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Friday, July 13, 2018

Concern About This Blog and it's Book

   I am deeply concerned about this blog and its book and the fact that it appears to have been being altered in ways that include the changing of dates on posts. (I'd mentioned this a couple years ago, but am not sure if its still in the blog, since I have periodically found key things erased.) I have thought about taking the whole blog down until I have the freedom to comb through it and fix it all, but I'd also have to have a better understanding of the manipulations in the covert stuff. I am concerned that, if I took it down, it could have a bad outcome, because the exposing of certain parts of the targeting seems to stop it from succeeding or continuing...etc. But I am also concerned about the blog and book  remaining up, without being fixed, because I wonder if their manipulation in them could include set ups to use against me, in some way. Not knowing what their intentions are, or what the manipulations are, and being too trapped to do much of anything about it, is very difficult. There could be bad outcomes either way - whether I take it down or leave it up, and this is frustrating.
   I wish this whole situation were not so confusing and manipulative and threatening for me and that I had the required freedoms and more understanding of the covert stuff and what is happening with officials in my situation and if anyone intends to be here for me...etc., and that I could comb through my blog with my heart and with absolutely no negative interference of any kind.