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Remedy to Save Humanity

As I struggle to survive heavy technological, psychological and physical targeting my hope for it's end has searched for remedies, and has found two within my limited wisdom and knowledge.

Remedy to Save Humanity #1; As humanity gets brainwashed in various ways, we are being called to listen to our Hearts above what is being projected into our minds. Although our Hearts alone can not remedy the technological parts of this crisis, they can help. So it is important that we embrace the depths of our own Hearts and work at healing unresolved issues, which block them. Opening our Hearts to deeper levels will bring more Love into ourselves, our families, our communities. . .our troubled world, and this is desperately needed. Please embrace your Heart to deeper levels than ever before, and help others to do the same.

Love is a weapon which can deflect
Controlling darkness criminals project 

I made the following video for us primary Targeted Individuals, but I think it can also apply 
to the rest of humanity, because there are many who feel too misunderstood and unloved.

Remedy to save humanity #2: The most obvious thing is that we need to legalize radio wave blockers. Please do all that you can to help aid this process. Remedy #1 may be needed, in order to accomplish remedy number two - in order for enough citizens, including media and government officials, to find the Heart and the Courage to stand up, expose these crimes, and secure from criminal use, ALL types of radio wave technologies - microwave weapons, laser weapons, psychotronic weapons...etc., which are being used to harm people. If this can not be done these technologies should be disabled.

There are predictions that, around this time, the world will come to an end or some sort of catastrophe will happen. I feel that what has been prophesied has SOME truth to it, but I also feel that this DOES NOT have to happen. I feel that the purpose for foreseeing tragedies is often to offer opportunities for their prevention. And I feel that intentional man-made disasters are NOT "meant to be" and ARE preventable. We CAN prevent Armageddon. But before preventing it we need to face this. . .


    And the Earth being destroyed is NOT the worst possibility! Though I do not believe that the world will come to an end, I feel that something worse will continue happening if the criminal technological targeting of human beings is not stopped. PLEASE think about this! The magnitude of this crisis is immeasurable. Most mind control victims seem completely unaware of losing control of their own thoughts, feelings and choices in life, which is destroying our natural process of personal and spiritual growth. And the list goes on. . .

   The full scope of this seems too horrible to face. But we MUST face it, in order to remedy it. Please face the devastating reality of remote technological targeting of human beings, and help save humanity from the darkness that grows in the shadows of a secret covert war. Please help restore and/or retain our Freedom.

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P.S. I'm not a bible thumper. My beliefs lean more toward the practice of opening/healing our Hearts, in order to enable or deepen a direct connection with God. ("God is Love"). But the bible has a lot of good information and it predicted that satin would be tearing families apart and causing horrific levels of disruption in our world...etc., and I feel that this is already happening through criminal use of microwave weapons - mind control technologies. . .and that we must embrace our HEARTS and do all that we can to stop these crimes from continuing and growing. Again. . .predictions can instigate prevention when we let them.

   In the deeper past I'd done a lot of writing about our need to heal the Heart of humanity. And I'd done a lot of my own healing work. I am not in very good shape right now, due to being so heavily targeted, but I hope that some of my older publications will touch your heart. Some can be freely downloaded http://www.poeticpublications.com

    Working on healing our hearts is almost impossible for those of us who are experiencing heavy targeting/torturing - we are lucky to be just surviving most of the time. And we are in need of protection and safety that is not yet here for us. Please do all that you can to help it come. . .not just for us, but also for the future safety of all of humanity.