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   I started editing some of my old articles and was going to put them in a book with the title Beacon for Freedom or Freedom's Beacon. But I don't know if I can finish it so am sharing it here as it is until I can do more.

You can print out and share this information, (without my name in it if you want) as long as you do so with your Heart and do not try to take credit for it and as long as you do not profit from it in any way. I hope you do print it out and share it on paper instead of just on the web. I'm Sharon Rose Poet. 

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From Awareness to Freedom
From Awareness to Freedom

   Most of us can sense that there is something horribly wrong in our world, something that lurks behind most of the troubles we are faced with on a global scale, but most of us don’t know what it is. There are many confusing theories and it’s hard to know the Truth, because the core problem is something that most people have not even imagined possible or curable. But what is happening is possible and it can be stopped – Freedom can be easily restored. Far more people must become fully aware, in order for Freedom to be restored. And all of humanity must become fully aware, in order for a full recovery to take place.
   As you read this, please push past possible walls of doubt and do your best to listen closely to your own instincts. Please don't let yourself launch into blind disbelief, because your awareness may be one of the catalysts for deeply needed positive change in your life as well as that of your loved ones and others. Please become aware and help spread the word as quickly as possible. In this situation, awareness is the first step that must be taken, in order to start regaining vital Freedoms, which most people are not even aware have been lost. Never, in the history of Humanity, Has there been a more crucial time For the Heart of humanity to rise Into a Peaceful Stand for Freedom. Lets do it.

The Covert Program

This is extremely important information. Please print and 
share this with as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

President John F. Kennedy had started to expose a covert organization (secret society) that was a serious threat to all of humanity. The following quote comes from a video of JFK’s 1961 speech called, “The President and the Press,” which took place at the Waldorf – Astoria Hotel in New York City. 

This quote may contain the most valuable batch of information 
 humanity has ever received. Please give it the attention it deserves.

"I want to talk about our common responsibilities in the face of a danger. . . the dimensions of its threat have loomed large on the horizon for many years. Whatever our hopes may be for the future - for reducing this threat or living with it - there is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security - a challenge that confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity. . . The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are, as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. . . Today no war has been declared, and however fierce the struggle may be, it may never be declared in the traditional fashion. Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. The survival of our friends is in danger. . .no war ever posed a greater threat to our security. . .for we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence - on infiltration instead of invasion, in subversion instead of elections, on intimidation, instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night, instead of armies by day. . .its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. . . This is a time of peace and peril, which knows no precedent in history. It is the unprecedented nature of this challenge that also gives rise to your second obligation, an obligation which I share. And that is our obligation to inform and alert the American people - to make certain that they possess all the facts that they need, and understand them as well. . . I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed. . . it is to the printing press - to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience. . . that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with YOUR help, man will be what he was born to be - free and independent." ~ President John F. Kennedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs

   The covert program (secret society), that JFK spoke of, has grown, and gotten far worse, since he had the courage to expose it and stand up against it. This secret society is not like the ones we’ve heard about historically. It is not a gang, group or organization that’s out there hiding somewhere else in the world – it has inconspicuously weaved its way into our families, our communities, our businesses and our governments. Its already grown too big and must be fully realized and stopped as quickly as possible. Secrecy protects it more than anything else and that secrecy must be broken, in order for it to start losing its power.
   The covert program has been recruiting and/or using increasing numbers of people, from all walks of life, for decades. Its members include ministers, veterans, nurses, waitresses, doctors, military personnel, cooks, dentists, bums, business owners, government officials and employees, prisoners, police officers, firemen, news reporters, writers, singers, actors, mechanics, landscapers, librarians, veterans, lawyers, teachers, children…etc.
   Many people join the covert program (secret society) because they do not know it's bad, especially if a trusted friend, loved one or coworker is the one to introduce it, which I'm sure is most often the case. They tend to use unaware and good people in the foreground of the program. Voluntary members seem to think the program is good and helpful, because some levels of it appear to be and can act good to obedient members. Young people seem to think its cool, because it's secret and makes them feel like they are part of something important.
   The covert program has different levels and recruits and uses members in various ways. On the mild levels its members are just good people seemingly doing good things. Its tactics include inflicting harm under the guise of various types of "help". Its extremely deceitful. On its worst levels its literally evil and criminal, like what exits in the background of all of it, which is why its secret.
   Among other things, those who lead the covert program use various types of brain washing techniques on its members as well as others, which I'm sure is why it is perceived as good by so many. Many members are used to inconspicuously harass fellow citizens, without even realizing what they are doing. In community based targetings members are used to harass a victim in public places, like in grocery stores, businesses and even in vehicles on streets. Some of this is aims to convince a victim it is good, but much of it is the opposite. Members are often instructed to crowd a victim or say or do something near the victim. This can include beeping of vehicle horns or blaring of sirens or loudly playing certain songs or making loud noises near the victim. An example of this is a group of librarian members being told to loudly and repeatedly say something like, "Bye Kevin" and they just follow the order without realizing that it is like a death threat against the youngest brother of a victim who is sitting  near them and knows what it really means, because she (the victim) has been getting death threats against her loved ones and that is the name of one of them and this sort of thing has been happening to her everywhere she goes. Can you imagine how the victim of this type of torment would feel? (These people are torture victims - "Targeted Individuals".) What seems harmless to members of the program is often actually harassing, hurting and threatening the primary victims of it. Hopefully most members do not actually WANT to be hurting people and would want to know if they are. I'm letting you know. The covert program (secret society) is NOT a good thing. It really isn't. It's dark as hell and it uses and abuses people without any real care for anybody, not even its own members. Its intentions are very bad, even when it acts good. Some members are even either tortured, threatened or blackmailed into joining the program and staying in it. Some are trapped in it – literally enslaved against their will and completely controlled and used, which is really sad. Many people who are thought to be dead or missing are really enslaved/brainwashed and used by the program.
   Some members are used to help abduct and enslave other people under the guise of it being a covert "rescue" and "help." Some members are used to fight for safety and freedom, while actually being used to help destroy it. There are horribly destructive covert wars happening, where freedom fighters, and/or wounded vengeance seekers, are deceived into going after harmless and innocent people whom they have been deceived into believing are perpetrators, terrorists, criminals, pedophiles...etc. Many people have been brutally hurt. Many people are suffering indescribably. Many have been inconspicuously murdered. One of their tactics is to inconspicuously attack, or either recruit or enslave and use, the loved ones of the primary victim, if they can not recruit or abduct the primary victim. All levels of law enforcement should be made aware of deceitful set ups, which also sometimes slanders or frames torture victims and/or their loved ones, especially since many of them are victims of this too. (There are also set ups to lay all the blame on law enforcement and government officials. And, from the view point of a torture victim, they look guilty because some of them are used in the very same program that does the sadistic targeting and none have been standing up against it for the victims. I hope their hearts start realizing what is happening and standing soon, for themselves as well as everyone else. )
   Parts of the program are VERY obviously criminal because these members are used to hold a victim under constant satellite surveillance and directly inflict harm upon the victim or their loved ones or their property, which includes drugging or raping or murdering or physical tortures performed with laser and microwave weapons or things like tampering with brakes on vehicles or accessing homes to move objects around or to steal things or to infect homes or foods with parasites...etc., or all of the above. I think some of these types of members actually get paid for their illegal deeds against fellow citizens and they are indeed part of the same program that appears good on other levels.
   There should be people standing up for torture victims all over America and the rest of the world, but not enough people have known what is happening to them, and many are suffering in ways that no human being should have to endure.
   If you are in the covert program I hope you decide to stop being a puppet for a truly evil operation that only pretends to be good, while inconspicuously hurting people. I hope you gather everyone, whom you are close to, leave the program and openly stand up against it in a group, at least for yourselves if not for the sake of others too. (There is safety in numbers) Be aware that the program may inconspicuously try to attack those (or the loved ones of those) who leave and also openly stand up against it. However, if you are in the milder levels of it, as most people are, it may just try to rope you back in or pretend to be a different and better covert program. It may do nothing to make itself look bad, just to try to prove people like me wrong. Although it may be a bit dangerous to leave it, for some people, overall, leaving it is far less dangerous than letting it continue hurting people and letting it continue using you as a foolish puppet in that process. Its safer to stand in the Light and to realize that many things, especially things that slither in the dark and demand secrecy, may seem good, but really are not. Please realize that, in general. . . 

The bad hides in the dark and is protected by lies and secrecy... and the good openly stands up and honestly shines out into the world. I hope you shine. 

Among other things, those who lead the covert program use pharmaceutical and technological brain washing techniques on its members as well as the rest of humanity, which is why so many people are so easily deceived into joining and being used by it and even lie to protect it. It appears that many people have been completely enslaved and used by others in the covert program. (Many may have been enslaved under the guise of protection from technological targeting. And there may have been filters, which do not detect or bock low frequencies used for mind control, built into radio wave detection and blocking technologies.) How they brain wash and enslave people is VERY important for everyone to know, because at least some of it can be bypassed by most people, until it can be completely stopped. Please be sure to read the article on pharmaceutical and technological mind control. 

Please print and share this article with as
many people as possible as quickly as possible.

  Many good and unaware people are used in the sadistic covert program, both inside and outside governments, some of them completely enslaved and can be used in any way that the controllers choose. As this horrible situation is realized, it is important to be careful not to leap into misplacing blaming, because those who are in control seem to want this to end with fights against victims....perpetuating the targeting. There are many deceptions and things can be set up to make the bad look good and the good, or enslaved victims to look like the perpetrators. The real criminals are the ones who hide behind the scenes, the ones who, of their own free will, set up the program and started enslaving human beings to serve them and to be used against each other. All the people whom they use are victims of either deception or technological mind control or complete enslavement, which seems to include some sort of brain damage that completely blocks the victim's natural instincts and heart and conscience...etc. The numbers of damaged people who have been completely enslaved is huge and holocaustal, at this point. There is a desperate need for them to be set free, and those who are thought to be dead returned to their loved ones. A huge, global government and media stand up for freedom, with a compassionate plea for the immediate ending of criminal use of the technologies that are used to control people is desperately needed and should be happening as quickly as possible.
   This problem has already gotten so huge, and so many have already been completely enslaved and are being used against their will, and the whole situation is filled with so many deceptions that this can not be handled in the usual way - I strongly feel that the Heart of humanity is going to have to make a stand - a strong and peaceful stand for freedom that is filled with  compassion for ALL levels of victims, especially for completely enslaved victims and torture victims.
   A very wise quote, which can be applied to this situation, was said by Martin Luther King; "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word." This is exactly what this situation needs and should have as quickly as possible - "UNARMED Truth" - truth that washes away the secrets and the deceptions ... and "UNCONDITIONAL Love"  - the kind of love that is real and unwavering. This needs to happen for the sake of all the victims and all of humanity - people need to know and understand what has been happening to them. There is a desperate need for the heart of media and government officials to quickly and publicly stand up for freedom, exposing the sadistic targeting and its deceitful tactics...and for high officials around the globe to quickly take actions that prevent criminal use of all space and ground based technologies as well as their aiding pharmaceuticals...etc.

    Please print and share this article with as many people as possible as quickly as possible, especially to officials who are in positions that have the power to stop it from continuing. Hopefully not too many of them are enslaved and used by the dark forces. We need the heart of their help more than ever. Masses of people have been being either tortured or enslaved or destroyed. The suffering is catastrophic and growing and has to be quickly stopped. I beg all levels of officials, around the globe, to stand up and let the public know what has been happening - to give people the opportunity to become aware so they start pulling together and supporting and helping each other. This is desperately needed and should happen. I beg the media to report this honestly and accurately and with compassion and to not EVER let humanity forget it - to not ever let it start up again.

Technological and Pharmaceutical Mind Control
What will become of humankind if not allowed a free mind?

    Most people are aware that radio waves (microwaves) can be shot from satellites to their homes, businesses or computers for the purpose of internet access. But most people are not aware that this process of shooting and directing radio waves can be criminally used. Beams of radio waves can also be directed into human beings, in order to disrupt brain and body functions in ways that can range from mild to lethal. The general numbness, the growing lack of care and growing levels of discord in the world are mostly due to the effects of criminal use of radio wave technologies and their aiding pharmaceuticals.

   Radio waves, tuned to the same frequency as the human brain, can flood whole communities and inflict literally every member of that community with various types of brain washings. Technological mind control is not a new concept, but it’s shrouded in secrecy, due to its criminal use by too many. Among other things it is called, “behavior modification” and it’s been happening for decades. It’s VERY effective, especially on people who are taking the types of pharmaceuticals, which aid its success. In 2008 news reports stated that these sorts of pharmaceuticals were found in at least 24 major public water supplies, as well as in bottled drinking water, in the USA. So, this is not a small problem. It’s huge. Its holocaustal. Please take this seriously. This is a horrible violation of human freedoms that has been happening and still is and must be quickly stopped.

   On the milder scales of this crisis people can be brainwashed into voting a certain way or into frequenting certain stores or into joining or doing just about anything else you can think of. When people do not know, that they are being influenced by an exterior force, they think it’s just their own instincts or wishes or desires. This is real - it’s not a theory - Macys stores were reported to have used these types of brain washing techniques in their stores and experienced a large drop in episodes of shop lifting. There even appears to be a mass public brain washing, in order make people blindly disbelieve that any sort of mind control can even happen. A conversation with a seriously brain washed victim can go something like this;

Informer; Technological mind control is being performed on humanity.

Victim; No its Not!

Informer; Do you know anything about technological mind control?

Victim; No.

Informer; What makes you think it’s not being used on people?

Victim; I don't know.

It’s like they can’t even register it and have difficulty processing the information or caring about how it is hurting people. If you are one of these people I beg you to do your very best to push past the wall of blind disbelief and listen to the heart of your own instincts although they may be seriously dulled by the pharmaceuticals and technological brain washing. many are completely controlled.

Heavily targeted individuals can be intentionally inflicted with brain malfunctions or unnatural mood swings, which can mimic various types of what is now called, “mental illness." This can be confusing and sometimes even devastating to the victim and his or her loved ones, and it can be done to people in order to send them rushing to a psychiatrist who prescribes the types of medications that aid complete mind control, like antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs.. (Be sure to read my article on the psychiatric connection.)

Victims of the worst types of mind control are also remotely inflicted with both physical and psychological torture and deceived into believing that a certain person or group is torturing them or their loved ones, and is pushed to seek revenge - or to "eliminate" the accused, in order to regain freedom. I strongly feel that many of the lethal shootings in America were actually performed, from behind the scenes, by sadistic criminals who merely used the primary victim, in order to pull the triggers and take the blame. Please think about this. The core problem, behind most (if not all) of these horrible massacres, is not "mental illness" or people owning guns - its criminal use of mind control technologies and the pharmaceuticals that aid their success. Space and ground based technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves, are the most lethal weapons humanity has ever been faced with. Criminal use of them has been harming humanity in many ways and it has to be realized and stopped as quickly as possible.

The shootings are like a grotesque magnification of what has been happening in the rest of the world. Mass brain washings, as well as individual targetings, have been pitting people and organizations against each other – pitting governments against each other, pitting citizens against governments and visa versa, pitting community members against each other, pitting the rich against the poor and visa versa, pitting family members and other loved ones against each other, pitting black skinned people against white skinned people and visa versa...etc. Mass brain washings have been blocking people's hearts and leaving masses of people feeling unloved and upset and wanting to seek vengeance instead of resolving their issues…etc. These sadistic influences should be exposed and completely stopped so that people, from all walks of life, can start pulling together to support each other and recover from it.   

The dangers in ALL levels of technological mind control cannot be overstated. The worse long term effect, of even just the mild scales of it, is the blocking of people's natural instincts and feelings, which seriously interferes with the natural process of personal growth, especially in children. Interference with thoughts and feelings is horribly destructive to children and their natural process of maturing into whole and healthy adults. In the bigger picture, the precious Heart of humanity has been being destroyed and this just cannot be allowed to continue. This is truly a holocaustal situation, which must be fully realized and stopped as quickly as possible.

Experimentations with technological mind control began around the 1930s with scientist like Nicola Tesla. Around the 1950s it started to be freely used on humanity. Since the 1970s the growing numbers of families and individuals who have been damaged by it, through experimentation or sadistic targeting or groups of people who think they have the right to play God, are astronomical. This has already become a horrible holocaust. (Be sure to read my article on Nicola Tesla) Technological mind control is more effective on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. I feel that there is a direct link between this and the push for people to take various types of pharmaceuticals. (I also feel that marijuana has the same effect which is probably why there is a push to legalize it.) In 2008, news reports stated that various types of pharmaceuticals, including antidepressants, were being found in around 24 major public water supplies in the USA.

Drugs found in about 24 public drinking water supplies

It is believed that the drugs found in the water are from individuals improperly disposing of unused pharmaceuticals and the “run off” from them. I feel that the drugs have been being intentionally put into the water, due to a dream I had about it. But even if the "run off" theory is part of the contamination, it shows a SERIOUS problem with the amount of pharmaceuticals that are being dispensed, which also proves mass distribution of the types of pharmaceuticals that aid technological mind control.

Below are quotes that I hope will help you realize the scientific capabilities of all types of radio wave technologies, what really can be done with them, and how long they have been being used for various types of mind control. Please realize that what I am writing is not a theory. It’s all based on my own wisdom and I have found these scientific facts to back it up, with the hope that you will realize the Truth. Please do.

Quote by (the late) veteran author Jim Keith: "Brain-computer radio communication has long been considered impossible by the majority of people and has consequently been relegated to science-fiction, but the fact is that the technology had been developed into reality by at least the 1960s, during which time the initial experiments were being performed on unwitting subjects." Jim's book “Mind Control – World Control…; http://www.amazon.com/Mind-Control-World-Jim-Keith/dp/0932813453

Quote by Antony C. Sutton - “Psychotronics is the long range modification or manipulation of behavior by electronic, specifically radio means. In other words you use electromagnetic energy – radio wave transmissions to effect human behavior. . . You are merging radio engineering and parapsychology . . You can create a passive behavior. You can make people go to sleep. You can create narcotic effect. . . You can make people alert. You can make them misconstrue – misunderstand things. Each has a specific – very precise frequency. We know what these frequencies are. We know the behavior modification that can be brought about. . . You can induce medical effect – you can induce heart attacks, at a distance, with certain frequencies. . . We know you can modify behavior through beaming radio waves on specific frequencies at a distance. I think what they did in the 1970s was experimentation. I think what they are doing today is not experimentation. . . The West Germans issued their diplomats with protective devices about ten years ago. . . ” https://youtu.be/Uhlym82G_t4 ( I have concerns about the possibility that some of those "protective" devices may actually have been a sly enslavement that has been used on many people across the globe.)

I think there may have been modes of protection, which were actually slyly enslaving people. And there may still be. Those who perpetrate appear to have more deeply infiltrated/controlled places that people turn to for help and places that have power over people. This is a critically dangerous situation for everyone, including those who are controlled.

A quote from the Space Preservation Bill proposed by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2001. This was a bill "To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons." This was an aim to prevent harm "through the use of  land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations." http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?c107:chemtrails

Wikipedia Reported that, "The history of brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) starts with Hans Berger's discovery of the electrical activity of the human brain and the development of electroencephalography (EEG). In 1924 Berger was the first to record human brain activity by means of EEG. Berger was able to identify oscillatory activity, such as Berger's wave or the alpha wave (8–13 Hz), by analyzing EEG traces.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain%E2%80%93computer_interface

Quote by (the late) Philip Coppens' "In April 1953, CIA Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively. . . Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterized as the battle for men's minds. "We might call it in its new form brain warfare. . .In the 1970s, some of this "secret war for our mind" was exposed. . ." The Russian Woodpecker: Experiments in Global Mind Control? http://www.philipcoppens.com/woodpecker.html

 Gordon Duff - senior editor of Veterans Today stood up for Targeted Individual's mind control claims; "At one time, we thought of all of them as 'tin foil hat' conspiracy theorists. This was until we were able to break through the encoding with some mobile communications devices. . . The concerns go well past simply a few thousand targeted 'trouble makers'... tens of thousands are being turned into those who will read these words and think and feel nothing." Sadly, some of this article has been removed from the web as well as from some of my past writings. https://www.veteranstodayarchives.com/2012/12/24/venturas-brain-invaders/

Quote by Turan (Tim) Rifat: "Russian and American research has found that pulse modulated microwaves (as used for mobile phones) can, when modulated with ELF which mimics specific brain patterns, change the behavior of the victim with the flick of a switch. . . Precisely modulated microwave radiation is used to influence brain function. Human behavior and reactions can be entirely controlled by using pulse modulated microwave EM radiation" There is "a catalogue of every specific brain frequency for each mood, action and thought. . .there is one for anger, suicide, hysteria, trauma, serial killing, paranoia, lust...etc." http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html

Quote by British Psychoanalyst, Carole Smith in her article, "On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology"; "We have failed to comprehend that the result of the technology that originated in the years of the arms race between the Soviet Union and the West, has resulted in using satellite technology not only for surveillance and communication systems but also to lock on to human beings, manipulating brain frequencies by directing laser beams, neural-particle beams, electro-magnetic radiation, sonar waves, radiofrequency radiation..." http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7123

Komsomolskaya Pravda stated that, "In 1924, chairman of the academician council of the Animal Psychology Laboratory, brilliant animal trainer Vladimir Durov wrote a book on animal training and told about his experiments on hypnosis applied to animals. In 1932, the Bekhterev Institute of Brain named after the scientist was officially charged to conduct experiments on distant interaction. In 1965-1968, the Institute of Automatics and Electroenergetics based in Novosibirsk studied mental communication between humans and animals. The materials of the study were classified and were never published officially." http://english.pravda.ru/science/tech/14-08-2007/95965-psychotronic_weapon-0 In 1976

Time Magazine said, "Last month the U.S. confirmed that for some 15 years the Soviet Union has been beaming microwaves at the hulking nine-story U.S. Embassy..." Find more on: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,911755,00.html

CBS This Morning reports new Xray vision technology that can not only see through walls but can also remotely read a person's vital signs - heart rate and respiration with electromagnetics that are similar to wifi; https://youtu.be/PnvcjKXo-AY

In 1996 the Oct/Nov issue of Nexus Magazine declared; British scientists are developing a concept for a computer chip which, when implanted into the skull, behind the eye, will be able to record a person's every lifetime thought and sensation. "This is the end of death" said Dr. Chris Winter of British Telecom's Artificial-life team. He predicts that, within thirty years it will be possible to relive other people's lives by playing their experiences on a computer. "By combining this information with a record of a person's genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually." The article went on to say that they named the chip, "The Soul Catcher," and that "Direct human mind/computer interface... is surely only a few years away from being as common as using fingers on keyboards and eyes on monitors are today... Other more frightening applications include downloading an older person's experiences into a new born baby..." The Truth is that it’s already here and has been for decades. Many just don't realize it.

Very detectable microchips, which were used in the 1960s - 1980s, are in many long term victims. I have read that they are microscopic and hardly detectable now. And many types of mind control can be done without microchips and with only radio waves shot directly into the brain.

Any sort of interference with the natural rhythms of our energy fields can be damaging on multiple levels, and my gut feeling is that much of the damage is not yet known. This is just common sense. Even the mildest levels of technological mind control interferes with and blocks our natural process of thinking, feeling, healing and growing into all that we were meant to be. . .and this hurts us on multiple levels including physically. What it is doing to our children is almost unspeakable. This is truly the most dangerous thing that humanity has ever been faced with and it must be quickly stopped.

U.S. News & World Report (in 2000) reported John Norseen’s comment about his fMRI research: "If this research pans out you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it. . . The ethics don’t concern me, but they should concern someone else.” In this article Douglas Pasternak reports that, "Norseen’s interest in the brain stems from a Soviet book he read in the mid-1980s, claiming that research on the mind would revolutionize the military and society at large." http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/neuro/norseen.html

CBS News (in 2010) reported that, "Software that uses brain scans to determine what items people are thinking about was among the technological innovations showcased Wednesday by Intel Corp..." http://www.cbsnews.com/news/mind-reading-technology-showcased-in-nyc/

Scientific American (in 2013) reported that, "Groups around the world are using techniques like these to try to decode brain scans and decipher what people are seeing, hearing and feeling, as well as what they remember or even dream about... Media reports have suggested that such techniques bring mind-reading “from the realms of fantasy to fact”, and “could influence the way we do just about everything”. The Economist in London even cautioned its readers to “be afraid." http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/mind-reading-technology-speeds-ahead/

The Guardian (in 2007) reported that, "A team of world-leading neuroscientists has developed a powerful technique that allows them to look deep inside a person’s brain and read their intentions before they act. The research breaks controversial new ground in scientists’ ability to probe people’s minds and eavesdrop on their thoughts, and raises serious ethical issues over how brain-reading technology may be used in the future." https://www.theguardian.com/science/2007/feb/09/neuroscience.ethicsofscience

Live Science reported that, "Scientists have made impressive gains recently when it comes to reading minds. For instance, through brain scans, researchers can tell what number a person has just seen, figure out what letters a person wants to type..." http://www.livescience.com/6205-scientists-read-minds-brain-scans.html

Wikipedia Reported that, "Psychotronics is a term coined in 1967 by Zden?k Rejd√°k for the study of parapsychology. Extensive research programmes and numerous conferences into the field during the 1970s and 1980s sparked Cold War fears of mind control and other psychotronic weaponry being developed by Eastern Bloc countries which led to popularisation of the term in the West." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychotronics

Wired Magazine (in 2006) reported that, "Now fMRI is also poised to transform the security industry, the judicial system, and our fundamental notions of privacy." http://www.wired.com/2006/01/lying/

Lie Detection is a new application of mind reading technologies. BUT what happens if, before being tested, a mind control victim's brain has been hacked and some memories erased or new memories plugged in by people who are either targeting or using the victim? A criminal could look completely innocent, because he (or she) honestly does not remember the crime. And an innocent person could appear guilty. Relying too heavily on technology can carry many dangers, especially in a world where such technologies are being criminally used to interfere with or control people's minds. . . and especially in a world where many people are being sadistically targeted and set up for either law enforcement or psychiatrists to be used to find them guilty or ill when they really are not either of these things. Someone told me that those who target humanity aim to make the bad look good and the good look bad! It appears true. Can you imagine? It's really been happening and many have suffered horribly. It just cannot continue this way.

General Mind Control Programming

   The general technological mind control programming, which appears to have been influencing most of humanity, has obviously sadistic/satanic-types of intentions. It blocks good and necessary things like compassion, instincts, conscience and intuition. And it magnifies things that can have negative results, like hate…etc. This has been happening, on massive scales, for many decades, and is evident, when we look at what has been happening in our troubled world, even though most of it hides behind masks of goodness and/or helpfulness. The general brainwashing appears to be pushing people toward things like,

Indifference, instead of supportive involvement.
Emotional Numbness, instead of feeling an healing.
Arrogance, false pride and narcissism, instead of humility.
Judgment, instead of understanding.
Prejudice, instead of acceptance of differences.
Vengeance, instead of forgiveness.
Greed, instead of generosity.
Fighting, instead of peace and functional resolution.
Homosexuality, instead of what we were born to be.
Pharmaceuticals, instead of natural healing methods.
Junk Food, instead of healthy food.
Supporting the wealthy, instead of the poor.
Hopelessness, instead of Faith.
Darkness, instead of Light.
Bad, instead of good.
Hate, instead of Love.
Deception, instead of honesty.
Lies, instead truth.

   This subtle mind control programming can be mostly bypassed by strong and highly evolved people, WHEN THEY ARE AWARE OF IT HAPPENING and do not mistake it for their own instincts...etc., but not completely. An example of this is; people who are naturally extremely compassionate will still be compassionate, but not as deeply, because the brainwashing lessens or blocks these types of qualities. On the flip side of this, people who have issues, like of taking their anger out on others or being fearful, are effected in the way of those feelings being stronger and less controllable under the influence of the programming. People who are naturally, and strongly, attracted to only members of the opposite sex, will remain that way, but may experience some confusing thoughts that they do not act on, because they have no natural desire for homosexuality. People who are confused about their sexuality, like most teenagers are, can be easily pushed into a direction that they would not naturally choose, thinking that the brainwashings are their own natural desires or instincts. Needless to say, even the mild, general brainwashings have been having a negative effect on our whole world through interfering with the natural rhythm of thoughts and feelings, which also interferes with the natural process of personal growth. The brainwashings, even on these mild scales, is too horribly destructive to humanity. And much worse is happening to massive numbers of families and individuals.
   Aside from the general brainwashings, many individuals and families have been being inflicted with extremely controlling levels of brainwashings. Some victims have been being drugged, with the pharmaceuticals that aid technological mind control, and more heavily brainwashed, their hearts and instincts and intuition severely or completely blocked for periods of time. There are massive amounts of  unaware mind control victims, who are used to serve those who target humanity, and are in positions where they can be used to manipulate things or influence the public, like in churches and media places (music and movie and best selling novels and news forums) and government agencies and schools and universities and medical facilities and military and large businesses…etc. The resulting corruption is huge, at this point. There is a desperate need for all to become aware and for criminal use of the radio wave (microwave) technologies to be stopped as quickly as possible.
   Some victims, in heavily targeted families, are hit with severe brainwashings that challenge their natural beliefs and emotions with heavy brainwashings of the opposite. The result is a constant inner battle that confuses the victim and often makes them blame themselves, which can wear a person down and completely block the natural process of personal and spiritual growth as well as damaging the victim. Some of this heavy targeting also intentionally prevents or interferes with things like peaceful meditation and praying and expressions of compassion toward loved ones in heavily targeted families.
   Some victims (particularly those who are less controllable), have been being literally tortured with laser or microwave weapons. Behind the scenes, of even what appears to be peaceful societies in free countries, secret covert wars rage against heavily targeted families and individuals, even often pitting them against each other and tearing them apart in various ways. Many have been being tortured physically, mentally and emotionally, as ell as with brainwashings. Torture victims suffer horribly, and the tortures are set up to make it look like they are merely mentally ill and/or physically ill, so that they will not get the proper kinds of help. (Perpetrators tend to push the “mental illness” angle after a victim becomes aware of the targeting, so that they will not be believed.) Many other people, who do not even realize that they are mind control victims, are used to neglect or harass or wrongly judge or seek revenge against torture victims.
   Many people have been being completely enslaved and used in the covert program (secret society), which is how it has been growing and taking over the world for decades now. Some enslaved victims are thought to be dead, their deaths staged after being inflicted with terminal illnesses or what appears to be “accidents” and then abducted from hospitals or morgues…etc. Completely enslaved victims appear to be inflicted with some sort of brain damage, their own conscience, instincts and hearts either destroyed or completely blocked… so that they can be used to help torture or enslave or destroy or frame torture victims or their loved ones. It appears that these enslaved people are given use of space based surveillance and laser weapons as well as other mind control victims whom they use as puppets.

This truly is a massive and horribly destructive Technological Holocaust, even in its mildest forms, and it must be fully exposed and stopped as quickly as possible - humanity set free and all victims having the understanding that is needed for complete recovery.
   Most victims are not even aware of what has happened to them and there has been no safe place for aware victims to turn for the proper types of help. Many aware victims are falsely accused of being, or are assumed to be, "crazy" or "delusional" or "mentally ill," which merely adds to the suffering and pain and crushes hope for the hell to ever end. I beg officials and media to realize what has been happening and stand up for all of humanity, but especially for the torture victims who have had no real support. Many are being hurt indescribably. What has been happening to real torture victims - "Targeted Individuals" (TIs) are grossly cruel holocaustal crimes. The long term ones have been hurt indescribably. Please do all that you can to help expose the sadistic tortures and stop these sorts of crimes from continuing and growing. (Please be sure to read the article on Targeted Individuals)

    Technological interference with people’s emotions is an extremely destructive part of the mind control, which can make a person feel ways that are not natural to them or can severely magnify their natural feelings, at strategic times. Emotions like sadness, fear, joy, bliss, love, anger, emotional numbness…etc., can be technologically forced upon a person at times when they would not naturally feel that way. A person can even be made to feel like they are in love with someone whom they would not even want to be associated with by nature. A person can be forced into homosexuality, even if they are not naturally that way. A person can be made to completely misperceive obvious intentions or statements, making things that are positive seem negative and visa versa. A person can be made to laugh at inappropriate times or even to not be able to stop laughing for periods of time. A person can be made to crave certain types of foods or be drawn to go to certain places or businesses. A person can be forced into addictions to things like alcohol, drugs, sugar, sex, nicotine, caffeine…etc. People can even be manipulated into feeling prejudice against another race or country or organization, even though they would not naturally feel that way. Dreams can be technologically projected into a person’s brain, in the form of pictures and voices. Can you imagine how these things can confuse a person as well as interfere with and harm, or even completely prevent, the natural course of a person’s life. . .including emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and growth? These are not just things that ‘can’ happen - they are things that have been happening and still are happening and you can easily see the results of it in our troubled world. And there is more….much more, including the complete enslavement of, and criminal use of, human beings, some of which have been abducted and their deaths staged.

Symptoms of Technological Mind Control; Most victims, which seems to now include most of humanity, appear to experience unnoticeable brain washing and are not even aware of what is happening to them. There are no symptoms of general mild brain washing. But the negative general mind control programming has many noticeable effects. Just look out into the world and you can easily see them - the growing heartlessness, the cold indifference, the new fad of skull and bones and the honoring and displaying of evil things, the amount of people who are confused about their sexuality or are changing their gender instead of naturally being what they were born to be, the multitudes of families being torn apart, the escalation of harmful addictions, the increase in failed relationships, the rich corporations crushing small businesses, the growing greed, the growing dysfunctional behaviors of politicians in debates, the increased violence and man-made disasters that are thought to be natural...etc. Everything is getting all messaged up under the oppression of dark technological and pharmaceutical mind control programming. And too many have been being hurt by it. The levels of suffering in victims used and victims abused are indescribable.
   The most common noticeable symptoms of heavier than usual targeting are mental numbness and fatigue, a faint high pitched ring in ears, unusual neck tension and headaches, unusual thoughts that do not match feelings, unusual dreams, unusual cravings for certain foods...etc. Many heavy mind control victims develop a certain type of arrogance or seem narcissistic in ways that the victim did not (or would not) naturally have. They can also become too disconnected from their hearts and natural instincts and lean toward seeking vengeance instead of toward resolving issues with others. They can suddenly be drawn to things like homosexuality or drugs or alcohol or dark secret societies. They can be made to think they are in love with someone when they really aren't. And the list could go on and on and on and none of it is good. Even when the technologies are used to inflict things like bliss or calmness or peacefulness, (and they can be) it is not good because it is not natural.
   Long term torture victims and heavily Targeted Individuals and families can also have symptoms like unusual tooth decay, unusual dry scalp, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medical inflictions, unusual discord between family members, unusual stress, mental confusion, forgetfulness, unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings, periods of diminished hearing and eye sight, sudden onset of unexplainable neurological problems and sharp pains shooting into head. . .as well as V2K - voices being transmitted into their brain with radio waves. The V2k is extremely dangerous on victims who are not aware that this can be technologically done. Public awareness is the key to this part as well as everything else. Those who target people in this way sometimes pretend to be God and the ways this can mess a person up are uncountable. I had a strong intuition that one of the USA shooters was a V2k victim who thought God had told him to do it, because he did not know about V2k.

Too many victims of mind control are assumed to be "mentally ill." Can you imagine being told that you are mentally ill when you are not ill at all - when criminals are invading not only your life but your mind. . .nothing to stop them from continuing? Parts of the targeting seem sadistic/satanic with intentions to inflict psychological suffering and chaos. In severe cases, it appears that unaware mind control victims can be completely controlled by criminals who force them into suicide or things like lethal shootings at schools or navy yards...etc.

Some people seem less susceptible to being completely controlled - perhaps those of us who are more creative and independent and strong willed. People who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants, are VERY susceptible to being completely controlled. There also appears to be some sort of brain damage that is done to some victims, in order to make them more controllable. Our own hearts and natural instincts can override most of the manipulations, if we are aware and are not drugged or microchiped or inflicted with emotional trauma...etc. BUT if we are not AWARE of what is happening we can easily confuse the intrusions with our own thoughts, feelings and instincts, and this can be devastating in many situations. Through awareness and a strong will, we can avoid manipulations that are alien to our own nature. But when our existing issues or feelings are triggered its harder. And this is one of the things the general mind control programing seems to do - it magnifies our negative feelings, which raises the levels of discord in us as well as in the whole world.  

The most dangerous long term, general effect of pharmaceutical and technological mind control is harmful interference with our natural process of personal and spiritual growth - the destruction of our Hearts and instincts and intuition - the loss of psychological and spiritual freedom. Any sort of interference with our natural processes of feeling, thinking and sensing is damaging to our mental, psychological and spiritual health. We cannot grow and evolve and become all that we were meant to be while our brains and emotions are being intruded upon and manipulated. Please help restore our freedom. More people must to become aware of what is happening and take HUGE peaceful steps toward bringing it to an end.

Mind Reading and Personality Swapping; The technological mind control techniques extend into things like mind reading and the swapping of personalities from one child to the other in targeted families. This part has been happening since at least the late 1980s. Sound unbelievable? It’s true. Unfortunately, it’s very true and it can be easily done in adults too.
   Remote mind reading is done through computers with space based surveillance and radio wave technologies. Thoughts and dreams can not only be remotely read, but can also be plugged into a victim's brain without them even being aware of what is happening. Imagine a person sitting in their home and being watched through surveillance equipment that has Xray vision. The intruder then shoots radio waves into the victim's brain as easily as it is for a satellite to shoot radio waves into a person's home or computer for internet access, especially if there is no lead paint on the house. The brain is scanned and then read and altered on a computer screen.
   Dreams can even be projected into the brain of a victim, with voices and pictures, which can really mess a person up if they trust and believe in their dreams and are not aware of some of them being unreal/projected.
   This may sound like science fiction, but it’s not. None of the reports, which I list below, expose the more advanced remotely used types of mind reading technologies, but they do indeed exist. They have been being criminally used on humanity for decades, which is why they have not been advertised in the past. These recent reports are merely to show you that these sorts of technologies do exist and that the technological capability of reading a person's mind is very real.

   THIS IS A SERIOUS CRISIS - Truly a Technological Holocaust! It is imperative that you listen to the heart of your own instincts on this subject, because your mind may not want to believe it and your heart may ache so much that it aims to slip into denial or overwhelm. . .but this situation needs your heart to find the courage to face it and openly stand up against it, especially if you are a media or government official who has the power to help bring awareness and to help stop criminal use of the technologies.

Please take COURAGE, wrap it around your HEART and rise into a strong PEACEFUL stand to regain your FREEDOM.

Mind Control Experiment Evidence by Cheryl Welsh:

CBS News Admits Navy Yard Shooter Possibly a Victim of Mind Control https://youtu.be/5u3EqLkKO_k

Science Channel Admits Microwaves Used in Mind Control

CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (1 of 2)

CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (2 of 2)

Dr. Patrick Flanagan on Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons https://youtu.be/xESAbEllSrQ

Please also do your own research, but be aware of misinformation and dangers on the web. Listen closely to the heart of your own instincts above all else, even with what I share here, because the writings of authentic people are sometimes invaded and altered by those who target us. Mine have been a lot. Your mind's Freedom needs the Truth. Please search until you find it. Let yourself feel it - the Truth.

Among the other labels of technological mind control and its technologies are, psychotronic weapons, Acoustic Psycho-correction, Radar, Synthetic Telepathy, Particle Beam weapons, Geophysical Weapons, Psychoneurological Weapons, Mind Machine, Psychological Language Machine, Acoustic Heterodyne Weapon, Electromagnetic Stalking, Microwave Weapons, psychological warfare, behavior modification technologies, Bio-communications Technologies, Radio Wave Mind Control, Microwave Mind Control, Bio-electromagnetic Technologies, Radar, Electronic Harassment, Directed Energy Weapons, Remote Neuro Monitoring, Brain Warfare, Bio-energetics, Electromagnetic (EMR) mind control, Electroenergetics, Geophysical weapons, psychoneurological weapons, M.I.N.D. - Magnetic Integrated Neuron Duplicator, Psychotronic weapons, brain warfare, Psychic Warfare...etc.

The Psychiatric Connection

Have you noticed how “mental illness” appears to have reached epidemic levels? Have you wondered why so many people are suddenly being called, “mentally ill”? Have you considered that they may not really be ill and that something else is happening, something horrible – something almost unthinkable - something holocaustal? Probably not. But its everyone should become aware of this horrible situation, in order for it to be stopped, and in order for severe victims of it to have the understanding and support that will be needed for recovery. You or one of your loved ones may be a victim of the milder scales of what is happening and not even realize it. And many other people can benefit from the rest of us realizing what is happening. So, please give this information the benefit of your doubt and help spread the word.

Around the 1950s, three things were happening, which I feel are VERY closely related;
1. Around the 1950s the DSM was being created. The DSM is the manual for diagnosing medicateable "mental illness," which is used in the field of psychiatry.
 2. Around the 1950s microwave weapons (radio wave technologies) were being used to create effects, on the human brain, which specifically mimicked things that were being put into the DSM.
 3. Around the 1950s Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz - an expert in the field of psychiatry and its medicines, stood up to expose the DSM's false "mental illness" labeling and the fact that psychotropic drugs are harmful, especially to children. Think about this, please. Think hard, because these things are NOT a coincidence.

Have masses of people been being hit with microwaves just to be sent to psychiatrists, labeled as “mentally ill” and given prescriptions for psychotropic drugs? Yes. And do various types of psychotropic drugs block people's hearts and instincts and intuition and alter the brain in ways that enable complete success of technological mind control? Yes, and this is surely why it’s being done.

Microwave expert, General Barrie Trower explained the capabilities of microwave weapons around the 1950s; "By changing the pulse frequency... of the microwaves going into the brain and interfering with the brain. . . you could induce psychiatric illnesses to the point where a psychiatrist could not tell if it is a genuine psychiatric illness or an induced psychiatric illness." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvn-8ITy0oc

False "mental illness" labeling, and the harmful psychotropic drugs, which the labels enable the legal dispensing of, are holocaustal crimes against humanity.

In 2008, news reports stated that pharmaceuticals, including various types of psychotropic drugs, were being found in around 24 major public water supplies throughout the USA, and in bottled drinking water as well. https://youtu.be/LYD-qf9pZAg Coincidence? No. I'm sure it’s not. A woman at an environment protection agency told me, in 2014, that these drugs were still being found in the water. So, it’s still happening - many people have even been being drugged without knowing it. I am very concerned about the effect of this on everyone, especially children. You should be too.

Even if the technological mind control part of the situation were not happening, the effects of the pharmaceuticals alone would still be holocaustal. But the technologies are surely used and probably includes the brain washing of many psychiatrists and counselors, in order to make them blindly believe in and follow the DSM. Some psychiatrists realized the problem and have openly stood up against it, but they were too few and their impact too small. They were targeted and distracted...etc. And too many psychiatrists continued to follow the DSM and the dispensing of the pharmaceuticals. Consequently, for many decades now, there have been growing numbers of people being harmed and some psychologically destroyed, even children. This must be realized and stopped as quickly as possible.

Dr.Thomas Stephen Szasz was a psychiatrist who publicly stood against what he described as unethical and false "mental illness" labels and the harmful medications that they try to justify. He knew what was happening. He even went so far as to say that "there is no such thing as mental illness." I feel that he was VERY right. This man is a hero, whom I feel was targeted with mind control, which often tore him from his mission to save humanity from the false labels and harmful meds. I feel that he was killed for standing up for humanity and that his death was not a really freely chosen suicide. Let’s not let his death be in vein. Dr. Szasz left us with some VERY important information. Let’s believe his expertise and heed his wise advise, which cost him his life. He said that "Labeling a child as 'mentally ill' is a stigmatization, not a diagnosis. Giving the child a psychiatric drug is poisoning, not treatment." He was right. He also said, "The task we set ourselves to combat psychiatric coercion is important. . . Its a noble task - a task in the pursuit of which we must, regardless of obstacles, persevere. Our conscience commands that we do no less." Our conscience - one of the things that the psychotropic drugs and the technological mind control blocks. I was so glad to have found Dr. Szasz - a true expert in the field of psychiatry and medicine.

Dr. Szasz still stands here as a beacon for all of us. Let’s let it shine into our hearts - into our love for humanity and our right to total freedom from all that suppresses and harms. www.szasz.com

I understand that this whole "mental illness" thing is a controversial issue right now. Many fight to continue the crime and many set ups have been happening to perpetuate its continuation. The crime has even grown into being used to discredit testimonies of, or to strip away certain rights of, the too few people who have become aware of what is happening and have tried to stand up against it. I am also being threatened and hurt. We need more standing. Please help.

They raise the issue of psychiatric patients, who really do have mental problems, reading about things like this and wondering if they are victims of targeting too. HOWEVER this SHOULD NOT BE SILENCED no matter what small or fabricated problems it may raise. Most of those patients probably are victims of the targeting. Many victims have been damaged by it. Not enough people know about the capabilities of radio wave (microwave) technologies and the fact that they have been being used on humanity. Not enough people know about the effects of the pharmaceuticals (especially in children) and how they alter us in ways that make us more technologically controllable. Not enough people know how false "mental illness" labels are making healthy people lose trust in themselves or their loved ones, thinking there is something wrong with them...etc. If enough people knew they would not be able to continue the crime. People would stop taking the meds and officials would be rushing to stop criminal use of the technologies. Please help bring more awareness to this situation, within the field of psychiatry as well as the rest of the world, so that humanity can regain its freedom and severe victims can have the understanding and support, which they will need, in order to recover.

Bernard Schreiber wrote a factual book called, “Men Behind Hitler – A German Warning to the World.” Another hero. In his research he found that the field of psychiatry was involved in a covert continuation of holocaustal crimes against humanity since Hitler’s era, He exposed the field of psychiatry being connected to an ongoing holocaust. He wrote, "Hitler was an evil man and no one would want to assert that he was not responsible for the things that happened in Germany, but in blaming Hitler for all the evils one is overlooking a considerable number of those who are truly responsible, people who are being allowed to pursue their course to similar ends all over again - nothing to stop them."
   In another part of Schreiber's book had spoken of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels bragging, (in 1944) after Hitler's Reich had fallen, about a secret weapon - a "death ray" that would lead to the "rebirth of the Reich." Schreiber also wrote, "The Nazis may have been disbanded, but the psychiatrists still linger on among us. Maybe this is the secret weapon Goebbels boasted about which would lead to the rebirth of the Reich - not a super-bomb and not a death ray, but a blueprint for a psychiatric slave state."
   My instincts are telling me that this mystery weapon, which Geobbels boasted of in 1944, is what is now called “microwave weapons” - technologies that emit and direct radio waves, like satellites. And the “psychiatric slave state" has already been happening and growing since at least the 1950s. I feel that it has freely grown for too long and is at a critically dangerous point and has to be stopped now. Its not just about targeting victims as "mentally ill," its also about dark and evil forces gaining complete control of humanity, through using organizations, including the fields of psychiatry and medicine, and space based technologies, which emit radio waves, to accomplish it.
   There are eugenics based targetings still happening as well. Bernard Schreiber's book is, "Humbly dedicated to the memory of countless ordinary people who's lives were taken because they were considered less than perfect, and therefore, unworthy to live." Sadly, this is not just for the past holocaust victims, its about the ones who are being more inconspicuously harmed and killed since then. They are uncountable. And its still happening - many are still alive and suffering horribly right now. http://www.toolan.com/hitler/index.html

Dr. Paula Caplan stood up against the DSM and explained that, "the whole process of mental illness diagnosis is unregulated. . . there are categories in the DSM that have scientifically proven not to exist and they're in there anyway." She also said that normal "things that everybody goes through. . . get diagnosed as "mental illness" for example; if someone close to you dies and your still depressed two weeks later, now, according to the DSM, you have minor depressive disorder" She expressed a VERY justifiable concern that normal feelings and social behaviors, especially those of natural grieving or anger, are listed in the DSM as cause to label a person with "mental illness." https://youtu.be/dwxEdRYQqCU

On Psychology Today Ray Williams says, "And what is the most profitable area of drug sales? Psychotropic drugs. Mood altering and behavior modifying drugs aimed at brain chemistry. Worldwide sales of antidepressants, stimulants, antianxiety and antipsychotic drugs exceed $82 billion a year as of 2003." https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/wired-success/201105/how-the-drug-companies-are-controlling-our-lives-part-1

Dr. Colin Ross has extensively studied scientific data which disproves the validity of "mental illness" labels and renders most of the prescribed drugs harmful or ineffective in most patients. He feels that the DSM's false labels, need to be exposed and stopped. He says, "It’s not going to stop until psychiatry takes responsibility for what it’s doing and the public gets educated and says wait a minute I'm not buying this anymore." https://youtu.be/AG1VHpsgUcY

Dr. Peter Breggin makes a strong stand against the psychiatric labeling and pharmaceuticals on an interview with FOX News. Breggin calls the psychiatric drugging "medication spell binding" and that they do "more harm than good." His focus is more on the violence that drugs can instigate in victims. There is, however, a danger that those, who are not aware of the technological part of the targeting, can easily blame only the psychiatric pharmaceuticals for severe cases of technological targeting like in the Navy yard shooting. I feel that it was both. The shooter was obviously being heavily targeted in multiple ways. But either one, on its own, can be lethal. FOX News ; Peter Breggin MD Psychiatric Drugs; https://youtu.be/3lXUOnn5PiQ

Dr. Jeffery Schaler went so far as to say, "The diagnosis of mental illness is always a weapon." It is being used as one. https://youtu.be/BhC6hUZJIJ0

Potent quotes from a video, which was removed from the web; "Far from being places of healing, psychiatric institutions have always functioned as the worst sort of prisons. . .where someone can be incarcerated against their will without even being charged with a crime." and "This is an industry that doesn't just specialize in destroying people's lives, it kills their souls." ~ Unknown Author

Tampering with the brain and natural energy fields of human beings can cause immeasurable problems on every level of human beings. There are extreme dangers in people being pushed to take psychiatric pharmaceuticals for having natural human feelings and issues, or for things that are created in them through their brains being targeted with microwave weapons...etc., some of which have probably not yet been realized, and others that include the disintegration of extremely valuable things like self-trust and compassion and intuition and conscience and psychological health and mental health and physical health and the natural process of personal and spiritual growth.

The technological and pharmaceutical targeting has been literally destroying the Heart of humanity. And it just should not even be happening.

I believe that the root causes for these horrific crimes against humanity are greed and evil and dark quests for power over others. . .and that we ALL need to do all that we can to stop it from continuing and save what is left of humanity from further destruction. Please help stop criminal use of the types of pharmaceuticals that aid mind control and block people's hearts and instincts and intuition...etc., which may not only be in psychotropic drugs and may also be hidden in other types of pharmaceuticals that are being pushed upon people for other types of ailments, which are technologically induced. And please help stop criminal use of the mind control (behavior modification) technologies, which they aid, for the sake of the health and well-being of our children – humanity’s future, if nothing else. Humanity’s children are in serious danger. We must save them. Please help spread the word.

I understand that there are some adults and children who have genuine mental problems and need help. And that some of them may even be able to function better with certain types of meds. But I say this begrudgingly, because I feel that genuine cases of this are rare - very rare. I feel that most labeled and medicated children are healthy and either just misunderstood by parents or are technologically targeted or need a change in a caffeinated diet, or just more love and affection...etc. I feel that most are labeled and suppressed instead of being loved and healed. There should be none. Absolutely none. Children should be kept safe and free to think and feel and grow, especially in places that we are encouraged to bring them to for help. What has been happening is all just too horribly wrong and damaging.

The pharmaceuticals are even in drinking water and the radio waves flood whole communities, even school systems. ALL children, exposed to these things are in danger, especially those who are in families that have been targeted for heavier mind control. When people, especially children, are not allowed to freely think and feel, their natural process of mental, emotional and spiritual growth is impeded or completely blocked. And the dangers in this cannot be over stated.

I took the following pictures of page 10 in the November, 2015 issue of the New Hampshire Parenting magazine. The headlines, "I think my child is Mentally ill" on top of a picture of a sad little girl who has the words "I feel sad," printed above her head really disturbed me, because it blatantly implies that a child’s sadness is a sign of “mental illness.”

   I mean no offense to the Parenting magazine or the author. I do not know what their intentions were. Perhaps they really believe that a child feeling sad is a sign of mental illness. How sad, if they do! But, regardless of intentions, the effect is what I'm concerned about. How many parents of young children are influenced by these sorts of statements? These sorts of ads can make people think that sadness is  wrong or worse - that it is a sign of "mental illness" which should be medicated. These sorts of ads should raise red flags in all who care about children and the future health and safety of humanity. Sadness is one of the natural feelings we were born with and we were born with the capability of feeling it for a good reason. Sadness is NOT an indication of “mental illness.” It’s a natural human feeling that we need to be allowed to freely feel. Sadness in a child is an indication of them feeling hurt by something. All most sad children need is to be loved and comforted and encouraged to talk about it and cry out the pain. Empathy, understanding, love and hugs can heal most cases of sadness. If the sadness is caused by some sort of severe trauma or abuse, the child may need professional help with processing and releasing the feelings, so they can heal from it, but to label and medicate a child for feeling sad is like a crime against the child.
   When encouraged, and not medicated into numbness, crying is part of a healthy grieving/healing process, which releases our pain. When we do not allow this process of feeling and releasing our pain our hearts become blocked, which is not a good thing. Actually, its harmful for natural feelings of sadness to be suppressed instead of felt and released, especially in children. And its harmful to convince people, especially impressionable children, that there is something wrong with them when there really is nothing wrong with them at all.

 Sadness is an indication of needing to cry – release the pain. 


I'm not a doctor. But, I probably have more experience with the natural process of personal and spiritual growth, than most psychiatrists do. This is partly what my work is about. I personally trust the wisdom of experience and instincts above scientific text book knowledge, when it comes to personal growth, because every individual's issues and circumstances are unique. This applies, times ten, to the text books that have been written or instigated by the organization that has intentionally pushed the false labels...etc.
   In the early stages of my work I had found that, through fully embracing our feelings, we can heal from past difficulties... and that medicating them tends to numb people and prevent personal growth. In my first full book, that was not poetry, I strongly encouraged people to work out personal issues through embracing/releasing suppressed feelings, instead of taking medications.
   I've never taken psychiatric medications but I know people who have, including children, and I've witnessed the stagnation, and sometimes even harm, they can inflict. My drive to encourage healing instead of medicating, grew from my own experiences with personal growth and things I'd witnessed in a mental health facility, where I'd worked for a few years. I stood up, within that facility, to express my concern about a healthy child being put on psychiatric drugs. I have witnessed the labels and meds being given to children who are not really “mentally ill.” My instincts were telling me that something was horribly wrong. But I didn’t know the full scope of it and I was distracted by being targeted in various ways. Now I know more and I hope to help the rest of you to also.

Its sad to even just think that uncountable numbers of healthy children and adults could be being falsely labeled and medicated into mental and spiritual stagnation and are even being inflicted with physical brain damage in some cases. And it’s just too horrible that it really is happening on a huge scale. Please help stop the false “mental illness” labeling and harmful pharmaceuticals from continuing to hurt people, especially children. Please help spread the word. Please help set humanity free.

The Plight of Torture Victims 
(Targeted Individuals) 

Different torture victims are targeted in different ways. The variations are many and I cannot cover them all here. This is just a quick over view of the parts that I know to be true for many. And I share it to help people realize that this is happening, because torture victims are desperate for validation and understanding and genuine care from fellow human beings - the very opposite of what even short term victims have experienced way too much of.

Torture victims, and their loved ones, are victims of technological mind control, which aims to isolate the primary victim (the torture victim) from loved ones and all other possible sources of help, as technological tortures vamp up and various types of manipulations strip the torture victim of homes and income and bank accounts. Loved ones are either used to push the torture victim toward being labeled as "mentally ill" (and in some cases even institutionalized) or are roped into the covert program and used to perpetuate the targeting. The Torture victims are intentionally cast into poverty and isolation, deprived of love and support and help while being tortured with shots from laser weapons and blasts of microwaves, which inflict physical pain. While this is happening they are also inflicted with covert harassment campaigns, that use members of the covert program, in communities they live in or frequent. So, the tortures are both physical and psychological. Can you imagine this happening to people? It is happening. It really is. Some say its experimentation, but even this makes it sound too good. Its cruel, grotesque, sadistic targeting at its gory worst.
   Through the past few decades, many victims have been crying out for help that is not here for them. But most do not even know they are being targeted by ill intending people and blame themselves and/or their loved ones, which is terribly sad. Things are often set up for the torture victim to misplace blame, which just makes them look crazy. There are set ups to make it look like the technological tortures are being done locally and by loved ones or neighbors, but most of it is done VERY remotely - most of it is done with space based technologies.

The technological tortures have been being disbelieved, because most people are not aware that technologies, like satellites, can not only be used to watch a victim, but are also equipped with laser weapons, which can inflict physical pain in any part of a victim's body. Severe pain is sometimes inflicted if the victim feels sadness or anger and is often aimed at the head. Some inflictions can leave blistered burns or no evidence at all and are sometimes debilitating or too excruciating to do anything but try to tolerate it until it finally lets up. This extreme torture is usually done to prevent the victim from doing something that they want to do or to interrupt a conversation or meeting with someone else or to stop them from enjoying something. It is sometimes done as punishment for things like reporting or writing about the targeting if they are aware of being targeted.

Some victims are tormented by dreams that are projected into their brain or by voices (V2K) being projected into their brain when they are awake. Hearing voices in their head mimics a symptom of "mental illness" but it is not an illness and is being done with radio waves being shot into a specific part of their brain. V2K can also be used on other people who are near the torture victim, making it seem like something the victim said. A lot of cruel games can be played with this in public places. An unaware victim is left feeling confused and wondering why people are suddenly rude for no apparent reason. The rudeness in other people, toward the victim, is also sometimes due to nasty rumor campaigns that are started by members of the covert program and are probably most often not true. They seem to like trying to make people think the torture victim is something that other people would find disgusting, like a pedophile. Members of the covert program also can be mean to a torture victim without any reason other than that they are being foolish puppets who are blindly following orders of the primary perpetrator.

Torture victims are often inflicted with various types of parasites, some of which are so unusual that they may not be recognized by most doctors. So the suffering continues. Sometimes they are inflicted with parasites at hospitals as they are treated for something else. Certain types can be injected into the arm while they back wash an IV location...etc. Other types can be put onto the victim's head in public places, or into the victim's bedding or into the victims food or drinks...etc. These crimes are performed by members of the covert program.

The covert harassment part of the torture, which is performed can also include members of the covert program following text messages, from the primary perpetrator, to say things that are about what the torture victim had recently been either saying or doing or thinking. When a torture victim says they are being stalked and harassed it also mimics one of the "mental illness" symptoms and is almost impossible to prove due to it being done by many different people and never by the same person more than three times a day...etc. Consequently the torture victim is often blamed under the assumption (or pretense) of it being their own "mental illness" which can also make them blame themselves and think there is something wrong with them if they are not aware of being targeted. This is cruel psychological and mental abuse. If they are aware of the targeting, the "mental illness" assumption (or pretense) can crush hope for the right kinds of help ever arriving. It feels horrible to be being hurt and disbelieved and then the hurt just keeps on being inflicted. It’s absolutely cruel.

When a torture victim actually gets labeled as “mentally ill”, the label strips away many rights and freedoms and can be used to discredit anything that the victim says is happening to them. . .leaving the victim with no chance of help or relief from physical and psychological tortures. Please realize that false "mental illness" labels sometimes hide gruesome tortures, which should be stopped as soon as possible.

The cruelty and suffering, that many torture victims are faced with, can be compared to some of what victims of Hitler’s holocaust must have experienced. Some of it is not as bad, but some of it is actually worse. They are held under constant satellite surveillance, in a public prison where they are physically tortured and surrounded by fellow human beings who often harass and ridicule them. . . and no one delivers real understanding or support or validation or hope for it to end. And there is no running from it, especially if a victim is micro chipped, which I'm sure most are. There is a covert rescue set up for victims who become aware, but it is performed by the same program that does the targeting, and is to silence the victim. The rescue pretends to be good and calls it "going home", but it is not the comforting "home" that it pretends to be, even though it uses good people in the foreground of the rescues. It leads to complete enslavement or various types of death. It rips the victim from their life..."forever." The victim become a missing person or his or her death is staged. This is not a rescue, it’s a secret slaughter. A genuine rescue would be genuinely caring people, who are not part of the dark covert program (or have left it and are not controlled by it), being right here in the victim's life, delivering compassion, acknowledgement, understanding and helping to protect the victim from further harm. A genuine rescue does not tear victims from their lives and loved ones. And it does not force victims to agree to leaving their lives "forever," in order to get the targeting to stop. A genuine rescue aims to tear the targeting out of the victims life, in order to restore safety and freedom. It’s not the victim who must leave - it the viscous targeting that must leave because its the intruder.

Can you imagine these sorts of things happening to people - the grotesque tortures and isolation from help and care and aims to abduct instead of helping? It has been happening for decades. Sadly, its too late for most. Victims have been vanishing, without a trace of them left behind, for decades now, because there has been nobody HERE for them and this is because way too few people are aware of what is happening. But it’s not too late to save those who are still alive and suffering and are in danger of being killed or abducted. And it’s not too late to retrieve at least some of the ones who have been abducted and enslaved in the program that tortured them.

As victims get tortured into the "rescue"/abduction they are usually already homeless (or close to it) and forced to put their belongings, in self-storage units where rights to it are signed off to someone else, and the contracts may sneakily contain power of attorney that can be used for more than just taking the victims storage. A similar thing is happening with bank accounts that some victims lose and can have a hard time retrieving, due to claims that it was "abandoned" and bank mergers and either stolen or falsified and altered records. There are also shady things going on with people preying upon the torture victim and trying to steal lost bank accounts or inheritances...etc., instead of helping them. There is even a process of trying to get some isolated victims to start law suits so that those who oversee and perpetrate can take the money from them.

There is a desperate need for public awareness of all that is happening to torture victims so it can be stopped and they can get the validation and understanding and help that is desperately needed.
The only main stream media report, that I know of, which acknowledged torture victims was written by the New York Times in 2016 and sadly leaned toward supporting the false labels and even made "Targeted Individuals" appear dangerous. The headlines on this article read, "A growing tribe of troubled minds" and "An ‘echo chamber’ of paranoia" and "A mishmash of conspiracy theories" and "A pretext for violence." It was all just too discouraging, because it was even more degradation for suffering human beings who desperately need and deserve the opposite. Media officials should become aware of the REAL problem so they are not used to help perpetuate the abuse and prevent the proper kinds of understanding, support and help, for the sake of the victims as well as the rest of humanity. All of humanity should be made aware of these horrific crimes. Many torture victims are isolated from help and are suffering indescribably.

   Torture victims often experience brain washings that lead them to blame their loved ones and/or "the government". This is difficult because there are many mind control or enslaved victims, in both of these places, who are used in the covert program, which is hurting them, which can make them look responsible - like they are the ones who are doing it all. But the real criminals are the ones who set up the program and are control them and setting them up to be blamed by the torture victims. Mind control victims, especially those who are completely enslaved, are victims too, in some ways even worse than the aware torture victims.  When a victim is drugged along with being hit with technological mind control they can be made to do or say almost anything, their own hearts and instincts blocked, and this is often happening to the loved ones of torture victims, so they can be used against the torture victim. 
   Torture victims are less controlled, which is why they are being tortured. But they are held under constant satellite surveillance, everything they do and say and even think is watched and judged. Torture victims are inflicted with a lot of interference with brain function at strategic times, especially as they try to write reports or seek help in other ways. (There is also a lot of interference, including painful tortures, when a torture victim aim to express love or to pray or do good.) The process of a victim looking back and writing reports can be used to destroy evidence and witnesses and isolate the victim even further. There are heavy pushes to enslave loved ones of torture victims after the torture victim starts trying to seek help, so that the loved ones can be used against the torture victim, often in the way of declaring them insane or criminal. Consequently torture victims have often been getting the opposite of help and are delivered vamp ups in the hell that is destructive for everyone involved in the situation, after realizing the targeting and seeking help with it. It appears that even good officials, who are not aware, have been being targeted, in efforts to prevent good and genuine help from reaching Torture Victims. They really need to become aware and to quickly stand with victims and not let that darkness continue succeeding.
   This situation can not be handled in the normal ways, because it is not a normal situation, due to the mind control that is being performed on people. There are a lot of set ups to make the good look bad and the bad look good, in the targeting around torture victims...especially as professional help is sought. The torture victim and their loved ones can also be set up to look like the criminals instead of the victims, especially if those who target them are aware of good officials looking in on them after they seek help, which they do seem to be doing. The sabotaging of all types of help is crippling to Targeted Individuals - torture victims. It is also a pattern in the targeting for the loved ones of the torture victim to be attacked in various ways, aside from being enslaved and used, in efforts to hurt the torture victim, who is often the type of person who has a lot of heart and can feel more hurt by other people being hurt than they are by just themselves being hurt.

All torture victims, as well as their loved ones, should be quickly delivered validation and awareness and understanding and love and freedom and safety and their loved ones receiving the same - their hearts and minds set free from all exterior interference and influence, so that they can all pull together and recover. This is what should be happening. Please help this to happen.

Technological Infliction of Physical Illness

   Technological mind control (and it’s aiding pharmaceuticals) is, in general, the worst part of the targeting, because it has been being used to manipulate and enslave humanity, which has been destroying the Heart of humanity, through either disrupting or blocking the natural process of personal and spiritual growth. (Please be sure to read the section on mind control.) The mind control, by itself, is surely bad enough to be accurately called a technological holocaust. But there are also other ways that human beings have been being seriously hurt by technological targeting. Radio waves, like that which is shot down from satellites for internet access, can also be shot into various parts of the human body, effecting various bodily functions. Uncountable numbers of people suffer, due to technologically inflicted physical pain or technologically inflicted physical illnesses that are thought to be natural.
   Sadly, the world has become like a concentration camp where increasing numbers of people have been being remotely watched and judged and then some manipulated, some completely controlled, some tortured and some destroyed either physically, mentally or spiritually…through space based surveillance and laser (microwave) weapon technologies. Part of the technological targeting inflicts things, that we are deceived into thinking are natural physical illnesses, for the purpose of inflicting suffering and/or for distributing pharmaceuticals that either aid technological mind control and/or put a lot of money in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. What has been being done in the “mental illness” arena has also been happening in the physical illness arena. Some physical illnesses, or what is thought to be, have been inflicted upon heavily targeted people for the purpose of forcing surgeries that enable the installation of various types of microchips. (Some of the microchips, which were used through at least the 1980s, were large enough to easily show up on X-rays. So, the fact that there is technological targeting is still VERY provable in long term victims whom they have not yet been removed from.)
   According to microwave weapon experts, like General Barrie Trower, radio waves shot into various parts of the human body can disrupt natural bodily functions in ways that can inflict multitudes of physical illnesses that are thought to be only from natural causes. I have found this to be very true. They have even recently created new physical illnesses, like lupus, fibromialgia and other autoimmune diseases, which remain a mystery to most medical professionals. They can inflict a person with things like diabetes, liver and kidney failure, COPD, asthma, arthritis, tumors, nerve damage, disc problems, memory problems, leukemia and other types of cancer…etc. They can cause many different kinds of birth defects, from minor to severe, including what has been reported as minor heart defects and other deformities in the children of severe victims. They can inflict disability or instant death through things like technologically inflicted heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms or other forms of brain damage or organ failure. They can relax or constrict muscles, including anus muscles to cause either constipation or the opposite. They can inflict a person with nerve, muscle or joint pain. They can laser joints, causing extremely painful burning and quickly crippling the targeted area. And they can accomplish multitudes of milder things like altering a person’s energy levels, inflicting restless leg syndrome or muscle spasms, sneezing, yawning, diminishing eye sight (even creating cataracts), diminishing hearing, effecting the memory and other brain functions, inflicting rapid weight gain or loss, creating skin problems that include drying, itching, moles, hair loss or growth and the altering of skin pigment - the altering of skin color…etc. Ligaments or muscles can be damaged with laser weapons, causing things like sprained joints or back injuries.
   The intentionally inflicted technological tortures, that I feel are also experienced, in milder scales, by more than just torture victims - “Targeted Individuals”, can cause sudden rounds of mild to extremely intense physical pain in any part of the body. Some heavy targets often experience intense pain in the head, especially in the lower back right part of the brain as well as behind the right eye and on top of the head. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by various levels of heat in the targeted area, which can be the whole body. Sometimes there is no pain and just intense heat or tingling or itching sorts of sensations. Some of the laser induced tortures can result in blistered burns as well as razor-style cuts that just suddenly appear on the victim‘s body.
   The various ways in which they can technologically disrupt, alter, control or destroy our bodies natural functions could fill multitudes of books. Many results of the technological interference, with physical heath as well as mental, emotional and spiritual health, are falsely listed as illnesses that have at least one pharmaceutical that is prescribed for each one. And at least some of these pharmaceuticals aid technological mind control through blocking people’s feelings, instincts and intuition as well as possibly altering brain function in other ways. This is surely not a coincidence. Some of the pharmaceuticals, that are commonly and freely prescribed and used, are reported to cause brain damage.
  This is truly the worlds most devastating holocaust and it is not just hurting a few. It has been growing since the early 1900s and has been raging through humanity, inconspicuously causing mass destruction, in many ways, for several decades now. The cruel technological targeting of human beings is dark as hell (literally) and appears to be aiming to destroy the Heart of humanity and to completely enslave humanity…and it must be publicly exposed and completely stopped as quickly as possible.

Chemical Targeting
Some victims are periodically inflicted with a form of bacteria that causes sudden cold or flu symptoms, which starts with intense burning inside nostrils and/or throat, as it is breathed in. Some technological targeting is thought to be caused by chemicals and it appears to be set up this way, in order to hide the fact that it is being technologically inflicted.

Parasite Targeting
Heavily targeted families are sometimes intentionally inflicted with various types of parasite problems, which include things like unusually heavy infestations of ticks or fleas that appear hard to get rid of due to continuous inflictions of them.
Heavily targeted people can be inflicted with various types of parasites in their bodies, some of which are like that which has been found in Africa and is not usually recognized or even tested for in other places…leaving a victim with no remedy and continuing to suffer. Some types of parasites can be injected into a victim for the purpose of creating various types of vitamin or mineral deficiencies in the body. (Raw, organic of natural garlic helps to remedy this.) There are worms that can multiply in the body under certain conditions that can either be created by radio wave targeting or certain types of vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Some are the usual intestinal types of parasites that are inflicted through foods. (Strong sage tea and garlic can help with these too.) Some are the types that live just under the skin and can cause open, itching sores. Some thrive on the surface of the skin, are microscopic, and can just look like dandriff or flaky skin. (Sea water helps to eliminate these.) There appears to be some sort of organism, that masses of people have been being inflicted with through foods, which can dangerously multiply when flooded with certain frequencies of radio waves. And I am sure there are others. This just what comes to mind right now. Some technological targeting can be thought to be caused by parasites and appears to be set up this way, in order to hide the fact that it is being technologically inflicted. Torture victims appear to be being hit harder with parasites, in their bodies, after they become aware of the technological targeting and in order to hide the technological targeting.

Unnatural "Natural Disasters" 
   There is a lot of general targeting happening with weather modification technologies, which have the capability of creating and directing all types of storms, as well as delivering dangerous gusts of wind. This is why the weather has "gone crazy" at times and why it has been hard for unaware scientists to predict and accurately report, at times. Disasters like earthquakes and fires and volcano eruptions can also be instigated with space based laser or Particle Beam weapons. 

 Overall, there is a horrible holocaust, that has been growing and hurting humanity, in multiple ways, through many decades. It has been seriously harming countries and communities and families and has been either manipulating or torturing or enslaving and using uncountable numbers of individuals, both inside and outside our governments. This is a ware against humanity that is fueled by secrecy and manipulating people or groups or countries against each other. Please help break the secrecy and refuse to be used by it. Please let your Heart stand in the Light for Freedom for all.

    Let’s face this with determination to preserve humanity, With gentle hands reaching out to those in need, With peaceful non-acceptance of the evil seed.

Be a Beacon

You can be a beacon for humanity. 
 Your Heart can look and see 
And reach out a helping hand 
For all who need to understand. 
You can be a beacon too. 
Please do.

World I See 

What kind of world can my weary eyes see - 
What kind of world need grow to be?
 A world where Love fills the void of hate 
And freedom is delivered by hands of fate. 
A world where everyone picks up paces 
To lift broken people from wounded places. 
A world where all is in a state of repair 
And none are left in deep despair.

   I am a witness and a victim who speaks with the Wisdom of experience and insights that have helped me to survive and realize the full scope of what is happening... and that it extends far beyond my personal situation and into the rest of humanity and must be more fully realized and stopped as quickly as possible. Please give what I say the benefit of your doubt. This is a critical and extremely dangerous situation that is the root cause of most (if not all) of the destruction and other problems we are faced with in our troubled world.
   My earlier writings were infiltrated by those who target me. And some of them are a bit confusing, because I was writing them as I was trying to figure things out and often while being heavily targeted. I will share more about who I am and my personal experiences and my previous writings, after I have had the chance to fix them and make them what they were meant to be. Until then I hope this new part of my writings will be a Beacon for Humanity to regain its freedom and that it is allowed to reach people and be freely shared, for the sake of all of humanity, especially for the regaining of freedom for unaware mind control victims and torture victims and victims of complete enslavement.    Please print and share this on paper and not only through the web. Please do not gain any money from it, other than what it may cots to print, if income for printing is necessary. And please do not take credit for it. Please share it only because you care and want to help restore freedom and safety. Your care and help is so desperately needed. Thank you for caring.

May the Heart of Freedom embrace humanity 
until it is safe and sure to remain that way...forever. 

More may be coming soon. Please check back later.

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