My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, January 4, 2019

Edited Serenity Prayer

   I'm feeling extreme frustration in this horrible situation I'm trapped in and they have so many set ups to hurt me or manipulate things, under the guise of help, even in using police departments....etc., that I was left feeling too scared and powerless this week. So did a lot of venting in my car - gave em hell for sure. And then still felt no relief. So, I started saying the serenity prayer and just couldn't say the first part. I DO NOT EVER WANT TO ACCEPT THE DARK THINGS THAT HAVE INFILTRATED MY LIFE, EVEN THOUGH I CAN NOT CHANGE THEM. So, I changed it to suit my needs...

God, grant me the serenity to never accept the things I can not change and to wish them out of my life, grant me the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

   Then I realized that, on a spiritual level, I CAN do something about their intrusions into my life and I started imagining every person who violates my boundaries being pulled out of my life by a wall of white Light and then being wrapped in a bubble of pure white Light. Then I imagined them complaining and begging to be released and I started dishing back the same messages (but with the opposite effect) that they have been giving me. I told them, "Its 'your choice'. You can get out but you have to let go of your darkness in order to get through the wall of Light AND you have to chose it 'forever' and can never return to it." and "No I can not help you because 'I could lose my job' if I did."...etc. I even imagined them all floating in the sky, imprisoned in their bubbles of Light with little Angels floating around them singing things like, "Tiny bubbles in the sky... make me happy, make me feel fine...I am going to love you 'til the end of time..." Right back at you. This is true sweet revenge.


Sometimes we have to go a little nuts, in order to stay sane.

P.S. My email is not blocked today.

P.S.S.  That day when they had me and my car held hostage at a puppet's garage and used him to give VERY clear messages that gave me ultimatums ; either I cover for officials and work for them or they will change their control of the electrical system in my car from pretending it needs a battery replacement to pretending it needs an alternator, which would take too much of the little money I had.... I called the police officer back who was used to deliver one of the messages and talked to the dispatcher. She, oddly, had cut me off to ask my name and phone number, even though she had already done that in the beginning of our conversation. This makes me wonder if they plan to erase part of that recording to change its meaning. Am I getting too suspicious? Maybe. But how can I not when they are clearly ALL being used by a darkness that is cruel enough to threaten me and steal from me....proving that it DOES NOT DESERVE my covering for them. I hope they do not succeed with anymore. "Tiny bubbles...."