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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Memories Surfacing

  Around the severe round of the targeting, which happened in the mid to late 1970s, I had sold a car to a Goffstown, NH police officer, whom I knew, after he stopped me due to getting a false report against me. He later told me that this car, which he bought for his mother, was stolen. It is now obviously all part of the targeting and possibly orchestrated to make that police department, which I was fairly friendly with, to think badly of me while things vamped up against me - perhaps to stop me from being able to turn to them for help or advise. There are other things that happened around this time period as well, but I am too overwhelmed to get into it all right now. The aims to sabotage relationships, especially with those who can help us, is a serious part of the targeting that officials should become more aware of.

   I never did turn to that police department for advise or help, because I did not know I was a victim of criminal covert targeting. I just thought I was having a lot of bad luck. I didn't start realizing that I was being targeted until around the end of 2005. I wish I'd known sooner and could have helped my daughters and other loved ones who have also been being targeted in less obvious ways...some of them killed and some enslaved.