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Friday, February 1, 2019

A Librarian Puppet's Seething Anger

   I have passed the "Covert Program" paper out to a few places, including to a group of puppets who were harassing me at a library today. The librarian later angrily confronted me and said that they complained about me. She literally seethe (evil type of seething) which demanded, "You will not talk to anyone and you will not give anyone anything" and not turn off her computer, in order to wipe out my documents after I use it...etc. (Its OK for all of them to relentlessly harass me in the libraries, but its not OK for me to kindly hand them what I even called a "gift" for them. Go figure!) But she is a puppet and I am sure that she was not only talking about what happened in the library.
   I walked out after telling her that what I gave those lady's was a gift to help them realize what they are being used by and that she needs it too and that she needs to find her heart and that her "attitude sucks." I was shaking when I left. I don't think anyone has ever talked to me like that way before. Her eyes and verbal seething were so dark that I actually wondered if she was capable of a physical attack.
   I have also recently experienced being blocked from printing this paper on two other library computers. I guess there is a serious issue with it. I actually feel like it is a gift - a source of help for all of the people who are being used by the covert program, which I strongly feel is literally evil in the background and is not good for anyone. I feel that informing them of what they are a part of is far better than blaming them, because I sense that most of them do not know. But their leader does and that is who is really delivering the seething message.

Covert Program Paper
www.targetedinamerica.com/Covert Program 2-1-2019

P.S. Couple days of painful, technologically inflicted torture after this.