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Monday, August 27, 2018

I Wish I Could Talk Directly to Good Officials

  I wish I could talk (face to face) with genuine good officials, who want total freedom from all aspects of the targeting for us and America and all of humanity, and are aware of my situation through the past few years...etc., and that they would be completely honest with me so that I can gain the understanding and reassurance that has been desperately needed for too many, long, excruciating and confusing years now.

   I wish I were not being held stranded in a parking lot, help being withheld until I agree to various things that are delivered through completely untrustworthy covert messaging...etc. I am in a horrible distressing situation even with just my car being disabled and this shouldn't be used as an axe over my head, but it is! Who is doing this to me? And where's the good?