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Targeted Individuals - Who We Are

~ Targeted Individuals ~
by Sharon R. Poet

We are unheard victims lost beneath the lies.
We are the fading ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.
Message to Old Lost Loved Ones

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    There are different types of Targeted Individuals, but the ones I refer to here are those of us who have been put on a "hit-list" in a lethal program, which aims to covertly destroy every aspect of our lives, in the cruelest and most inhumane ways, with the utilization of covert harassment programs, chemical warfare, drugs, microwave weapons, laser weapons and mind control technologies

    Among those of us who end up in this program are whistle blowers, aware members of families who were targeted for technological experimentation, witnesses to other crimes, outspoken journalists or government employees, victims of occult based hate crimes, people with certain spiritual beliefs, people who divorced or disagreed with someone who knew how to put us on the "hit-list," people who said the wrong thing at the wrong time...etc.
    Most of us seem to be ordinary people whose lives are being destroyed due to someone else's hate, greed or control issues. We are held under constant satellite surveillance while being tortured, both psychologically and physically, in ways that make us appear "crazy" or "paranoid" if we dare to speak out or try to seek help.

    In long term victims the initial targeting is VERY inconspicuous - we can think we are just having a lot of bad luck, until it vamps into critical levels, which usually happens after all possible sources of income and help have been sabotaged.

    Our relationships, homes and businesses are covertly destroyed. Even our own family members and friends are either turned against us or are convinced that we are just "mentally ill." The aim to discredit our testimonies hits multiple levels, and set ups for it start in early stages of the targeting. Even the media and medical professions are manipulated into efforts to discredit/slander us so that the general public will not believe or help us. (This is like Hitler style sadism at its worst.)

    I understand how difficult it is to believe that this is really happening, especially in countries like the USA, which stand for freedom and liberty, but it is true and we are suffering in ways that no human being should EVER have to suffer.

    Through the past few decades, when we try to seek help we are often forced into positions where we have to accomplish the impossible task of proving our sanity, proving that these technologies really exist, and are being criminally used, and then proving that it is actually happening to us, WHILE WE ARE BEING TORTURED WITH MICROWAVE WEAPONS! Needless to say, unaware people, whom we turn to for help, can easily assume that we are "just mentally ill" due to their own lack of awareness and our diminished functionality while our brains are being microwaved. The targeting also intentionally manipulates situations, in order to make it look like we are just "Depressed," have a "Split Personality," or have "Paranoid Schizophrenia." (They have been trying ALL these angles on me.)

    An article on this subject was written by British Psychoanalyst Carol Smith and was entitled, "On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology" http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7123

No problem ever got solved by misdiagnosing it!

    When we fully realize what is happening, and the "mental illness" fabrication can not work, we are either threatened into silence - inflicted with even more psychological and physical pain, inconspicuously murdered, framed for incarceration, abducted or inflicted with brain damage.
    What is happening to us is as inhumane as inhumane can possibly get. We are suffering indescribably! This is a critical situation that is in desperate need of immediate public awareness and action.

     It appears that, until the uncontrolled part of our media finds the courage to rise up and HONESTLY inform the public of this crisis, and enough people rise into a strong peaceful stand against it, victims will continue to be tortured, psychologically destroyed or inconspicuously murdered in ways that APPEAR to be mental illness, suicide, natural illness or an accident.

    Some of the things we experience can appear crazy to those who are not aware of advanced radio wave technologies and their capabilities of remotely projecting recorded voices, sounds, dreams, thoughts, odors and images as well as inflicting physical injury, pain and illness. . .and infiltrating computers and phones - interfering with our writings, emails, phone messages...etc. We are being hurt on every level of our existence! And our pain cries out for help that is not yet here for us. Please help it arrive.


From my Angry Courage

You can dis-believe me, mis-perceive me, throw me on the ground,
While I turn to cry. . . tears without a sound.
You can label me, even Sable* me and stuff me in your box.
But I can still live without my own shoes and socks.
You can strike me, dislike me - shoot darkness at my back.
But I can pull in the Light and aim to stay on track.
You can cut me, rut me - chose fear and hate to feed.
But I am still protecting the Soul you try to bleed.
You can use me, accuse me - hit me with your door,
But I will still speak out. I'll be silent no more.
You can blame me, shame me - denounce everything I say.
But I'll still aim for the Truth and strive to be OK.

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Washington Post Article, "Mind Games" by Sharon Weinberger January 14, 2007

Domestic Terrorism -- By Air! by Jerry E. Smith

As I skimmed through a list of other Targeted Individuals on the link below the following statement forced my aching heart to release a batch of tears,

"I wish to everyone who has lasted long enough to read this, all luck in searching for just normal life. When we will get the right to that, the most important battle of Humankind will have been won." ~ Targeted Individual, Aleksander Zielinski.

I wonder if he is still alive. The saddest part of this list is that it probably exposes only a minuscule fraction of a small percent of the lives that have been damaged or destroyed by lethal technological targeting and organized stalking and harassment. http://www.lambros.name/profreedom/survivors_links.html

A Few More Targeted Individual Websites

The Targeted Individuals, whom I know personally, are mostly unaware and none are listed on the web. But here are a few TI web sites that I've run across. Please listen to the Heart of your own instincts on their authentisity as well as on any of our blogs and web sites, because our writings are sometimes infiltrated by those who target us. And, due to the targeting, some of us may appear to be a bit disorganized, confused and/or angry, so please read with your HEART excuse us. We are hurting more than you can probably even imagine.

http://www.targeted-individuals.com/ https://sites.google.com/site/targetedindividuals101

 Please do not look for faults in Targeted Individuals

   Please do not look for faults instead of helping us in the ways that are needed. We are surrounded by manipulations that are intentionally set up to make us look bad. The people who target us, and those whom they control, use those set ups to discredit us and make people look down on us.
    I have undergone round after round of attempts to frame me or have me labeled as "mentally Ill." The "mentally Ill" labeling stuff started in 2003 - directly after I reported my belief that my little brothers death was not an accident. Other members of my own family have been used in this process of trying to label me, although I have been separate from them through most of my adult life.  The aim has also continued through puppets - people who are controlled by those who target me. It has often felt like a full time job to just avoid these set ups and the mental abuse they inflict upon me.
   And on the smaller scales; There appears to be an aim to try to make me look bad for smoking cigarettes. I've caught puppets taking pictures of me smoking. What they will not tell you is the extreme levels of distress, torture and abuse that they used to drive me back to smoking in 2008/2009. . .and the ways that they have tortured me with microwaves and/or surrounded me with smoking puppets every time I try to quit.  The last time I quit they even had two puppets offering to buy me a pack of cigarettes. When I am smoking they make it difficult for me to buy cigarettes and try to push me to quit. . .and then when I quit they aim to force me to smoke. Its part of the torture process. I could probably ignore the puppet part and quite, but when I quit I usually get emotional, for a while. . .as I release pains I've suppressed with the cigarettes. And this posses a serious problem, because there have been too many times when I've been tortured for crying or having any sort of deep feelings. . .and times when they have had professionals suggested that my tears are just cause to label me as "mentally ill ."
    I do not know of any words that can describe how horrible it feels to be held in a prison,  tortured and not allowed to fully take care of myself. While being technologically and psychologically tortured, cigarettes have actually helped me to retain my sanity through numbing out some of the emotional pain that I have not been allowed to privately and freely release.
    While under extreme levels of distress, and forcibly held in destitution, I have even bought cigarettes with the gift cards I've gotten from churches...etc. And that leads me to another set up; The targeting has also forced me into, and holds me in, such a state of poverty that I have had to seek help from different organizations and churches. I guess this is something we are not supposed to do, but I have done what I have to survive.  The first organization I had  sought help from severely limited degrading levels of help and repeatedly suggested that I was not allowed to get help from any other place. This was part of the torture process. They changed their tune, with me, after I started writing about it, but I wonder how many other people are treated this way. And I still feel like I am doing something wrong for seeking help in other places.

   My homes have been destroyed, in various ways,  by those who target me. My work has been repeatedly sabotaged. And the dozens of other jobs I have aimed for were either used as a way to inflict deeper levels of abuse or were quickly sabotaged when they are with people whom they do not have control over.
    Since 2004, I have repeatedly aimed to restart my work. . .even changing its name and locations, but it had been repeatedly sabotaged. And the amount of financial help I get seems to have been being controlled by those who target me.
   My first reports about something suspicious happening were in 2002 or 2003. I have been begging for every level of personal help since 2006. But those who target me have prevented this sort of help also.

Since 2006 I'd been held in a state of having to spend most of my time trying to figure out how to survive while surrounded by manipulative walls that kept shoving me into directions that may not meet with the approval of the general public. There may be those who could chose to use my requests for help as avenues to judge me, instead of helping me. And there are those whose hearts will understand and help.
I feel that humanity has the Heart to feel compassion for victims of covert crimes, instead of judging them - instead of hurting them even more. Please become aware of the targeting, its manipulations and help pass the word.
   One mild example of these types manipulations is the popular brainwashing tactic of snidely looking down on people who are "begging for money." This scenario looks very different to those who look with their Hearts. When you look with your Heart you will realize that those who "beg for money" are really just asking for help.

What type of human being do you want to be? Do you want to follow perpetration and try to find something else to hold against us? If you look hard enough you are sure to find a new rock to throw at us. Perhaps there is a part of our lives that has not yet been bruised. But I hope you chose to let your Heart refrain from judgment, because we have already been hurt too much.

 Please listen to your Heart above all else, because we need your compassion.

I am still in desperate need of honest, safe, NON-covert protection from technological and covert targeting. After I get this I will be able to take better care of myself without being tortured for doing so. Due to the state of destitution I am being held in, I am also still in need of unconditional financial help. Please let your heart send what You can.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

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