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New Statements by Sharon R. Poet

    I get so much interference with my brain when I aim to write, that its is often difficult for me. I have started this page, of simple statements, so that I can share new, and reiterate old, ideas without having to weave them into articles, which I have already completed. Find more information on. . .

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God Wants Us to Live
   Last night I was again confronted by a puppet who appears to be suggesting that I give up my life, in order to save others. A guilt trip was thrown into this one, (this morning) in the form of a license plate which abbreviated, "Live to kill," as if my life is killing others - as if I am responsible for what they are doing.
    Does this mean that those who target me are aiming to harm people until I either go with them or die? It appears that this may be the case. This is a difficult thing to live with, but I am forced live with it. I have no other choice, at this point. I wonder how many other long term Targeted Individuals experience this sort of threatening pressure.
   This scenario is often expressed as a religious sacrifice type of thing, like what they say was done to Jesus. . .as if His death (and my death) would help humanity. . .as if this is "what God wants."  But, in my heart, I strongly feel that this isn't what God wants. . .and that it wasn't in the days of Christ either.
   My feelings about these sorts of spiritual beliefs have not changed, although those who target me seem to be waiting for that change. (Last night the puppet even offered to pray for me to realize that God wanted Jesus to die.) But my feelings on this subject have actually intensified; I feel, in my heart, that God wanted Jesus to live and teach humanity how to Love. (This was the purpose of His life.) I feel that God wants me to live and be protected from further harm. And I feel that God wants the same for other heavily Targeted Individuals. I feel that God does not want us to continue being hurt and  destroyed. 
   I feel that God wants the technological and pharmaceutical targetings, and the covert war, to be exposed and stopped, so that Freedom can be regained and recovery can begin. I feel that God wants humanity to stand up and save itself from further destruction and to find the Heart to openly stand up for victims of heavy targeting in that process. I feel that God wants the crimes to be stopped and our lives to be spared. I feel that God wants humanity to be free from all sorts of dark control so that genuine Love and Light can fill our Hearts, homes, religions and countries...etc.

   As for Jesus; I feel that God did NOT want Him to be sacrificed; I feel that Jesus was murdered, because the dark forces wanted ALL the power and control over humanity. . .and that the poor state of our world is a result of that devastating event. I also believe that the dark forces succeeded with the murder of Jesus, because His friends betrayed Him instead of standing up for (and with) Him.
   Like I had stated long ago, the same sort of scenario is happening around heavily Targeted Individuals today. And this horribly dark and destructive pattern desperately needs to be broken.
   I feel that nobody has EVER needed to die, in order to save humanity. I feel that these sorts of sacrifices of life are dark, cruel, barbaric and satanic. . .and that the cruel torturing and testing, which I and many others are being put through, is also.
   I pray for more people to find the Heart to openly and honestly stand up for victims of these evil crimes. . .and ultimately for all of humanity.
   I feel that God wants the crimes to be exposed and stopped so that humanity can regain its Freedom and recover. I feel that "God is LOVE" - that God is about Living - about Healing and Loving and Growing closer to the Light. . .and that this is what is needed for ALL of us.

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   I still strongly feel that technological and pharmaceutical mind control is at the root of MOST of the problems we are faced with in our world today. . .and that recovery can not begin, and underlying problems can not be honestly resolved,  until this is stopped - until humanity is Free to follow its Heart without interference 


Please help to set humanity Free. 

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 I believe that MANY children are technologically targeted until they get medicated (their brains interfered with) - the goal is to medicate with psychiatric drugs, which aid the mind control,. . .and when that goal is met, the children appear better, but are enslaved/controlled. (The same thing is being done to adults, especially Targeted Individuals.) For the sake of those children and the future of all of humanity, this needs to be properly investigated - NOT through medicating and watching the results, but through microwave detection technologies.

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 On Blaming "the Government" for the targeting; I feel, in my heart, that the targeting is being done by those who have been infiltrating America, and now have people whom they control in most places - in governments and organizations as well as common citizens. We should not blame ALL the common citizens for the ones who are involved just as we should not blame "the government" for the parts of it that are involved. Most of the people who are involved appear to be unaware mind control victims, who would not participate if they knew what they were being used for! Please help them become aware. And blame only the infiltration - the Hitler-style group that is targeting all of America as well as other places around the globe.

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   I have sometimes used this blog, in order to report the crimes, because it sometimes feels like the only way for the information to reach people who can do more to help us. Emails, phone and snail mail can be interfered with. I am concerned that the proper American government officials, as well as those in other countries many not have always gotten my letters and emails.

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   I have shared some articles and links, which make political stands, that I do not necessarily agree with. I share the articles, because they are all that I have been able to find for proof that mind control technologies do indeed exist and are being used on humanity.  My stand is not political and is only of concern for humanity, my loved ones and myself. . .no matter who is performing the crimes. . .and no matter who else is blaming who. It is sad that there is so little objective proof. We need more of it.

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   I recently read a book, by a best selling author, which had a section about an island community who served tourists and engaged in typical "gang stalking" tactics as if they are good and normal; a sheriff had confronted a group of college kids who were on vacation and had stolen a few lobsters from a local fisherman. They could not be arrested due to a lack of evidence, so the community decided to gang up on them. The stores, which the kids went to, suddenly didn't carry the products they were looking for. The air conditioner, in the house they'd rented, suddenly started malfunctioning...etc. Instead of openly and honestly confronting the kids, the community deceptively sought revenge on them - making their vacation confusing, difficult and sometimes even terrifying.
   In this sort of situation, honest people would directly confront the kids, saying things like, "I heard you stole my friend's lobsters and I don't serve people who steal from my friends," or "We want you to leave our community, because of your disrespect for us." This would give the kids an opportunity to face their behaviors and the consequences of them. And it would surely make them think twice about doing it again. But handling things in the deceitful ways of covert targeting merely inflicts more pain and compounds the problems.
   It bothered me to recognize the covert targeting being depicted in a "best selling" novel, which is influencing many people, because these are the same types of tactics, which are used by those who covertly target humanity in a dark program, which utilizes technological mind control on its members, and seems to have really recruited many community members, especially their business owners. These types of things are really happening around the world! They are even happening to people who have done nothing wrong. And NOBODY ever deserves to be harassed and terrorized. I pray that the covert program is quickly exposed and stopped so that humanity can start returning to honesty and Heart instead of staying trapped in the deceitful vengeance that is tearing us ALL apart.

Please Stop Covert Harassment
Honest confrontation, instead of deceitful vengeance,
encourages improvement instead of deterioration.

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A Scary Bit of Proof

   For those of you who need more scientific proof of what is happening, there is slowly emerging documented proof of the radio wave technologies that have been being used on animals as well as humanity, but most of it may never be fully exposed. Your own instincts may tell you more.
   I feel that there is much more to the Technological Holocaust than what has been being reported about governmental use of radio wave technologies, under the name of “Information Weapons,” “psychotronic weapons,” and “Microwave Weapons”...etc.
   It is obvious that many governments are utilizing mind control technologies for various purposes. But my stand against them is not a political one. I believe that private organizations have been secretly experimenting with using radio wave technologies on humanity since Tesla’s inventions - since the early 1900s, and that eugenics based targetings and remotely inflicted mind control have been being performed on humanity, (including government officials) since at least the 1950s. There is no scientific documentation of this, but my experiences and insights tell me that it is true. My instincts also tell me that a covert war, utilizing mind control technologies, has been raging around and within unaware citizens of the world. . .and that it ALL needs to be stopped ASAP, no matter who is doing what part of it.

   The following quote is a scary bit of proof that these technologies do indeed exist. I cried when I first read it. . .and then I cried when I read it a second time, just to make sure it really said what it did. Is it true? Sadly, it appears so. But surely, there are people in our governments who would realize that citizens have a right to stand up against, and stop, any sort of intrusive inflictions into our bodies, especially when it is being done to defenseless, harmless, non-consenting citizens. Isn’t there? Oh, please let there be.

    “Electromagnetic technology enabling remote control of the functioning of human organism is subjected to National Security Information law in the USA. And all technologies enabling access to human brain are subject to the same law in the Russian Federation. Under such conditions, the mass media cannot fully disclose the existence and capacities of those technologies and world public cannot be engaged in favour of a ban on the use of such capabilities.  The ownership of those technologies gives opportunity to governments to use them against individuals (and eventually against masses), without giving them any access to any legal remedy.”  ~ Mojmir Babacek

    In order to save the Heart and soul of humanity, even the mildest forms of long term technological mind control must be completely stopped, no matter who is doing it and no matter what laws are now set up to protect such intrusions into our personal bodies and minds.

What Will Become of Humankind

If Not Allowed A Free Mind?

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Examples of alterations to my writings; I recently found the post below altered and erased from some of my writings. Some of its dates of 2012 were changed to 2014. And my old address to Technological Holocaust information, (www.poeticpublications.com/zinfo.html) had been altered.

FYI: When I wrote the "Public Notice" paper it was out of sheer desperation and fear of what is happening. My desperate gropes for proof, at that time, had only found reports on HAARP.  So, this is the only technology I listed in this paper. I have since learned that there are MANY technologies, that can be used to target us. Please excuse my ignorance, and assumptions through the early stages of my aim to expose these crimes under conditions that were (and remain) indescribably difficult.

Friday, July 18, 2014; Public Notice Flyer;
As I aim to clean up some of my writings, I am noticing some unusual things around the posting of information about the Technological Holocaust. I’d printed a little “Public Notice” flyer/paper on April 24, 2012 and some unusual things have happened around it. My commercial printer (a NH news paper company) made a few delays around taking payment for it and then sent me a receipt that was dated a month later. After the original files were missing from my computer, (or dates on them changed) I felt that there were some manipulations happening, so I hand wrote the printing date on the papers - “4-24-2012.” (I had not printed a date on it, because my focus was on just genuinely helping to expose this crisis.) Some sort of mind control must have kicked in on me while I did this, because on SOME of the papers, I wrote “5-24-2012” - I wrote a five instead of a four. The address of it on some web postings had been altered. A USB device, which contained a huge chunk of my writings is recently missing on a day after my vehicle seemed to have been accessed, while it had been disabled for 5 days...etc.

The Public Notice grew from a paper I wrote in February 2012. Below are links to some of my earlier web writings. Though they are not done very well, and though I have learned a lot since I posted or printed them, they are what they are and I have decided not to alter or erase them."

Close to the Original Public Notice Paper;
www.poeticpublications.com/Public Notice 2.pdf
(Previous postings of this address had been altered.)

Original web pages, which had been altered and blocked;

FYI: I had printed the "Public Notice" paper while staying at a motel where I now believe that I was also being drugged. The drugs make the technological mind control much more effective.

P.S. One of the senseless parts of the targeting has been a foolish competition for who is the first to find and post information...etc., those who target me and infiltrate my computers must be in that race because they have erased things and altered dates as well as sentences and paragraphs in my writings and even on my files and pictures. (perpetration wanting to be the ones to expose their own targeting targeting!) I don't need credit for anything. But I want my writings to be left alone. This has all felt too intrusive and invasive. And there is a danger for humanity if those who target us take charge of the exposure of their own targeting. I have stated this before in my writings, but is has probably been erased as well.

   I am also finding other alterations being done as I again try to resurrect this blog into a more complete book. I found a heading changed from one statement to another - completely giving the wrong impression...etc. Through the years there have been too many things to list.

The Post below had also been erased in the book of this blog.

Most Terrifying Experience

  I was returning home from, running an errand, to find a police officer at the end of my driveway. “You can’t go in there. There is a fire,” he or she had said. I think that this was the most terrifying moment of my life - not knowing if my children were OK or not. I slammed on the gas and flew by anyway. It was MY children and MY home they were trying to bar me from! (It was a long winding driveway and the house could not be seen from the road.) There turned out to be nothing wrong - it was just the furnace back-firing again and my daughter had gotten scared and called the fire department. And it had ALREADY been determined that there was no fire. In looking back, this seems like this may have been an intentional part of the targeting/terrorizing process.

    This happened during one of the first few times that I had left my daughters home alone. The first time that I left my children home alone, my oldest daughter had suddenly started vomiting although she had not been sick and there had appeared no physical reason for it. I arrived home to both of my daughters crying and in near hysterics. Something had happened to them, but I never understood what. . .until now.

    I believe she experienced a lasering of her brain and that it was all orchestrated to terrorize both of my children. This was the first of two times that my oldest daughter experienced this sort of thing. Since I have written about her experiences with the targeting of her brain I am receiving what appears to be covrt threats to give her a brain tumor. This could steer belief away from the targeting, although this too will be caused by the targeting.


The staement below had been erased in recent editions of the book of this blog.
 "the town suddenly decided to ban bodies from being buried in my family's preexisting grave yard unless they are cremated." This is of concern, here as well as other places, because cremation can hide evidence of staged deaths, microwave targeting and the True identity of bodies. 

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   August 30, 2015; A screw suddenly flew into my tire on the road. This was shortly after A metal object appeared to have been shot toward my open driver side window. . .and after I had verbalized two previous experiences with something being shot at my tires. Coincidence?
   This appears to be a common practice in the targeting. It seems to be set up so that the attacks can be blamed on trash in the road or on being flung up from someone else's tires.

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Shade Trees Cut Down; There were three public places, in Portsmouth, NH, where I used to park my car under large shade trees, in order to gain a bit of privacy as well as protection from the heat of the sun. Around 2014 the large shade trees were cut down in ALL three of these places. Coincidence?

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Speedy Street Lights; Street lights seem to change more quickly these days - flipping from yellow to red so fast that I am forced to either slam on my breaks or go through a red light.

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Computer Access Through New Programs?; Since my old programs have been broken, and the new seem to allow perpetration access into my computer, I can't help but wonder, which ones are really safer.

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What Will Become of Humankind
If Not Allowed A Free Mind?

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