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Technological Personality Swapping

 This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives.
Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
Its a matter of if you are aware and if you can
Care to help restore our safety and freedom.

    Our minds being read or controlled or worse - our personalities being swapped with someone else's, sounds like science fiction, but it isn't. Its not fiction. Various types of  technological mind control are happening to humanity and it is in deep need of being realized and stopped.
   There have been great efforts to hide proof of technological mind control on human beings. But enough is left to prove that experimentations, on the effects of radio waves shot into the human body and brain, began as early as the late 1800s with people like Nicola Tesla. Dr. Jose Delgado became famous for his demonstrations of remotely performing mind control through electrical stimulation of the brain in the 1950s. Those who use these types of technologies in aims to control  humanity are not advertising it, because they are committing holocaustal crimes. But it is indeed happening.
  Recent applications of these types of technologies can even perform things like remote technological mind reading and personality swapping, because it has been realized that the human brain is made of energy (like radio waves) which can be digitally recorded, copied and then manipulated in various ways.

In 1996 the Oct/Nov issue of Nexus Magazine declared; British scientists are developing a concept for a computer chip which, when implanted into the skull, behind the eye, will be able to record a person's every lifetime thought and sensation.
 "This is the end of death" said Dr. Chris Winter of British Telecom's Artificial-life team. He predicts that, within thirty years it will be possible to relive other people's lives by playing their experiences on a computer. "By combining this information with a record of a person's genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually."
   The article went on to say that they named the chip, "The Soul Catcher," and that "Direct human mind/computer interface... is surely only a few years away from being as common as using fingers on keyboards and eyes on monitors are today... Other more frightening applications include downloading an older person's experiences into a new born baby..."
    I got the above quotes from the research of Jerry E. Smith,* who also expressed a concern that these technologies could be used to enslave humanity. His concern was justified. This is exactly what has been happening and it has been happening for a lot longer than what is shown in the limited public exposures of these sorts of technologies. It even appears that technological interference with the human brain has advanced to the point where microchips are no longer needed since other scientists have learned that radio wave types of technologies can remotely "map" a human brain and make alterations to it from as far way as satellites or other forms of space stations.

   My family has been being targeted and experimented on since at least the 1970s. I have witnessed and experienced many odd things that could not be explained until I began learning about the technologies that are being used on us. Around the early 1990s I noticed odd personality swaps between my two daughters. This was so odd, and so obvious, that I went to talk to a counselor about it, but she ended up as baffled as I was. (This counselor is no longer alive.)
    After this the targeting vamped up on me so severely that I've not been able to give that dilemma much more thought. Now that I know about the capabilities of the technologies that have been being used on us, it clearly explains the previously unexplainable. I now feel certain that my daughter's brains were being experimented on.
   I have wondered why the targeting against me vamped into such obviously destructive levels around the early 1990s and I think this is the answer - this was when I noticed something odd and talked to other people about it. We have all been heavily targeted since then.
  There is some relief in getting answers to some baffling situations. But it hurts indescribably every time I realize the extent of the technological intrusions into our lives.
   My children are not the only ones whom I have witnessed these sort of things happening to. But  I am more concerned about the future right now.

   The fact that these sorts of brain altering technologies are being used on unaware people, possibly even (to some degree) on most of the population at this point, is the most terrifying thing I have ever had to face.

   With people like Dr. Jose Delgado believing that a human being "does not have the right to develop [its] own mind," and people like Dr. Chris Winter actually thinking that they can, "recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually," the dangers are immense and have been growing through the past several decades. Making robots with artificial intelligence is one thing. But those who are utilizing these sorts of technologies in sadistic aims to gain control of humanity - of individuals, families, organizations, countries...etc., is a whole different story and this is what has been happening.
   There is no doubt that those who target us can technologically interfere with our lives on "physical, emotional and spiritual" levels. BUT they obviously do not have enough respect for, or knowledge of, the evolution of our Hearts and souls..., to not damage all whom they intrude upon. Victims of technological mind control are not just being controlled they are being damaged on psychological and spiritual levels as well as physical.
   Any sort of interference with the natural rhythms of our energy fields can be damaging. Just the non intrusive presence of too many radio waves in our atmosphere, communities and homes has been proven to be damaging, especially to children. Direct mechanical interference with, and manipulation of, our brains natural energy field can produce immeasurable levels of damage. Surely there are wise scientists who know that they can not possibly know what the long term effects, of even just the mildest levels of technological mind control, could be. Others either do not care or foolishly assume that they know enough about spirituality and the human spirit/soul to declare that there will be no ill effects of technological manipulation of peoples brains. But they are wrong. They are VERY VERY wrong.

  Even the mildest levels of long term technological mind control interferes with and blocks our natural process of thinking, feeling, healing and growing into all that we were meant to be. . .which is what life is for.

   How do I know this? I feel it to the aching core of my own heart and soul. And if you listen to your own Heart, above all else, you will know too. This sort of knowing is felt in the Heart and spirit of every human being - it emanates through those vital parts of us that are being destroyed. Its that little voice that whispers, "Warning! Warning! Something is horribly wrong." Its that nagging, sometimes gut wrenching, feeling that will not go away until we are safe and free. . .but only in those of us who are not too completely enslaved. And this is the problem.
  I am deeply concerned that those who aim for complete control of humanity may have grown to such a degree that they already have a large percentage of the younger generations under their control. Babies can be brain damaged even before birth. And my gut feeling is that there is now a push to finish enslaving humanity's children - humanity's future.
In this process of technologically controlling human beings. . .the Heart and soul of humanity is being destroyed. . .literally! If things are allowed to continue as they have been, within a very short period of time the Heart and Soul of humanity could be completely destroyed and replaced with mechanical shadows of human beings. This is truly the most dangerous thing that humanity has ever been faced with and it must be immediately stopped, because it has already continued for too long. 

What Will Become of Humankind
If Not Allowed A Free Mind?

  You may be asking what technologies are used and who is doing this to us. Some of these answers are on my website, www.targetedinamerica.com, and some can not be answered because it has all been kept so secret. Much of this cannot be proven, at this point in time, although some of the brain damage can be medically proven. You will have to do your best to listen closely to the Heart of your own instincts.
   The technologies, which are being used on us, can include almost everything that transmits or receives radio waves. Which one is used depends on the desired results. And effects can range from mild brainwashings to a complete wipe out of memory and personality.
   My gut feeling is that both ground and space based technologies, which have been being used to enslave humanity, were built and installed under the false pretenses of them being for something good or to protect...etc. Most of those who build or install them probably do not know what they are really for. The covert operation, that targets humanity, appears to be set up in ways that use unaware mind control victims in the foreground of their operations, so that they are the ones who get blamed if it is realized. Think about this.
   Many people blame "the government." Many people blame the global elite...etc. Some blame aliens, which I feel is a cover-up. There are many confusing theories. People who are not part of the program want to find the True cause so that it can be stopped. But the sad truth is probably that the covert program has already enslaved so many, and has grown so big, that there is now some truth in most theories. The covert operation (secret society) has been targeting and forcefully or slyly recruiting citizens from all walks of life, both inside and outside governments around the globe. So please do not blame just "the government" or just "the people" or just "America," because they are all victims too.  These holocaustal crimes began with  criminals who have aimed to take over and control large corporations, government agencies and countries around the globe.  We are all victims - we are all in this together and we can overcome it through peacefully standing together. Instead of blaming, and continuing the covert wars, please pull together in peaceful public stands that can help restore our freedom.

Please Help Restore Humanity's Freedom

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*In 2012 I had purchased Jerry E. Smith's book on HAARP and its possible mind control applications. I had not yet fully read it due to being so heavily targeted and the fact that its focus is primarily on HAARP and the Gwen towers, although there are at least six similar technologies scattered around the world. . .and even far more advanced types of technologies, which can perform mind control. The fact that Jerry did this, in itself, may have been a mind control thing. (I feel that Jerry was also targeted and that this is why he is no longer with us.) In my initial years of research I was also being brainwashed into blaming only the USA. But my heart told me that there was a lot more to it. . .and there is. A lot of good information can be found in Jerry's books if you look beyond the HAARP focus and the blame on the government; www.jerryesmith.com
More may be added soon. My neck has been being painfully lasered as I write this. As usual, the article is happening a little bit at a time and posted in case it gets blocked. Something is better than nothing.

This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives.
Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
Its a matter of if you are aware and if you can
Care to help restore our safety and freedom.