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Return to Wisdom of the Earth's Medicine

Return to Wisdom of the Earth's Medicine

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   The Earth's trees, shrubs, plants and minerals are humanity's safest and healthiest form of medicine. They are a precious gift that we foolishly drifted away from and now must return to for the sake of humanity's safety and well-being. . .and in some ways, for the sake of restoring humanity's Freedom.

   My first memory of using nature's medicine was when I was a child. I'd had a surgery to remove a tumor from the bottom of my foot and the incision had become so severely infected that the swelling was popping the stitches. My mother looked at it and said, "Lets go to the ocean." She explained to me that the ocean water would be the best thing for it. We went to the ocean and I played in the water and swam and had fun, instead of going to the doctor and getting an antibiotic and being confined to a chair at home...etc. And the ocean healed my infection.
   Around the late 1980s, after having two children who depended on me to keep them healthy, I yearned to learn more and launched into using plants as medicine. I was so excited about natural healing, and felt so certain that we should all be heading in this direction, that started planting and using my own medicine garden and was spreading the word to everyone I knew.
 I now have little bits of Wisdom, from when I did grow and use my own natural plants for medicine. And I have a few insights I feel that I must share. I hope they inspire you to make positive changes in your life and that of your loved ones.

Dream of Ancient Wisdom

    Our ancient cultures knew a lot about healing with home grown plants, but most of their Wisdom was lost, instead of passed on. This is very sad. But, thank goodness some of our less modernized cultures, like native Americans and other tribes around the world, held onto some of the traditions of the  wisdom. And we can gain more through our own intuition and experimentation.
  During my launch into using plants for healing I had an interesting dream. In this dream I walked into a cave to talk to a group of people who were very short and dark skinned and extremely wise in the ways of using plants for medicine. It was like stepping back into a prehistoric age and finding a treasure hidden in the Earth - people who know and wanted to help me. They gave me names of plants, in my dreams. I had never heard of the plants, but found them to be real when I woke and looked them up. Barberry and Lady's Mantle are the two plant names that I still remember coming to me in those dreams, but I don't remember the details or any others. Sadly, my documentation of my dreams was lost in a fire in 2001. This was a huge loss for me, because I had the plan of gathering them into a book to share. But all is not lost.
   The dreams were to help me return to the the Wisdom of the Earth's natural medicine, instead of using pharmaceuticals. And I feel that this returning to the Wisdom of the Earth's Medicine is needed for, not only myself, but also for the health and well-being of all of humanity. And the Wisdom of the Earth's Medicine can be regained through many people's dreams, instincts and experiments with using plants as medicine.

Vision of Healing Gardens

   Around the year 2002, after sustaining a chain of losses, I had prayed for answers on what I should do next in my life. And a deep yearning grew from the depths of my heart and soul to build at least one garden for the purpose of healing. These gardens were to be places for prayer and meditation and inner healing as well as for physical healing. I'd wanted to build them all over the world, as part of a chain of Recovery Centers, (or Healing Centers) using the profits from my writings and other works to fund them. At that time I only had the money to create one, on a single country home type of property. So I started designing the garden and looking for a property.
   My intention was to live there, build the garden and then leave it for public use in my will. Due to a chain of extreme difficulties, I have not had the chance to do even just that one garden, and this saddens me tremendously. Building the garden was not totally a selfless aim to help humanity, on my part. I needed that garden too. I deeply needed it then and I need it even more now. The building of it, as well as the utilization of it, would have been healing for me.
   At this point in time, I am literally homeless and destitute. I am struggling to retain the hope that things will get better for me and I will be able to recover my losses and build at least one healing garden. This is not possible, at this point, but I am still holding the vision for others. . .

   In my vision of a healthy world, every person, who can, grows their own medicinal garden, either in planted pots and window boxes or out on their own land, and public medicinal gardens exist in every possible community for people who can not grow all that they need. Parts of public properties, like parks and old County Farm facilities and prison properties could be used for growing medicinal plants, shrubs and trees.

   I hope my vision inspires people to take responsibility for their own health and well-being and grow as much of their own medicine as is possible, even if it is only in planted pots on window sills. I hope most people do this for the sake of their own health and well-being as well as that of their loved ones.  And I hope my vision inspires the creation of public medicinal gardens all over the world. Humanity needs them and should have them in every possible community. And the plant medicine should be free for all who need it. Please help this become a reality. Please, if you can.

Growing and Freely Sharing vs. Depleting

They are not pesky weeds.
We should let them grow
And eat their leaves.

    Some people have been concerned about humanity returning to using primarily plants for medicine, because they think it could cause mass destruction of forests and the depletion of the Earth's plants. I understand the concern. But this will not happen if the problem of large companies gathering and distributing plants for profit were taken out of the equation, and people took responsibility for their own health care and their own growing of their own. People growing their own medicinal plants, instead of buying them from companies that profit from them, would solve the problem of forest destruction as well as possible corruption, and this is what should be happening. 

No one should be profiting from the Earth's Medicine, because it is a necessity for the sake of humanity's health and safety. The Earth's medicine was freely given to humanity and it should be freely grown and shared...producing an abundance for everyone. 

   We should be focusing on propagation of old medicinal plants that already exist. And we should begin with heaviest use of only that which is most abundant. My gut feeling is that many different plants help or heal in the same ways and we do not have to travel to the other side of the world to get what we need. For example; a unique variety, that exists only in one part of one country, does not have to be shipped all over the world, because there are other plants, in other parts of the world, that do the same things. The distribution of the Earth's Medicine was already done for us and it was done perfectly. We already have all that we need, especially if there becomes more of a focus on eliminating the things that inflict illnesses and start saving plant parts that have been being destroyed out of a lack of awareness of their value.
   Many healing plants are already here in abundance. Dandelions are one of the abundant medicines that all people should become aware of, so they can stop thinking of them as pesky weeds, start letting them multiply and start eating their leaves. We should be using them instead of killing them or throwing them away. Pine Trees are another example of an abundant medicine. Most people do not know how healing pine needle tea is, but they should. If enough people knew the value of such plants, and were encouraged to use them they'd even start saving and freely sharing that which is normally destroyed during things like lawn maintenance and the harvesting of Pine trees for lumber.

When we start saving what we usually destroy, we'll start 
having large supplies of many types of safe and healthy medicine.

    If everyone who can starts planting, propagating and freely sharing their own medicinal plants the world will have far more and not less.

Solutions exist and can be applied for any possible problems that may concern people. I feel that returning to using natural plants for our primary source of medicine is something that must be done for the sake of health and safety as quickly as possible.

Freedom From Inflicted Illnesses 
   Many illnesses are obviously caused by our bodies reaction to either a lack of things it needs or the inflictions of things that cause harm. Aside from the usual, diet and exercise that most of us are aware can improve health, there are four primary things, which I believe cause a lot of illnesses in humanity. The first step toward becoming free of them is to realize what they are and what they have been doing to us. And the last step is to clear them out of our bodies and environments and replace them with what supports good health and safety from harm.

 Our bodies are actually capable of healing themselves, when
we are healthy and nothing is preventing the healing process.

1. A lack of raw plant foods in our diet. Our lack of Wisdom, when it comes to edible plants causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies and this leaves us more susceptible to becoming physically ill. Adding more raw plant foods to our diets, preferably from our own home grown plants, is the solution to this problem. Most of us should be eating more fresh raw leaves as well as more home grown fruits vegetables and nuts.
 Many Earth Medicines are foods and we should not wait until we are sick to 
eat them, because its through eating them that we can avoid getting sick.
2. The consumption of pharmaceuticals: Many of the pharmaceuticals, that can cure one thing, actually harm us in other ways. And I strongly feel that many pharmaceuticals, even some over the counter ones, harm us in ways that none of us are aware of. (I share more about this in the next section.)

3. Various types of parasites and organisms; There are parasites and organisms that most of us do not even know exist in our bodies. And when our bodies do not having enough of the right nutrients, they can multiply and cause illness. We should learn more about, and consume more of, the plants that can prevent and cure various types of parasite infestations. Raw organic Garlic, Ginger, Apple, Barberry and Sage are just a few of the plants that can help some of the parasite problems.

4. Over exposure to radio waves, like WIFI...etc.; We have flooded our communities, homes and businesses with radio waves, shot down from satellites and shor from cell towers, for the purpose of internet access and cell phone coverage. And I feel that this has been extremely unhealthy for us, especially for children. For the sake of our health, especially that of our children, we should stop radio waves from flooding our whole communities and restrict them to only certain areas.
  Unfortunately there has also been some criminal use of radio wave technologies, which has been inflicting people with illnessess and this must be stopped. (Please read the Technological Holocaust book by Sharon R. Poet for more information on radio wave targeting.)

If we want to stay healthy we must stop using things that hurt us and replace them with things that are good for us.

We really should be doing everything in our power to free ourselves and our environments, from things that harm us, so that we can be more healthy and less in need of any types of medicine.

Our bodies are actually capable of healing themselves, when we are healthy and nothing is preventing the healing process. We will not need huge amounts of medicine after we free ourselves from things that inflict illnesses.

 Medicinal Plants vs. Pharmaceuticals 

    My instincts have told me that a lot of pharmaceuticals cause types of harm that are not known by anyone...not even the scientists who created them or the scientists who tested them for us. Human beings are extremely complex. Life, and much of the miracle of our body's healing capabilities, are still a mystery. We do not know every aspect of exactly how human beings function and so we can not know all of the effects that man made chemicals can have on us. This is just common sense. 
   But we do not have to worry about this with the medicines that are already provided for us in nature. Plants were perfectly made, for the purpose of helping us to remain healthy. They can not be improved upon and will not harm us when we use them wisely. Why did we sway so far away from what Nature provides for us? To think that we can do better than Nature is like thinking that we can do better than God. How foolish and arrogant we are sometimes!  
    There has not been many objective scientific studies on using raw natural plants as medicine. But we must not let this stop us, because we can use the information that is available us and then listen closely to the Heart of our own instincts.
   There are massive numbers of pharmaceuticals that help with one ailment while damaging some other part of our body and creating another illness. It is good that the government has required them to openly list the harmful side effects. This is done for good reason. People need to know that they are harmful. But then the ads show sweet, peaceful, fun or loving scenes while listing the harms, and this is a danger because the impact of the visual (which says they are good) can be stronger than the words, which say they can harm. This seems like a brainwashing technique, to me.   
    I feel that there are many good doctors and scientists who chose to work in the field of medicine out of a Heart felt yearn to help people. I’m sure there are many doctors who have nothing but good intentions. However, most of them have been train to use pharmaceuticals instead of raw and natural plants for healing.

   Deep down in the depths of our Hearts and souls we know what is best for us. We were born with a sensing capability. Hopefully most of us have retained it and it is not being blocked by the types of pharmaceuticals that have this effect. When our instincts are being blocked we must do our best to free ourselves from what blocks them. Being able to tune into our instincts is extremely important in all aspects of life, not just with things that lack scientific or physical proof.
   There are many pharmaceuticals that are known to numb the brain and interfere with (sometimes even completely block) people's ability to feel and sense and intuit. This is not listed as a harmful side effect, but it is a serious one. Many psychiatric drugs fall into this brain numbing and instinct blocking category and huge amounts of people take them on a regular basis, even children, which deeply concerns me.
    The damaging over-use of pharmaceuticals is evident in the problem we have with the brain and sense numbing types even ending up in both public and bottled drinking water. This was reported by CNN and AMC news channels around the year 2008. (I personally feel that there is more to this problem, but that's another story.) This is a critical problem where even those who do not choose to take the pharmaceuticals are getting them, including children. If this disaster does not help initiate a more quickly growing movement toward humanity's return to the Earth's perfectly safe and healthy medicinal plants, instead of using pharmaceuticals, there is something too horribly wrong and it probably is that too many of us have been rendered too numb to even sense the problem or care to do anything about stopping it.  
    Returning to using primarily natural plants as medicine can help save our planet as well as us, because plants do not contaminate anything - when unused parts are discarded they become healthy fertilizer for their growing buddies. They will not pollute our drinking water, like pharmaceuticals have.
     I guess brain numbing and sense blocking has not been perceived as a harmful side effect but it is a seriously debilitating one. How can we properly grow and evolve into all that we were born to be, and how can we navigate our lives without full use of our natural feelings and ability to tune into our natural instincts? We can't. Sadly, we can't. 

The absolute truth is that using plants for medicine is safer than anything else. We just must use them wisely. We just have to use our own common sense and instincts and avoid discouraging misinformation until more Wisdom is gained and known by all.

Bit of Wisdom From My Use of the Earth's Medicine
    I'm not an expert or an herbalist I have this tiny bit of wisdom from direct experience with using plants for medicine. I hope this helps in the process of regaining and sharing the Wisdom of using the Earths medicine, for the prevention and healing of illnesses.
   This list only contains a few of the natural medicines. This is not a complete guide. There are many more medicinal plants, and I'm sure that the ones I list here can do far more than what I have experienced. I just hope this hint of wisdom inspires you to grow and use your own medicinal plants. If you are inspired there are many books available on this subject at libraries and book stores.

Many Earth Medicines are foods and we should not wait until we are sick 
to eat them, because its through eating them that we can avoid getting sick.

Aloe Vera: itching, burns, cuts, infections, insect bites...etc. I used to keep an aloe plant in my home. And I dabbed the gel, from inside the leaf, onto insect bites. This worked well on my children and I and it just takes a second to pinch off the tip of a leaf to use. I also found it soothing for burns. Aloe plants are easy to grow indoors. Everyone should have at least one.

Apple: digestive difficulties, intestinal parasites...etc.  "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" was said for a good reason! (Think about it.) I have done three day apple juice fasts and it was very effective for digestive problems and intestinal parasites. I feel sure that Apples truly can prevent a lot of illnesses. What do yours say? I feel that every yard should have at least two apple trees. And they are so pretty when they bloom in the Spring!

Apple Cider Vinegar: bladder infection, vaginal infection, urinary tract infection, itching...etc.
    I've taken a two ounce shot of Apple Cider vinegar to stop the pain of a bladder infection and it worked within about fifteen minutes. I did this three times a day, for about two or three days, and it completely cured a sever bladder and urinary tract infection.
   I've used it in children's baths as well as dabbing it on their skin for Chicken Pocks and it seemed to work well. I, and many other women have successfully used a mixture of Apple Cider vinegar and water to cure vaginal infections. (I found this very successful with water and Apple Cider vinegar mixed about half and half.)

Barberry: parasites...etc. I was given the name of this plant in a dream around the beginning of the 1990s and I am not sure why, but am sure that it has great medicinal properties. I have, however found the listings of these properties different in different books, and have not had the chance to fully figure it out for myself. But I think it may be good for certain types of malnutrition and appears to have been good for certain types of parasites that live in fat or muscle tissue.

Basil: I have not used Basil to heal anything, but I've eaten the raw leaves, just instinctually knowing that it was good for me and that I needed it. I'm sure it has helped me in ways that I do not even realize. I love Pesto. Its one of the things that my body has sometimes craved and then I feel like I can't get enough of it. Pesto is simple to make with a food processor. I've substituted the Pine Nuts for Walnuts and it is still very good.

Calendula: impetigo...etc. I gave store bought Calendula ointment to a friend for a child's case of Impetigo, and she told me that it completely cured it. The herbal curing probably took a bit longer than an antibiotic, but I'm sure it was healthier for the child. I feel that it would have worked faster if I had used the raw plant directly on her skin.

Carrot Juice: poor eye site...etc. Around the year 2002 I drank a four to six ounce glass of fresh raw carrot juice, (straight from my juicer.) every day, for about a month. In that month I went from having to wear glasses to not having to for even really small print. It was amazing how well it worked.

Chamomile: stress, intestinal parasites...etc. I have found Chamomile tea very soothing.

Chives: I have not used Chives to heal anything, but I feel certain it can and that it helped me in ways that I do not cognitively realize, as I ate the leaves, when I felt a need to. I sometimes grabbed a leaf and chewed on it as I walked by. I've also cut Chive leaves into about half inch lengths and sprinkled them into garden salads and potato salads. They have a mild onion-type flavor.

Dandelion: I have not used it to heal anything, but I've eaten the raw leaves, just instinctually knowing that it was good for me and that I needed it.

Essiac Formula: lupus, radiation illness...etc. In late 2006, I was diagnosed with lupus and doctors told me that my SED rate was so high that I was “near death” and should be put on chemo therapy. I refused the chemo, strongly feeling that it would not be good for me. I purchased the dried and preserved form of the four plants that were used in the original Essiac formula, and followed the original recipe, preparing it myself. I took it for between four and seven days. (Sorry, I can’t remember exactly how long I took it.) And I got better. I did not die and I stayed better. It is now the year 2019 and I’ve not been tested, but I can feel that my SED rate is at least close to normal, and certainly not as high as it was in 2006. I'd be really sick and know it if it were.
   This experience taught me that the plants in Essiac truly helps to heal, not only lupus, but also certain types of radiation illness, which I feel was the root cause of my case of lupus. I also believe that the radiation is the root cause of many cancers and other illnesses. Some radio waves, (microwaves) are stronger then the ones that flood our communities for WIFI, and can cause harm, sadly, sometimes even intentionally.

Garlic: sore throat, colds, ear infection, nose congestion, lung congestion, digestion problems, other infections, flu, intestinal parasites, malnutrition,...etc. (I find the old small and organic garlic more effective.) I have successfully used Garlic for all of these things. Eating a lot of raw garlic helps to repel insects like mosquito's. I found garlic most effective when I ate it raw. The hotness can be greatly curbed when it is finely chopped or minced and put into already cooked eggs, pasta, soup or sandwiches...etc. I have covered a piece of bread with four cloves of garlic, thinly sliced, and then topped it with tabouli and did not notice the hot flavor. It was delicious. In some ways, garlic has probably saved my life. 
    My oldest daughter had repeated ear infections when she was in grade school. I tried a prescribed antibiotic, but the infection returned a second and third time. I strongly felt that I should not keep her putting her on the pharmaceuticals - an important time of listing to my own instincts instead of what I was being told to do. I cracked open a book on healing with herbs and followed directions on making ear drops with raw garlic soaked in olive oil. (I used warm olive oil to speed up the process, because it normally needs to soak for a couple weeks.) I used it in her ear and the infection cleared up and never returned and there were absolutely no harmful side effects. The pain and hearing loss, that she had suffered through for as much as a month before that, was finally gone and she did not have to have the surgery that the doctor wanted to perform.

Ginger Root: upset stomach, bad breath, intestinal parasites...etc. I've graded about a tablespoon of Ginger root and let it steep in boiled water for at least 20 minutes. I've added it to cold drinking water for a mild flavor. And I've eaten it raw. Its a bit hot, but refreshing. Ginger Root can be easily obtained at most grocery stores, if you can not grow your own. Just make sure that the inside of it is yellow and does not have a greenish tinge to it.

Goldenseal: bronchitis, cold, flu, infection, fever, nose congestion, lung congestion...etc. I have successfully used Goldenseal for all of these ailments on myself as well as my children. I prepard it like a tincture and used one to two teaspoons of it. It tastes horrible. But it works and a lot of honey can help defuse the bitter taste.

Lady's Mantle: preventing pregnancy, reversing early pregnancy...etc. I had a dream that gave me the name of this herb, but I didn't know what it was for at the time, because it was not listed in the herb book I had. I didn't use it, but have since found out that it can be used to prevent pregnancy or abort early pregnancies. I feel that women should know that a natural, and most likely safer, method is available, beyond the pharmaceuticals and clinical abortions
   Sadly, the subject of abortion is so controversial these days that it probably has prevented many women from standing up to openly share their successful use of herbs to reverse conception. I hope many have had success with this use of plants and that they share it with other women at least.

Lemon Balm: PMS, stress...etc. I found Lemon Balm tea calming and soothing on many occasions. I feel sure it also helped me in other ways that I do not know of.

Lemon Juice and Aloe: infections and speeding up healing...etc. I've used a mixture of Aloe (approximately equal amounts blended together) on severe cuts and it seemed to work well with both preventing infection and speeding up the healing process, which was even commented on by the doctor who took out the stitches. It does sting though, so, although it works extremely well, I'd not use it on a young child except on a severe infection. Ocean water would be better for children if it can be obtained.

Ocean Water: eye infection, wound infection, dandruff, skin parasites, possibly all other illnesses. My instincts have told me that natural, unpolluted Ocean Water is packed with healing minerals and vitamins...and that we could probably greatly benefit from actually drinking certain amounts of it. Ocean Water is like a tincture of all the Kelp and other plants that live in it.
   I've used drops of ocean water for an eye infection and it cured it within one day. A pharmacist had tried to convince me that it would hurt my eyes. Her training to stand against natural cures and push pharmaceuticals must have overrode her common sense, because she should have known that people often swim in the ocean, and even open their eyes under water, and do not get hurt by it. Ocean water is not harmful at all. The ocean water quickly and safely cured my eye infection
   I also found ocean water very effective with healing a severe infection in a cut on my foot, as well as with eliminating dandruff and the small parasites that sometimes live on the surface of our skin without us even knowing about it.

Parsley: bad breath, digestion problem...etc. I successfully used Parsley for intestinal cleansing. and I have found that chewing raw leafs of Parsley can help a toothache and helps with bad breath. I love it in tabouli.

Peppermint: bad breath, upset stomach, digestion problems, nausea, fatigue...etc. I have successfully used peppermint for various types of stomach problems.

Pine Leaves: I made a tea and drank it a few times, feeling that it helped me in some way.

Rose: I have drank tea that I made from Rose petals and Rose hips and it felt good for me. I was just following my instincts with it, knowing that I needed it for a period of time, but unsure of why.

Sage: colds, infections, parasites, warts, dandruff...etc. I used a strong Sage tincture on a large wart and it went away after turning a dark color. But the wart later returned. I think I probably just didn't use it for long enough. Sage tea also helped to get rid of dandruff and has helped when I have a cold...etc.

Sea Salt: bleeding gums...etc. I have brushed my teeth with sea salt and it makes the bleeding and swelling completely stop.

White Light: all sorts of illnesses...etc. This is not an Earth medicine, but I couldn't resist adding it in. There have been many times when the most healing and helpful thing, that I've found during all sorts of illnesses, happens when I sit or lay in a peaceful place and imagine pure White Light filling and surrounding my body. It is very relaxing and healing. It really helps. And the more we do it the better we get at it. I think we should all be doing daily sessions of this sort of meditation with White Light. It could help take at least some of the darkness out of our world and can help heal all sorts of illnesses.
    I was close to a man who was inflicted with a horribly fast moving tumorous type of cancer. I wanted to make some plant medicine for him, but his doctor had told him that he should not use herbs along with the pharmaceuticals they were giving him. He suffered horribly. The pharmaceuticals did not help him at all. Perhaps he was too ill and the plants would not have helped either, but we never had the chance to find out, due to the doctor saying it could cause harm... and this has always felt wrong to me. But I was allowed to do energy work on him, using the channeling of White Light, (like Reiki) and he said it helped relieve the pain a lot. He did not survive, but he truly is in a far better place.

Many Earth Medicines are foods and we should not wait until we are sick to eat them, because its through periodically eating them that we can avoid illness.

    I hope this list has inspired you to do some of your own experimenting with using the Earth's natural medicine.  I'm not going to tell you to consult a doctor before using plants for medicine, because sadly, most of them are only well educated in the arena of pharmaceuticals and do not know much about natural medicinal plants, most of which are extremely safe to use. But I am advising you to consult your own instincts. And I am advising you to seek the help of supportive professionals and/or their books. But no matter who else you talk to about healing with natural plants, please tune into your own instincts on what feels best to you and what is healthiest for you. 

Dose - How Much to Use 
   The dosage of each type of plant, for each different illness, is something that has not had enough testing by objective professionals who support the return to directly using natural plants. But this should not discourage us from using plants for medicine, because even if the testing were done our body or illness may require a different dose from the ones that were tested. We still must follow our own instincts above all else.
  In the newer herb books, that I have read, the common dose is often about two or three cups of tea per day or ten to fifteen drops of tincture three times a day. The doses are basically at normal tea strength, and is good for preventative medicine, but would most often not be effective with the healing of a serious illness. My instincts have been telling me that far more is needed than is often suggested in the herb books.

We must listen to our own instincts above all 
else and take responsibility for our own health. 
  Each illness and person is unique and can require unique dosages. And some plants are also unique and should be used differently than others, in order to be most effective. Sadly, how much and how often, for various plants, people and illnesses, is an important part of the Wisdom we have lost too much of and need to regain. But we can regain it through experimenting and sharing the Wisdom gained from experiences with it.

Creating Our Own Medicine Gardens

The best varieties of plants to use are the ones that have not been altered by man.

    Those of who live in an apartment or condo can grow medicinal plants in flower pots on window sills, and can learn which common house plants can be used for medicine. Some people may already have some of them. They may also be able to get permission to put planting boxes outside some of  windows or elsewhere on the property. There many helpful books available in libraries or bookstores, if you'd like to learn more.
Outdoor Gardens; If you have the property, but not the time or desire to construct a formal medicine garden, don't worry about it, because you probably already have one. If you have a Pine Tree on your property, you already have one great source of medicine. And you probably have far more than that. Wouldn't it be fun to find out how the trees, shrubs, plants and even weeds, that are already on your property, can be used to help you, your loved ones and others whom you're Heart can choose to share them with? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you already have everything you need to remain healthy or to heal your next cold...etc.

 Honoring Our Instincts and Feelings

   Much wisdom of using the Earth's medicine will be gained from our own experimentations with it.   As we experiment it is important to tune into our own instincts. This is also important in all other aspects of life and it is vital that our natural feelings and instincts, intuition are not blocked or  interfered with.
 Unfortunately, there are many things in our world, which numbs our brains and blocks our natural feelings and instincts. many different types of pharmaceuticals have this effect on us. Even common things like coffee and nicotine have seriously brain and sense numbing effects. Coffee seems to be the worst of these two and masses of people drink it every day. Most of us do not even realize how numb and suppressed and blocked our feelings and senses are. We should work at setting ourselves free from all that blocks our feelings and senses.
    There is also far more happening with various types of radio waves effecting our brain function and our senses, which is a serious problem for many people, especially when combined with the pharmaceutical numbing. More on this can be found in my Technological Holocaust book.

   It is extremely important that we free ourselves from all that blocks or interferes with our natural feelings and senses. We need them in order to navigate our lives properly. And we need them for and our natural process of personal growth.

 A Bit of History 

     According to reports I read, around the late 1800s and early 1900s was when pharmaceuticals began being widely used, and were made through combining other things with plant remedies. I found this interesting because this was also around the time period when scientists, like Nikola Tesla, were experimenting with the effects of radio waves (scalar waves/microwaves) being shot into the brain and other parts of the body. (This lead to the invention of X-ray machines...etc.) The use of both pharmaceuticals and radio wave technologies, rapidly grew since then. I feel that there is a connection between these two things, but that's another story.

In short; It appears that the pharmaceutical situation hit a point, long ago, when the aim to help people to heal started being replaced with the aim to make money from their suffering. But, luckily many have sensed this and the push toward returning to nature's medicine has been strong. However, there has been a fight to discourage people from using plants, which even goes so far as to say that they are dangerous...etc.We must hold strong.
    I strongly feel that humanity MUST return to using home grown plants, as our primary source of medicine, as quickly as possible, for the sake of its own safety and freedom from things that harm. And I hope more supportive people start sharing Wisdom gained from this use of plants. Humanity needs it.
   A lot has been learned from wild animals who naturally know which fresh plants to eat for what ails them. How is it that they retained such Wisdom and human beings, supposedly the smartest of the animal kingdom, didn't? Perhaps there is more that they can teach us.


   There are now a lot of books on medicinal plants and anyone who wants them can probably easily find them. I'm sorry I can't recommend a list of them here, due to not being able to do research on what is available. But, in the 1980s I bought the book called, "Natural Healing With Herbs" by Numbart Santillo and it has helped me a lot. Below is a list of a few of my books. 

I wish that someone who has a bit of Wisdom, as well as a lot of Heart and integrity, starts a book and printable web forum that receives and shares Wisdoms gained from people experimenting with using plants for medicine. This would give people, from all over the world, a trustworthy place to get information from. I can not even really get it started due to my situation. But I hope someone else does it. We need it.

The Heart Bud by Sharon R. Poet (On Amazon) This book touches on many important issues that most of us are faced with.  I hope it touches your Heart.

Technological Holocaust by Sharon R. Poet (On Amazon) This book is an aim to expose technological and covert targeting that has been harming many people. It shares a lot about the radio wave problem.

Embracing Sadness by Sharon R. Poet (On Amazon) This book is about embracing feelings and healing instead of suppressing with anything, including pharmaceuticals.

Yearn for Freedom by Sharon R. Poet (On Amazon) This book is a testimony of my experiences with covert and technological targeting. It also explains about the radio wave problem.

Coming soon, Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom by Sharon R. Poet.

How do you feel about growing and using natural plants for medicine? 
Please search the depths of your own instincts and Wisdom. Does it feel right for you and the people whom you love? Please answer these questions for yourself. 


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