My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Another Job Sabotaged

   Around the time when I started making phone calls and plans to re-apply for the job I lost in August...etc., They had someone come near me and loudly say, "BACK!" And then my back started hurting and has gotten worse with each passing day since Tuesday. I did not injure myself or do anything that would cause this. I am in a lot of pain and I feel that it was caused by being shot with a laser weapon, in order to sabotage my getting a job right now. This has happened many times before and its no coincidence. It will certainly stop me from getting the one I was aiming for. I will not be able to be lifting and being on my feet all day until this heals. It even hurts to sit and stand right now. :-( I got some white Willow Bark and made a tea and hope it will help with the pain.
   They also recently had a group of women sit next to me and talk about digestive problems just before another round of that started on me. This sort of pre-announcing (threatening) what they are going to do to me has been a regular thing in the covert harassment part of targeting and is very real and uses all sorts of community members who are either mind control victims or members of the covert program who are following orders.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. The new car I now have runs good, has a good heater and is dry, which means a lot to me right now. As my van got sabotaged in the past three months, they appear to have zapped/destroyed the new two year old battery, which stopped me from opening the windows. . .and then water suddenly started accumulating inside my car on the rug in front of the driver's seat and under my bedding in the back of it. (This van never had any leaks before and still doesn't seem to.) Have you ever had to sleep in a cold, wet, and starting to be moldy, place that has no ventilation? It wasn't comfortable or healthy.
   During the last two winters they had damaged my vehicle's heater and would not let me get it fixed, leaving me without any heat during the coldest part of the winters. I hope that never happens again. I still live in a vehicle, but am right now again trying to get a room/office rental in the same place where I had tried  in 2008 with my work. I hope it is not sabotaged and that I can safely do what I need to do there. Spending a lot of time in a stationary place, though it has its benefits, also can be more dangerous. But I am praying that it will not be infiltrated, that my food is not contaminated, that I will not be drugged, that I will not be abducted, that I will not be enslaved, that I will not be inflicted with parasites of any kind, that my belongings will not be stolen or swapped or infiltrated, that I will not be set up to be falsely blamed for any sort of crime or the horrible "mental illness" label that can be used to strip away what is left of my rights and freedoms. I am praying that I will be safe there.

P.S.S. The back pain stopped and then I set up an interview for another job and then serious pain again! And then it stopped right after I cancelled the appointment. It is surely due to lasering of my back to sabotage the jobs again.