My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, November 8, 2018

There is More in the Book of This Blog

  I recently went through yet another process of drafting this blog and putting back up only posts that focused on the primary parts of the technological targeting and enough of my personal experiences to validate other Targeted Individuals. And I left out posts that focused on the crazy confusing covert stuff that vamped up in the past five or six years. But, as I did this the targeting vamped up and there seemed to be an aim to shove me off a cliff one way or another, while most of my blog was down. So I put the whole blog back up a few days ago and....unfortunately its probably more chaotic and confusing than ever. I had edited out many things and kept running finding things and posts that had been altered or deleted by those who intrude upon my writings through library computers since mine were disabled. Unless they also changed the book, which I had made of this blog, there is a lot more in the book than there is on this blog. The book is available on Amazon. The most original earlier posts should be in edition three and fourteen and the most of the last three should be in the introduction edition.

Did they aim to crush me as I made them look better
 than they were and hoped that they'd prove to be? 

   I really want to make all of my writings better, especially since I have realized how infiltrated they have been; On this blog I want to cut out the things they changed and replace things they erased and correct things that may have been my misperceptions and fix things that I wrote while I was too heavily targeted or too upset about it all to do a good job with articulating things....etc., because some of it may be too confusing to people and I do not want to confuse or mislead anyone. But, I need to be safe and free to do it and I think need to have a better understanding of some things too. When it comes to the covert stuff, I am still confused, myself, so I can not describe it perfectly. I'm sorry this blog is such a mess. I hope I can fix it properly someday. If you read it before then please excuse me.