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For World Peace

   In order for peace to prevail on Earth it must exist between nations, between cultures, between religions and between Governments and Citizens. In order for peace to exist wars must be stoped. And in order for the wars to stop we must find the courage to face and openly acknowledge what is happening in our world today.
   Our world is at war - a covert war has been raging around us through the past few decades. This war can be more accurately described as a Technological Holocaust.
   Within our own communities, there are people who are being covertly targeted - people who are victims of technological mind control, people who are being inconspicuously tortured or killed with microwave and laser weapons - people who are suffering in ways that no human being should ever have to endure. And most of these victims suffer alone. . .while surrounded by people who either do not know or can not care.
   In the shadows of this covert war a secret society has been recruiting citizens around the globe. Some members of this society are abducted through staged deaths; some are missing persons; some are blackmailed into obedience; some are lured in with money; some are deceived into thinking that it is a good thing; many members are used to help recruit or target fellow citizens; and most members will probably not want to believe any of this, but the Truth must be realized, because, in order for peace to prevail humanity must break free from the darkness that aims for control and regain the Freedom to speak, think, dream, feel and love each other in the ways that God intended.

Never, in the history of humanity, has there been a more crucial time for us to let our Hearts rise into the grandest Peaceful stand for Freedom that humanity has ever needed to perform.

Lets do it.

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