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   This blog has been a process of exposing technological targeting and covert harassment while I am realizing it and am still being heavily targeted. And its areas of confusion or disarray reflect this gruelling process. So please excuse the bloops and focus on what is important.

  When I first started realizing the technological part of the targeting I was hit hard with threats and laser shots and an attempt to have me silenced through forced institutionalization. Shortly after this I decided that my only hope was to go public with it. Though I had never blogged before. . .I learned. And here it is. . .what is left of it anyway. My initial posts had been interfered with a lot, up until I had started printing them out. And I still get interference. My computers and blog are infiltrated and I have no way of knowing if any of this is even reaching people who are not involved in the targeting. But I hope it is. . .and it certainly should be if there is any freedom left in our world.

   I feel that I have not done a very good job with exposing these crimes, due to being so heavily targeted while aiming to do so. Actually, non of it is as it could be if I were free from extreme distress and various types of technological intrusions. So I ask that you please refrain from judging the ways I have expressed or exposed things and just focus on the core problems that need attention, which is ALL aspects of the lethal covert targeting, especially the mind control and other technological parts.

   In the initial years of this blog, I was listing names and plate numbers as if this blog were a report to law enforcement, because there was no law enforcement agency who was working on it, that I knew of. I feel bad about this because I later realized that the most criminal stalkers sometimes use stolen or fabricated plates on their vehicles. And then I later realized that a covert war seems to be raging around me. . .and I hope that those whom I had listed have not been targeted by what appears to be renegade groups who seem to think they are fighting for freedom while actually helping to destroy it, although some surely are extreme perpetration.

      In this blog, there have been times when I was too numb and microwaved for my writings to be clear and concise, times when I have unwittingly shared disinformation that was fed to me by those who target me, times when I’ve publicly shared things that I shouldn’t have and times when my tears have dripped between the lines as I struggle to deal with a depth of pain that permeates the very core of my soul.

   I feel an indescribable pain when I think of the people who are being tortured and isolated from the help and Love that they need. Being one of those people, I know exactly how they feel. The covert targeting is so cruel and inhumane that it can be compared to Hitler’s holocaustal crimes. . .but in some ways even worse, because our prison is surrounded by people who do not know, can not care and do not help in the ways we need it. Our suffering is immense.
   I do not know, at this time, if there is any hope for my psychological and/or physical survival. Being a long term primary Targeted Individual, who has already been forced into isolation from loved ones and shoved into destitution, leaves little room for hope. Heavily Targeted Individuals (like myself) are in desperate need of government acknowledgment of these crimes as well as protection from further harm. But there is not yet any real help - noone standing up for/with us against the holocaustal crimes that are being inflicted upon us on a daily basis.
   I know of a few other people who are also experiencing similar levels of torture. It appears that there was a group of people, whom I'd been connected to, that has been heavily targeted starting around the time when things vamped into critical levels on me. One was a doctor who has lost his license and has had odd chains of "accidents"...etc.  He was like a brother to me and now he's fearing for his life and livelihood and is unreachable. One is a woman who is suffering horribly. I had tried to get some information to her, but fear that this may have vamped up targeting on her. And the list could go on. I do not know if they are still surviving it or not. I feel indescribably sad and scared for all of us and others, around the globe, whom I hear are targeted as well. It appears that many have been "rescued" into the covert program that I believe is really an enslavement.
   Sadly, our own family members are also heavily targeted -  some are victims of technological and/or pharmaceutical targeting and are either enslaved or brainwashed in ways that force them to turn against us and/or try to have us labeled as "mentally ill" - disabled and discredited. And this is an extremely painful part of the targeting process. Its all set up so that those whom we need love and help from are the core ones who aim to disable and silence us and, though I do not want to point fingers at family members, I feel that it is important to expose this and not allow them to succeed. . .for all our sakes.

   A biblical prophet had foreseen dark forces aiming to take over humanity and tearing families apart...etc., and I believe that this is what we are experiencing and that its being done through mind control technologies. BUT since forewarnings can be used for prevention this can be stopped through stopping criminal use of the technologies OR disabling them. And I pray this happens soon.

   Sometimes I forget that my blog is so public and freely write as I would in my personal journal. Sometimes I have written in it while being too heavily microwaved and unclear or from a place of fear for loved ones and myself as well as all of humanity. I have periodically combed through them to fix them and remove what I think may be offensive, as I aim to be more objective, but I am surely not doing it perfectly, especially when I am being microwaved, which is most of the time. I hope my writings do not offend or hurt anyone who is not to blame for the crimes. I am deeply sorry if they have. Please forgive me and let me know if there is anything that is so offensive that it should be changed or erased. I’d appreciate your help, because there is honestly, no way that I can do this perfectly until after I am protected from all levels of the targeting and have a chance to recover and fully process my experiences. . .and it does not look like this is going to happen for me, which is why I am sharing my blog in its imperfect form. (I have also had a problem with infiltrations into my computers and have found some alterations of my writings. But I hope to have caught most of these, and my own mistakes, as I have repeatedly combed through my writings, although it has often been done on infiltrated computers.)
   There are those who may judge and pick at what may not be perceive as “politically correct” in my writings. I guess only a person who is being threatened, harassed, lasered and microwaved can understand that this is a desperate fight to save our lives under conditions that are so indescribably difficult and inhumane. . .that not much energy is left for the process of perfection and legal concerns.  I hope that most people will have the Heart to understand my mistakes and imperfections, under such extremely difficult conditions. Please read this blog with your Heart.

     In the face of a crisis, that is not yet being covered by our media. . .I figure that even this rambling microwaved exposure is better than nothing at all. And I hope it helps all of us.

   I’ve found that public writing has offered me bits of protection. Though  I prefer not to do it this way, it has kept me less isolated, which seems to have made some of the targeting back off, since early 2012 (when I started passing information papers to police departments) although other parts have vamped up to try to force me to get off the web and stop my writings.
   Though I have been through hell with the process of exposing this, it is not as bad as the hell I experienced through years of being heavily targeted and not fully realizing what was happening to me. I have often felt like. . .

I am an unheard victim - lost beneath the lies.
I am a tortured one - put on a list to die.
I am a rising wounded - begging for your aide,
Becoming a speck of dust in an evil charade.

But I pray for this to change, before its too late.
   I pray that the covert war soon ends; that victims of enslavement are soon set free; that those of us, who are being literally tortured, get protected from further harm and a chance to recover instead of being further disabled/labeled; that the leaders of this holocaust are put behind bars where they can not hurt anyone anymore; and for criminal use of microwave weapons, laser weapons, psychotronic weapons, surveillance systems...etc., to be quickly exposed and stopped, in order to help victims gain understanding of what has happened to them and save the rest of humanity from such harm.
    I hope that I will have a chance to recover and write a success story - one that honors those who find the Heart and courage to openly stand up against these crimes and help bring and end to this hell that too many of us continue suffering in.

Knotted Rope

Oh wrap me in Love until it goes away -
The anger, the pain and all that they say.
Fill me with strength to persevere and survive
To do the best I can as long as I'm alive.
Throw me a long line - a strong knotted rope
That I can hold onto when I lose my hope.
Fill my Faith for all with a bit for me
And help their leery minds
To understand and see.

Everything I write is based on my own experiences, insights and beliefs.
 Please listen to your own Heart above all else.

If you look with your Heart you will see.

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