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Friday, July 13, 2018

Unhealthy Denial

   This has all been so hard that I sometimes cope through flipping into denial. I recently did this through convincing myself that all the targeting is stopping and all I have to do is get back onto my feet, somehow. I'd even recently written some of this denial into a post where I asked for financial help, in order to recover and get back onto my feet and continue my work...etc. This concerns me, because its a demonstration of how I just can't handle anymore. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy, which I guess would serve those who target me, but it would not be good for me. I am concerned about every level of my health. I have been trapped in this situation for too long and it has been getting too threatening.
   The Truth is that I desperately need substantial amounts of financial help, in order to just keep surviving - in order to do what I can to protect myself and save what is left of my heart and my spirit and my mind and my body and my soul and my work. This needs to happen, along with the targeting being acknowledged and stopped and officials being here for all of us, before I can even start recovering myself or anything else.
   So, I should be asking for help for my survival, so that I can at least be trying to do things that can  prevent things from continuing to get worse. Please help me to survive, until the desperately needed miracle of all of the hell ending happens, if it is allowed for me. And then, after that, I'll need help recovering and getting back onto my own feet. Please help me to survive...etc.

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