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Friday, November 30, 2018


   I have tried so hard to keep returning to objectivity and not blaming any of the government for any part of the targeting and for not being here for us. I have even sometimes pried that objectivity from the painful trenches of my direct experiences with obvious ill intentions and cruelty inflicted by some officials...just to keep hope for us and them alive. (My heart has also felt that some of them are victims who are just being used, like my loved ones are. And its easy to excuse victims who are just being used, because they need their freedom restored too.) But some officials clearly are aware and have protection from the mind control and are not being used and it appears that some of them have been involved with intentionally withholding help with blackmailing types of situations and withholding important evidence about enslaved victims and two staged deaths, while we all continue being hurt...etc. Now they appear to be the ones involved with trying to get me to sign over power of attorney, which I now realize has been happening in various ways through the past five (or so) years... and I just do not know what to do anymore. I feel devastated and sad beyond description. . .not just for myself, but also for my loved ones and all other torture victims and all enslaved victims and America and the rest of Humanity.

And bring us the genuine official Hearts we desperately need.

P.S. I have been really distressed about getting help with getting the new car inspected. They have control over literally every garage that I know of and can do about anything they want to my vehicle while its there. (I've experienced a lot of sabotaging through mechanic puppets) So, I went to get help with registering and inspecting from the Share program in Milford, NH because they are the ones involved with being used to keep me stranded in Bedford, NH for three months and trying to instigate more happening with the odd TV show guys, which I felt uncomfortable with...etc., and so they may be in the mode of trying to save face since I had confronted them and wrote about it, and, due to this, they may be the safest avenue right now. Hopefully this car remained safe and unharmed at the garage they sent me to - Milford, NH's VIN Auto and Truck Garage.

More Death Threats

   I am getting serious death threats this morning - puppets talking about "eliminating" and "killing"and its surely about my recent posts about them slyly trying to get me to sign power of attorney documents and that the FBI seems involved in it all. Please help pray for my safety and that of my loved ones. It appears that they had my youngest daughter secheduled for a surgery during the time when these other things were happening to me. I'm so scared for all of us. I guess I now understand more fully why officials have not been here for us and why we are still being hurt and its devastating.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cry for a World Wide Stand for Freedom

I wish the Heart of all aware media and uncontrolled high officials would quickly take action in a public stand for all types of victims in a world wide call for the immediate end of criminal use of the space and ground based technologies and pharmaceuticals that have been enslaving,  torturing and harming humanity.

Please stand up for us and yourselves. Public awareness is desperately needed for heavily targeted families to be able to help and protect each other and get understanding and support and help from community members and unaware authorities who have often been victims too...etc. Please stand up for us. We need you.
We need your Hearts to be here for us.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Another Round of Vengeance

   I got covert threats after writing the previous three posts yesterday. This morning the technological parts of the targeting have vamped up and I am getting warnings of a serious danger.

I am still very worried about my children as well.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Memories Surfacing

  Around the severe round of the targeting, which happened in the mid to late 1970s, I had sold a car to a Goffstown, NH police officer, whom I knew, after he stopped me due to getting a false report against me. He later told me that this car, which he bought for his mother, was stolen. It is now obviously all part of the targeting and possibly orchestrated to make that police department, which I was fairly friendly with, to think badly of me while things vamped up against me - perhaps to stop me from being able to turn to them for help or advise. There are other things that happened around this time period as well, but I am too overwhelmed to get into it all right now. The aims to sabotage relationships, especially with those who can help us, is a serious part of the targeting that officials should become more aware of.

   I never did turn to that police department for advise or help, because I did not know I was a victim of criminal covert targeting. I just thought I was having a lot of bad luck. I didn't start realizing that I was being targeted until around the end of 2005. I wish I'd known sooner and could have helped my daughters and other loved ones who have also been being targeted in less obvious ways...some of them killed and some enslaved.

I Finally Reported My Oldsmobile Being Stolen

   Last night I went to Goffstown, NH PD and reported the car theft. I do not believe that it will be returned to me, but I suddenly realized that my not reporting it could open a door for the thieves to do something with it that I can be blamed for. Walking into the police department and reporting it was a really uncomfortable, due to a few past experiences, but it went fairly well.
   My Oldsmobile had been stored at a garage with permission of one of the owners. That owner, who was also a witness to brake and tire damages done to that car, was suddenly inflicted with an "accident" and loss of his job. Then the other owner asked me to move the car out of there. Then the car was gone. The remaining owner said he thought I took it. I didn't. But someone took it and I am now concerned about who and what for and what they may be doing with it, especially since there have been threats and attempts to frame me for crimes...etc.

Sly Aims to Get me to Sign Power of Attorney Over to Them!

It appears that, in the past week, they have tried to get me to give them Power of Attorney over me through plugging it into BOTH a lease for an office space and also through directly trying to get me to sign a power of attorney paper, in order to get a check for my van, which someone backed into. . .leading to the MMG insurance company totaling it and saying that, in order to sign the title over to them, and in order to get a deeply needed check for it, I have to give them power of attorney and send the title to them without my signature on it. Since I caught both of these things, and how they were BOTH worded in ways that could make the permission be used for anything and not just that, there have been poor excuses and lies, in efforts to cover it up, so ill intentions seem clear. This may be for the purpose of them gaining access to millions of dollars that may be able to be gained from my stolen songs, as well as my 40-60 thousand dollar lost bank account and a stolen inheritance in Canada. All of which now appear to have been being aimed for in multiple ways for about five years. And it appears that some FBI officials are involved in this, which makes it extremely scary. I hope its not them trying to steel from me. But it now seems certain that it is. :-(

Am I safer to not say anything or safer to write this here? I don't know, but I've written it. I am really scared and do not know what will happen now that I have noticed and refused to. Will they kill me? Will they try to steel the documents from me? Will they inflict me with brain damage? Will they find an excuse to pick me up (arrest me) and drug and use me to get the money for them, which appears to have been an aim all along? "Ouch," they had a puppet come near me and say as I write this. Will they torture me again for standing up for myself? Yes, its already starting.

P.S. The insurance company wants me to send them the unsigned title and leave the key in the car for them, in order to get the money they own me for the accident. Even if I were not being targeted this would seem like an unwise and unsafe procedure. They agreed to change the wording of the POA to what I created to make sure it is only used to exchange that one title, but I still feel uncomfortable with it. They insist that it has to be done this way, although their excuse for it is just to make sure the title is filled out properly - to avoid possibly having to take the time to get another one if its not filled out properly so that I can get paid faster. I said I didn't mind the possible delay and offered a good solid way to make sure it was filled out properly, but they refused and insist that I have to send them the blank title and power of attorney.
   Due to being targeted this situation also raises the concern that, in doing things this way, someone would have possession of the car while it is still under my name and for a time period that is unknown. Just leaving the keys in the car in a public place is not safe either. Why on earth can't the vehicle transfer happen in the usual and common way that is safe and good for all parties - I hand them the signed title and the keys and they hand me the check?!! Maybe it can and that if I insist on doing it all in person I'd have to go to Maine, which raises another odd situation (coincidence?) ; T
his insurance company, according to my web search, only does claims in Maine, although their nearest agents, to where I was stranded when this all started, are in Bedford, NH in the same building as the FBI offices. Covert messaging has been repeatedly trying to get me to go to that building and back to Maine in the past few years. I have experienced and/or sensed a danger in these places (Was I framed in Maine?) and had a dream about the bad getting me if I go north of a certain border. (My last experience with going into the FBI offices was not a good one - they tried to covertly get me to run through security doors, which would have given them reason to arrest me, and demonstrated to me that they would not help me and would pretend that I am "mentally ill" if I did not trash my writings.) There appears to to be multiple types of manipulations around the damage done to my car, which happened directly after I had taken down this blog and wiped a bunch of stuff from my websites and before I started reposting any of it. It initially seemed to be to distract me and force me to go into that building before I'd restored any of these writings. The procedures for me to get paid for the damages done to my car, at a time when I am desperate for money....etc., all feels too uncomfortable. Is it the FBI that is doing all of this or is some of it someone who wants me to think it is? I can not be sure with some of it, because its covert. I wish this were not happening, but it is and its terrifying for me. Where do I go for help when the help I tried to get appears to be a large part of the problem or has become an addition to it and seems to control other places I could turn to for help? :-(
P.S.S. Even if it is true that the "Power of Attorney" thing has become a regular practice in leases and to transfer a title to an insurance company. My gut feeling is that it is there for the purpose of stealing from or setting up targeted people. The lease for the office room, that they probably expected  me to sign without reading, also gave permission for them to take and keep all of my personal belongings and was so grossly unfair and unsafe for any business renter that I don't think any company would use it, unless its expected to not be read by people who are being targeted and stolen from! And this reminds me of the storage bin thing; I wonder how many Torture Victims vanish and their personal belongings stolen from storage bin owners who also claim rights to take people's property.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Another Job Sabotaged

   Around the time when I started making phone calls and plans to re-apply for the job I lost in August...etc., They had someone come near me and loudly say, "BACK!" And then my back started hurting and has gotten worse with each passing day since Tuesday. I did not injure myself or do anything that would cause this. I am in a lot of pain and I feel that it was caused by being shot with a laser weapon, in order to sabotage my getting a job right now. This has happened many times before and its no coincidence. It will certainly stop me from getting the one I was aiming for. I will not be able to be lifting and being on my feet all day until this heals. It even hurts to sit and stand right now. :-( I got some white Willow Bark and made a tea and hope it will help with the pain.
   They also recently had a group of women sit next to me and talk about digestive problems just before another round of that started on me. This sort of pre-announcing (threatening) what they are going to do to me has been a regular thing in the covert harassment part of targeting and is very real and uses all sorts of community members who are either mind control victims or members of the covert program who are following orders.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. The new car I now have runs good, has a good heater and is dry, which means a lot to me right now. As my van got sabotaged in the past three months, they appear to have zapped/destroyed the new two year old battery, which stopped me from opening the windows. . .and then water suddenly started accumulating inside my car on the rug in front of the driver's seat and under my bedding in the back of it. (This van never had any leaks before and still doesn't seem to.) Have you ever had to sleep in a cold, wet, and starting to be moldy, place that has no ventilation? It wasn't comfortable or healthy.
   During the last two winters they had damaged my vehicle's heater and would not let me get it fixed, leaving me without any heat during the coldest part of the winters. I hope that never happens again. I still live in a vehicle, but am right now again trying to get a room/office rental in the same place where I had tried  in 2008 with my work. I hope it is not sabotaged and that I can safely do what I need to do there. Spending a lot of time in a stationary place, though it has its benefits, also can be more dangerous. But I am praying that it will not be infiltrated, that my food is not contaminated, that I will not be drugged, that I will not be abducted, that I will not be enslaved, that I will not be inflicted with parasites of any kind, that my belongings will not be stolen or swapped or infiltrated, that I will not be set up to be falsely blamed for any sort of crime or the horrible "mental illness" label that can be used to strip away what is left of my rights and freedoms. I am praying that I will be safe there.

P.S.S. The back pain stopped and then I set up an interview for another job and then serious pain again! And then it stopped right after I cancelled the appointment. It is surely due to lasering of my back to sabotage the jobs again.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Focusing on My Own Survival Right Now

   I am deeply sorry that this blog and and my other writings are not what they could be if I were not being targeted. I am trying hard to focus more on taking better care of myself, which is deeply needed for the sake of my survival and health on all levels. This has been next to impossible for me to do in this situation, due to too many forces working against me. I hope that, if I can get my inner self and physical self into a better place, and provide myself with at least some level of protection, I will be able to do a better job with my work and these blog writings. Until I can accomplish this please excuse the state of this blog...etc., and refrain from passing judgement on me or anyone else due to anything written in this blog.

   I got another car. A coupe gave it to me after noticing that I was stranded. I am trying to get myself a job and room rental of some sort - just a warm peaceful place to get out of the cold and do yoga and other things needed for my health right now. I had just gotten a job before my previous car suddenly died three months ago, leaving me stranded in a parking lot and unable to get to it...etc. Its been a difficult haul to say the least. And the interference and painful technological torture has vamped up as I aim to try to get help with fixing, registering and inspecting the new car...so that I can get the room and the job. Those who target me...etc., definitely control too many places and people. I don't know if I am going to be allowed to take batter care of myself in the ways that I desperately need to and can only do part f right now. I don't know if it will even be allowed for me to get help with registering and fixing and inspecting the new car, so that I can do the other things I deeply need to do and alleviate a bit of distress. I don't know if it will all be sabotaged yet another time, if someone does not approve of what I am doing or wants to seek revenge...etc.
   It would be difficult for me to be trying to pull myself back together, and start over again, even if I were not being targeted. I feel extremely battered and in desperate need of recovery (on every level)  before I do anything else, but that is not possible right now and I can only do the best I can under these conditions. So please excuse me and the state of my writings.

   I appreciate the help that I have gotten, particularly when it is only out of care and consideration for me, and even though it has never been enough for all that I need. I hope that I will be able to pay it all back someday. If I were not being targeted I wouldn't have to ask for help and could provide for myself. I wish I were not being targeted and I wish I were allowed to recover my own money and my own work and my own homes and my health (inner health especially) and not be forced to depend on anyone else for my survival, because this is the way it should be. I should be free. And so should everyone else.

If your Heart can send me financial help
 please do so. I really deeply need it.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank You.

P.S. The car that came to me runs good and has a good heater and is dry, which means a lot to me right now. As my van got sabotaged in the past three months, they appear to have zapped/destroyed the new two year old battery, which stopped me from opening the windows, and then water suddenly started accumulating inside my car on the rug in the front seat and under my bedding. (This van never had any leaks before this and still doesn't seem to.) During the last two winters they had damaged my heater, leaving me without any heat during the coldest part of the winter. I hope that never happens again. I still live in a vehicle, but am right now trying to get a room in the same place where I had tried to rent in 2008. I hope it is not sabotaged and that I can do what I need to do there without being hurt or abducted or my belongings invaded...etc. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

One of My Targeted Children Scheduled for Tonsil Surgery!

  On November third I had a dream that showed my youngest daughter being damaged; Something about her soul. I had thought is was probably about the past targeting. But today I got a text from her that said she was having her tonsils removed next week. The tonsil surgery raises red flags for me, which I explain below. I begged her to avoid the surgery and see a homeopathic doctor and gargle with (and drink) strong sage and/or goldenseal tea/tincture. But I am concerned that she does not trust me since she was convinced that the targeting was not happening and that I am just "mentally ill." It is soooooo difficult to not be able to help my daughters, especially at times like this, due to them not knowing that the targeting is real and that its not all my imagination and that they have also been being targeted...just less conspicuously. I hope both of my daughters are not hurt anymore... and the same for all other victims.

Tonsil Surgery Concern

 In 2012 I had shared concerns about my siblings and I possibly being micro-chipped for the purpose of technological experimentation and/or mind control, during unneeded surgeries to remove our tonsils around the 1960s. An important gland is located in the lower back part of the human brain - one that is probably accessible through the tonsil area, and I am now wondering if brain function can be interfered with, in other ways, through a surgery in that area. Since much of the horrible technological targeting instigates the alteration of normal brain function, through either pharmaceuticals or microchips and electromagnetic frequencies, any type of surgery in or around the head is cause for deep concern, especially for a person in a family who is already being targeted, like mine.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Report of Sudden Mysterious Brain Alterations in Three Woman

   In these news reports three woman suddenly woke with their brain function altered in ways that made them speak with foreign accents. The pain these women suffer is evident in the videos. Can you feel it? This is horrible. And I can not help but feel that this infliction is probably the result of technological experimentation or just sadistic targeting to watch how they handle it...etc. Judging by what I've witnessed with what appears to be the swapping of personalities in children and the alteration of specific brain functions in targeted people, it is not too far of a stretch to think that they could alter the part of a brain that deals with speech and word pronunciation as well.

The women who woke up with foreign accents -
Tip of the Tongue | 60 Minutes Australia;


ABC News; Woman Wakes From Surgery With British Accent


Please help stop criminal use of all sorts of radio wave technologies, especially that which violates our minds.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Tears for Native American People

   Last night I was looking for songs about peace on my phone. And as I listened to the Cherokee and Lakota ones I cried, especially as I listened to "The Spirit of One" song that I share below. I suddenly felt a deep connection inside my heart and soul...not just because of the small percent of Native American blood that runs through my veins, but also because a few puzzle pieces started clicking together again. I am concerned that they are a valuable race of people whose Spirit has been being broken, in many ways, and includes technological targeting of brain and body functions, with electromagnetic frequencies/radio waves...etc. I now even wonder if my native blood is why my family appears to have been being targeted since at least the early 1970s.
   I remember going with my mother to visit the Indian reservation, in Canada, where her cousins and best childhood friend lived. This was around the early 1970s. This whole family (all the children) were born with no hair and had to wear wigs. I now wonder if this was due to technological experimentation. No other part of the family had that problem.
   In 2006, after I was diagnosed with "lupus," I had looked it up and medical reports had stated that lupus was initially found primarily in Native America women. In 2006 I had shared dreams which showed me that lupus was being created by bad people shooting bad energy at me. I now feel that the bad energy is the radio waves/electromagnetic frequencies...etc., that have been being used on unaware people. (I shared more about this in my 2011 and 2012 writings.)

   I feel that the Native American people have been being inflicted with holocaustal levels of inhumane crimes and that it must be fully realized and stopped ASAP.

   FYI; I have always considered myself Christian, because I was raised Christian. But the Native American Spirit has always been very strong in me - I have felt, since I was a young child, the sacredness and importance of the Earth and the birds and the rest of God's creatures, like the natives do. I believe in Jesus and the fact that He was born to live and teach us Love. But my Soul and Spirit actually feel more connected to many of the Native beliefs. The real God is Love and Love cares about and works through Native American's too. They count too. So do I. And the same applies to all other cultures and people whom ignorance and arrogance and heartlessness has failed to see value in. I hope that those who do the targeting are set free - free to find their Hearts again. And I hope that all their victims are set free - free to live and be unique...etc., and gain the validation and understanding that is deeply need for full recovery.

"We are all one people and it's Hope we're thinking of.
We have found the answer and the answer is Love." ~ Jana  


This video is the most touching "Love is the Answer" message I have seen.


Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Friday, November 9, 2018

That's Not True

   Here is a new song I wrote yesterday. I dedicate this to all the genuine torture victims, (Targeted Individuals) who have been falsely or unwittingly labeled as "mentally ill", and to all the people who want me to go somewhere and be labeled and medicated, in order to discredit and suppress me and hide the Truth.

That's Not True
copyright Sharon R. Poet

Long ago, before I finally knew,
Each time I felt scared or blue
I'd think...
Maybe somethings wrong with me.  (That's Not true.)
Maybe I am mentally ill.  (That's Not true.)
Maybe I need to take a pill.  (That's Not true.)
That's what they showed me
And I didn't know - I couldn't see.
Until my heart loudly told me,
"No. No. No! Uh-uh That's not true!
That's not true.
I was born to feel
And that's what I must do.
Sadness helps release my pain
And fear helps prevent it's gain."

When chaos made me confused
And bashings left me abused
I'd think. . .
Maybe somethings wrong with me.  (That's Not true.)
Maybe I am mentally ill.  (That's Not true.)
Maybe I need to take a pill.  (That's Not true.)
That's what they showed me
And I didn't know - I couldn't see.
Until my heart loudly told me,
"No. No. No! Uh-uh. That's not true!
That's not true.
I just need time to heal
And to let the Truth be real.
I need to find some peace
And people who can Love me."

When they swarmed with covert razors
And shot my brain with hidden lasers
I'd think. . .
Maybe somethings wrong with me.  (That's Not true.)
Maybe I am mentally ill.  (That's Not true.)
Maybe I need to take a pill.  (That's Not true.)
That's what they showed me
And I didn't know - I couldn't see.
Until my heart loudly told me,
"No. No. No! Uh-uh. That's not true!
That's not true.
That is what they do it for.
Throw the pills out the door.
I was born to be free
And they've been killing me!"

Now I get it - I finally see.
There is nothing wrong with me.
This is such a relief.
I'm not really mentally ill
And I don't need the pill.
I was born to feel.
I was born to heal.
I was born to be free.
I was born to be me.
Please set me free.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

No Other "Side" for Me

Technological Holocaust - Confusion
   There still seems to be different sides in the covert stuff around me. And I still cannot choose sides in that confusing mess, especially since it is never clear who or what the intentions are...etc. I don't want to be on any side other than the one that openly and peacefully and compassionately stands in the Light for Freedom to finally be restored to all of us - to all of the victims and all of America and all of humanity. I wish I had people on my side. Been standing too alone for too long. More hearts should be standing up for freedom. Please let yours.

A "Trick or Treat"?

  On October seventh I had an unusual experience. The targeting had just vamped up on every level and I had just found yet another important blog post missing and was feeling frustrated and numb as I walked down a street toward my car. Then suddenly a man approached me saying "Trick or treat" and was wearing a black cape and monster mask. I tried to avoid him, especially since there was another man there with a video camera pointed at us, but he persisted and then actually shocked me by pulling money out of his bag to give me. (I guess that was the "treat" part.) The bit of financial help was desperately needed and I deeply appreciated it even though it came in such an odd way.
   The night after this happened I had a dream about me having to prove my innocence about something and something about my family, which was not clear. I cannot be sure if it is about this "trick or treat" situation, but...
   Just a couple days ago, two women in a store told me that they saw me on TV with these guys. Apparently they are sort of popular and do silly antics with people a lot. When I tried to look them up on youtube all I found was a news report, that posted just a few days before they had approached me, and was about how they are starting a new focus in a show that helps mentally ill people. This concerned me. Due to my situation I can not help but wonder if they are being used by those who want people to think I am mentally ill and/or want to harass me with the accusation, which has been done a lot...even by those who know that I'm really being targeted and clearly have control of too much.
   I found the Halloween video they had me in, and I did not see anything about the suggestion of me being mentally ill. It was actually only kind words about being kind to people and helping people. But is there more? I don't know. But I am hoping that those guys were not used to hurt me or influence others, especially not my loved ones who need to know the truth instead more of the "mental illness" cover up that they have been brainwashed with and hurt by. And I hope it will not weed into that if it hasn't already, which is why I am posting this. I want and deserve only genuinely kind, especially when it aims to help.

    I have been at a loss as to how to handle this situation, because I do not want to falsely accuse and I do not want things to get worse for me at a time when they are already too bad. It was tempting to try to find the web forum that the news said cast said the guys were setting up for discussions about "mental illness", just to post some info. But I know how unsafe the web is and how statements can be changed....etc., even when there are only good intentions in those who start it. And then there is the bashing and harassment thing that happens to me in web forums and I had more than I could take of that by around the beginning of 2013. I can't handle anymore, especially not right now. Being stranded and too at the mercy and people being used even to deprive me of help with a vehicle...etc. I'm not opening myself up to more. I'm hurt too much already.

P.S. Those who have been used to keep me suffering for over three months - depriving me of a vehicle that they promised to get to help me...etc., just happened to see the TV show with me in it and wanted to get involved to see if the guys could "help" me more. My heart cried, "If you wanted to help me you should have followed through on the car" and "your not following through on it is the reason I am trapped here and was found walking the streets looking so sad and in need of help!" The organization that appears to have intentionally withheld promised help - the car since around August 6th, (three months) is the same one that appeared to be being used in a set up to make me look "mentally ill" in the past. Is it a coincidence that they want to be involved with perpetuating the filming of me while I get help...and my brain is technologically interfered with in that process like it was at first? I don't think so. Since I heard that they were making plans to arrange this, without even asking me about it, my suspicions have justly soared. I do not want help that hurts. I want help that only genuinely cares.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

There is More in the Book of This Blog

  I recently went through yet another process of drafting this blog and putting back up only posts that focused on the primary parts of the technological targeting and enough of my personal experiences to validate other Targeted Individuals. And I left out posts that focused on the crazy confusing covert stuff that vamped up in the past five or six years. But, as I did this the targeting vamped up and there seemed to be an aim to shove me off a cliff one way or another, while most of my blog was down. So I put the whole blog back up a few days ago and....unfortunately its probably more chaotic and confusing than ever. I had edited out many things and kept running finding things and posts that had been altered or deleted by those who intrude upon my writings through library computers since mine were disabled. Unless they also changed the book, which I had made of this blog, there is a lot more in the book than there is on this blog. The book is available on Amazon. The most original earlier posts should be in edition three and fourteen and the most of the last three should be in the introduction edition.

Did they aim to crush me as I made them look better
 than they were and hoped that they'd prove to be? 

   I really want to make all of my writings better, especially since I have realized how infiltrated they have been; On this blog I want to cut out the things they changed and replace things they erased and correct things that may have been my misperceptions and fix things that I wrote while I was too heavily targeted or too upset about it all to do a good job with articulating things....etc., because some of it may be too confusing to people and I do not want to confuse or mislead anyone. But, I need to be safe and free to do it and I think need to have a better understanding of some things too. When it comes to the covert stuff, I am still confused, myself, so I can not describe it perfectly. I'm sorry this blog is such a mess. I hope I can fix it properly someday. If you read it before then please excuse me. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A "Better Angels" Dedication

The lyrics in this new Barbra Streisand song "Better Angels" really speaks to me. I envision the "better angels" being the Love that works through our own Hearts. I dedicate the lyrics of  this song to all who are connected to my situation. . .my loved ones, officials, all who are used to help target or abduct me...etc. Many times I have cried out to those who are used to target me, "I am not your enemy. Those who use you are!" And full responsibility can be placed on criminal use of radio wave technologies...etc.

"Lead us to forgiveness so that we can be made whole. We are not enemies. There is no good in that. There are better Angels that surround us all and we will find a way through all our differences...listen to their call... Rise up. Its time."

Barbra Streisand - Better Angels (Official Audio)


I feel that God is shining a strong Light into the Hearts of all who are in positions that can effectively stand up and stop all the targeting and its horrid covert crap and wars and restore freedom to all of humanity. Please let it into yours.

I had felt that Barbra Streisand had been being targeted. But her beautifully gifted voice was definitely set free for her new 2018 album, Walls. I hope her mind and heart are free too. 

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

They walk to the American Border

  I hope our troops bring those people food and water and compassion and safety. I Hope the negative attitude about our borders stops. I do not understand the whole border thing in relation to our actual safety at this point in time. We are not any safer being surrounded by walls.

It seems to me that, in order for America to be truly safe, it must be set free within its borders and return to being a compassionate refuge for all who seek Freedom. And it needs a shield against space based technologies that are used to perform mind control and to inflict illnesses and to torture people...etc. 

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Too Many Used

   Please do not use people in order to hurt or harass or abduct me, especially not under the guise of help. Please set them free and the same for me. 

Please stop the covert game. 
Free your Hearts of shame.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Still Trapped

   I am still trapped in a parking lot. Its been three months. The last time this happened this long (for four months in 2016) I had sent permission letters in order to be released. What will it take this time? I am deeply concerned that no matter what I do or do not do, at this point, the outcome may not be good for me. I have serious, legitimate concern for my safety right now. God, please set them and us free.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Like a Fish Out of Water

    I feel like a fish out of water - barely able to breath and not able to freely think and feel and do my work and be with free loved ones and own my own peaceful country home and work in my gardens and do my pottery and be the natural me. I should be free. We all should be.

"What the World Needs..."

    An old classic by the beautiful voice of Barbara Streisand; "What the world needs now is Love... No not just for some, but for everyone. . . We all need what the world needs. All we need is Love."
   This is a message that I deeply believe in. Sadly many of us are not free to fully Love and some of us are not even safe enough to Love. We all need to both give and receive Love, and our Hearts must be Free to do both. The Heart of Humanity must be set free from technological and pharmaceutical control, in order to truly Love and let Love grow. We need Love and all that enables and supports it. I need it too. We should all be free to Love.

I wish we were all free to Love

Barbara Streisand - What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love

I had felt that Barbra Streisand had been being targeted. But her beautifully gifted voice was definitely set free for her new 2018 album, Walls. I hope her mind and heart are free too.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

To save the Birds

   I’ve had a deep personal connection with birds. There appears to be a push for me to hide what happens with the birds and I. And what keeps coming to mind is that since those who target me are fully aware of how birds have often flown in to help me be aware of people’s intentions it is best that good people know about this as well. I'm sure that those who target/watch/hurt us had witnessed a rather large miracle type bird experience that I had in the early to mid1990s, and this is probably why there were no birds at the next home I'd owned - the one I was forced to move to after the NH DOT took the one I was in at that time. (A friend of mine had witnessed the bird thing and later ended up with an aneurism and had forgotten who I was!) I had shared this 1990s bird experience in my Into the Light book in 2010 and I now wonder if I was tortured into taking it down, due to this being in it. Why does anyone not want other people to know about the birds? I'm not sure, but I think that wider spread knowledge of it would help the good people so that the bad cannot use it to their advantage.
   I'm sure that I am not the only person who has this unusual (or just unrecognized) bird connection...and all of our lives may be in serious danger as is that of the birds. But it is not only us who need ALL aspects of the targeting to completely stop. The rest of humanity and all of nature needs it too. And it should be done ASAP. I think it would be done by now if enough officials knew that things carrying on this way is not good for anyone or anything except the sadistic/satanic ones. Please help bring it all to an end - please help save the birds and us and humanity through preventing criminal use of all sort of ground and space based radio wave technologies.

   Below is a video of a 2011 report of massive amounts of birds suddenly dieing and falling from the sky. I feel that this has been being caused by criminal use of microwave weapons - ground or space based. The first reports I saw of this sort of thing were in 2005. Please help specialists to realize the REAL problem and help stop criminal use of all sorts of radio wave technologies, for the sake of the birds as well as humans and all other living things. (This part was erased from this post)

(Channel four News) 100s dead birds fall from sky in US and Sweden

 Criminal use of the radio wave technologies has been a threat to all living things for too long.
Please help stop it from continuing. Please help expose and stop the real problem.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.