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About this Blog

About this Blog

   This blog started out being a fight for my life in 2011. Then, as I realized more about the targeting, it grew into a fumbling stand for freedom for myself and my loved ones and my country and the rest of humanity. In between my ramblings on this blog are realizations that I hope will help all of us to regain freedom from all levels of the targeting.
   As I wrote and researched I realized that the problem I am faced with extends far beyond me and into my family and communities and country and the rest of humanity. The torturous targettings are just a small part of a huge, horrible, global holocaust that also utilizes technological mind control on a defenseless and unaware populous. I strongly feel that more people must quickly become aware of the mind control part of it, especially those who are in positions where they have the power to stop criminal use of both space and ground based technologies that can emit and direct radio waves…as well as stop the distribution the pharmaceuticals, which aid the technological mind control.
   In my dealings with my loved ones I have realized that they have been being targeted too, especially with mind control. Some have been being brainwashed into blind disbelief or into being used to target me under the guise of it being to help me in various ways, like to help me get labeled as “mentally ill” and put on disability. And real help has been being withheld in order to force me to do this. Sadly, some of my loved ones have been completely enslaved. This whole situation seems to be getting worse in the past few years.
   In my many dealings with various levels of law enforcement (from local through federal and international) I have either experienced or sensed similar things to what has been happening in my family and communities. People from all walks of life appear to be being targeted in various ways, especially with the technological mind control and deceptions. This is an extremely difficult situation for everyone. So, the blame cannot be put on our families or on “the government” or any person or organization that has been being targeted in the way of being controlled and used by sadistic/satanic criminals who sometimes seem to want their unaware victims to be blamed in order to inflict discord between family members and between citizens and government and between countries…etc.
   There are obviously some people, especially the leaders of this holocaust, who are aware and are free and willing participants of cruel and lethal targetings of fellow human beings as well as the aim to enslave and control humanity, but I think there are very few of these sorts of criminals in this situation and that they hide behind the scenes of the masses of people whom they control or deceive and use. Most people would not even consider being part of such darkness – most people would not willingly enslave or control or torture fellow human beings. But too many people have lost their own free will, through being either completely enslaved or drugged, technologically brainwashed and used by criminals to harm or harass harmless and innocent victims under the guise of it being help…etc. And I feel that there are uncountable amounts of unaware mind control victims, both inside and outside the Government, whose minds have been being influenced at times when important decisions or realizations must be made…etc. This whole situation, from the mildest forms of mind control to the tortures and the complete enslavement of human beings is grossly inhumane holocaustal situation that must be more fully realized and completely exposed and stopped as quickly as possible. Freedom must be quickly gained for everyone – for all of us torture victims and all mind control victims and all enslaved victims and all of America and all of humanity. Please do everything in your power to help regain total freedom from all that controls and harms humanity.
    The posts that I have tried to retain on this blog are the ones that I feel are most important to me - things that can prove that the targeting is indeed happening and enough of my personal experiences to validate other Torture Victims - Targeted Individuals. Some of what I had posted really should not have been publicly shared, for the sake of my safety and possibly that of others. Some of it had been too much of a fight against what was being done to me, instead of a 'stand for' all of us. Each time I tried to let go of that fight they vamped up the targeting into terrifying levels, but I have been becoming more determined as I noticed this. I have been too overwhelmed to do this all perfectly.
  I'd hoped to edit this blog in a safe place and on a safe computer and after I have had a bit of recovery time and a bit more understanding of the covert stuff, but it looks like that is not going to happen. So there is still no guarantee that what is shown on this blog will be the way I wrote it and the way my heart wants it to be, especially since I am still working on infiltrated library computers since the spring of 2016. It is still sometimes being interfered with. I can not check it all and I may not realize the importance of some posts due to being unaware of the manipulations. Perhaps someday I will have the freedom to reconstruct all of the important things. Until then this is the best I can do.
    This blog, from the start, has been being manipulated by those who target me. It even started with what may have been a perpetration push to make me feel that my life would be saved through going public with my day to day experiences. There are times when it seems like they are doing certain things in the targeting just to make me write about it on my blog...etc. There have been times when they have altered my blog posts, through changing or erasing or moving things, even changing dates of posts. There have been times when they have interfered through interfering with my brain function and through torturing me and setting me in too much physical pain while I am trying to write.
   And I have made many of my own mistakes as I struggled to figure things out and write about them while still being targeted, sometimes literally painfully tortured. I often did not articulate things very well and sometimes made the wrong assumptions...etc. It has been a horrible struggle for me to even try to figure it all out and keep up with the alterations they have been doing to my writings. Hopefully what is left here is all of the parts that are most important and can help us to regain freedom from all levels of the targeting as well as help validate other Torture Victims - Targeted Individuals. More is on www.targetedinamerica.com
     As for my own personal experiences; There is more in my Yearn for Freedom and Targeted in America books, as well as in previously published books of this blog - from edition three to edition fourteen, which came before what is the current "Introduction" edition. It is my hope that at least some of the officials, whom I have been in contact with through the past 15 years, are fully aware and will be here for me/us as soon as they can. If the proper officials are ever able to be here for me, and if they need original forms of this blog, they can be made available. I hope that what I have left of it is not stolen or altered anymore than it already has been. And I, of course, hope that what is left of my writings and I are not confiscated by ill intending people.
   The targeting has been so manipulative and so torturous and has continued for so long, that I deeply yearn for it all to immediately end in a way that delivers peace and freedom for all of us. I wish with all my heart, that the Heart of good, aware officials in America, the UN and in other countries would publicly stand up for all types of victims (while exposing the pharmaceutical and technological mind control and technological tortures....etc.). . . delivering needed compassion and validation...etc., to victims and needed understanding to all others. . . starting the ball rolling for this hell to finally come to an end now.

   As I wrote the original posts I sometimes blasted things out in fear or frustration, especially when I was being technologically tortured. There have also been times when I have been either extremely overwhelmed or technological mind control has affected me and I have not articulated things very well. I have also probably misperceived the confusing covert stuff more then I may realize. I have tried to fix things as I go, especially in the past few years, but they are still not even close to perfect. I have not had the freedom to do a very good job with edits of my blog posts, I have made a lot of mistakes, and there have been times when my writings have been infiltrated and parts of them either changed or erased by those who target me, so please excuse anything that seems off or repetitive or too rambling…etc. I hope you will read them with your Heart and listen closely to your own instincts.

I do not share very much about my personal experiences with the targeting, because my way of surviving it has been to ignore as much of it as I can. And I also tend to get tortured more severely when I write about what is being done to me. I have been suffering indescribably, but they want people to think that I am either just fine or just “mentally ill.” I don’t know if I will ever share all of it. Much of it is just too painful and I am in desperate need of it all ending so I can start privately processing my feelings and start recovering from it all.

There is more condense writings about my personal experiences with the targeting in my Targeted in America book and in my Yearn for Freedom book. Both are available on Amazon until I have the freedom to bring them both together under the Yearn for Freedom title.

There may be important parts missing from these writings. There are those who want to hide important parts of the targeting and have sometimes infiltrated my computers and writings. An example of this is how they have tried to wipe out quotes from other people that can help prove the targeting as well as the mention of other genuine Targeted Individuals. There has also been those who seem to be into plagiarizing my insights and realizations and writings. It seems to be part of an insane “information war.” I do not mind if my realizations about the targeting of humanity are shared by others. I do not need credit for them. I want them to be shared, because more people need to know what is happening. But I do not want my writings or ideas or realizations to be stolen by criminals who steal credit for them and I do not want them erased from my writings. Hopefully, my most important blog posts remain intact so that my readers can have the information too. My personal writings – my experiences and poetry and little phrases…etc. I retain with all rights reserved. Nobody has any right to them.

If there are ever good officials who decide to be here for me, and if they need the full versions of my blog writings…etc., they can be produce from my emails and publishing site and storage devices and www.yearnforfreedom.blogspot.com...etc. This may also be important to do if anything worse happens to me or I vanish…which I pray does not happen. Although some of my writings have been infiltrated, hopefully not all of it has been.

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Around the late 1980s Professor Antony C. Sutton said, “Psychotronics is the long range modification or manipulation of behavior by electronic, specifically radio means. In other words you use electromagnetic energy – radio wave transmissions to effect human behavior. . . You are merging radio engineering and parapsychology . . You can create a passive behavior. You can make people go to sleep. You can create narcotic effect. . . You can make people alert. You can make them misconstrue – misunderstand things. Each has a specific – very precise frequency. We know what these frequencies are. We know the behavior modification that can be brought about. . . You can induce medical effect – you can induce heart attacks, at a distance, with certain frequencies. . . We know you can modify behavior through beaming radio waves on specific frequencies at a distance. I think what they did in the 1970s was experimentation. I think what they are doing today is not experimentation. . . The West Germans issued their diplomats with protective devices about ten years ago. . . ”

Antony C. Sutton - Psychotronic Weapons and Behavior Modification

-----------------------Previously posted------------------------

    This blog is an example of what a Targeted Individual goes through in the process of struggling to figure out and expose the targeting while still being targeted.    Not all of the original blog is here on this website. Some has been erased or altered, especially in my earliest writings. I have tried to resurrect it into books, but have had a lot of interference with this. My computers appear to have been infiltrated for longer than I have realized. Consequently some of it is not as I wrote it. There are also apt to be things that I've misperceived and I can not fix these things until I am free and safe and able to bring more clarity into the covert craziness that has surrounded me.

    Because my writings have been being sabotaged, and because I wrote some of them before I knew much or while my brain was being lasered or drugged...etc, I can understand that there could be issues with some of them. Much of it is not written very well and were rushed desperate attempts to get help to those of us who have been being literally tortured and destroyed. Now, my writings, and all their imperfections, are an example of what a Targeted Individual goes through, while trying to figure it all out and while still being targeted...etc., like I have already said many times before.

   My writings hope to help prove the targeting and what it has been done to ALL of us, including people in these organizations. I am sorry if this offends anyone. I hope that, someday soon, we will ALL regain our freedom

  This blog has been a process of my figuring out the targeting, proving it and publicly exposing it. . .while I'm still being targeted - microwaved, lasered and threatened. So please excuse my mistakes, my moments of confusion...etc. We, long term Targeted Individuals, are suffering in ways that most of you probably can not even imagine.
   The book contains more of the original posts than that which is on the web. These blog posts reflect; periods of misperceptions as well as deep insights;  periods of the indescribable pain, which I am still forced to endure - periods of begging for help, which often faded into an excruciating silence;  periods of deep realizations of the Truths, which were often followed by rounds of technological torture;  periods of confusion around desperate gropes for solid information and proof where almost none exists - periods of unwittingly sharing disinformation;  periods of assuming the wrong things as I was surrounded by confusing manipulations;  periods of uncharacteristic dysfunction and anger, which rose from microwave intrusions into my brain as well as my own fear and pain;  periods when I foolishly forget that my blog is public and freely wrote as I would in my personal journal;  periods of begging America to openly stand up against the crimes;  periods of feeling angry with our government for not being here for us, until I realized that many government officials are also victims of the targeting;  periods of disgust with the media and America for not openly standing up against these crimes, until I realized that America is being targeted/infiltrated and then started praying and crying for America to regain its freedom;  periods of foolishly trying to expose perpetration puppets and their plate numbers, until I realized that they often use false plates and are mind control victims who need to be set free;  periods of using this blog as a report to law enforcement, due to a concern that they were not getting all of my reports; periods of pouring my heart out into poetry...etc.;   periods of mistakes, which probably extend beyond what I now realize; a period of time when I called my papers “news papers,” until I learned that this may not have been appropriate, because they are not formal “News Papers”;    periods of criminal infiltrations, which have aimed to alter or erase some of my writings...etc.
   Please excuse my mistakes and read this book with an open Heart and mind, and understand that it truly is exactly what it is called, “Ramblings of a Targeted Individual.”

    I have tried to remove plate numbers, names and towns that I had listed, because there appears to be a horrible covert war happening around me. (It appears that people on all sides are being targeted! I pray that the covert war stops. The last time I begged for it to stop, in the summer of 2015, the targeting on me vamped up!) I have left a line where I erased names...etc. Hopefully I have gotten all of them. Please excuse me if I havn’t.  My original posts can be made available to honest officials if the miracle of GENUINE, solid help ever arises. (Such officials have my permission to access and copy my writings on the web, especially if anything happens to me.  Hopefully they have not all been altered. Some have.)

   My realizations and perceptions have gone through changes as I figure things out. In the early years of this blog, I wrote with a rushed desperation that only a heavily targeted Individual can fully understand. This is reflected in some of my posts. There was a period (In 2012) when I was at a motel and appeared to have been being drugged on top of experiencing heavy laser weapon attacks to my brain and body. During this time they had many operatives, disguised as fellow Targeted Individuals, feeding me misinformation. . .as I desperately groped for explanations and reasons why this was happening to us. During this time I started blaming only HAARP, although it is actually impossible for us to be sure of which technologies are used, especially when we are being hit from the sky - from what appears to be from satellite types of technologies. During this time I also fell into a pattern of over catastrophising - saying that “THOUSANDS” of victims are crying out for help, because I’d believed what was being told to me. That I know of, only a few victims have been crying out for help. Some have dissapeared. Some have been inconspicuously murdered. Some are too scared to reach out for help, because it has proven to vamp up the targeting and no officials are even acknowledging these crimes at this point in time.  And I feel that most victims do not even know what is happening to them.
   Judging by what has been happening around me, it is probably safe to say that there are uncountable numbers of thousands of unaware victims of various types of microwave targeting. And much of the population, appears to be under the influence of technological mind control. This is truly a Technological Holocaust.
 In 2012 I was told that I am a "victim of the Patriot Act." For a short while, during the early stages of my grope to figure out why I was being targeted, I had believed it. But, as looked into my past, puzzle pieces began clicking together, revealing that I have been being targeted since the 1970s, and it became obvious that the 2005 "Patriot Act" is not responsible for the targeting I've been experiencing through the past several decades. But my experiences have made me wonder about the issues people have with the Patriot Act. I don't know much about it. But I've been told that it legalized levels of surveillance that some people feel threatened by. I have a hard time understanding why there are such issues with it, but my perspective is an unusual one.
   As puzzle pieces continued clicking together I realized that I've been held under satellite surveillance since at least the 1980s. Those who target my loved ones and I have been using surveillance systems, in conjunction with microwave and laser weapons, long before the surveillance part was made legal. Those who target us  obviously have no regard for the laws. So, from my point of view, the Patriot Act merely enables more respectable, law obiding people to have the same freedoms that the criminals had already stolen.
   As I struggle to survive the targeting I actually find comfort in knowing that decent, respectful people, who would not target/harm anyone, now have the same freedoms that the criminals do. Some may say, "We can only hope that all who use the new freedom of surveillance, will do so with integrity," but the sad truth is that there already were far too many who use it with criminal intentions, long before the Patriot Act was passed. Because I have been so hurt by the criminals who have disregarded the laws, in order to target us, I hope that the Patriot Act will help stop the horrible crimes and actually bring more safety and privacy into our homes and communities.

   I have had to rely on my own instincts and intuition more than anything else, due to the lack of information and intentional disinformation campaigns. This is extremely difficult, (sometimes impossible) while my brain is being heavily lasered. But I have done the best I can.
    Since my early posts I have realized a lot. Some of my greatest realizations are that; those who target us often use unaware people in the foreground of their operation. (I call these  “gang stalkers” puppets); the more criminal types of puppets use fabricated or stolen license plates, when obviously zooming in to cause harm. So it is best to not report the plate numbers; those who target me seem to want me to think that this is all being done by my own government, but I feel that the core of it is being done by those who are infiltrating America and appear to have control of too many citizens and government officials, at this point in time. My fear for our safety and humanity’s freedom has grown as I realize the scope of what is happening with mind control technologies through the past several decades.
   In my fight to expose the crimes I have focused primarily on the bad and not mentioned much of the good, like the good conversations I’ve had with an FBI agent, who appears to have been targeted and left the office he’d been in. . .and the good police officers who had wanted to help me but couldn’t and also oddly left the department.
   There has been some good mixed in with the bad experiences, but unfortunately, some of it now appears to have been perpetration pretending to be helpful while delivering abuse. This abusive “help” appears to be part of the psychological targeting, which I am only recently starting to figure out. I had not posted many of these ‘abusive help’ events, which happened on a massive scale around the last half of 2013 and in 2014, due to my hope that there really was genuine good, mixed in with the bad, and was really trying to covertly help me. But this appears to be part of the targeting scheme as well - the helpful abuse makes us feel guilty for reporting it or saying anything about it and this helps them to get away with it. I have experienced severe levels of this, which is intertwined with repeated attempts to abduct me under the guise of a “rescue.” Apparently this is how they enslave their victims - they attack with weapons, disabling my car...etc., and then zoom in to “help.” Its a horrible thing to be experiencing at times when there is a desperate need for genuine, kind, honest, real help. Actually, it hurts like hell and this scenario had been so persistent for so long, and with such obvious ill effects on me, that its really impossible for me to perceive it as anything but abuse. But there are surely things that I have misperceived. Its all a confusing mess and I hope that someday it can be made clear and victims of all kinds can be either set free or protected from further control and harm.

   There are many other things in this blog (and in its book) that I'd like to explain. Much of it is an example of what a heavily Targeted Individual go through in the process of trying to figure it all out while still being targeted and fed misinformation. But I am not able to clarify all of it, due to being too heavily targeted, and due to my computers being infiltrated, as well as many things not yet being clear to me.  I hope that, someday, I will be able to do more to explain my questionable posts, because some were due to my own misperceptions and desperate gropes for answers in a world that still has too few valid ones. . . and some of my posts were altered or erased by those who target me.

    Please do not look for fault in me or in any other long term Targeted Individual. We have been through so much hardship, and are surrounded by such deceitful manipulations, that we can not look perfect under the eyes of scrutiny. If you look hard enough perhaps you'll find a part of our lives that has not yet been battered, bruised, degraded or slandered. But I hope you do the opposite - I hope you listen to your Heart - I hope you can care to realize our plight and find the courage to stand with us so that the crimes can be stopped. 

    I have been feeling sad that many of my past writings, especially those which I'd written in 2005, had been sabotaged. Perhaps someday, I will have the freedom to resurrect their better parts. Until then, I hope that those who have read them, will understand, instead of assuming and judging, because some had merely been uncensored releasing of past pains. . .for the heart that could have been gained. (This is what my work is about.) And some had been altered by those who target me and infiltrate my computers. But they were also filled with truths that have been weaving their way into my more recent writings. Though I no longer publicly share some of them, and have never had some on the web, they can be made available to honest officials who may need them for a good purpose. 

Please read more in the introductions of the book of this blog;