My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Things can not slowly get better 
while they are quickly getting worse.

Please quickly stand in the Light for complete and genuine
freedom from technological and pharmaceutical mind control...etc.

 P.S. I do not want the fight that I have been being cornered and forced into, in some of my writings. I wish it did not seem that my survival, and that of others, depends on me periodically blasting things out publicly. And I do not want the kind of help that involves dark set ups, which pits victims against each other... or blames us torture victims, instead of being here for us... or blames enslaved victims for what has enslaved them and uses them is fully responsible for. I want the kind of help that openly and honestly stands in the Light, with Heart and integrity, to set ALL victims free....all of us torture victims and all of the enslaved victims and all other mind control victims and all of America and the rest of humanity. It is critically important for all aspects of the mind control and enslavement of humanity and the covert program and the technological and psychological tortures...etc., to be honestly exposed and stopped. . .enabling recovery and support for all types of victims.