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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sly Aims to Get me to Sign Power of Attorney Over to Them!

It appears that, in the past week, they have tried to get me to give them Power of Attorney over me through plugging it into BOTH a lease for an office space and also through directly trying to get me to sign a power of attorney paper, in order to get a check for my van, which someone backed into. . .leading to the MMG insurance company totaling it and saying that, in order to sign the title over to them, and in order to get a deeply needed check for it, I have to give them power of attorney and send the title to them without my signature on it. Since I caught both of these things, and how they were BOTH worded in ways that could make the permission be used for anything and not just that, there have been poor excuses and lies, in efforts to cover it up, so ill intentions seem clear. This may be for the purpose of them gaining access to millions of dollars that may be able to be gained from my stolen songs, as well as my 40-60 thousand dollar lost bank account and a stolen inheritance in Canada. All of which now appear to have been being aimed for in multiple ways for about five years. And it appears that some FBI officials are involved in this, which makes it extremely scary. I hope its not them trying to steel from me. But it now seems certain that it is. :-(

Am I safer to not say anything or safer to write this here? I don't know, but I've written it. I am really scared and do not know what will happen now that I have noticed and refused to. Will they kill me? Will they try to steel the documents from me? Will they inflict me with brain damage? Will they find an excuse to pick me up (arrest me) and drug and use me to get the money for them, which appears to have been an aim all along? "Ouch," they had a puppet come near me and say as I write this. Will they torture me again for standing up for myself? Yes, its already starting.

P.S. The insurance company wants me to send them the unsigned title and leave the key in the car for them, in order to get the money they own me for the accident. Even if I were not being targeted this would seem like an unwise and unsafe procedure. They agreed to change the wording of the POA to what I created to make sure it is only used to exchange that one title, but I still feel uncomfortable with it. They insist that it has to be done this way, although their excuse for it is just to make sure the title is filled out properly - to avoid possibly having to take the time to get another one if its not filled out properly so that I can get paid faster. I said I didn't mind the possible delay and offered a good solid way to make sure it was filled out properly, but they refused and insist that I have to send them the blank title and power of attorney.
   Due to being targeted this situation also raises the concern that, in doing things this way, someone would have possession of the car while it is still under my name and for a time period that is unknown. Just leaving the keys in the car in a public place is not safe either. Why on earth can't the vehicle transfer happen in the usual and common way that is safe and good for all parties - I hand them the signed title and the keys and they hand me the check?!! Maybe it can and that if I insist on doing it all in person I'd have to go to Maine, which raises another odd situation (coincidence?) ; T
his insurance company, according to my web search, only does claims in Maine, although their nearest agents, to where I was stranded when this all started, are in Bedford, NH in the same building as the FBI offices. Covert messaging has been repeatedly trying to get me to go to that building and back to Maine in the past few years. I have experienced and/or sensed a danger in these places (Was I framed in Maine?) and had a dream about the bad getting me if I go north of a certain border. (My last experience with going into the FBI offices was not a good one - they tried to covertly get me to run through security doors, which would have given them reason to arrest me, and demonstrated to me that they would not help me and would pretend that I am "mentally ill" if I did not trash my writings.) There appears to to be multiple types of manipulations around the damage done to my car, which happened directly after I had taken down this blog and wiped a bunch of stuff from my websites and before I started reposting any of it. It initially seemed to be to distract me and force me to go into that building before I'd restored any of these writings. The procedures for me to get paid for the damages done to my car, at a time when I am desperate for money....etc., all feels too uncomfortable. Is it the FBI that is doing all of this or is some of it someone who wants me to think it is? I can not be sure with some of it, because its covert. I wish this were not happening, but it is and its terrifying for me. Where do I go for help when the help I tried to get appears to be a large part of the problem or has become an addition to it and seems to control other places I could turn to for help? :-(
P.S.S. Even if it is true that the "Power of Attorney" thing has become a regular practice in leases and to transfer a title to an insurance company. My gut feeling is that it is there for the purpose of stealing from or setting up targeted people. The lease for the office room, that they probably expected  me to sign without reading, also gave permission for them to take and keep all of my personal belongings and was so grossly unfair and unsafe for any business renter that I don't think any company would use it, unless its expected to not be read by people who are being targeted and stolen from! And this reminds me of the storage bin thing; I wonder how many Torture Victims vanish and their personal belongings stolen from storage bin owners who also claim rights to take people's property.