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Saturday, February 2, 2019

I Can NOT Do Covert Relationships

I can not do covert relationships or deals or interactions with anyone, no matter who it is. I do not feel comfortable with covert messaging stuff and I do not trust any of it. The whole covert messaging thing actually feels horrible to me, so horrible that it has hit a point where it triggers  frustration when covert messaging happens, particularly if it appears to be coming from officials. I do not want to communicate with anyone covertly, not even if I were sure of who it is and what the intentions are and exactly what the messages are about, which I can't be, because its cryptic and covert. What I has been happening to me is a horrible hell that I have painstakingly waited for an end to and good honest explanations of.
   I have been saying this for YEARS! Why do people persist with trying to force me to blindly trust and go along with empty, cryptic covert messages, that often even come through the same puppets who are used to be mean to me...etc., and expect me to trust that they are from good officials or good people? (To me even emails and phone calls feel covert, especially when they pretend to be something they are not, because they are not in person or sure to be real or sincere.) If you are good people or officials with good intentions and will not inflict harm, please just be here for me in ways that are solid - not covert and give me something that I can trust and believe in. If your intentions are not good and/or your aim is to control or harm then please get out of my life and out of the lives of my loved ones and out of the lives of all the people whom I interact with. 

P.S. I really need to talk directly to officials. Please let your Hearts be here for me.