My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Law Enforcement and Concerns

  Technological Targeting, Covert Harassment,  Law Enforcement and Concerns of a Targeted Individual.

I wrote this in 2016 while trapped in a parking lot and feeling very scared.

   The targeting is so confusing that its often hard to be 100% sure of anything while still being targeted and not having clear, peaceful time to figure things out. I do not want to unfairly blame, but I have had some serious concerns about what has been happening and that I may be in a situation that is more dangerous than I had originally thought. I have been feeling horribly trapped and scared and confused and I don't know what to do.

  In my personal situation there are two points of view
 - the bigger picture and the smaller picture.

   When I look at the bigger picture I feel that the technological and pharmaceutical mind control, and the covert enslavement program, has grown to holocaustal levels and is in desperate need of being exposed and stopped for the safety and Freedom of all of humanity. I feel that many organizations, including all levels of law enforcement, are often also victims of sly technological mind control and enslavement into the program that is used to target us. It appears that “rescues” into the covert program are actually enslavement and certain modes of "protection" may have been a sly enslavement. This is all a scary situation that is in desperate need of being exposed and stopped for ALL our sakes. I feel for them too.
   I feel that, on every level of the targeting, the core problem is technological and pharmaceutical mind control and human enslavement into the covert program that is targeting US ALL. The sly recruiting and enslavement into this covert program appears to have victimized many citizens, especially law enforcement and fire department personnel...etc. I feel that most of them would not join a criminal operation on their own accord. They are probably convinced that the covert program is safe and that the covert war is a fight for Freedom, although it is destroying Freedom.
   When I am not being tortured and am not too stuck in my own pain and fear, I can feel for people who are being used by those who target harmless people like me, especially if they are unaware of being mind control victims.They count too and they need their freedom too. (I feel that this same situation also exists within my family and  military...etc. They are not bad - they are victims of a dark force that has been targeting all of humanity.) I feel for them, but I count too. . .

On a personal level; I sometimes feel trapped, hurt, confused and scared. Since the sabotaging of the homes I'd owned, and my business, I have been being held in a homeless prison where I live in a vehicle and the technological targeting and covert harassment continues and gets even worse when I aim to do my work or get back onto my own feet in some other way. There seems no way out of my situation and I am concerned about what will happen to me, especially since there has been no safe place to turn for protection and validation.
   Since there has appeared to be some threatening law enforcement involvement,  and because there have been attempts to frame me...etc., I have a legitimate concern. There is a serious danger in those who target me having control over anyone who is in a position of authority over me, especially if those authorities are unaware mind control victims or are unaware of the targeting and its manipulations.
   I've had some good experiences with law enforcement officials, but also some bad experiences where some of them appeared to be part of the targeting. The worst of my experiences include the remote controlling of when my vehicle/home starts and for how long it runs. . .and my suspicion of a state trooper being involved in this and other parts of the targeting. I do not want to place unfair blame. Some of my experiences are too confusing for me to be sure of exactly what is happening. I am being so heavily targeted that I have not had the chance to fully figure it all out. I hope that it can all be honestly made clear to me someday. I hope things are better than they have appeared to be. But, I cannot help how I feel. . .and I feel too trapped and scared and vulnerable and unsafe.

   There is so much happening in the overall targeting that it would be foolish to only point fingers at the small covert harassment stuff, which cannot be clear or resolved under the constraints of the big stuff - the technological mind control and technological tortures...etc. I feel that if the technological mind control were genuinely exposed and stopped most of the little stuff would automatically stop happening and people from all walks of life would pull together and support each other and help each other to recover from what it has done to us. We are all victims, of various sorts, and we all need our Freedom back so that we can start Loving each other instead of hurting each other.

 I beg all levels of law enforcement to read this, realize what is happening, leave the covert program and let their Hearts make a peaceful, public stand for their own Freedom as well as ours.