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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Vehicle "Accident" Intentionally Instigated Late Yesterday

  Around four PM yesterday a vehicle accident happened directly behind me and I feel certain that it was caused by technological targeting. 

   I was driving in Bedford, NH on route 114, almost in front of the Market Basket store. As I approached a line of traffic that was stopped at the street light I felt a weird feeling in my head and experienced a delay in braking for traffic that had stopped in front of me. But then it passed and I stopped in plenty of time. I sat there thinking that they may have just tried to make me hit the car in front of me. Then a red car, which was stopped behind me, suddenly pulled out to my left and a truck came crashing into the back of it. The woman in the red car said that she saw the truck coming and tried to get out of its way. If she hadn't pulled out to the side her car would have probably been shoved into the back of mine. The truck ended up hitting the back corner of her car and the driver said that he just "couldn't stop the truck."
   I feel that this was all orchestrated with criminal use of space based surveillance and laser weapon technologies, which can perform mind control and interfere with brain function. I feel that they tried to make me hit the car in front of me and then, because it did not work, they switched to doing the same thing to a man in a vehicle that was approaching behind me. (If the man's brain was not effected then they may have had him do it intentionally, effecting only my brain so that I'd assume his was too and write it this way. Either way, it feels instigated by the targeting.)
   I told the police officer that I felt it was not an "accident" and that I have been being threatened. I gave him my phone number and he said he'd call. I've not heard from him and even if he does call, what can be done to prove it and will he even believe me? Higher officials have not been even acknowledging the technological targeting and many local and state law enforcement are victims of the silence and the technological mind control as well. Sadly some of them seem completely enslaved and used by the criminals who hold the controls.
   Since I got the new car there appears to have been many other attempts to make me have an accident - many times when other vehicles pull into me or when I am approaching intersections and experience a sudden pain in my eye, as if something was just flung into it, and I think its probably being done with a laser weapon. I think they are trying to force me to be hauled to a hospital for the process of complete enslavement, under the disguise of an "accident."
   There appears to be some officials who are seeking revenge on me for realizing and sharing the recent chain of events that included trying to force me to sign power of attorney documents and let them change my address to one that they can get my mail at. The hawks/FBI appear to be involved in all of this. This is really terrifying, especially since they have also blocked me from updating my book of this blog, not allowing a public record of these recent parts of the targeting. I am praying hard for them to not succeed and for GENUINE good officials to be here for me, if they even exist in my situation and even if they haven't yet. I hope that my writings are able to reach officials who can care and understand and be here for me. Its already too late for too many and I don't want to be added to the horribly long list of victims who have been enslaved - killed the worse way. They may have even finished completely enslaving my youngest daughter in the past few weeks of this hell vamping up on me! I know that many officials are aware of us being targeted, for years now, including the FBI and Senator Shaheen and Obama. But this is all still happening to me and some of them (if not all) seem involved in the targeting. Yes, some of them are victims too and they deserve compassion too, but some of them have been being used to prey upon us instead of being here for us and it is all just too harmful and devastating and scary for me.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.