My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, July 16, 2018

They Try to Guilt Trip Us Into Enslavement!

    Much of the technological torture parts of the targeting (against myself as well as others) appears to be set up to force me to feel guilty about living my life and to force me to leap out of my life and into enslavement with those who target us, under the guise of it being a covert "rescue." (I think that, sometimes targetings of other people are even fabricated, through puppets, in order to make me feel like people are being hurt if I do not leave and that what they do to them is my fault.) This has repeatedly happened to me, in various ways, including a V2K message in 2006, which said, "Your children will be alright if you leave." These are extremely threatening and bullying types of tactics that we should NEVER obey and let succeed. . .and that should not be allowed to continue.
   My heart keeps reminding me that we should NOT choose to leave our lives, that we should NOT continue to be forced into the covert "rescue" where we vanish or are enslaved, and that more people (especially officials) should be standing up for us, in order to stop the sadistic targeting and the forced enslavement of primary victims like myself from freely continuing.

   They have me basically backed up against a wall and I may not have a choice once they get me into a shelter or other facility where they can easily abduct me. I hope they do not succeed, but my situation has become extremely dangerous since they started more seriously sabotaging my vehicle, which is still my only home and all that protects me from an easy abduction.
   I feel that too many victims have already vanished from their lives and this should all be exposed an  stopped as quickly as possible. . .the lost or enslaved victims returned to their lives where they can recover. . .and us torture victims getting the understanding and support and protection we need.