My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Too Threatening

    I wish I were not trapped in this situation that is too threatening to me, and my loved ones, and has forced me into a fight for my own survival instead of my being able to focus primarily on the bigger picture....etc. All these years of being trapped in this, and being pounded on, has hurt me and has been tearing away my heart and my trust and my hope and my objectivity...etc. This shouldn't be happening! It just shouldn't. 
    My heart and my mind and my body and my spirit and my soul need to be free from all that tortures or harms or interferes or controls...etc. And they should be.

   And please stop trying to convince me that this problem exists because I do not "take care" - because I do not leap out of my life and into the enslavement hell. The Truth is that my situation is so threatening because there is no one standing up with me. I have needed a group of genuine hearts to be here with me and lessen the threat for myself as well as others. The problem is not because I do not leap and hide, its because I am isolated and nobody is standing with me.    A critical problem, with this whole situation, is that not enough people, who are aware and can genuinely care, are standing up for humanity. More Hearts should be standing up, not less!