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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I Finally Reported My Oldsmobile Being Stolen

   Last night I went to Goffstown, NH PD and reported the car theft. I do not believe that it will be returned to me, but I suddenly realized that my not reporting it could open a door for the thieves to do something with it that I can be blamed for. Walking into the police department and reporting it was a really uncomfortable, due to a few past experiences, but it went fairly well.
   My Oldsmobile had been stored at a garage with permission of one of the owners. That owner, who was also a witness to brake and tire damages done to that car, was suddenly inflicted with an "accident" and loss of his job. Then the other owner asked me to move the car out of there. Then the car was gone. The remaining owner said he thought I took it. I didn't. But someone took it and I am now concerned about who and what for and what they may be doing with it, especially since there have been threats and attempts to frame me for crimes...etc.