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Cry for Help

   I hate to have to ask this, but I am a long term Targeted Individual who's resources and close relationships have already been sabotaged. I have been living out of a vehicle through most of the past few years and am struggling to survive while being tortured with various types of microwave weapons as well as by covert harassment programs and chemical/biological warfare.

    I am a decent person who had owned my own homes and businesses and had perfect credit before the targeting vamped into levels that slowly pulled the rug out from under my feet. I need enough financial help to get back on my feet and continue my work, which aims to help ALL of us through this crisis. Please listen to your heart, because this is not a scam. It really isn't. I honestly need financial help. Please help me.

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Those who can't help much, but want to, can periodically buy $2 or $1 lottery tickets for me or send a small amount weekly or take up collections from others. Inconspicuous help can be sent through Greendot" cards which are available at most pharmacies. Of fuel cards for gas.It will be deeply appreciated

   Please understand that I can not accept invitations to live with people because of being so heavily targeted. Seriously. Those whom I get close to tend to also get targeted VERY quickly. And sometimes perpetrators zoom in to "help." Monetary help is the only type of help I need. 
If I reach a point where I can pay you back with interest, I gladly will. If I get more than what I need for my survival and health I will use it to help others. Thank you.

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I am a writer who has become a Targeted Individual - a witness to, and a victim of, serious technological crimes against humanity. I am writing this statement to inform you of this grave situation and beg for help for those of us who are being criminally targeted and/or brutally tortured with various types of chemicals, drugs and radio wave technologies, which include psychotronic mind control weapons, microwave weapons, laser weapons and chemical warfare.
   I believe that my family has been used for remote technological mind control experimentation since at least 1974 and that my personal situation reached a critical point around 2001. The hell I have been experiencing since then is indescribable.
   My homes, vehicles, businesses, jobs, relationships and health have been being sabotaged by those who target me. I have been periodically drugged, inflicted with some sort of chemicals that burn my lungs and eyes, threatened  and shot with what seems like some sort of laser weapons, which can cause severe pain, nausea, vomiting, heart attack symptoms, painful lumps on my head, sudden back, abdominal or limb pain...etc. I am often microwaved to the point of experiencing extreme heat in my head, mental confusion, physical and mental fatigue and physical illness.
   It appears that I am being held under constant surveillance and I am almost always either stalked or psychologically harassed by local organized stalking and harassment groups.
   My family members remain unaware mind control victims who appear to be programed to drive against me and not believe me or help me in the ways I need it. Those who could have fully been here for me, and those who had started realizing what is happening, have suddenly died in what APPEARS to be accidental or natural deaths.
   I have been financially ruined and am now living in my car. Since 2005, those who target me appear to be trying to discredit me through slandering me or framing me for crimes. There have also been several attempts on my life in ways that appear to be trying to make it look like an accident or natural death. There have been attempts to give me a heart attacks and I've had over 6 sudden brake failures on my vehicles in the past few years...etc.
   The pain and torture I have been forced to endure is probably comparable to being in a Nazi concentration camp. . .only worse on some ways, because I am surrounded by people who do not understand what is happening and can not help me in the ways that I need it. I have been forced into a painful and lonely isolation.
    I have never done anything to warrant such cruelty. Prior to the worst of this targeting I was a healthy and active middle class mother and I have never engaged in any sort of criminal activity.
   Every day I pray for the targeting to stop - for this Technological Holocaust to be exposed and ended. But each pain filled day rolls into the next and years creep by as I fight to survive and expose these crimes against humanity.
   This is all so painful that I sometimes wish they'd just kill me and get it over with, but the relentless torture continues. My heart is breaking and sometimes I cry for all of us and want to scream, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? HOW CAN IT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE? WHEN WILL IT END? HOW MANY MORE WILL BE INCONSPICUOUSLY MURDERED, EITHER MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY, BEFORE SOMETHING IS DONE TO PROTECT US? But no answers come and the torture continues. . .and even vamps up as I fight to produce papers that are surrounded by threats, deaths, painful laser shots and microwaving.

   I am just one of many victims. We need the targeting to be exposed and stopped. I beg you to do all that you can to stand up and speak out against these horrific crimes against humanity, because there is only so much we can do while being targeted. We need you. We need your hearts to stand up for us, because we are dieing the slowest cruelest death imaginable. Please help us.

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