My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, November 30, 2018


   I have tried so hard to keep returning to objectivity and not blaming any of the government for any part of the targeting and for not being here for us. I have even sometimes pried that objectivity from the painful trenches of my direct experiences with obvious ill intentions and cruelty inflicted by some officials...just to keep hope for us and them alive. (My heart has also felt that some of them are victims who are just being used, like my loved ones are. And its easy to excuse victims who are just being used, because they need their freedom restored too.) But some officials clearly are aware and have protection from the mind control and are not being used and it appears that some of them have been involved with intentionally withholding help with blackmailing types of situations and withholding important evidence about enslaved victims and two staged deaths, while we all continue being hurt...etc. Now they appear to be the ones involved with trying to get me to sign over power of attorney, which I now realize has been happening in various ways through the past five (or so) years... and I just do not know what to do anymore. I feel devastated and sad beyond description. . .not just for myself, but also for my loved ones and all other torture victims and all enslaved victims and America and the rest of Humanity.

And bring us the genuine official Hearts we desperately need.

P.S. I have been really distressed about getting help with getting the new car inspected. They have control over literally every garage that I know of and can do about anything they want to my vehicle while its there. (I've experienced a lot of sabotaging through mechanic puppets) So, I went to get help with registering and inspecting from the Share program in Milford, NH because they are the ones involved with being used to keep me stranded in Bedford, NH for three months and trying to instigate more happening with the odd TV show guys, which I felt uncomfortable with...etc., and so they may be in the mode of trying to save face since I had confronted them and wrote about it, and, due to this, they may be the safest avenue right now. Hopefully this car remained safe and unharmed at the garage they sent me to - Milford, NH's VIN Auto and Truck Garage.