most likely part of the targeting, which was aimed at preventing that important process of mother - child bonding. My breasts may have been being lasered while I tried to feed my babies. It is possible that there is an aim to give children formula instead of the mother’s milk, in targeted families. I now also wonder if the formula contains traces of the types of drugs that aid mind control.

Early 1980s - The Chain Saw Accidents; My husband had two unusual chain saw accidents between 1980 and 1983. One crippled his finger and one temporarily crippled his arm, due to nerves being severed. He later had surgeries that grafted new nerves into his arm. During this time I took on an evening job, in order to pay the bills, and was treated unusually horrible there. Around this time, a man who was working for my father also had a serious chain saw accident. And, if I remember correctly, this may have also been the time frame when my father had a mild chain saw accident which nicked his leg. There seemed to be a sudden outbreak of chain saw accidents in the early 1980s!

Early 1984 - The Mysterious Doberman; Shortly after purchasing our Loudon, NH home my husband and I had an unusual experience with a dog - Doberman who would come to the edge of our field and literally just sit there and watch us. After several days of this I began asking neighbors who’s dog it was and it turned out that nobody in the neighborhood owned a Doberman. It stopped coming after that. But it still seems odd. I have wondered if it was some sort of drone, because I never saw it up close or saw it move. Every time I saw it it was just sitting in the same area.

Early 1980s - Chimney Fire; Shortly after purchasing our Loudon, NH home, and had just installed expensive wall to wall carpeting in our living room, we experienced a serious chimney fire, which fire fighters had a hard time putting out.

Mid 1980s The Trespassers; In the late 1980s in Loudon, NH I noticed a group of men on my front lawn, appearing to be fishing and having a party. My property consisted of 7 acres and they had to park out on a road, where there was no parking lot, and walk down my 600 foot driveway, in order to get to my lawn. The fact that they were trespassing had to have been completely obvious to them. I walked down to them and said, "I’m sorry, but this is private property." They laughed and one of them looked my body up and down and sarcastically said, "And are YOU going to make us leave?" The others laughed. I turned around, walked into the house, locked the doors and called the police. The police arrived and the men gave them a hard time also. Before I escorted my children away from the window I saw an officer pulling out a billy club in preparation for a fight. At the time I found this VERY odd and ended up assuming that they were just city slickers who did not understand the concept of private property out in the country. But I now feel that it was part of the targeting - perhaps a way to try to make me feel uncomfortable and unsafe in my own home. It did not work.

1985 and 1986 - Two Surgeries on my Spine; In 1985 I was hit with a sudden infliction to my back and was in horrible pain and doctors wouldn’t believe or help me until I was brought in for emergency surgery. After the surgery I had a new infliction, which literally brought me to my knees when it kicked in. It seemed like the nerves were being suddenly pinched or cut off so severely that I’d suddenly be in excruciating pain and fall and had even lost use of my legs on a few of these occasions. This was also medically unexplainable, but a doctor decided to do another surgery to see if there was anything pinching the nerves. There were conflicting reports about what was wrong. One said that there was nothing wrong and one said that it was disk fragments pushing against the nerves. I now suspect that the back pain was caused by the lasering of my back in order to force me into surgeries that installed a microchip. Someone later pointed out to me, on an XRAY, that something was there that was not supposed to be there. He has been horribly targeted as well - his life a medical practice destroyed. Oddly FOUR members of my family of origin have had back surgeries although such problems do not run in the family history. I now feel that most, if not all, if them were technologically induced.

Around 1986 - Sudden Heart Palpitation and Pain; Suddenly my heart was often not beating normal (fluttering) and I began feeling unusually fatigued. I went to a doctor who told me it was due to a "floppy valve." However, the problem quickly stopped and, many years later, I was told that my heart was fine - I had no floppy valve.

Around 1990 - Choking Every Time I Try to Quit Smoking; I had repeatedly tried to quit smoking around the late 1980s and early 1990s. At the time I, as well as many others, thought it was really strange that I'd get sick literally every time I did. I'd start having horrible choking fits and feel drained of energy. And then, equally as odd was the fact that it would all stop and I'd feel fine after I started smoking again. This was baffling. But I now feel that those who target me have wanted me to smoke and had inflicted the choking...etc., with microwave weapons in order to keep me smoking. It worked for a long time.
Now, they periodically act like they want me to quit and have done rounds of the same type of choking thing (but much milder) when I lite a cigarette. During the last round of this (Oct 2017) they had a puppet meet me in a bathroom and loudly say, "You smoke you choke." after pretending to cough. I gave her a "Calling all Heart" paper. I think its just an excuse for abuse. In the past few years, every time I had quit they had surrounded me with smoking puppets and started brainwashing me into starting up again. They have pushed me into what's bad for me and then degraded me for doing it. Its part of the sadistic targeting.

Around 1990 - Charlie Buck's Death; After the second surgery on my spine, when I was in a full body cast for a few months, I visited, and bonded with, my father in law, who was a bit of a tough character, but had warmed up to me. Then he was suddenly inflicted with a severe tumorous type of cancer. Tumors were rapidly growing through his whole body. He suffered indescribably and I often visited him, played cribbage with him and did Reiki on him. Our conversations became deep and meaningful. I remember asking him if he let himself cry and release the obvious emotional pain he was in. He looked at me, with tears starting to form in his eyes, "Love, I haven’t cried since I was a young child," he said. (His nick name for me was "Love") How sad, I thought. He obviously needed a good cry. Our visits became a heavy focus on playing cribbage, which was another form of healing. (He always accused me of cheating when I won. I always agreed. And we’d both smile.)
I cherished our visits until my husband told me that his mother did not want me to visit Charlie anymore and I reluctantly stopped going. But then he called me one day, and asked, "Why don’t you come visit me anymore, Love?" It broke my heart. I couldn’t tell him that his wife and son didn’t want me to see him - I didn’t want to create conflict between them at such a time. But this made me realize that something was wrong, although I didn’t understand what. There was no reason to keep me from visiting him. Charlie sat at home alone, in pain, all day, while his wife worked and I was the only one available to be there for him, but this was (for some unexplainable reason) suddenly being prevented.
But after he was brought to the hospital, I went to see him and sat with him and even cried with him just before he went Home and I am thankful that my heart crashed through their boundaries to be there for him then. "Hi Love," were his last words and he went Home with a healing tear dripping down his cheek.
I was not allowed to go to his funeral - my husband had told me that his mother did not want the wives of her sons there, but I was apparently the only one told this, because the others went. But I had already said my good-byes to him and needed no other closure.
Why my mother in law had suddenly turned against me, especially at a time like that, is a mystery, because nothing had happened between us, but the mind control can easily explain it. This pattern of unexplainable discord and people not being allowed to be there for each other in deepest hours of need has been a strong pattern in the targeting. It has repeatedly happened to me for no apparent reasons. It seems like decent people are literally brainwashed into not being there for loved ones during their deepest hours of need.

Late 1980s - Unexplainable Vehicle Head Light Failures; Around the time of my visits with Charlie, the head lights on my car started malfunctioning - they would suddenly stop working while I was driving in the dark. Mechanics couldn’t find anything wrong with it. This never happened when my husband drove it. But it kept happening to me. I finally traded it in for another car and was lucky to have not ended up in an accident with it. (Since then I have realized how much electronics can be remotely effected, especially if certain devises are installed to aid the process.)
Around 1990 - Family Separation; In the late 1980s and early 1990s unexplainable discord started erupting in my family of origin, which lead to my separating from them. As those who target us aimed to separate me from my family of origin, one of my sisters suddenly launched into extreme changes in behavior, which blatantly aimed to disrupt my friendships and relationships with my husband and daughters. At the time I was baffled by it and pulled away from her after being unable to resolve the issue with her, and while being bombarded with a few other things. I told her that I needed to take a bit of time to myself and this instigated over a year and half of hell, which included continuous harassing, and some threatening, phone calls to my daughters and I. I never got the time I needed - I got the opposite. Things got worse instead of better - this was the start of a complete separation from my whole family of origin, which has lasted through most of the decades since then.
I later found out that, it was around this time when this sister had suddenly had some difficulties with sleeping...etc., and was put on antidepressants and possibly sleeping pills. I now believe that she was technologically targeted in ways that shoved her in that direction. The targeting is often accompanied by a push to put victims on antidepressants and/or other sorts of pharmaceuticals, which are known to aid complete technological mind control. I believe that this sister was the first complete mind control victim in my family of origin, and that she had been used to harm my daughters and I, in various ways, and since then continues to be used to stir up discord, when I try to reconnect with the family. This happens in ways that raises old pains, which keep everyone else in the family blaming me for not being with them - for what resulted mostly from her behaviors.
   I actually had connected with my father on numerous occasions, in the 1990s, but I later learned that he had kept this from the rest of family. During one of those meetings he told me to not try to reconnect with the rest of the family, because they were all "still too angry" with me for taking time to myself. I had also connected, with my little brother Kevin, during the separation. Kevin was my only family member who could not be fully swayed by the manipulations against me. I guess he was less controllable, and perhaps this is partly why he died in a mysterious "accident." Since the initial family separation, and Kevin’s death, more members of the family appear to have become extreme mind control victims. And all of them appear to be programmed to remain in the rut of angrily blaming me for my daughter’s absence from the family, for my "leaving" the family.
I have been mostly separate from my family of origin since the early 1990s and there seems no way to resolve things while we are all still being targeted, while they are unaware and sometimes even unwittingly used. All of the targeting hurts, but it is excruciating when the harassment is delivered through people whom I love. . .and when the people whom I love are obviously more heavily targeted just for loving me back. I have witnessed many attacks on my daughters, in efforts to disrupt our relationships. Its all just too painful and horrible for all of us.

Early 1990s - The Phone Calls; I was getting strange phone calls, which now seemed to be trying to instigate trouble between my husband and I. One was a call from a man who asked for my husband and said he thought he was home because he wasn’t at work. (My husband WAS at work) Another one was a man who asked for my husband and became sexually suggestive and rude with me. Perhaps he thought I’d blame my husband? I didn't. After the divorce, the phone calls vamped up. I was constantly getting calls with deep breathing on the other end, or no sound at all or people laughing and saying sorry wrong number far more what would be normal. The worst of the calls was when my daughter told me that my sister had called and told her that she was going to come and take her away from me when I was not home. This scared my daughter to the point of not wanting to be left home alone. Like her, I had also believed that it was one of my sisters and this built larger walls between my family and I. But was it? Now that I realize the targeting, I realize that this may not have been my sister making that call to my daughter who was only around 10 - 12 years old at the time. And the list could go on. . . We were being terrorized with phone calls. And this has also periodically happened through the years since then. Sometimes its a LONG silence. Sometimes its music. Sometimes its weird garbled noises...etc.

Early 1990s - The Forced Divorce; After the first surgery my husband started treating me in ways that were not like him. The primary thing that now makes me fully believe that he was experiencing some sort of mind control is remembering when he suddenly became sexually forceful. I've heard that this is one of the things they can do to men through effecting their brain and emotions. This was so completely opposite from what my husband was like that it was scary. His other behaviors, through this time, had also suddenly changed and he became like a thorn in my side, sabotaging things and degrading me and playing mind games...etc. We’d been married for nearly a decade before his sudden change in behaviors, and he had NEVER been like this before. He was a gentle easy going man. It’s like he became a different person. And I ended up divorcing him, which played right into the hands of those who were isolating me for worse targeting. The targeting vamped up after he left.
The 1990s were filled with chaos and confusion. By this time my life appeared to be infiltrated and it seemed like there was often something happening to inflict hardship. My daughters, and other loved ones, were being targeted as much as I was and I feel bad that I did not fully realize this until it was too late for too much. We were all being put through hell in different ways. It seems like whatever bothered us most was what was set up for us to experience and we were often too numb or too consumed by our own hardships to fully be there for each other.

1990s+ - My Children Inflicted with Mind Control; There are too many things to get into all of it here. But one of the unusual things I noticed in my daughters was that they used to swap personalities and habits, which was not normal. One was messy and the neat and then they'd change rolls! I had even talked to a counselor about it, because it baffled me so much. She agreed that it was extremely unusual. I now feel that it was due to technological experimentation with mind control. My oldest daughter suddenly started having spurts of uncharacteristic behavior. At one point my youngest daughter came to me and said that my other daughter was going to people and making up things against me. When I talked to her about it, she said she did not remember doing such things. I believe both of them. I believe that my daughters have been mind control victims since birth. In recent dreams I have of them they are still children and I think this is because they were not allowed to mature - not allowed to mentally and spiritually grow, because of the technological interference with their minds and emotions. . .and it is just too horribly wrong that this happened to them and may be happening to uncountable numbers of other children. The technological mind control must be exposed and stopped as quickly as possible.

Early 1990s - Sudden Unnatural Weight Gain in Oldest Daughter; My oldest daughter suddenly started gaining weight, although her eating habits had not changed and she was extremely active - into school sports...etc. I now believe that it was intentionally inflicted through microwave interference with her organs.

Around 1994 - Branch Mysteriously Breaks Off Tree; I was out in my yard with one of my daughters who was holding a little boy whom I was babysitting. I had pointed out a blue jay that sat on a think old branch a tree. We were all watching it when the branch suddenly broke, and the blue jay clung to it until it hit the ground. At the time it was the funniest thing and just too weird to even give much thought to. The branch surely did not break due to weight of the bird, because it was too big and it was not windy. I now believe that it was snapped with a laser weapon by those who were surveilling me. . . and that it was all done through a satellite. My home was out in the country and there were no other house in sight.

Around 1994 - Sudden Unexplainable Infliction of Vomiting in Oldest Daughter; The first time that I left my children home alone, my oldest daughter had suddenly started vomiting although she had not been sick and there had appeared no physical reason for it. I arrived home to both of my daughters crying and in near hysterics. Something had happened to them, but I never understood what.

Around 1990 - Infiltration by Occult Members; In the late 1980s and early 1990s my life was slowly infiltrated with new groups of people, whom I am now realizing included members of organized stalking groups and members of some sort of dark occult. Strange little things started happening more frequently. Like the time when I returned home and found that my pic-nic table had been moved from the front lawn to the back lawn. My furnace kept backfiring for no apparent reason. Problems with my furnace backfiring for no apparent reason, constant prank phone calls...etc. (I may be able to share more later.) The occult members now appear to have each infiltrated different parts of my life. It was later revealed to me that most of them were connected - they knew each other. During this time my neighbors and friends started pulling away for no apparent reason. Judging by the bits that I have heard since then, their appear to have been some serious rumor campaigns going on, but no one came to tell me about it, they just all faded out of my life. This is odd, because I had a good group of friends and neighbors and our relationships seemed solid and enjoyable. But I now have no doubt that technological mind control was being inflicted upon them too.

Around 1994 and 1996 - People who come to my workshop end up drained of energy; I started teaching Native American style drum making workshops in the early 1990s. During one of my first big workshops I held at my own country home, some of the participants complained that they felt like their energy had been drained at the my house. One called me and said she'd talked to others and that they all had the same symptoms. From a spiritual point of view, this made me look really bad. I now believe that their energy was drained with microwave weapons, in order to make me look bad to them. This was just the start of bad things happening at my drum making workshops. At another workshop, a mysterious fire happened on a deck while we had lunch. At another one a gentle dog suddenly launched into severe aggression, for no apparent reason, and killed a kitten in front of all of us! I think the drained energy, the dogs anger and possibly even the fire, were done with the technologies that are used to target us.

Early 1990s - The TV Show; As my life became infiltrated, many unusual things happened. One was when a woman zoomed in on me and talked me into being on her local TV show. I never understood what her interest in me was and perhaps this is yet to be shown. This woman had suddenly shown up in my life, pulled me onto the show and then faded away as if that was her only purpose in my life. It has always felt weird - like some sort of manipulation took place.
The show is a bit foggy in my mind - I believe that I may have been being drugged as well as inflicted with technological mind control around this time. But I remember her telling people that I was "following" the native American religion and my numbly going along with her, instead of correcting her and explaining that I’d been exploring it, as well as others, but have never "followed" any man made religion, because it is something that I do not believe in.
It seems like there have been multitudes of little set-ups to try to discredit me, especially in the areas of spirituality and morality. And this may have been one of them.

Around 1994 - Most Terrifying Moment; I had left my children home alone and was a bit nervous about it, because I was just starting to let them be on their own for short periods. I was returning home from running an errand and there was a police officer and fire trucks at the end of my driveway. I put my directional on to turn into my driveway as she tried flagging me by. And she said, "You can’t go in there. That's where the fire is." I think that this was the most terrifying moment of my life. I slammed on the gas and flew up my driveway. And, thank God, my children were fine. There was no fire. It was just the furnace back-firing again and putting a little bit of smoke in the basement. My daughter had gotten scared and called the fire department. In looking back, this seems like this may have been an intentional part of the targeting - making my furnace backfire and scaring my children into a calling the fire department while I was not there, but soon to arrive. The furnace had been doing that and had been repeatedly fixed. It was one of those odd things that had no mechanical reason for happening, according to an expert who worked on it more than once and could find nothing wrong with it. It was a new furnace.

The Taking of my Loudon Home; There appeared to be repeated attempts for people to move in and take over my home after my husband and I divorced. Two people offered to buy it and let me continue living there. Two had tried to actually move in with me. All of it was done under the guise of help and by those whom I am now realizing were part an infiltration into my life in the early 1990s. I had refused all of their offers. And then the state of New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) moved in to take my home under their rights of eminent domain.
During the takeover of my home I unwittingly rented a room to a woman who now appears to have been a puppet (mind control victim) for those who target me. I believe that I may have been being drugged through this period of time, because I had reacted to some of the DOT tactics in ways that were completely out of character for me, especially at that time. At one point I actually sent them a letter and wrote used an inappropriate word. I feel ashamed of this, but at the same time it reflects the hell I was going through, especially since this was not a word I even used in my vocabulary, especially at that time. It even shocked me that I had reacted this way, no matter how horrible it felt for my children and I to be forced to leave our comfortable country home on the Soucook river in Loudon, NH. I think that my own mind was being controlled at strategic times through the process of the taking if my home.
I wish I had not agreed to do an immediate hardship acquisition, instead of waiting for them to take just part of my property. The process of the DOT taking my home was dragged out. . .leaving me in an uncomfortable position, financially, because their plans to put a road through my property were preventing me from selling a commercial corner of it, which I had needed to do since a recent divorce from my husband and being left fully responsible for my two children, the mortgage...etc.
At one point I had called a newspaper reporter with the hope that some exposure would help swing things into a more positive direction. But the reporter stopped by the DOT office before coming to my house and the DOT called me while he was in route to me, and informed me that everything was looking better and set the date for the closing. I had believed that things were genuinely swinging onto a better course and that there was no point in pointing out the negative to the reporter. When the reporter got to my house, I told him that the DOT had just called and that everything had changed. "I’ll bet they did," he said. The phone call from the DOT set the course for a newspaper article in the Manchester Union Leader, which made it all appear like it was a good thing. But it wasn’t and things got worse. Local lawyers even refused to help me. The set closure date was delayed after I’d shut down my in home child day care business in preparation for the move, which left me with almost no income. This left me with almost no income. An official at the DOT suggested that I go on welfare. I was mortified. I didn’t want to go on welfare. And I didn’t want them to take my home. I wanted to keep my home and keep working but they had me up against a wall.
I remember getting a call from a DOT official. He told me that it would be best if I did not talk to anymore reporters. And then he said that he was friends with the president of the bank who held my mortgage and was having dinner with him. "Do you know what I mean?" he’d said after those statements. But I didn’t know what he meant, at the time. I followed through with my plan to visit the president of my bank, in order to explained the situation to him and asked if I could make lower payments (just the principle part of the mortgage) until the state followed through with the purchase and then the whole thing could all be paid off. Within a couple days a really mean sounding thug called and said that my home would be immediately foreclosed on if I were to be late on a payment. This was shocking, because I had NEVER been late on a payment and had perfect credit. I had gone to talk to them, with the hope of preventing such problems. Than my mortgage was raised by around $200 per month, making things even more difficult!!! (Oddly, I had forgotten this part in previous statements. This raising of my mortgage payment, at a time when I was asking for help with lowering it, was the part of all this that was very obvious targeting.
A friend’s father had stepped in to help me and had later come to the closing, which is probably what made things go better than they had been. (But that friend’s family appears to have been targeted as well.) I was able to hold out until the closing, which took over a year. But it wasn’t over. After I purchased another home and had settled into it, the DOT had called to question me about stealing my rose bushes from the Loudon property. I should have taken them, because they were mine, but I didn’t. This was one of the small strange things about the forced purchase of my home - I had built beautiful gardens on my property and had plants that were important to me, but they would not allow me to take any of my own plants to the new home I was purchasing. Someone else ended up with them.
I later aimed to re-purchase that home, when someone told me it was up for auction, but it appears that the auction never took place, and after my inquiry, and after getting a copy of the DOT files, I was overwhelmed with another heavy round of targeting, which included a suspicious fire that raged through my Andover (Potter Place) New Hampshire home.
My name was Sharon Buck at this time - but I had changed it to Namatari Neachi near the end of this taking of my home. (I believe that I was being drugged by a woman who had rented a room from me during the taking of my home and that the name change, as well as one letter I wrote to the DOT, was actually a result of mind control. The name change prevented many of my friends from being able to reach me after I had moved.
The DOT taking of my home was when the rug finished being yanked out from under my feet. It hurt a lot and it still does and I cannot pretend it didn't. I feel certain that it was part of the targeting - that those who target me used both the DOT and my bank in order to rip my home away from me and attempt to shove me into destitution in that process.
In previous years, I had shared my experiences with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation taking of my Loudon, NH home. In many of those statements I mentioned that, through that taking of my home, I'd lost faith or trust in my own government. I should not have made such a blanket statement, although the way my home was taken HAD left me feeling scared and less secure. That statement did not apply to the WHOLE government. I sometimes generalize things too much when I am emotional and focused on releasing feelings in my writings, which is my nature and the nature of my original writings. My statement was not about being against the government, it was about the feelings, which the situation raised in me - it was about the trust that was lost. I cannot help what I felt. I would have felt the same way of it had been someone else who took my home in the same way. It just felt horrible that ANYONE could have the power to walk into my life and take away, either part of or all of, the home that my children and I loved, as well as my treasured gardens, my sacred sanctuary, my jobs, and my dreams for the future on that property. It did tear away some of my trust, as well, and I cannot say it didn't. I even felt concerned, seven years later, about where to purchase another property, in order to make sure that it would never happen again. But trust can be regained and I hope it will someday have the chance to be.
My statement about the government now also concerns me, because some of the dark part of the targeting aims to pit us against "the government" and visa versa. And my statements are honestly not about being against any level of the government and this is reflected in the rest of my writings where I actually initially even doubted people telling me that the government is doing all of the technological targeting...etc. I have stood up for the government around the targeting stuff, as I wait for the good in it to be here for us.
I have never been into politics or been against "the government." I actually feel that "the government" is not a separate entity, because it is composed of people, like you and I. And, as for the targeting stuff, I do not think that it is any more or less innocent or guilty than the rest of humanity, because many people, from all walks of life, appear to have been being enslaved and used (one way or the other) in the program that does the targeting.
I have been repeatedly sending prayers for government officials to completely regain their freedom so that they can bring an end to criminal use of the technologies...etc., and be here for us. I am still praying for that.

The Abusive Relationship; In the late 1990s my life was consumed by a man whom I now believe was both a victim and a perpetrator. That I let him into my life is something I feel ashamed of. This was not like me. I was NOT prone to abusive relationships. And this is one of the reasons why I wonder if I had also been being drugged during my time with him. I now think I was literally mind controlled into being attracted to him and even thinking I loved him, because he was not even the type of person I'd have been attracted to both before and after that time period. I have no feelings for him. I never really loved him.
On another occasion he’d tried to inconspicuously shove my hand into a running saw blade by pushing on a board I was about to cut, while pretending that he we was just trying help me by adjusting it. And the list could go on. . . He seemed programmed to consume and disrupt my life and put wedges between my daughters and I.
After ending my relationship with him, he sent another perpetrator into my life and weird things kept happening. . .like doors slamming in my house in the middle of the night, my getting sudden flares of fatigue, fevers, nausea, plants suddenly dyeing in my garden and home, birds suddenly not coming around my home...etc.
late 1990s - Dumped into dangerous rapids; A man had tried to harm me while we were white water rafting. The raft was stuck at the base of a waterfall and he stepped onto a rock, climbed out and tipped it over, dumping me under a powerful water fall that held me under the water. Then he kept pulling the raft away from me as I surfaced choking and groping for it. I nearly drowned - I inhaled a lot of water. We were rescue from an island by one of my neighbors, because I refused to get back in the raft with him. On another occasion he had thrown a 4x6 timber at me, through a window in my home. On another occasion he’d tried to inconspicuously shove my hand into a running saw blade by pushing on a board I was about to cut, and then pretended that he was just trying help me by adjusting it. This man was obvious a severe mind control victim who was being used by those who were targeting me. I was in a relationship with him for about 3 years, during which time I now feel that I was being drugged and brainwashed into remaining with him. (He was also the one who later told me that he was concerned about his little brother dieing just before my little brother died.)

Late 1990s - The Psychological Death of a Child; I worked at a mental health facility for a few years and worked with a two year old boy. He was having adverse reactions to psychiatric drugs. I reported this to the lead psychiatrist who kept trying different meds. I opposed it, because he was normal - nothing wrong with him. But the psychiatrist told me that keeping him medicated and quiet was helping his mother to treat him better. I was taken off the case. This is making a long story VERY short. Around a decade later I was told that that little boy had become retarded and was institutionalized. I am deeply concerned that these sorts of things may be happening to other children as well.

Around 1996 - The Unexplainable Brain Injury in my Daughter; My oldest daughter experienced the sudden infliction of a medically unexplainable neurological problem, which implied a brain injury, although there was none. She woke one morning with excruciating pain in her head. She’d lost motor skills to the point of not being able to dress herself or tie her shoes and her speech was slurred, as if her tongue was not functioning properly. (She was around 15 years old.) I rushed her to the hospital and test after test took place while she often screamed in pain and demonstrated completely uncharacteristic anger. There were also times when she screamed in pain, begging me to help her get rid of the pain. It was horrible. Tests for meningitis and a brain tumor turned out negative and the pain and vomiting continued, off and on for a couple weeks. Then it was over and she's never had anything like it since. But, since then, there are manipulations happening to try to hide this. My daughter has been brainwashed into thinking that it was meningitis, but the Truth is that this was the first thing that medical tests had ruled out before transferring to another hospital for more tests, which included an MRI.
She recovered from the physical symptoms in a couple weeks, but has not been the same since, in the area of rounds of uncharacteristic anger. At first I thought that there must have been some damage to her brain. But I now think that she is a mind control victim and that, because she was a heart person, and less controllable, they put her through that and have had more control over her since.

Late 1990s to 2001 - Unusual Chain of Deaths of My Oldest Daughter’s Loved Ones; My daughter’s friend’s grandmother, whom she’d been really close to, passed away and she had a hard time dealing with the death and was talking to me about it. And then she was suddenly surrounded by unusual deaths, which are listed below. It was like the gates of hell had opened up. I now FULLY believe that most of these deaths (if not ALL) were murders instigated by those who target us. A few years later my daughter walked into her co-worker’s apartment and found him dead. Reports said it was from his diabetes.

Late 1990s to 2001 - Daughter's long term friend’s mother was suddenly found dead with both of her grandchildren murdered, in Penacook, NH. It was reported that she had killed her grandchildren and then herself. I do not believe that this woman did such a thing on her own accord. I think all three of them were murdered as part of the sadistic targeting.

Late 1990s to 2001 - Husband of Daughter's close friend shoots himself; One of my daughter’s close friends got married and then her husband shot himself in front of her. They called it suicide. But I think this was all part of the targeting too. Her friend was shoved on meds and not well since then. I had intended on having her sing some of my songs for a "Song Writer CD". She had the voice of an angel.

Mid 1990s to 2000 Abusive Relationship: I entered into an off and on relationship that I would not have normally done. I had always wondered why I was with this man and I now feel that I was being drugged and brainwashed into not only being with him but also into thinking that I loved him. The mind control can really mess with emotions.

Mid 1990s to 2001 - The Dentists; In the mid-1990s I was referred, by a "friend," to a dentist who suddenly cut an un-necessary deep gash into my upper gums. At the time I thought he was just psycho and I never returned to him. But I now wonder if he installed a microchip. In 2000 another dentist was capping my upper front teeth and the impressions were lost in route to the dental lab, which was owned by the "friend" who had recommended the first dentist I mention here.
One dentist had repeatedly given me injections of Novocain that were not effective and then I’d experience a lot of pain when he drilled…etc. This kept on happening. (In the 1970s I had a dentist that was abusive – drilling into my tooth without Novocain and then complaining to my mother that I kicked him while I was flailing to get him to stop.)

1990s - Lost Medical Records; I also had strange experiences with a doctor, which this same "friend" had recommended. I now believe that this doctor was a severe mind control victim as well as being used as a perpetrator, because she had launched into weird gibberish talk when she tried to talk to me and someone else. At the time I thought she may have been on verge of a mental break down due to the pressure of medical school. But I've since read reports of this happening to mind control victims when "forced speech" malfunctions, just like what reports say had happened to Judge Judy.
It appears that my medical records have vanished from her office . . .as if I had never seen her. My original doctor (a good one) suddenly died just prior to this one being recommended and my medical record sent to her. Apparently I no longer have medical records! And I wonder if new ones have been fabricated, because I hear that this is happening to other Targeted Individuals. . .sort of an identity theft thing?

1999 - The Prophetic Dream of Public Water Contamination; I had shared my concern about a prophetic dream I had, which showed criminal contamination of the Concord, NH public water supply. According to my dream, this was being done by criminals who are working underground. Hell really broke lose around me after that. In 2012 realized that, in 2008, news reports stated that things like antidepressants were being found in around 24 major public water supplies in the USA. I do not believe it is from "run off." According to experts the mind control parts of Psychotronic/Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. (I have witnessed the Truth in this.)
Along with this dream I'd also had one which showed a woman putting something in drinks she was taking to a grade school for children. Shortly after that she suggested that I go to Peru with her friend. I foolishly didn't even suspect her if intentional drugging of children. I thought the dream was symbolic of something else and she told me that she had recently found bacteria in her well water. I went to Peru!

1999 - Attempted Murder in Peru; My first trip to Peru (in 1999) was with a group that had treated me so badly that it baffled me until over decade later, when I realized more about the targeting. But the worst of it appeared to be an attempted murder. While hiking the Inca trail the leader of my group was overly persistent with wanting to help me over dangerous parts of the trail. Aside from him I was the most experienced hiker in the group. I kept refusing his help, but he persisted. During the one time when I relented and took his hand, to round a dangerous drop off on the tall mountain that juts up above Machu Pichu, he suddenly let go of my hand - pushing it outward as he appeared to have tripped. Luckily I still had my left hand on a rope and had not been fully relying on him. The drop would have surely killed me. I now feel that his “tripping” at that moment was probably not accidental. This happened after I had dreams about water contamination and of this man's friend bringing contaminated water to children in a grade school.

Around 2000 - Child Roped in by Perpetrator; My youngest daughter was roped in by a man on the web. I now believe that he was part of the whole targeting process, because of the way he instigated negative opinions against me in my own local police department. This was a scary time, because my daughter was obviously being brainwashed and I had lost her for 24-48 hours when this man had taken her to a motel room. My X husband and I hired a private investigator to help with the situation and the man actually called my local police department and convinced the chief that I was the one who was in the wrong for intruding upon his life with a private investigator...etc.

2000 - The Parachuting Accident; Around the year 2000 I went parachuting with someone for the first time. The instructor, whom I was lined up to jump with, suddenly decided to take someone else before me, because that person was in a rush. After the jump, the instructor told me that his parachute failed to open properly and that he ended up having to cut it off and open an emergency backup while falling.

2000 - Unusual Turbulence While Hang Gliding; I went hang gliding on a beautiful day. But while I was in the air with an instructor, things got dangerously turbulent. Flights were canceled for rest of day. Was this a coincidence or weather modification technologies used to create the turbulence?

2000 and 2001 - Missing or Dead Pets; We lost three pets. Two of my cats were suddenly missing and my healthy dog suddenly died of a strange illness. The vet said her spleen had been twisted, but that there was no physical/medical explanation for it. (In the mid-1990s someone had made comments about wondering what I do to my cat just before our cat was missing and clumps of its hair left in my yard. this was the first of four unusual pet losses.)

2001 - Death of Jim Baker in Nova Scotia, Canada; A couple months before a suspicious fire destroying my Andover (Potter Place) NH home, a friend of mine, who was selling me a piece of land, was reported to have been found dead in his house near Berwick. A mutual friend said it was from a heart attack. I have reason to believe he is still alive - that his death was staged and he is yet another victim of complete enslavement - his death staged.

2001 - Home and Storage Bin Fires; I experienced a devastating, suspicious fire, which destroyed my Andover (Potter Place) New Hampshire home in 2001. I was in the process of selling my home. I'd closed on it, but had two more weeks to move.
Around the evening of May 7, 2001 I was on the phone with a man, whom I now feel was involved in the targeting from the start. I told him I had to get off the phone and go shopping. I went shopping. On my drive back from Concord, NH I suddenly smelt smoke in my car and even started having an odd physical reaction, as if I were breathing in smoke. This got so intense that I stopped the car on the side of the road, looked around it, saw nothing and continued driving home feeling baffled. This was a very odd experience - unlike anything I have ever experienced. I later assumed that it must have been some sort of odd intuition, but my natural intuition does not work that way. I now think it was probably technologically generated, by those who target me and knew that my house was on fire as I drove home.
When I arrived home, and walked into my kitchen, I smelled a faint smoky odor. I checked the basement, assuming that maybe the furnace was backfiring. It was not that, but the odor was unusual and strong enough to concern me. I thought maybe something was smoldering in a wall - maybe something electrical. I called the fire department to come check it out. Then I got concerned and ran up the stairs to grab some of my personal things, just in case it got worse. When I got to the middle of the stairs I suddenly hit a wall of smoke and heat. I ran outside to look up at the windows and saw flames through a second story window on the end of the house where my bedroom was. I frantically called the fire department again.
The fire took an unusually long time to be put out. I cannot explain how horrible it felt to stand there and watch it burn. I remember thoughts racing through my mind and wondering if it was my fault - if I had left a candle burning...etc. But there were a few odd things that surrounded the fire...
1. I heard that there were two other fires on the same night. And I am not sure if the first responding fire department, which took charge at my house, was the local one. I think it was not. As things seemed to drag on with what appeared to be no attempt to put out the fire, a local fireman, who was off duty, tried to find out what was happening. I remember him apologizing to me and frustratedly saying, "I’m not in charge here." Apparently they sent him away. It was hours before a pool of water was set up in the yard to extinguish the flames. The odd thing about this was that I had a large brook in my back yard, which the local fire department had used for a practice drill, to help me fill my swimming pool with water, just a few years before this. The water was already there and this was well known by the local fire department, whom they refused help from.
2. After the fire was finally out, and the fire trucks were pulling out, a police officer came to me and asked if I wanted him to call the fire marshal and have an investigation started. As I thought about it He said, "I would if I were you." And I agreed.
3. The fire marshal, and a few other people, investigated for a few days. The marshal told me that the burn pattern was suspicious - that due to his findings, and a police report, it looked like the fire was put out in one room and then restarted in another room.
He’d repeatedly asked me what was in the room, where the fire appeared to have been restarted, but my mind kept going completely blank; for some odd reason, I could not remember what was in that room, while they were there and questioning me. I had told the fire department, shortly after their arrival, that there was money and other important things in that room and had begged them to do all they could to save it from the fire. It is very strange that I completely forgot this as investigators questioned me.
The fire marshal seemed like a good man who had worked hard to figure things out, but it remained a mystery. In the end of his last day there he came to sit on the edge of my deck with me, and expressed frustration over having to list the fire as an unknown cause. I wasn’t of much help due to my mind going blank.
At the time, I didn’t realize that I was being targeted and that those who target me could have had more than one reason for wanting to destroy what was in that room, which contained my most cherished personal belongings; my clothes; my journals where I had logged nearly three decades of experiences and dreams; notebooks filled with over three decades of my poetry; the final manuscript to a book, which I’d just written on the subject of "Embracing Feelings" and avoiding psychiatric pharmaceuticals; thousands of dollars in cash; my address book - all of my personal contacts...etc. (Please read this article; www.targetedinamerica.com/psychiatry.html)
4. The fact that I could not remember things and felt so completely numb could be blamed on shock. That is what I’d blamed it on at the time. But now that I realize how I am being targeted, and that those who target me/us use drugs and laser beams to effect brain function. . .I think I was probably also being effected by at least one of these things through this time.
5. Shortly after this fire, another fire broke out in the storage bins where I had stored what was left of my belongings. I do not think this was a coincidence. Luckily my bin was not affected. But it appeared that it was intended to be, because the man whom I had been leaving, had zoomed back in during and after the fire, and was with me in Arizona when my daughter called to tell me about the fire at the storage bins. He had expressed that he’d thought my bin was in the row where the fire was. This seemed a bit suspicious, because of the expression on his face when he said it. . .as if he had done something wrong - given the wrong information to someone.
6. I heard that rumors were being spreading around town, that my house had been torched for insurance money. Due to the real estate closing taking place before I moved, and my canceling my insurance policy, literally days before the fire, I was not insured. Technically, I did not even own the house at the time of the fire. Even if my personal belongings had been insured, my greatest losses were things that were literally irreplaceable and would have had no value to an insurance company. (This same rumor was spread after another suspicious fire at my father’s place in 1980. He was not insured either. These sorts of false rumor campaigns are typical of covert targeting.)
7. After the fire I felt overwhelmed and needed time to sort things out. That time never fully came due to continued targeting, which included the sudden suspicious death of my little brother in 2002, after he had started figuring out that something was wrong. Within a few years before and after the fire my daughters and I were surrounded by multiple deaths and obvious rounds of technological targeting. The targeting has often vamped up when I start trying to remember and write down what has happened. I was being shot in the head and back of the neck, with some sort of laser weapon, and remained in physical pain as I wrote the first draft of this article. Both my computer and I were blasted with microwaves as I began realizing the patterns I list in this article. I felt thankful for the briefcase, which firemen had retrieved, through climbing onto a balcony and pulling a rug through a set of sliding glass doors on the opposite end of the house from where the fire was. (This brief case contained a few of my childhood writings and a copy of my first book - "A Lifetime of Feelings," which I wrote in the 1980s.) I later sent a thank you letter to the local fire department for saving the briefcase. But I now remember someone pushing me to send this letter while making me feel guilty for not acknowledging the "positive" parts.
A pattern existed around this fire and the Alstead flood disaster. This was the process of my blaming myself in ways that were totally unrealistic. Though I never remembered actually leaving a candle burning, or any of the other self-blaming ideas, (some of which could not have even happened) I kept thinking that I must have been responsible for the fire, through at least a couple years. I had even gone through a period of feeling worried that the investigators would blame me, although they obviously hadn’t and realistically couldn’t have. I now feel that I was being heavily brainwashed through this time. I have wondered if I had been drugged, but my condition seems more like technological brainwashing due to the fact that there are only specific things, which I did not remember, while all else remained clear. And the things I forgot were what could expose a criminal motive. I went through a similar thing after a suspicious flood wiped out the Alstead, NH neighborhood, which I’d moved to in 2005. Four of my neighbors were killed in that flood, which was caused by a plugged culvert and a stalled storm. And it appeared that I’d been brainwashed into blaming myself for their deaths. . .for reasons that were not even true or realistic. I believe that part of this brainwashing was technologically done, but parts of it were probably also due to things that perpetration puppets were saying to me around this time. My legal name was Namatari Neachi during the time of the Andover/Potter Place, NH fire and the Alstead flood.
Shortly before the fire I was re-connecting with parts of my family of origin. My father had come to help me as I moved charred belongings from what was left of my house. But then he faded out of the picture. I recently learned that his sister died shortly after the fire in my home. This now seems like a typical targeting distraction, because I was completely numb, while my father and youngest brother Kevin were getting worked up - thinking something was wrong and that the fire was set...etc.

2001 - Dangerous Hike in Hawaii; I had a couple experiences with being targeted in Hawaii. One of them inflicted injury that nearly left me stranded on a volcano. I had hiked out to a lava flow. On the way out, a man with two kids caught up with me and needed water. I gave them too much of my water. The hike out was extremely painful. I had done a lot of hiking and had never experienced anything like this. My feet were literally bleeding. I lost a few toe nails from it. I now think that my feet may have been being lasered. I was also a bit dehydrated. It was by shere will that I made it out on my own. As I approached my car rangers were angrily forming a search party to come find me.

2001 - Targeted in Peru; My second trip to Peru was in September 2001. And to make a long story short, it was filled with so many odd occurrences that they can NOT be viewed as coincidence. A man charging at me in a rage on a bus, looking like he was going to attack me. Another man appeared to be following me in Cusco and angrily glaring at me. A group of elderly male travelers rudely jolting me out of a meditation at a set of ruins. (This sort of thing had repeatedly happened on my first trip as well.) In Machu Pichu I was kicked out of my motel room due to it being double booked and had a hard time finding another one. . .and then I could not get to it when a bus suddenly stopped running, leaving me stranded where the only motel was full. (They set me up with a cot in a closet.) On the day I was to return to Cusco from Machu Pichu, the train suddenly broke down and could not reach us. I was flown out in the cargo part of an old helicopter, where the stench of gas was almost too much to bear and left me feeling sick. As I aimed to fly from Cusco to Lima, on my way back to America, the flight was suddenly canceled or late and I was rerouted onto another flight, which I was told was the last one to leave due to it reaching a time of day when it was too dangerous to fly over the mountain range that I was rerouted over, in order to catch another flight that would then take me to Lima. The flight was terrifying for all passengers. The plane kept dropping out of the air. We thought we were going to crash on a number of occasions. People were screaming and vomiting. It was horrible. Oddly, at the end of it the attendant, instead of apologizing, had smiled and said, "I hope you enjoyed your flight" Some passengers became enraged and yelled at her. Luckily, I got home safely.

2002 - My Little Brother’s Suspicious Death; In Dec 2001 my brother Kevin La Bree called me and said, "Something weird is going on around here! Pops is suddenly acting strange..." ("Pops" is what he called my father.) He had also stated that he thought he was being drugged - that he would pass out when he'd "not had enough beers for to happen." I did not know what to think of it and I was going through so many difficulties myself, that I forgot it. But it is now clear to me that he was starting to realize the targeting - he knew that something was wrong. In August 2002 he was reported to have died in a mysterious accident with a four wheeler and ended up being found face down in a river in New Boston, NH. Many people knew that there was something suspicious about his "accident" but, as they investigated, my cousin suddenly died of a heart attack. I believe that my brother's death was a murder and that the second death was also a murder set up as a distraction, because this is a typical pattern of the targeting and I’d had dreams forewarning of two deaths in my family.
Within two days BEFORE my brother’s death, a puppet had talked about being scared of his little brother dieing. And this is a classic type of sadistic forewarning that those who target me put out before executing their plan.
Around this time I had a dream of two empty graves and I now feel that my little brother, like my mother, most likely did not die, but was abducted and enslaved, his death staged.
I had called an old NH state trooper neighbor and sent a report to officials he’d recommended and then I was told, by my sister in law, that they were investigating my sanity instead of my brother’s death. They never called me to ask me about it. And family problems started escalating after this.
Around the Beginning of 2003 Sudden Onset of Unexplainable Physical Illness. For no apparent reason, I suddenly started feeling extreme levels of fatigue and mental numbness and pains in my bones. I felt that there was something horribly wrong, but many medicals tests found was nothing wrong with me. I now feel that this was due to heavy microwaving.

2002 and 2007 - Clouds Miraculously Part During Storms; I have had two experiences where I was out in the woods and crying. (One was after my little brothers funeral. And the other was during a tough time in 2007.) On both occasions the clouds suddenly parted just enough for the sun to shine in on me. At those times I thought it was a sign from God to let me know I was not alone - to let me know that the Light was with me. But I now think it was done with microwave weapons, in order for those who surveille me to look in on me. Weather modification technologies appear to be capable of not only parting clouds but also creating storms and stalling them....etc. And many other experiences has proven to me that those who target me also use weather modification technologies.
Around 2003; The Lost Garden ; In 2002 I had soul searched about what to do after a chain of painful and disturbing experiences. And I had decided that I needed to heal from it all before I launched into the plans I had for my work. I'd decided to finish resurrecting my "Embracing Feelings" book, which had been lost in a fire, and let go of my plans to create a formal recovery center, since it would distract me from my own needed recovery. I felt emotionally blocked and knew I needed to do something to open myself back up. I assumed that I was in a state of shock and needed a more comfortable and peaceful and private place to heal from all that had happened to me. (My Embracing Feelings book is now "Embracing Sadness" but it is not the same as it had been before it was destroyed.)
I decided to buy a large piece of land in a peaceful private setting, and build a garden. I had planned to focus on prayer and healing while I worked in it. I wanted to build it with my own sweat and tears, literally, and then open it to the public as a place where people, who are going through tough times, could pray or grieve and heal. I'd planned to set it up to remain a public property after I passed on, like a healing park that people could visit.
This was a primitive version of my original plans for a retreat/recovery center in a home, and it felt like a much better plan. Doing this was extremely important to me. I needed to build the garden for myself. And I felt that it could also help others, after I had finished it. I excitedly drew up plans for it. I had it all designed. It was to have pathways through trees and flowers and lily ponds that were shaped like hearts and teardrops and a statue of a woman in the center - one hand on her Heart and her face gazing up at the sky. At her feet, the point of a teardrop shaped lily pond. It was to have benches in little tucked away places, between vines, fruit trees, herbs and pampas grass, where people could find privacy.
It was a good solid plan that would have been as good for me as it could eventually be for others. My heart yearned to start it. I just had to figure out where I was going to do it. I wanted a warmer climate than the North East, so that I could plant types of flowers and trees that had not grown well on the properties I'd owned in New Hampshire. The ten acres I'd just purchased in the Adirondack wilderness was even colder and not suitable since it was on a private road and could not be opened to the public and was not as private or peaceful as I'd thought it would be when I purchased it.
I decided on a visit to West Virginia, where I thought I could find an affordable property that was surrounded by wilderness. Then my world flipped upside down again, with the loss of a loved one and then family turmoil and then my plans vanished from my mind. How could this have happened? How could I let myself be distracted from something that was so important to me? After yet another chain of losses I needed to be purchasing that property and working on my garden more than ever. I needed a long stretch of peaceful time in a place that contained total privacy, so that I could walk and pray and dig my hands into the Earth and cry when I wanted to, scream if I wanted to and pray out loud. . .only God and I in the beautiful healing energy of nature. I'd never needed anything so much as I needed that. But I ended up heading in the opposite direction and I now understand why. This is the saddest part.
I didn't know that, while I wondered why my emotions were so blocked, and while I was making plans to set myself up in a place where I could open myself back up, I was being watched by people who utilized satellite surveillance as well as laser weapons, that interfered with my thought process as well as my emotions. Around this time I'd had a dream, which showed a man dealing drugs in my home and I now understand what it meant, although I didn't at the time. I was being drugged, either through things I'd touch or through something put into my food in my own home. I have since learned that the technological mind control that is being used on human beings is more effective with certain types of drugs/pharmaceuticals. And those who intrusively watched and targeted me did not want me to be healing from the destruction that THEY had actually been causing in my life.
To make a long story short, they were literally brainwashing me and my life's work ended up taking the route that they wanted - the route that enabled them to literally suck away my energy and money and leave me destitute and even more wounded. Needless to say, this has been extremely devastating to me.
I am still being held in that surveillance prison. The targeting is not as subtle as it was back then – its not just inflictions that seem like natural physical illnesses and chains of bad luck, but sometimes painful tortures with laser weapons and threats to keep silent about it all or be labeled as "mentally ill" and institutionalized….etc. Sometimes they even technologically torture me during the rare times when I start to cry/grieve and this, on top of all the other things that have been happening to me, and people whom I love, has been literally destroying me. . .on the inside. I do not know if I will ever be able to recover from it all, even if the miracle of regaining my freedom were to ever happen.
I am now nearly sixty years old and trapped and destitute and living in a vehicle. I do not know if I will ever be able to get back on my feet and build my garden and have it be all that I needed it to be for myself as well as others. It appears extremely unlikely. But, in my fantasy dreams I work in my garden; I plant flowers and herbs and fruit trees. . . and I build stone walkways and lily ponds and a statue of the woman I could have been. . .and I cry and heal and pray for freedom. I guess my garden is not completely lost, because it still exists in my heart. But I wish it were real. I wish I’d had the freedom to do the things that I had needed to be doing with my own life, especially things that were for the sake of my own health as well as that of others.

2003 - The Fabricated Letter or email to my Father; In 2003, my father received some sort of email or letter, which he was extremely upset with me about. He refused to tell me what it said, (which was odd) but he obviously thought it was from me. At the time I thought it was something my sisters had jealously done, in order to come between my father and I. I now feel sure that the perpetrators were responsible for whatever was written to hurt my father and once again destroy my relationship with him. My email account had been accessed and then taken over around this period of time.

2004 Psychotronic Dream About Father; In 2004 I prayed for answers, after my father tried convincing me that something is wrong with me, and then I had a dream, which suggested that my father had been sexually inappropriate with me. At the time, I believed the dream and thought this was why he had an issue with my looking back at childhood events and was driving against me. This broke my heart. I cried for days!
Now that I am aware of the technologies that can remotely brainwash us and project dreams into our brains, it explains it. I now firmly believe that this dream was NOT a real dream, and that the vague memories which followed it, were brainwashing. And I believe that my father was also being brainwashed against me. I believe that both my father and I were/are victims of malicious targeting in this situation. I hope we get the chance to heal from it and repair our relationship.

2004 and 2005 Nashville Tennessee and California; I had a lot of targeting experiences in Tennessee and California in 2003 and 2004.

2004 - Cape Cod and Rear Axle Falling Off of RV; In the summer of 2004 I had gone to Cape Cod to meet someone who never showed up. But, while I was in a camp ground sleeping in my RV, I woke in the middle of the night by noises beneath the RV which sounded like metal hitting metal. I brushed it off, because I did not know I was being targeted. But after that the rear axle suddenly fell off while I was driving. The rear wheels completely seized up. Luckily I was not going very fast. A mechanic told me that all the bolts, that held the axle on, had been lose or missing. It was assumed that someone who worked on the vehicle had forgotten to tighten them. But I now feel that this was intentionally done to cause an accident.

2005 - Slander of Forewarnings; In June of 2005, when I first started putting out "Forewarnings of Disasters," which were being shown in my dreams, my estranged sister suddenly exploded into a public slander, on the internet - trying to declare me insane - "paranoid" and "evil." This was extremely unusual, at the time, not only unusual that she’d do such a thing, but also unusual in the fact that EVERYONE who knew me knew that I was the opposite of paranoid...etc. I had traveled all over the USA and to Canada, Peru and Hawaii, ALONE. . .and never locked my doors and left keys in my cars...etc. I was well known as being "TOO trusting" and fearless.

2005 - The Alstead, NH Flood and Drugged and Raped; Near the end of 2005 a flash flood wiped out my Alstead, NH neighborhood. This was reported to have been caused by a stalled storm and a plugged culvert. I now believe that the storm was probably stalled by weather modification technologies and that the culvert may have been intentionally plugged. I’d had dreams about this flood, before it happened, as well as others. . .and I now believe that those dreams were picking up on MAN-MADE disasters and that this is why I was so heavily targeted around the public exposure of these dreams.
I was actually in Texas doing volunteer work for Katrina and Rita victims when my home town got wiped out. After I returned to NH, a couple zoomed in to "help" me, because I no longer had a home to go to. When I got to their home my vehicle was boxed in so that I could not leave without them moving their own vehicles. (There was plenty of room for this to not have to be this way) While I was there I was drugged and raped and lost over a week of time.
During my week or two that I was held there I was also brainwashed into thinking that I was responsible for the deaths of four of my neighbors who died in the flood. I later stood up in front of a huge crowd of people, at my neighbor’s wake, and apologized for being responsible for the deaths - for not forewarning them, although I HAD forewarned people. This was in front of WMUR news cameras and a criticizing minister! This was NOT like me. (I flunked the public speaking part of freshman english at the UNH.) I believe that my doing this was due to being brainwashed. The whole thing probably baffled me more than them. During that time I was completely unaware of being targeted - I was completely unaware of the existence of, and criminal use of, psychotronic and microwave weapons, so the criminals had free reign. When I later reported the rape to their local police chief, nothing was done about it and the tire on my car suddenly went flat while I was in the police station talking to the chief.
I’d had a dream, which showed me being unconscious in a bed and a couple positioning my body next to another woman’s body with my arm over her, as if we were lesbians sleeping together. . .and then them taking pictures of us. I now believe that this dream was about what happened to me at that couple’s home. And I feel that the pictures were to slander me later. I do not think that they will even try to do this since I reported and publicly stated that I was drugged and raped there. Shortly after this the man who raped me died of some sort of cancer. Recently, as I look back over the situation, I cannot help but wonder if he was killed, with microwave weapons, by his own leader - if he was murdered because his raping me was not part of the initial plan, and had prevented the plan from being carried out. If he had not raped me I would have never known that they had drugged me. And if the dream was accurate, the pictures would have surely been used to slander me. Why else would anyone do something like that?
In the aftermath of the floods, there had been a push for media attention on me. Now that I understand some of the patterns with the targeting, it appears that their aim was probably to build me up a bit, in the media, just to slander me.
FYI; I have never been with a woman and have never had desires in that direction. But those who target me have, on several occasions, tried to openly lure me in that direction. It is too far from my own nature to have worked, so I guess they decided to drug me for it. I know that, in today’s moral structure, this would mean nothing to most people. But to me, it would feel wrong and this is probably why they were doing it - maybe just to make me feel uncomfortable. It’s been difficult for me to admit the times that I've been drugged and raped by those who target me. Sometimes I have those common dysfunctional thoughts of blaming myself. . .like I shouldn’t have gone there and shouldn’t have trusted them and should have sensed that something was off and protected myself...etc. But I have had to remind myself that this was not done under normal circumstances - they zoomed in on me when I was in a state of exhaustion after working in Texas shelters for Katrina and Rita flood victims. . .and the shock of returning home to my own neighborhood being wiped out in a flash flood - four of my neighbors killed and no place to stay. I was in a vulnerable state and this seems to be what they zoom in to take advantage of. It wasn’t my fault but even as I write this I wonder what I could have done differently, in order to avoid them and their darkness.

2006 - Unexplainable Physical Illnesses; And I continued to feel physically ill, although I’d spent a LOT of money on medical testing, in 2003, which came up with nothing wrong with me. In 2005 and
2006 I ended up in emergency rooms on several occasions. . .with sudden loss of depth perception, blurred eye sight, hearing loss, nausea, severe pain in my head and loss of balance...etc. Around this time, I had a dream which showed my illness being from a dark occult directing bad energy at me. I now feel that the energy is microwaves – radio waves.

2006 - Doctor Prescribes Wrong Medication and Then Flees Office; I suddenly started having odd physical symptoms that included slurred speech and feeling like my tongue and lips were swollen and falling while I walked due to miscalculation of ground level...etc. He prescribed antidepressants. I was shocked. How on earth was an antidepressant going to help those symptoms? I called to confront him and nurse told me he had just left - was no longer working there anymore. I now understand why - antidepressants aid the technological mind control and doctors, who are part of the program, appear to have been using all sorts of ailments as an excuse to push them onto people. Some probably do it unwittingly, but they wouldn't run and hide from it unless they knew they were doing something wrong.

Around 2006 Unusual Cataracts in younger Brother: I am not sure of the year of this but I feel certain that the cataracts were technologically induced and that something else was done during the surgery, something connected with mind control. I am sure that there are probably a lot of things that have happened to my family members that I am either forgetting or do not know of since so many of us have remained estranged since the early 1990s. Sadly, we have not been able to pull together on this subject. I tried in 2012 and it just seemed to vamp up the mind control targeting on all of us. They seem to have been convinced that I was just “mentally ill” and that the targeting was not real, which is part of the usual brainwashings in targeted families. We needed outside help, but we didn’t get it.

2006 - Attempted Murder on Saint Lawrence River in Upstate, NY; In 2006, I was aiming to photograph Light Houses for a series of gift cards and Poetography prints, which I was creating for part of my work. I’d shared this with people and was asking about how to get to a light house, when a man told me that some could only be viewed from the river. He offered to take me out on his boat to a few Light Houses on the Saint Lawrence river in Alexandria Bay, New York, which is where I was at that time. I took him up on the offer and got two great pictures. But something odd happened on the way back to the dock - out in the middle of the river he turned to me and asked if I could hand him his jacket (or something) at the back of the boat. I stood up and went to the back of the small boat and then he suddenly full throttled it, nearly knocking me overboard. Thank God I was able to grab something, which prevented it. He behaved strangely (very quiet and hardly looked at me) after that. Oddly, at the time, I did not even think that he had done this intentionally. I’d thought that he had probably slipped and fell into the throttle. . .or something like that. But I now feel that it was an intentional attempt to harm me. . .possibly even kill me.
This happened within a month after I had told someone that I was drugged and raped by a couple members of the occult I was being targeted by - it happened after I began fully facing what had happened to me and as I was aiming in the direction of reporting it. It was also after I tried confronting a doctor for trying to give me the wrong medication of a physical ailment.

2006 - Aunts Death; My aunt died when I was planning to go see her. Her husband worked for the FBI. He had passed away long before that. I cannot remember when. I wish her were here. I think he would have been able to help me.

2006 - Lupus by Microwaves; A suddenly got really sick and went to the emergency room. A doctor took blood tests and said that my white cell count and SED rate was dangerously high - that I was near death. Another doctor ruled out other possible causes with new tests and said that I had lupus. (I now feel sure that this was microwave induced.) Shortly before January 18, 2006 I publicly declared that the Lupus, which I’d just been told I had, was caused by harmful energy that was being directed at me from a dark occult. This conclusion was partly due to sets of dreams I’d had, which appeared to be warning me that I was sick due to harmful energy being directed at me. (At that time I was not aware of the microwave weapons, which I now feel it was being done with.) After publicly sharing this I was attacked so severely that it nearly put me back in the hospital. Around this time my business email address had been taken over and I was being heavily lasered while driving, so badly that they appeared to be trying to make me get into an accident, as I aimed to leave Clayton, NY.

2006 - Plagiarized Song Thrown in my Face; In 2006 I was in rental in Clayton, NY, and the thought "Turn the radio on" kept echoing in my head. I turned on the radio to hear my song being sung by a country music star for someone who had stolen it. I now feel that the repeating thought to "turn the radio on" was projected into my brain with a psychotronic weapon. Those who target me appeared to be doing this to hurt me, to anger me.
Around this time a popular book had obviously taken off with ideas, and even names, which came from my Personal Journals. One of my subscribers is connected to this and was throwing it in my face. The book is "The Shack."

2007 - Patriots Day Storm Hits Area I ran to; I had left upstate NY and rented a cabin on the coast of Main in the spring of 2007. In this cabin I aimed to recover from being extremely ill and produced and printed the first issue of "Sharon’s Bud." While I was there a storm raged through the area and a woman, who is connected to those who were plagiarizing my work, called me and asked how my foot was, directly AFTER my foot was suddenly, for no apparent reason, hurting so much that I could hardly walk on it. . .and there was no way that she could have known about it. And what happened to my foot? I believe that my foot was injured with a laser weapon.

2008 - Sharon’s Bud Publication Sabotaged; While I was producing the second issue of "Sharon’s Bud," in Portsmouth, NH, I experienced a break in of my truck, trash being left outside my vehicle door, my work being wiped out of my computer and disks and debilitating levels of microwaves. A lot happened around this time. Too much to get into. I was being hit hard and they were clearly trying to sabotage my publication and preventing me from getting help or support. And appeared to be attacking my daughters in order to disrupt me.

2008 - Psychotronic Attack on Daughter; My youngest daughter was attacked by what sounded like a cruel V2K and microwave attack. This was an isolated experience, which terrified her so much that she made me promise not to tell anyone, but I am telling it for the sake of her own future safety. . .and that of all of humanity. (It is the secrecy around these criminal technological attacks, which enable them to continue.) In that same year my daughter also suddenly woke with bruises, in the shape of finger prints, on the inner part of her upper arm. It appeared that she was drugged and raped while on vacation on a cruise ship. I believe that this was not the first time and that this has also happened to me on at least 4 occasions.

2008 - Death of a Nun who would have helped me; In 2008 I sent a letter to my aunt Aline Coache, who was a nun in Montreal Canada. (I was wanting to go see her about the targeting) and after a month or so of no response, I found out, through the internet, that she had died. I later heard that it was a very sudden fast moving caner of some sort, which appears to have started around the time of my sending her the letter asking for her help and if I could come to the convent for safety. I do not believe it was a natural death. I also think that this aunt’s death may have been staged and then either she, or someone that looks a lot like her, was used to try to abduct me around 2014 or 2015.

2008 I Try to Contact Old Friend Who Then Ends Up Paralyzed in "Accident"; As I aimed to head out west, after putting out the second issue of the Heart Bud publication in the Portsmouth area, my RV broke down. As I waited for it to be fixed at a garage a man, whom I used to know stopped by to see the mechanic. . .and talked about how his wife had just died. After that I tried to get in touch with him. I'd thought that we were both going through tough times and maybe could help each other. We also had a rocky teenage past that needed apologies from both sides. I was not able to reach him. And the next time I tried I learned that he'd had a horrible "accident" that left him in a wheel chair. I think he was targeted and is now a mind control victim. I now wonder if his whole family is being targeted, because his uncles business recently experienced a fire.

2009 - Loss of Brakes Near Needles California ; On highway 40 I suddenly experienced what appeared to be the microwaving of the electrical system in my vehicle and then the loss of my brakes. The whole electrical system went down and stopped the vehicle, which started rolling backwards toward a cliff. I shoved a block of wood under the wheel and called 911 for help that never arrived. This was after I had tried to report being drugged and raped at a driving job and had sent a sample of drugged water to the LA FBI. . .and after visiting a woman whom I now realize was connected to a group who was part of the targeting. I had the truck towed and a garage attendant told me that BOTH rear brakes had been "over adjusted" causing them to fall apart and malfunction. Oddly, he had me go in after hours, in order to help me through telling me that someone was trying to harm me. He said that, if he had told me as an employee of this garage he’d have been fired. I found this odd. But I am now concerned that worse may have happened to him since I have realized that I am held under surveillance by those who target me. They probably know that he helped me and was an important witness.

2009 Christmas - Hit With Anthrax or Something Similar; But I remember the general details of that time period. I rented a room in a rooming house in York Beach, Maine. Between the time of my looking at it and deciding to rent it, the manager told me that a couple of Navy boys had just called to rent two rooms after I left. As I contemplated another rental, the woman dropped the price down to an irresistible $50 per month. I took the room with the hope that a winter there, with the two jobs I was starting, could be what I needed to get back onto my feet. In my spare time I was working on my writings and often closed myself in my room for privacy. But the couple who rented the room to me began trying to interrupt and consume my spare time. Odd things started happening. I felt uncomfortable there and aimed to move. Someone at the little store, which I’d just started working at, pointed me toward an elderly man who offered an apartment for free. . .just to help me get back on my feet. This happened as I was aiming toward a room in a little ocean side Inn. I moved into the apartment, where I could have more privacy and peace. But I quickly realized that private time to focus on my writings was not allowed there either. The elderly mason man who offered it began consuming my time with something literally every single day. This was only a bit of a nuisance, since most of it was offers of help, until things started getting strange. I suddenly started getting a strange feeling in my feet and lower legs, when I wore my most comfortable hiking boots. (These boots later turned up missing after I realized that the odd feeling was only happening when I wore them.) He had left some of his clothes in a closet in the apartment, which felt odd. The closet, which contained a hidden door, which lead into the basement was odd. One time he had said that he wanted me to meet a couple of his mason friends and literally instructed me to say, "I’m his girl," when I was introduced to them. This felt VERY strange to me. I didn’t say it. He was like a father figure to me, but it was starting to look like he wanted a different sort of connection, or wanted other people to think we did. I felt leery after that. There were no interior locks on the apartment doors and he acted strangely when I asked for some to be put on. I left on the morning when I noticed wet boot prints on the entrance tiles. . .appearing like someone had come into the apartment within a few hours of my waking during a snow storm. I think I was there less than one week before returned to the former rental.

On the evening of December 23rd my lungs had a strange reaction to something directly after I had climbed into bed. On December 24, 2009 I worked through the day while enduring the worse type of pain I’d ever felt in my lungs. Later that night I was sitting in the kitchen eating when one of the Navy boys came in, took a phone call and then rushed out the back door. I suddenly felt like something was horribly wrong. I rushed to throw my belongings into my car, but was hit again, while in that process. The pain in my lungs suddenly got so bad that I had difficulty driving to the Portsmouth Hospital with my lungs heaving as I began choking up globs of mucus that had little black dots in it. I’d saved some of the mucus in a tissue for the doctor. The pain was so uncomfortable, as the hospital receptionist questioned me in a little private room, that I was irritated by here questions. I felt scared and wanted to see a doctor to find out what was happening to me. I told the receptionist that I was being targeted by a group of people. And when she leaned toward me to softly ask, "are they here with you now," I sarcastically mimicked her and asked, "Do you see anyone else in this room?" My statement meant "HELLO! Obviously not, since she and I were the only ones in the room!" But she probably took it the wrong way and I didn’t understand, until later, that she was trying to see if I was mentally ill.
When I finally got into an exam room, the doctor told me to throw the mucus into the trash can. She refused to run tests and seemed to not even take me seriously. And even asked me if I wanted to see someone else for my OTHER problem, which seemed to insinuate "mental illness." I left in just as much physical pain, and a lot more mental anguish, than I’d had when I walked into the hospital. But the chain of events in the next week (or so) threw away any doubt that someone HAD aimed to hurt me with some sort of chemical. . .most likely anthrax.
   Through the next few days I remained in a lot of pain, had a hard time breathing and continued coughing up globs of mucus that had little back dots in it. This was not normal! I had not been ill prior to this attack. But getting help was made impossible. As I talked to people about it someone told me that it sounded like symptoms of anthrax. But as I went to another clinic to be tested for that, someone told me that there had just been an anthrax exposure reported (supposedly from a raw hide drum) in that same general area. And then government officials, whom the second doctor told me to call, were suddenly so flooded with phone calls, from people who feared possible anthrax exposure, that mine got lost in the shuffle. They didn’t believe me. To them, I was just another one of the overwhelming fear based calls.
I now believe that this anthrax scare was intentionally set up as a distraction to prevent me from getting tested and helped. This sudden anthrax scare, right at the time when I was trying to be tested for it, feels like too much of a coincidence. This makes it look like I was indeed hit with anthrax. (These sorts of distractions have also happened with police departments - when I go to report an obvious part of the targeting, the department I am heading for, suddenly gets flooded with calls. . .and then the attacks against me vamp up.)
I eventually healed from it, but it was not easy and I suffered so severely that I literally thought I was going to die, until it started getting a little better. It took at least a week or two to fully recover. As I recall this chain of events, now that I am a lot more aware of the tactics of those who target me, my mind is filling with questions; Why would the Navy send people after me, and if they did, would they make it so obvious? I rarely saw the Navy boys. And had only seen one of them in uniform on one occasion. Were those guys REALLY from the Navy or did someone just want me to think they were? The more lethal parts of the targeting has been surrounded by so many manipulations that it’s hard to be sure of many things.
Since I have realized the scope of the targeting, and that it is happening to other people, something else has haunted me. In the town, where the "free" apartment was, people had told me that the woman who was there before me was an artist who had gone crazy - stacking things in front of the doors and claiming that someone was entering the apartment while she was sleeping. They said that she was hauled off to an institution. Was she another targeted woman who was less fortunate than me? Or did they make up that story to scare me into not saying anything about what was happening to me there? One of the terrorizing tactics has been to tell us that we will be listed as "mentally ill" or shoved into an institution if we go for help and tell people about what is happening to us. And they DO push hard for this outcome after we realize what is happening and aim to report it! But the thought of a woman, who was probably terrorized and falsely labeled as "crazy," has bothered me so much that I told officials about her and that I had a similar experience there.
I am not yet dead, not labeled as "mentally ill" and have never been institutionalized, but this is not due to their lack of trying. The targeting continues to harm me, in various ways, as well as preventing me from freely living my own life and doing my work. I, as well as many others, are being slowly destroyed. Please help us.

2009/2010 winter - Into the Light Book; After the "anthrax" thing, I left the store job where the mason man kept showing up. I never started the second job, which was in the same area. And I reported it to the local Police Department, but nothing came of it. I returned to living in my car where I wrote my "Into the Light" book, through the next couple months, in a frigid back seat of my car with blankets piled on top of me. This book was first called "Out of the Dark" and there has been much controversy about it being on the web. The address link to it has been changed and threats have left me concerned about getting in trouble for putting people’s names in it and being so blatantly honest about controversial subjects, although it is written in a sort of fiction style. When I wrote it, I did not think that I was going to live much longer. And I was not concerned about legalities or what people would think of it. I was trying to understand what was happening to me, through writing it all out. I did not have much success with this, because I had not yet realized the microwave weapon attacks and gang stalking methods. At the time of sharing it on the web I was literally fearing for my life and felt concerned that other human beings could keep suffering the same fate if I did not share my own experiences. (I was threatened into removing this book from the web in 2016. But I reposted it later.)

2009 - Unexplainable Damage to Engine Causes Gas to Pour Onto Ground When I Started My Car; I experienced the sudden unexplainable disintegration (melting) of part of the fuel injection system, causing gas to literally pour out into the air filter tube and onto the ground when I tried to start it. The mechanic found it so odd that he said, "There is no way that happened by itself!" He3 also witnessed something happening to my brake system. He was obviously targeted after these events. He lost his wife and children and job and other business and seemed to be going through hell. I do not know how he is now.

2010 - Advertisers in Heart Bud Publication Targeted?; I was putting out a free publication and placing ads in from local businesses, in order to cover expenses. Shortly after going to print I was told that one advertiser had experienced water pipes breaking in the ceiling above his shop. . . that another one had experienced being held up at knife point. . . and that another one was in turmoil over his father's sudden unexplainable death in a medical facility and unexplainable injuries to his shoulders, which he was having to have surgery on. This all now seems like too much of a coincidence. I haven't dared check with my other advertisers, to see if anything happened to them or the ones that have advertised since then. It all feels too horrible. I stopped the publications in 2014, after another advertiser was robbed.

2011 - I Collapse in Store; In the spring of 2011, I was yanked off the floor in a department store and rushed to the hospital, by ambulance, due to a sudden attack of severe vomiting, inability to see properly or stand up or walk. At first I had assumed it was from the water I drank just before this event. But I now feel that it was probably due to a remote electronic attack to my brain. The hospital found nothing wrong with me and it cleared up within several hours or so - by the next day when I was released.

2011 - I talk to a Reporter and then his son Stephen is found dead: I had begun sharing some of my experiences with a fellow author who ended up being a CNN news team member . . .and then suddenly his son was found dead. Another "coincidence" or another distraction from the public finding out about this? I think Stephen was a murdered but I have no way of proving it. I have not had any communication with John since this. It worked. How horribly sad if his son lost his life, because he may have been thinking about reporting my story! (I had actually not been talking to him as a reporter. We had been communicating primarily about writings stuff. He was sort of a web buddy - a fellow author from a website we both belonged to.) I’d had a dream, prior to this, which showed that "someone who is close to someone I know suddenly dies..."

2011 - Unexplainable Sprained Ankle...etc.; The last time that I had aimed for a bit of quality time with my daughters, both of them appear to have been technologically attacked in ways that prevented it. I had just started playing tennis with my youngest daughter when she suddenly sprained her ankle as she was walking down a set of steps. She had said that the injury was strange because she didn’t twist it and wasn’t even doing anything that could have injured it. She said that she just suddenly felt excruciating pain in her foot and that a doctor said it was a severe sprain. I now feel that her foot was lasered, in order to prevent her from playing tennis with me and to disrupt her wedding.
The last time I aimed for quality time with my older daughter she complained of another round of sharp pains shooting into the top of her head, her hair suddenly falling out...etc., and she went through a round of uncharacteristic bouts of angry lashing out at me about such little things that it made no sense. During her vacation from work, she was being prevented from needed time to herself, and quality time with me. . .and was being pushed into moving into another apartment through that time.

2011 - Woman Targeted After Offering Me A Job and Room Rental; A woman who offered me a job and room rental suddenly started having odd things happening at her home, including a broken fence, missing wood and missing cat. Around this time someone told me that a cat, which had been sadistically cut up, was found in Milford, NH. I never did check with the police department to see if it was the same cat. But it probably was.

2011 - The PI Plotting A Murder; In August, 2011 I was roped in by a woman who said she was a "Private Investigator." She offered to help me, but ended up being a perpetrator who tried to convince me that I had to "eliminate" a particular man in order for the targeting to stop...etc. This turned into a serious situation, that sent me running to four or five different police departments. I am being too tortured to get into all the details again. But I just want to caution other TIs about people who offer "help." Some of the darkest parts of the targeting are done under the guise of help.

2011 - Laser Shots Blocked and Prove to Come from Satellite; In September of 2011 I was being hit really hard as I began to realize the technological part of the targeting. I was cut off from communications with John Hall. My internet access was cut off completely as I groped for help, while being swarmed by an attempt to have me institutionalized. My brain was being lasered so severely that I was barely functioning. I used a piece of lead chimney flashing to cover my head and it instantly stopped. But the lead didn't cover my whole head. So it quickly started back up again, coming from another direction. I shifted the lead to cover the exposed part of my head and it stopped again. And this went on for a while, until the torture vamped up to levels that stopped me from doing anything but trying to survive it. I was in a house on a hilltop, out in the country, where there were no cell towers nearby. Common sense tells me that only satellite surveillance and laser weapon systems could have been watching me and circled around me that quickly. I have also had other experiences that have proven to me that the vast majority, if not all, of the technological targeting is being done with space based technologies. I was threatened as I started figuring this out. I was able to escape being institutionalized and have been struggling to expose this since then.

2011 - Painful Separation from my Daughters; The last time that I got together with both of my daughters, it was directly after I had figured out the technological part of the targeting and had connected with a doctor who was aware of the targeting. The internet was suddenly shut off - my daughter’s new husband, had completely disconnected it, in order to prevent me from being able to contact anyone as he set things up for institutionalizing me. I was being heavily tortured during this time. It was all I could do to remain conscious, at some points. Both of my daughters, with the help of the men they are with, tried to convince me that I was crazy. I am sure my daughters opinions were greatly aided by technological mind control which was probably also aided by them being unwittingly drugged. This was extremely traumatic for me. As I drove away, I knew I had lost them. . . .it broke my heart. Since then I know that they are safer with me staying away from them, unless they become aware of the targeting so that it loses its grip. I miss them so much and am scared that they continue to be controlled in at least some ways. I have tried hard to get help for all of us, but have failed to accomplish it. I am sure this has all hurt them even more than me. I sent them a little text, "I love you." every now and then, but it not enough - its not nearly enough for any of us.

September 2011; I launch into mission to expose the targeting and get help for all of us: I wrote several papers and many blogs and websites and many reports that were sent to officials throughout America as well as abroad. But I was learning as I went and was often being tortured and threatened.

2012 - Four Odd Deaths in Northfield, Vermont ; I visited a church and befriended the minister and a few members of the congregation as I sold books and looked for a room rental in the area. Within just a few weeks that community, which had embraced me with open arms, was stricken with four sudden deaths. One was the elderly man whom I had breakfast with. He was found dead in his field and was reported to have had a heart attack. This was one of the more extreme situations where people seemed to be being targeted due to their care for me. My gut feeling is that more of this has happened than I realize. Its horrible. Although a part of me wonders if sometimes puppets are just fabricating some stuff. But that would be horrible too.

2013 or 2013 My Step Mother Dies of Mysterious illness; My step mother had been seriously ill with COPD, which I believe is a technologically induced illness. I had exposed this in my writings and expressed my concern of her being targeted. Then the COPD got better. Then I was told that she suddenly died of some sort of infliction to her stomach.

2015 - Mechanic Who Had Witnesses Damages to My Car Has Accident; and Losses His business. This man was also used in the covert program and seemed to think it was good, helpful thing. So, he was a witness to that as well. He is probably either enslaved or dead now.

2015 - Death of Daniel Nadeau of Greenland, NH ; Dan Nadeau had been one of my advertisers in my 2008 printing of the Sharon’s Bud paper Dan had helped me when my car was disabled and I was left stranded on the streets in the fall of 2013. On February 28, 2014 I reported that Dan’s "Gold Buyers" shop was broken into shortly after he had agreed to sponsor the next printing of my "Heart Bud" publication. . .and that I thought it was part of the targeting.
Those who target me have repeatedly recruited (or abducted) and used people whom I knew or had been close to, and use them to perform a covert "rescue." Due to my experiences with this, I feel that this "rescue" (into a place they call "home") leads to enslavement under the very same people who are targeting us.

Around July 28, 2015 it appears that Dan was being used to try to get me to leap into his car - to "rescue" me from the targeting. "He won’t go without you," one of them said as this was happening. On one occasion Dan parked next to me and walked in front of my parked car then appeared to be sitting in his car waiting for me to leap into the back seat.

On September 6, 2015 I heard that Dan was reported to have died of a heart attack on February 22, 2015. This was confirmed, through the local newspaper. But is he really dead? The dates appear to have been altered in my posts and reports of this. And my February 28, 2014 blog post had been partially erased after his death.
Dan is the third, person, whom I feel is probably still alive although thought to be dead by loved ones and the rest of the world. It appears that staged deaths is one of the recruiting methods.

March through July 2016; Held Prisoner in Parking lot: During these months I was tortured horribly and threatened and my vehicle was invaded, books stolen and at least one printed paper swapped. Among the things that were stolen were my first printed copy of my Technological Holocaust book, my only copy of edition six of my Ramblings of a Targeted Individual book and a printed copy of the email I got from President Abama, which was altered and date changed on my blog.

2017 - Coincidental Fire?; On October 9th I drove by and noticed that a fire destroyed part of business, which belonged to the uncle of the man whom I believe was targeted in 2008. In the past month or so those who target me have been having their puppets say "fire." Is that whole family being targeted too?

   Of course I realize that "life" happens - that accidents happen...etc. But there is so much that has happened to me, which is surrounded by chains of strange and unusual things, that it just cannot ALL be cast aside as coincidental.
There is a lot more than this, especially since 2011, which has been the most difficult years, in general. But not much that is extremely obvious has happened. There has been more in the way of technological tortures and covert stuff, though. Its all become really difficult and I don't know how or if it will ever end. But I hope it does soon. . .for all our sakes.
Since 2013 I have had a lot of confusing experiences that I am waiting for a better understanding of. I do not want to unfairly blame anyone. The targeting clearly aims to make us blame our loved ones and other community members, including fire fighters, police, FBI and "the government." The sad truth is that no arena has been completely immune to the technological mind control and its enslavement. Many people have been being used against heavily targeted people like me, whether they realize it or not. According to my experiences the field of medicine has been most heavily involved with the targeting, but in ways that are less obvious, because its all done under the guise of help. I hold, in my heart, a vision of the Heart of ALL these places pulling together and standing up for all of humanity, including themselves. It has to happen. It just has to.

   I feel that most people, who are used in the covert program/secret society, would find the Heart to refrain from taking part in the targeting, and openly stand up against it, if they were fully aware of the darkness they were being used by, the ways in which it uses them and the long term effects of the technological mind control. Almost nobody, in their right mind would want to be part of enslaving and controlling fellow human beings. This a horrible holocaust and EVERYONE should be made aware and set free. And this is why I have been praying and begging for people, who are aware, to peacefully stand up and help inform every one of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement of humanity...etc. Please help spread the word.
There is a lot more than this on my Ramblings of a Targeted Individual bloog; www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com. More of my experiences are also in two of my other books; “Targeted in America” and “Ramblings of a Targeted Individual.” More information on the general is in my “Technological Holocaust” book. But I have not been allowed the peace and privacy I’d need, in order to do a better job with any of them. As I tried to do a more complete and better job with this book I have been being hit hard with periods of physical torture or interference with my brain as well as harassment about what to or not to write and its all just too much. I want to be left alone to follow only my own heart, but it has not been allowed. Below are a couple of my recent blog posts. My work site; www.poeticpublications.com

The Core Problem - the Technological and Pharmaceutical Destruction of the Heart of Humanity

God help our world, torn so far apart.
God help the people who suffer the death of a Heart.
God's hands work through our Hearts. We must do our part. Please do yours.

   I wish I were not so trapped in a threatening situation, and were not being targeted and had the freedoms and support that I deserve and need, in order to put more focus into taking better care of myself and doing more of my work.
My work is actually connected with, due to being seriously opposed by, the core problem behind all of the targeting of humanity. The core problem being the technological and pharmaceutical destruction of the Heart of humanity. The technological and pharmaceutical targeting of humanity is the most horrible holocaustal situation that humanity has ever been faced with and it must be more fully realized and all levels of the destruction, which it inflicts and instigates, stopped as quickly as is possible.
   The holocaustal targeting problem extends far beyond the few thousand "Targeted Individuals" that are aware and on the web. Most of the people who are being heavily targeted are completely unaware of it and many are suffering even more than those of us who are aware, because they tend to be shoved into toxic levels of confusion or distrust, doubt and misplaced blame...etc., which they direct either against themselves or others. People need to know what is happening.
   In general, it seems that the people who have the most Heart are the ones who have been being more heavily targeted or killed (at a young age) in ways that appear to be accidents or natural deaths, some of their deaths staged as they get completely enslaved. And others become mind control victims. It seems that no targeted family members are allowed to just fully and freely be who they were born to be and this is just too horrible to be allowed to continue or remain secret.
   Whole families have been being sadistically targeted since at least the 1960s. The destruction of our needed compassionate and supportive family structure and the suffering of every targeted family member, in various ways, is too huge and devastating for me to even fully describe a this point, but I feel it and it hurts beyond description. The Heart of humanity has been being destroyed and the whole world is already suffering too much for it and it has to be realized and completely stopped as quickly as possible.
   Many blame only the Government but the core of the targeting has been being done by a satanic occult and families of government officials have been victims as well. There is a lot of destructive hell happening, under the control of that core satanic force, both inside and outside our governments and it can not be stopped with us fighting against each other. If people keep fighting against each other, instead of realizing the core problem and pulling together to help and protect each other, that dark force will keep on winning. Please stop!

I beg the Heart of government officials, around the globe, especially the levels that are capable of protection from the technological targeting, to openly stand up for humanity and show that it cares and is here for us, so that trust and Freedom can start being restored.

God help our world, torn so far apart.
God help the people who suffer the death of a Heart.
God's hands work through our Hearts. We must do our part. Please do yours.

My Yearn to Get Back to Work
The targeting forced me to stop the core of my work, (www.poeticpublications.com) and focus on exposing and getting help to stop the targeting, so that I could freely do my work, without it being sabotaged and without my clients being targeted...etc. At this point, after nearly seven years of a heavy aim to expose and stop the targeting, I feel like I have done just about all that I can, under the threatening and torturous and deprived conditions I'm trapped in. (www.targetedinamerica.com)
I'm still standing, but they have my hands too tied and have been watching and sabotaging and hitting me so hard for so long, that there is just not much more I can do, and its up to the rest of you to help pass the word and/or allow this part of my writings to reach people who can do more to help stop the targeting from continuing, for everyone.
   Through these years of fighting to expose and get help with stopping the targeting, my heart has yearned, with increasing intensity, to get back to my work, fix the sabotaged parts of it, add more too it and do more to promote it; I deeply yearn for the freedom to do this and the privacy and peace I need, in order to look back through my whole life and finish clicking the puzzle pieces together...etc. I need to do this, not only to make sense of it all, but also to process my feelings, which have been imprisoned for too long. This process of looking back and freely feeling and healing is not only a necessity for my health, it is also what my work is about, and it feels horrible to be trapped in a torturous prison where I am not allowed the freedom and safety and privacy that my work and health requires. The "embracing feelings" part of my work is the most important core of what I am supposed to be doing with my life. And its what I should be doing.

So, I beg those of you who target me and hold me in this torturous destitution prison, to please set me free. And I beg those who can care and everyone else to please help me get back on my feet financially, so that I can take better care of myself, try to recover and do my work. Please send what you can to...

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

P.S. Its sad that, through all my efforts, for many years, there still appears to be no officials who intend to be here for me and help prove and end the targeting for all of us and America and the rest of humanity. I feel indescribably sad about this. It is still desperately needed. I guess I have just stopped expecting it and waiting for it.