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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Projected Dream and Mind Control

   I experienced a lot of mind control connected with the recent dream about a white van. It appears to have been projected and that those who projected it wanted me to post it on this blog. I had kept thinking that I'd forgotten to write it down when I didn't really...and it was like an animated picture and not like a real dream...etc.
   It appears that they wanted others to see the dream posted here. There were a lot of hits on the blog after I'd posted it. This sort of thing has happened a lot. I took these two posts down. But the damage is probably already done. I hope there are good officials who are aware of what is happening to me and surely to others as well.

Remembering Could Save my Life

I can excuse and even fully forgive, but I do not want
to forget, because remembering could save my life.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Lady Liberty by Barbara Streisand

I like the lyrics to this song.

"Lady Liberty Lift your lamp of hope a little higher
Burn that flame of freedom just a little brighter...
Show us how to stand and feel a little prouder.
As the anthem plays lets sing a little louder,
The real danger lies in the sound of silence..."

 Lady Liberty by Barbara Streisand


I had felt that Barbra Streisand had been being targeted. But her beautifully gifted voice was definitely set free for her new 2018 album, Walls. I hope her mind and heart are free too. 

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Synagogue Shooting

  I was in a small cafe last night when I saw the news cast about the gruesome shooting in a synagogue in Pennsylvania and I cried. Its just too horrible that this has been happening. Obviously not enough people are realizing and exposing and stopping the real problem, which I feel sure is technological mind control. More should be speaking out to expose and stop it.
   The guy who did this synagogue shooting even had the drooping around his right eye, which I feel is a sign of a severe round of technological mind control. (I've seen it in many victims.) These victims actually are often not the ones who are the worse criminals, - some are victims and those who control them who are more responsible. And criminal use of ground and space based technologies is also responsible.
   A horrible part of the technological mind control programming is about forcing victims into vengeance and prejudice...etc., against their will and sometimes convincing them that they are fighting for freedom - to save their own or other people's lives. Please help expose and stop technological and pharmaceutical mind control so people can start helping each other instead of being tortured into judging and blaming and hurting each other.

And please remember that 

Vengeance can not cure vengeance.
But Freedom and Love can.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves,
and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Deprivation of Medicine

   They did it again! I had found another strong and natural ginger drink and now its been removed from the shelves in the store I was getting it from. At first they moved it to a different location. But now its gone and I asked them to bring it back, but I do not know if it will do any good. This has been happening to me, with many products that I either need for my health or that I like a lot, since around 2005. I am also trapped in a situation that prevents me from obtaining other things I need for my health. Its not good for me to stay in one place and be forced to frequent the same stores, especially when medicinal or healthy items are needed.

Update Nov 7, 2018; Today, for the first time in three months, I found sage stalked in one of the stores I have to use. I think its because I'd posted this here and they want to make it look like it was not happening. This sort of thing happens a lot - if I realize it or say something about they back off and pretend it was not happening. But it was. As for the ginger, I persisted with asking for it at the other store. At first they pretended they were not even aware of the product's existence and then they said that a man forgot to order it and that it will be coming back. The fact that they use store managers to help target people, even with lacing products sometimes, is horrible.

My Declaration About Covert Help

   I feel extremely uncomfortable with covert stuff and covert messaging. I always have and still do, irregardless of who is doing it or for what reason. This is not against anything or anyone, its just the way I feel, and for good reason. Aside from it all being extremely confusing, at a time when I have been desperate for the opposite, those who have ill intentions and do the targeting and seek revenge on me are covert and everything else (IF there really is anything else that is not into torturing, controlling and using and hurting) just blends in with the bad from my vantage point...etc. I have been being beat up with it all for so long that I desperately need it all to completely stop. I've felt this way from the start. I have received covert threats and dreams that insinuate intentions to deprive me of help or to set up (frame) either a loved one or I if I do not obey and conform and join the covert stuff or leap out of my life into the enslavement "home." There have been many covert attempts to set me up for reasons to have me arrested, like trying to make me run through security doors (in order to get help) during times of desperation...etc. I have also been physically tortured for not being happy with the covert hell that surrounds me, and for begging officials to stand up, more times than I can count. And none of this can feel good to me, in any way or form, irregardless of who is or is not actually doing it. I don't trust any of it. And I still want it all to stop.    I have been waiting for good* officials to openly stand up and be here for me/us, irregardless of what organization they are with, (as long as there are not too many jurisdiction issues and they have an awareness of all aspects of the targeting) but it appears that none have this intention. And I have some serious concerns, at this point, because I've had precognitive dreams forewarning of me being lured to official places with aims to either physically kill me (in a tunnel collapse) or to inject me with something or to completely enslave me - kill me spiritually and emotionally or to fabricate a reason to have me arrested and imprisoned. And I do not want any of these things to happen to me. I do not want to be hurt anymore.

    Since around 2003 - (Since I started reporting something wrong) I have had many confusing experiences with various levels of officials - from local through presidents...etc., especially in the past several years with the FBI and Senator Shaheen and President Obama, whom had all responded to my reports in various ways. (Some of my experiences with the FBI have been very disturbing and I have lost valuable trust in everything. I hope it can someday be restored.) I have been waiting and hoping for all levels of officials to be here for me/us with good, honest explanations that can help me to feel better about it all and assure me that their intentions were good and that they are on the side of regaining freedom, although some of them (especially on the lower levels) seem to have lost their freedom and are victims too. But this has obviously not happened yet and I do not know if any of them really intend for it to, although it has been being promised for about five years. Some seem to have ill/vengeful intentions toward me and I hope this honestly proves to be untrue but I need to know the real Truth. Is real help ever really going to be here for us? I hope so. ( I was painfully tortured after posting this.)
    However, I don't want to blame good officials who have good intentions and have not been able to be here for me in the ways that I need them to be. I don't even want to blame those who have been controlled or enslaved and not able to follow their own Hearts and instincts, and have hurt me in various ways. I just want it all to stop. I know this whole situation has been extremely difficult for everyone and has been hurting everyone to some degree. I wish things were different for all of us, but none of it has been my choice. I wish we were all free. I wish this hell would end now and that our Hearts could be here for each other. My heart feels for you. It really does, no matter what.

   My loved ones have been being more deeply enslaved in the past few years and they are not safe for me to turn to either. Its all just too sad. I have been groping for hope for me, but sometimes have a hard time finding it. Everywhere I look there is either confusing cryptic covert stuff with questionable intentions or controlled people (puppets) whom they use or suffering victims who are not aware that their brain or body functions are being technologically interfered with or clueless/unaware people or vengeful mind control victims...and I can't stand it. I can't stand the way the world is right now. It shouldn't be this way. It just shouldn't. And my only consolation, right now, is that I know the real God is shining a giant Light for the Heart of humanity to stand up and save itself from further destruction. Please let that Light into your Heart. I have been letting in the Light, but some days it works better than others, depending on how drugged or tortured I am.

   When the good covertly blend in with the bad it creates a confusing sort of hell that has often been the worse part of the targeting for me. Most of the time it seems like the criminals just want me to trust them and think they are good and that its all about getting me to join and obey and be used, while my loved ones continue to be hurt or enslaved, instead of all of us being helped...etc. ALL of becomes too confusing and I can never be sure of the real intentions. I don't trust covert and I don't ever want to. I don't want to be tortured and threatened into joining the covert program, like they have been trying to do to me, I want good* officials to be here for me/us.

*Good is those whose Hearts and instincts are in tact and are not controlled by those who do the targeting. Many who are controlled are good people also, but they just are not free enough to be a safe source of help. And organizations that are too infiltrated to be a safe source of NON-covert help are not necessarily bad either - they just need their freedom restored also.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Targeting of Families

    I think they target whole families, since at least the 1970s, and do different things to different members depending on their personality. The oldest child or children seem to get more controlled, in order to be used against siblings. And the ones with more Heart seem to get the long term torture...etc. In targeted families, due to the mind control programming, there is a lot of discord and competition and jealousy and neglect and blocking of compassion...etc., especially at strategic times - when the opposite is deeply needed. I have noticed that rounds of severe, negative mind control creates a drooping above the right eye of the victim. It comes and goes, but in one victim I know of it became permanent nerve damage.

God help us all to be totally set free
And have a chance to recover

News Broadcasts of Increase of Anger in Society

  According to a recent news report President Trump is blaming the media for the increases in societal anger and the media is blaming Trump. And I wish they would all realize and expose and help to stop the REAL problem - Technological and pharmaceutical mind control.

Please help stop technological and pharmaceutical mind control from continuing to inflict discord and destruction in America as well as the rest of humanity. Please.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Presence of Danger

   My situation has worsened and I beg you to help pray for my safety and freedom as well as that for all of America and the rest of humanity. Please also do everything in your power to stop criminal use of technologies...etc., that have been being used to torture or enslave humanity.

Please set the poor enslaved ravens free
So they can't be used against you and me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

For the Heart of Humanity

   Since around the time when I first started realizing the scope of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting...etc., I've yearned to hold a better focus on exposing the overall situation that has been harming most of humanity in various ways. I'm sorry that I have not done a very good job with this, due to the targeting and its various effects on me. I have often felt too scared or too tortured or too frustrated and this has been evident in parts of this blog. I have tried to fix them, many times, but have not done a very good job of it. Please ignore the parts of my writings that contained too much discord and let the core of my other messages reach your Hearts. One of my primary messages has been this. . .

   The mind control part of the targeting has aimed to pit people against each other and has been doing this on scales that range from pitting loved ones and community members against each other to pitting common citizens and governments against each other and pitting countries against each other.  In my heart I can not see how fighting and blaming can help end the horrible targeting situation, because it has gotten too big and has had ill effects on too many, both inside and outside governments around the globe. So, again, I beg all government officials, especially those who are in high positions, to immediately do everything in your power to stop criminal use of both ground and space based technologies that have been used for mind control...etc. And I beg all human beings, both inside and outside the governments, to let go of the fights and let go of the discord, no matter what you read or hear, and let your Hearts reach out to your fellow human beings and deliver desperately needed validation, compassion, understanding and comfort, especially to victims of all kinds, which is almost everyone at this point. Please let go of the fight and let Love win. Help the Heart of humanity to stand up and save itself from further destruction. Be a part of that Heart. 

Please Help set Humanity Free
And return it to the Love
It was meant to be.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Horses Lasered?

   There were a couple horses fenced in on a road I often walked on in the past couple months. A beautiful bay and chestnut pair who had come up to the fence to see me every time I walked by. I always stopped to talk to them and they would just stand there and listen and sometimes even try to follow me as I left. They were starting to feel like my buddies.  But then their behaviors suddenly changed and the bay one started stomping its foot and shaking its head or bucking when I came near.  I am certain that those target and watch me were lasering them to disrupt our unions. Poor things! I know how they feel. I don't stop to talk to them anymore. :-(

I think they can also effect the brains of animals in some of the same ways that they can with humans.  They need their freedom back too.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. Yesterday I had a precognitive dream which showed me experiencing severe levels of psychological harassment/torture while the rest of my belongings are being stolen from a motel that someone puts me in. I hope this does not have a chance to happen.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Important Video

I made this video in 2015. It has been being erased from this blog. I hope it stays here now. Please listen to it with your Heart and help stop criminal use of pharmaceuticals and radio wave technologies.


Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sinéad O'Connor - Famine

   This video puts out impactful messages that can be applied to all types of targeting all over the world. It talks of the need to face the truths of the targeting and that knowledge and understanding and grieving need to happen in order for healing to take place. The video ends with forgiveness. My heart deeply believes in this healing process and feels that our whole world is in desperate need of it. (I still feel that Senead is a Targeted Individual and is not really just "mentally ill.")

Sinéad O'Connor - Famine

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Important Post Deleated!

On January 11, 2012 I had posted a list of "Symptoms" of microwave targeting and they have erased that whole post from this blog! I also found a couple other things missing. And I can not check it all. Perhaps someday I will have the freedom to reconstruct the important things. Until then I am at the mercy...and so is all of my writings.