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Microwave Weapons

   Those who target us go to great lengths to try to make us believe that the lasering and microwaving is localized - is done with hand OR vehicle held types of weapons. But my experiences tell me that this is not true - that most of the targeting is being done VERY remotely and in conjunction with satellite surveillance systems. Although there certainly are more localized types of weapons, ignoring the most dangerous and less obvious ones would be a grave mistake.
    I feel that criminal use of these weapons is the most dangerous thing humanity has ever had to face, especially the mind control part, because it interferes with and/or prevents our natural process of personal growth. And I don't know how it can be faced and stopped unless the FULL Truth is exposed. The effects are so damaging to humanity and the Earth's atmosphere that hiding it is not an option for anyone who cares about life and our basic human rights.
    Many scientists and other experts have expressed a concern that these weapons, which bounce radio waves off of the ionosphere, in order to redirect them to their targets, are the True cause of "global warming." Aside from damage to the atmosphere, the damage they can inflict on human beings ranges from physical death, injury and illness to mental malfunctioning, brainwashings - the destruction of our natural process of personal and spiritual growth.

    The best description of the basic capabilities of microwave weapons, which I've found, is in the following video of microwave expert, General Barrie Trower. He describes their use on humanity since the 1950s, and explains that microwave weapons have been developed into technologies which bounce microwaves off the ionosphere, in order to redirect them to targets. (This is how technologies like the Russian SURA and the American HAARP work.) It is reported that there are at least six of these types of technologies scattered around the world. And there may be other forms of them.

    On the subject of their use on humanity he says that a person or country can be beamed/targeted from the opposite side of the world. . .and "By changing the pulse frequency... of the microwaves going into the brain and interfering with the brain. . . you could induce psychiatric illnesses to the point where a psychiatrist could not tell if it is a genuine psychiatric illness or an induced psychiatric illnesses." and "Its very easy these days to radiate them and have them wind up in a jail or in a psychiatric hospital." and "You can beam people. . .to give them cancer, breast cancer, neurological illnesses. You can chose what you want them to get. . .the speed that you want them to become ill.

    In 1976 Time Magazine wrote, "Last month the U.S. confirmed that for some 15 years the Soviet Union has been beaming microwaves at the hulking nine-story U.S. Embassy..." This gives us an idea of the time frame of the use of these weapons.