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Monday, July 9, 2018

For my Daughters

 Youtube Playlist for my Daughters; 

    I dedicate these songs to my daughters. Around the end of 2011, as the targeting tore us from each other, my heart broke in a way that it never has before. I wanted things to go in the opposite direction from what was forced upon us. I wanted us to get the proper kinds of help so that things could get better instead of worse - I wanted us to stand together and be here for each other and I wanted our love be our strength...etc. I wish I'd had the strength to crash through the painful tortures, that were being inflicted upon me during that time, and through the brainwashings that prevented my children from realizing what was happening. I wish my heart could have stood stronger for all of us. But I now realize that we never stood a chance against all that manipulated and interfered. I wish we were free to love each other.
   To me, our Love for each other is a memory, that I carry in the deepest depths of my heart, until it is free to bloom again. I just don't know if it will have the chance to in this lifetime, and this hurts indescribably.
    Tears yearned to sneak out of my heart, this morning, as I listened to "I have Nothing" by Whitney Houston today. I thought of my daughters and how I felt in 2011, when my heart wanted to cry, "I don't want to have to go where you don't follow. Don't make me closed one more door. I don't want to hurt anymore. Stay in my arms if you dare. Or must I imagine you there? Don't walk away from me. I have nothing if I don't have you. Your Love I remember forever."

Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing


 Most of these songs can apply to my other loved ones as well, to those who are both inside and outside of my family. Sadly, there does not seem to be many of us left and those of us who remain are not as whole as we used to be. But somewhere, beneath all the dark manipulations and destruction and turmoil, our Hearts are still connected.

Somewhere, beneath all the dark manipulations and
destruction and turmoil, our Hearts are still connected.