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Thursday, September 6, 2018

About This Blog

Please read the About page of my primary blog. There are times when it has been being erased or blocked and it explains a lot.

About this Blog

    Ive drafted most posts and am reposting the ones that I feel are most important. I'd hoped to do this in a safe place and on a safe computer and after I have had a bit of recovery time, but it looks like that is not going to happen. So there is still no guarantee that what is shown on this blog will be the way my heart wants it to be. I hope it is not interfered with.
    This blog, from the start, has been being manipulated by those who target me. It even started with what may have been a perpetration push to make me feel that my life would be saved through going public with my day to day experiences. There are times when it seems like they are doing certain things in the targeting just to make me post it here. There have been times when they have altered my blog posts, through changing or erasing or moving things, even dates. There have been times when they have interfered through interfering with my brain function and through torturing me and setting me in too much physical pain while trying to write. And I have made many of my own mistakes as I struggled to figure things out and write about them while still being targeted. I often did not articulate things very well and sometimes made the wrong assumptions...etc. It has been a horrible struggle for me to even try to keep up with. Hopefully what is left here is all of the parts that are most important and can help us all to regain freedom from all levels of the targeting. More is on www.targetedinamerica.com
     As for my own personal experiences, which had consumed most of this blog; there does not appear to be anyone who can really care about me and my suffering, which has been tremendous. And if no official Hearts can be here for me, after all the contacts and reports I've sent, to uncountable numbers of places in the past decade or so, then there is not much hope that there ever will be. I am too trapped to do much of anything now.  A lot of my most obvious and provable experiences with the targeting are in my Targeted in America and Yearn for Freedom books. 

This blog started out being a fight for my life in 2011. Then, as I realized more about the targeting, it grew into a fumbling stand for freedom for myself and my loved ones and my country and the rest of humanity.

Its been difficult for me to figure out what is happening while still being targeted. I have made many mistakes along the way. And I have definitely not figured it all out yet. But in between my ramblings on this blog are realizations that I hope will help all of us to regain freedom from all levels of the targeting.

As I wrote and researched I realized that the problem I am faced with extends far beyond me and into my family and communities and country and the rest of humanity. The torturous targettings are just a small part of a huge, horrible, global holocaust that also utilizes technological mind control on a defenseless and unaware populous. I strongly feel that more people must quickly become aware of the mind control part of it, especially those who are in positions where they have the power to stop criminal use of both space and ground based technologies that can emit and direct radio waves…as well as stop the distribution the pharmaceuticals, which aid the technological mind control.

In my dealings with my loved ones I have realized that they have been being targeted too, especially with mind control. Some have been being brainwashed into blind disbelief or into being used to target me under the guise of it being to help me in various ways, like to help me get labeled as “mentally ill” and put on disability. And real help has been being withheld in order to force me to do this. Sadly, some of my loved ones have been completely enslaved and used to help torture or harass me. This whole situation seems to be getting worse in the past few years.

In my many dealings with various levels of law enforcement (from local through federal and international) I have either experienced or sensed similar things to what has been happening in my family and communities. People from all walks of life appear to be being targeted in various ways, especially with the technological mind control and deceptions. This is an extremely difficult situation for all of everyone. So, the blame cannot be put on our families or on “the government” or any person or organization that has been being targeted in the way of being controlled and used by sadistic/satanic criminals who sometimes seem to want their unaware victims to be blamed in order to inflict discord between family members and between citizens and government and between countries…etc.

There are obviously some people, especially the leaders of this holocaust, who are aware and are free and willing participants of cruel and lethal targetings of fellow human beings as well the aim to enslave and control humanity, but I think there are very few of these sorts of criminals in this situation and that they hide behind the scenes of the masses of people whom they control or deceive and use. Most people would not even consider being part of such darkness – most people would not want to enslave or control or torture fellow human beings. But too many people have lost their own free will, through being either completely enslaved or drugged, technologically brainwashed and used by criminals to harm or harass harmless and innocent victims under the guise of it being help…etc. And I feel that there uncountable amounts of unaware mind control victims, both inside and outside the Government, whose minds have been being influenced at times when important decisions or realizations must be made…etc. This whole situation, from the mildest forms of mind control to the tortures and the complete enslavement of human beings is grossly inhumane holocaustal situation that must be more fully realized and completely stopped as quickly as possible. Freedom must be quickly gained for everyone – for all of us torture victims and all mind control victims and all enslaved victims and all of America and all of humanity. Please do everything in your power to help regain total freedom from all that controls and harms humanity.

As I wrote these posts I sometimes blasted things out in fear or frustration, especially when I was being technologically tortured. There have also been times when I have been either extremely overwhelmed or technological mind control has affected me and I have not articulated things very well. I have also probably misperceived the confusing covert stuff more then I may realize. I have tried to fix things as I go, especially in the past few years, but they are still not even close to perfect. I have not had the freedom to do a very good job with edits of my blog posts, I have made a lot of mistakes, and there have been times when my writings have been infiltrated and parts of them either changed or erased by those who target me, so please excuse anything that seems off or repetitive or too rambling…etc. So, I hope you will read them with your Heart and listen closely to your own instincts and excuse my mistake and ignore parts that seem infiltrated, until I can make it better.

I do not share very much about my personal experiences with the targeting, because my way of surviving it has been to ignore as much of it as I can. And I also tend to get tortured more severely when I write about what is being done to me. I have been suffering indescribably, but they want people to think that I am either just fine or just “mentally ill.” I don’t know if I will ever share all of it. Much of it is just too painful and I am in desperate need of it all ending so I can start processing my feelings and start recovering.

There is more condense writings about my personal experiences with the targeting in my Targeted in America book and in my Yearn for Freedom book. Both are available on Amazon until I have the freedom to bring them both together under the Yearn for Freedom title.

There may be important parts missing from these writings. There are those who want to hide important parts of the targeting and have sometimes infiltrated my computers and writings. An example of this is how they have tried to wipe out quotes from other people that can help prove the targeting as well as the mention of other genuine Targeted Individuals. There has also been those who seem to be into plagiarizing my insights and realizations and writings. It seems to be part of an insane “information war.” I do not mind if my realizations about the targeting of humanity are shared by others. I do not need credit for them. I want them to be shared, because more people need to know what is happening. But I do not want my writings or ideas or realizations to be stolen by criminals who steal credit for them and I do not want them erased from my writings. Hopefully, my most important blog posts remain intact so that my readers can have the information too. My personal writings – my experiences and poetry and little phrases…etc. I retain with all rights reserved. Nobody has any right to them.

If there are ever good officials who decide to be here for me, and if they need the full versions of my blog writings…etc., they can be produce from my emails and publishing site and storage devices and www.yearnforfreedom.blogspot.com...etc. This may also be important to do if anything worse happens to me or I vanish…which I pray does not happen. Although some of my writings have been infiltrated, hopefully not all of it has been.

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Around the late 1980s Professor Antony C. Sutton said, “Psychotronics is the long range modification or manipulation of behavior by electronic, specifically radio means. In other words you use electromagnetic energy – radio wave transmissions to effect human behavior. . . You are merging radio engineering and parapsychology . . You can create a passive behavior. You can make people go to sleep. You can create narcotic effect. . . You can make people alert. You can make them misconstrue – misunderstand things. Each has a specific – very precise frequency. We know what these frequencies are. We know the behavior modification that can be brought about. . . You can induce medical effect – you can induce heart attacks, at a distance, with certain frequencies. . . We know you can modify behavior through beaming radio waves on specific frequencies at a distance. I think what they did in the 1970s was experimentation. I think what they are doing today is not experimentation. . . The West Germans issued their diplomats with protective devices about ten years ago. . . ”

Antony C. Sutton - Psychotronic Weapons and Behavior Modification