My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Vehicle/home Disabled

  My car suddenly just stopped running, two days ago, after a red truck zoomed up behind me (crowding me) and then sped past me while swerving into me as if to say that it was shoving me off the road. (Red symbolizes anger in the covert stuff.) I am again stranded in a parking lot! Did I upset them with my verbal venting in my ca? I didn't mean to. But I feel that good people would not seek revenge on me, no matter what I say or do, especially while being trapped in this situation where I am being targeted/tortured/tormented. Could it be because I just got another job and need the car, in order to get to it and keep it? Are they again shoving me into extreme desperation, in order to force me to call various people for help - people whom they can either target or set up in some way, depending on if they have control of them yet or not? Is this yet another aim to force me to leave my vehicle so that they can invade my belongings - especially recent printed documentation of the targeting, which is too much for me to carry with me at all times? They did this a few other times and severely in the Spring of 2016. I hope they do not succeed with any dark aim and that things get better really quickly.

I am really concerned about will happen to me.
Please pray for me to remain safe and to NOT be abducted or harmed in any way.