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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom

  Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom

   I have publicly posted this unfinished version of my new Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom book, due to computer infiltration and a seriously threatening situation that is trying to force me to hide the part about there having been news reports about drugs being found in public drinking water and my belief that it is to aid mass technological mind control...etc. It also appears that I am being threatened into not saying anything about my past experiences with officials, which I was not doing in this book!!!!! I was being overly objective...offering them a chance to explain. (I was not finished and had planned to make sure that there could be no official issues with it before I'd shared or published it so that it could have a chance to atually reach people. But things have gotten so seriously threatening that I feel I must share what there is of it now.)
   The day after I REposted the water thing, which they had erased from this book, they disabled my car and orchestrated a situation that took away most of the little bit of money I had left through using puppets at the garage they forced me to go to after what appears to be them controlling the electrical system and then pretending it was the alternator failing.
   While I was literally trapped in this threatening situation, three officials, from the Goffstown, NH police department, were used to deliver what appeared to be covert threats to take my car/home/lifeline if I do not do what they say and hide (am not "happy" with) the ways all levels of law enforcement have treated me in the past and if I do not join the covert war stuff and become an obedient, happy puppet. I hope this situation is not as bad as it seems, but it appears to be even worse. It may have even included a threat to change official documents to alter my identity - to pretend that I am not who I am. They had my father do the dame sort of thing a while ago. There were also some death threats delivered by puppets at the garage they held me at a badgered me at all day.

   This book had planned to be completely non threatening to any officials and their issues with publicity of the ways they have treated me and others in my situation. I don't know how they can treat me this way and expect me to feel that they deserve for me to cover for them. And they should NOT be in my computer and watching what I am writing....etc.